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- Final Fantasy III - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I went through a handful of FFIII sites, some of which were not at all bad, but I wasn't really quite feeling them, despite that I really wanted FFIII fanart to look at. When I finally hit this site, I figured out what I was looking for--not so much pairings, but just really cute, adorable art of the characters and their adorable friendship. I got two illustrations into this site when I knew I liked it and the adorable (and often nicely detailed) art and it's cute colors. Plus, the artist seems fond of Refia, which makes me happy as I totally loved the hell out of her and as;ldkfjaslk Refia in any mage outfit this artist draws was worth the site alone for me right there. Just... I'm kind of on a bit of a FFIII high again after this. ♥ (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Final Fantasy III - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I had to stick with this site a little bit, the early art is a bit shakey, but the more current stuff is really cute! I like the warm colors and the artist shows a ton of progress and there is Ingus/Sara art, yesss. I kind of didn't dare hope for any from fandom, despite that I thought their obvious feelings were totally adorable, but! This artist has a few! There's not a ton of art here, but there's often a really sweet sense of friendship and adventure that I really liked. Oh, yeah, and there's Desch/Refia asd;lfkjaslk talk about pairings I never expected to find. ♥ ♥ ♥ (A little Ingus/Sara, maybe a little Desch/Refia, maybe a little other, but it's mostly gen.)

- Final Fantasy III - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Okay. This is also what I was looking for--it took three illustrations (well, probably less than that, possibly since the very first link I clicked on) to know that this site was going to be fantastic. The first four illustrations are each a stand-alone image of the four main characters, a little more adult and less chibi-like and they're beautifully done. After that are several pages of a really cute comic with the kitty ears hoods where the artist puts in some really fantastic detail into the b&w comic pages. Then more illustrations and just... the bright, almost glowing colors, the sharp lines, the sense of keeping the FFIII world details, yet the characters look more normal sized? All of it is just what I wanted and so very pretty and I love how much fun the artist had with all the various costumes. ♥ ♥ ♥ (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Final Fantasy III - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I think a lot of the appeal of this site, for me, was the additive affect again, I love it when artists have a decent sized gallery and draw solidly all the way through and have fun with their illustrations, it leaves me feeling much more satisfied by the end of the site. Plus, do you know what this site has? It has super adorable Ingus/Sara! I kind of ship them really hard. Also! Luneth in a little red mage costume is so cute and Arc in the kitty outfit is ADORABLE and the artist, as she goes along, gets this really sweet kind of sketch-like style that I really liked a lot. By the end of the gallery, I was feeling very happy over this site. ♥ (No real warnings/pairings, maybe a little Ingus/Sara, but it's largely a gen site.)

- Final Fantasy III - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Oh, man, some of the art on this site is gorgeous. Some of it is really fun, too! Like the Christmas-themed illustration of Odin with all the little chibis crawling on him! Or little chibi drawings with bright colors and the characters in their various costumes! But then I got to the series of more detailed, fully-realized drawings of the characters that were really fantastically done and there's one of Refia as a Geomancer. asd;lfkjas;lkj I've had Refia as a Geomancer in my party for the last 12 hours or so (because she kicks so much ass as one that it's just ridiculous ♥) and so seeing that just made me flail, because the level of detail on the forest around her and her costume and everything about it is beautifully done. Just. I love this site. ♥__♥ I really kind of wanted to comment on every single image (Arc as a white mage! Luneth as a bard! Refia as a thief!) but then I would have been here all day. This site is seriously one of the best in the fandom, I think. ♥ (No warnings/pairings.)

- Final Fantasy III - maitor [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This site took a bit of poking around to figure out where the artist kept her work (which, in retrospect was pretty obvious, but I was in a mood to wander around) and I'm glad I stuck it out because the art here is super cute! Part of it is that the artist uses a lot of these light, airy, often pastel colors and I'm a total sucker for that kind of coloring, but it's also that the artist does well with that chibi-esque style and has fun with their costumes and when she's really focused, they turn out adorable. Little archer!Luneth or white mage!Luneth are so so cute! It was a really fun, adorable site. ♥ (Some Ingus/Luneth, but even more gen.)

