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- Final Fantasy XII - Filth by Mithrigil - I'm not sure that this is how I saw Vossler in the game, but I read the piece and found myself intrigued by the way the author wrote the character, the aching of his role in the game. There's an almost surreal quality to the tone of this that worked well for me, the way Vossler wasn't good or bad, he was so many shades of gray like he felt to me. If nothing else, I appreciate the author's writing, which is solid and clean here. I could see this fitting together with his character. (Implications of one-sided Vossler/Ashe.)

- Final Fantasy XII - untitled by mullenkamp - This post is actually two short fics posted together, but I'll rec them together anyway. The first is Balthier and Fran perfection, the sense of... everything they are, the hints of so many things and so much partnership, but without trying to be too much. It's sharp and clever and cute and smart and has the edge of burning hotness between them; all was gorgeous. The second. OMG. The second. Ashe and Al-Cid and it was perfection and I do all sorts of metaphorical fangirl things, like roll around and die of eternal love. That right there is why I came to eventually love Ashe quite a lot. (Balthier/Fran for the first one, some Al-Cid/Ashe on the level of canon in the second.)

- Final Fantasy XII - Still a Kiss by canis_m - [Note: There are spoilers for the end of the game.] I would not have clicked onto or read a Basch/Larsa story from most authors, partially because the age difference kink isn't usually mind and because I OTP other pairings. However, it's canis_m and she writes lovely fic no matter what, so I had to at least give it a shot. And her characterization is lovely here, she captures both of them so well, right down to the little gestures and the turns of phrase that made me hear the characters in my head. Really gorgeous writing. (Basch/Larsa.)

- Final Fantasy XII - Playing With Fire by Touch of Gray - I've been wanting more Vaan/Penelo fic, simply because the game (and the Revenant Wings trailers) seem to imply that something may be going on there and I was slowly won over to the idea while playing. And this... this was lovely, because it was Penelo, who has been through a lot in her life, who has lost a lot, but realizes other people have lost more and that still doesn't mean her pain is all that easy. She's so... direct and level-headed about her one-sided feelings for Vaan, she's so sensible and street-wise without losing who she is. I really, really liked this portrayal of her and her feelings. (One-sided Vaan/Penelo.)

- Final Fantasy XII - Farewell by Touch of Gray - Vaan fic! Vaan fic that resonates with me is really rather rare (not helped by the way I rarely click on links for fic, mind), especially not ones that deal with Reks and what their lives might have been like before everything went to hell. There's a sense of... solidity to this piece, that the characters are very much themselves, the people they may have been before, yet with those glimmers of the people we're going to see them as later in the game. But especially it's the relationship dynamic between Vaan and Penelo that so nicely mirrors how I saw them in canon, not pushing them too hard in either direction (romance or purely platonic friendship), just... understated and good. (Possible implications of Vaan/Penelo, but it's so not the point.)

- Final Fantasy XII - Improvise by sheffiesharpe - This was a fun little Vaan/Penelo piece, just a quiet moment in between what's likely an exciting sky pirate lifestyle, just Vaan tinkering with the engine and Penelo watching him, just the two of them in a fun, light-hearted romp in the engine room. The kink was light enough that I don't think it really even needs a warning, instead the use of the engine room was really kinda hot and it was fun to see these two just having fun after the game. (Vaan/Penelo, maybe a light R rating, not quite SFW.)

Final Fantasy XII: Where's My Music? by amphigories - I tend to go back and forth on Vaan/Penelo a lot, sometimes I'm fine with something more gen or that I think the way a romantic fic is written won't quite work for me, but then sometimes there'll be a fic that happens to hit the right buttons for me and this one did that. Penelo dancing and being kind of flirtatious in the way where she's just having fun, where she's really so full of life and loves to dance and there's a really nice charge in the air between them. It was cute and sweet and hot all at the same time. <3 (Vaan/Penelo.)

Final Fantasy XII: 3 by Erse - I originally read this piece for the Balthier/Fran, because I've been in a mood for them all day, but I came away with loving the entire piece and possibly even loving the Ashe section the most. This is split into three parts, each from the point of view of one of the female characters (which seems more like a coincidence, rather than it being about them being women, if that makes sense?) and is a really lovely look at each partnership and insights into each of their characters and what they see in their partner. The fic does a wonderful job of comparing and contrasting, without actually having to state that that's what it's doing--it simply presents insights into the characters and relationships, written with lovely language and pretty imagery, and was a really wonderful read for that. (This could be gen, but it could also be a little Vaan/Penelo, Balthier/Fran, and/or Basch/Ashe.)

Final Fantasy XII: Navigation and Leadership by Spikey44 - And, hell, as long as I'm reading FFXII fic, I wanted to get at least one with Vaan and Penelo in here. This fic was interesting and played on something that I've seen as a criticism of the game before, that Vaan and Penelo didn't really have a role in the plot, that they were just sort of there, which the author works into Penelo's narrative here, the way they don't really seem to know what they're doing or where they're going, which is actually something I liked about them. And I like this Penelo, she's level-headed and a little bittersweet, but strong and still moving forward and trying to be positive, she was such a delightful character. <3 (Implied Vaan/Penelo, I'd say.)

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