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  - Final Fantasy XIII - [ Pixiv Account ] - I admit, I came here for the lovely Hope/Lightning art, but sort of wound up staying for the beautiful Lightning art all by herself, because that dress is kind of fantastic. Seriously, I kind of love the clothes on Lightning that this artist draws, they clearly have fun with her and I also love the cute Hope/Lightning comis and the softness of the artist's style, all of it is totally the kind of thing I eat up. Dammit, now I want more of this fandom again. (Some Hope/Lightning, some gen.)

  - Final Fantasy XIII - [ Pixiv Account ] - I originally came here to look for N/White art... and wound up distracted by the Final Fantasy XIII art, because this artist does some really beautiful Hope/Lightning art, which included a few wedding images and, I can't lie, I am that fan and totally shrieked a little over them. I love the soft, lovely colors and the adorable poses and the seriously excellent multi-page comics of sexytimes from when Hope is clearly old enough and just. Pretty much everything about this artist's account is designed to induce shipper squee in me, which I adore it for. Plus, you know. Genuinely pretty art! And only getting better as time goes on! ♥ (Hope/Lightning.)

  - Final Fantasy XIII - [ Pixiv Account ] - Well, when I started doing FFXIII Pixiv account recs, of course this is one of the ones that I had to make sure to eventually get because the artist does these gorgeous Hope/Lightning images--Hope/Lightning with glasses and in light shirts pressed into bed together and curled up together while drinking coffee--all of which have these really fantastic shades of pink and white and peach and orange. In combination with the beautiful lineart and the soft, almost sort of glowing feel to them, the artist is seriously one of my favorites in this fandom and one of the accounts I absolutely point towards when I want to drag others into this fandom with me. I... pretty much had to hold myself back from linking to everything here because I love it all so much. ♥_♥ (Hope/Lightning.)

  - Final Fantasy XIII - [ Pixiv Account ] - I am frequently weak to a lot of things. Two of those are soft, almost pastel colors with the right characters and then adding adorable holiday art (Halloween in this case) on top of that. Sure, I came here for the super pretty Hope/Lightning art, which the artist provides very nicely, but I wound up liking absolutely everything here, pretty much. Even if I could have done without the pornier stuff of Vanille, there's also adorable Snow/Serah! I really enjoyed this artist's appreciation for the red/pink-haired characters, you can tell how much fun it was to color those images in particular, but, yeah. I'm totally going to be over the moon for the Hope/Lightning parts of the gallery. ♥ (Some Hope/Lightning, some gen. A little NSFW on some images.)

  - Final Fantasy XIII - [ Pixiv Account ] - I don't even remember what I was looking for this morning (probably DFF art?) but then I stumbled over this artist and I've been excited about the FFXIII-2 announcement and it was some good timing for me. The artist is very fond of Vanille in particular, but I also stuck around for the occasional Hope/Lightning piece or the adorable Vanille and Sazh image. There's not much more than a dozen or so images here, but I really enjoy the artist's warm, peach-like colors on all the characters (which fit especially well with Vanille) and it was a nice treat today. (Mostly gen, a smidge of Hope/Lightning.)

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