- Final Fantasy III/Final Fantasy IV - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I was fairly certain that I was going to be recommending this site just from the site design/current top illustration of Rydia, but actually getting into the galleries was even more fun that I was expecting. By about the third link, the one with the group illustration of the FFIII main characters, where they're in various costumes and you can really see the artist's style pull together (such pretty colors! such clean and detailed lines! such smoothness to the whole image! such super adorable costumes! ♥), I was definitely sunk. As for the FFIV art, it's definitely some of the better art I've seen for the fandom, the artist's Rydia is beautiful and her colors are just as awesome as the FFIII illustrations. There's really kind of a lot of detail here and they're just. They're GOOD fanart. Definitely one of the better sites for FF fans, I think. Plus. Omg, the one of Dark Knight!Cecil and little kidlet Rydia, helping her study! *flails* So cute! (No real warnings/pairings, at least not in any themes.)

- Final Fantasy III/Final Fantasy IV - Arcadine Fountain [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - About the only thing that was holding me back on this site, even for a little bit, was that I didn't know if there was quite enough art for me to recommend it. I was looking through the FFIV section and the art was really cute and pretty (there's one of Rosa that's just really lovely and I love the Kain illustrations *__*), but it wasn't until I started going through the FFIII log section that I was convinced. M-mostly because there's this one of the main group fighting the giant rat and practically shrieking away from it in terror (while they're all cute little mages!) and I love stuff like that. The art is super, super cute and really detailed and the artist has fun with their various costumes, so I had to cave on it. A small site, but a really kickass one! (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Final Fantasy III - lily. [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Another site that took me a bit to figure out how to navigate (mostly that the art was tucked away in various places) but was so totally worth it. The artist is obviously very fond of Ingus, as he's in pretty much every single illustration, but I don't mind that because she draws him really well and puts him with pretty much every single character. I... I am somehow totally okay with Ingus/Refia fanart and even Desch/Ingus fanart! Especially when the artist also does some beautiful Ingus/Sara art. *___* She has these really sharp lines and the style is sketchy, but everything looks somehow really... well, sharp and her use of colors is often times light or even sparse, but somehow that really works for her. I think, if you're an Ingus fan, this is a must-see site, it's certainly one of the better ones in the fandom, imo. I mean, I believe she drew Ingus in every single costume possible and they all look fantastic! ♥ (A little bit of Ingus/everyone, but a fair amount of gen, too.)

- Final Fantasy III - hello lullaby [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - At first it doesn't seem like there's a whole lot of art to be found on this site, just a handful of page links in the gallery. But each page has a bunch of sketches/oekaki/log art on them, so it's actually a bit more substantial than I originally thought. The site won me over practically instantly with the super cute group illustration of them all as various types of mages and then the individual illustrations (with Refia as a ninja! So cute!) and I was gone on the site ever since. It's not a perfect site, but there's enough really adorable art that I was really pleased with having stumbled over the site. ♥ It's another site with the pairing of Luneth and Ingus (except Luneth/Ingus this time, I think?) and it's maybe not my pairing, but I am certainly happy to look at fanart of it when it's as pretty as this. *__* Plus the site is TOTALLY WORTH IT for the Doga/Unei fanart. asdl;fkjasljk HOLY CRAP YES. ♥ (Some Luneth/Ingus, some gen.)

- Final Fantasy III - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I don't think there are even ten total illustrations for FFIII on this site, but I kind of had to recommend it just because some of the illustrations are just lovely. The ones that are done akin to colored pencil-style coloring are so soft and pretty, the artist playing around with the different job costumes (Luneth as a Viking! Ingus as a Sage!) making it really a lot of fun to visit. Part of it is of course that FFIII fandom is such a small one, so I'm willing to look at smaller sites, but this artist definitely had some of the better illustrations I've seen in the fandom, so it's worth it for that. ♥ (No warnings/pairings.)

- Final Fantasy III - Ogre Tree [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - You know, every time I think that I must have seen all the really pretty FFIII sites out there (since I feel like it's a small fandom? I guess I'm not so sure anymore) I find another site like this that has some lovely details and colors and adorableness to it. The illustrations are really smooth and professonal looking in the most recent illustrations (I really hope this artist draws more soon ♥) and all of the illustrations have SUPER CUTE basic lineart. Any time the artist starts playing with costume/job changes or does a group illustration, it's gold and I just. I loved this site. There's also some really cute IV art, but not enough for me to rec it for that section. Still, it's really cute and worth a look if you're interested. <3 (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Final Fantasy III - SUPER NOVA! SE [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I imagine I'm weaker to this site than most people might be, simply because I'm really kind of fond of the idea of Luneth/Refia and I've been waiting to find a site with some cute art. A lot of the illustrations are very sketchy, very oekaki-like, but occasionally some of them have this really nice, smooth shine to them even with the cute little chibi sketches. The colors the artist uses are light, airy pastels, which works for a pairing like this and I really like how much fun the artist seemed to have with these two. It was just. Fun! (Luneth/Refia.)

- Final Fantasy III - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I was lazily skimming through the ff-search listings for FFIII, not really expecting to find anything new, when I stumbled over this site and eventually had to sort of cave. It's mostly just several Luneth illustrations, in various costumes (some from the game, some not XD) and the art was really kinda pretty. FFIII art is so rare that I'll pounce on just about anything for it, especially when the site is not bad at all and there's a decent chunk of art here. There's a fair amount of Ingus in the illustrations as well (I'm not sure if it's slash or not? I'm labelling it gen, if only because they're not doing anything...) but mostly you'll want to visit if you're a Luneth fan. (....nothing I'm going to warn for.)

- Final Fantasy III - Blind Alley [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - It, um. Kind of took me awhile to stumble over the proper FFIII gallery, probably more time than it should have. But I eventually did find it and I'm really glad I did because the artist has a really cute, light, airy style that I love so much with this game. There's a strong focus on Luneth again in this game, but there are more illustrations with the other characters and more group stuff. Plus, oh, man some of these illustrations are pretty! There's a certain softness to them, the blending of colors and the almost sketch-like (except very clean--well, for the most part) lines, it makes for some lovely art. There's even some potential Luneth/Arc to make me happy! ♥ (....I'm not actually going to warn for anything, it's pretty gen.)

- Final Fantasy III - Kingdom Forest [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This site probably isn't going to be for everyone, I suspect. What won me over was... part of it was that there was a decent selection here, compared to a lot of sites I've visited, and the sum of the site was not bad at all. Some illustrations were really kinda pretty and the comics are actually soft and very nicely done. Added together with a decent selection of characters and a style I like, it was a solid little site that rounded out my night. (Nothing I'm going to warn for.)

- Final Fantasy III/Tales of the Abyss - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - The art here is very... almost simple, but very cute in style, and that's okay for me because the game itself is very simple and cute. Plus, I'm easier on FFIII sites and especially Luneth/Refia sites because they're kind of rare. The artist does some genuinely cute work, but I think it helps that I'm already a fan--I do really like her colors a lot, they're light and cute and cheerful and she has fun playing with the costumes, which I always love. And, as the artist goes along, her art gets cuter and cuter--Devout!Arc is so adorable. ♥ As for the ToA art, it's more cuteness that somehow really fits the Luke/Tear pairing especially. There's actually a decent amount of detail to the illustrations and there's a large chunk of them here and it made for a solid, fun site, I really had fun here! (Some Luneth/Refia, some gen for FFIII. Some Luke/Tear, some gen for ToA.)

- Final Fantasy III/Odin Sphere - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I'm not precisely sure when it happened, when I fell for this site, but... somewhere around the fifth or sixth page of cute little scribbles (the pages have several on them, so it's a decently large site, even if they're small little illustrations), the combined sum total of the site started to make me coo over it. Plus, it's another site where the artist plays around a lot, so there's a lot of different pairings (not in the romantic sense, I don't think? just two characters interacting... well, maybe some pairings) and tons of costumes and the little chibis being SO FREAKING CUTE. The art gets cuter and cuter as it goes along, so I would love to see more from this artist, especially if she's going to draw SUPER CUTE OMG *COOS* Ingus/Sara some more. As for the Odin Sphere art, there's not much here, probably less than ten illustrations total and yet I had to cave and recommend it, because the sketches are just SO DAMN CUTE. They've got really pretty light, shiny colors that just about glow, which is perfect for OS fanart, plus the lines actually get pretty good. Mercedes and Ingway especially look fantastic in this artist's style. (Maybe some Ingus/Sara, a lot of gen with FFIII. The usual for OS, half canon, half gen.)

- Final Fantasy III/Final Fantasy IV/Final Fantasy VII/Final Fantasy XII - Gratitude [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This artist's style isn't going to be for everyone, it's very cutesy and the colors are really bright, but I'm often fine with that as long as the artist has a certain charm to the art that draws me in. And what this artist did was put a surprising amount of detail into her work, so Rydia's hair looks fantastic or Desch looks really good in the close up or the Ingus/Sara illustration is surprisingly adorable or what have you. And yeah the style is the big chest with the big head and little body, especially with Rydia, but I was so charmed by the watercolor style that I didn't care. The FFVII stuff actually looks way more stylized than anything, but I'm fine with that sometimes, too. And while each section may not have a ton of art (except FFVII XD), there was enough for me to justify it for each of these series. And while the site is mostly Cloud/Aerith, there was one Zack/Aerith photograph-style illustration that just totally made me coo, especially since Aerith's hair wasn't about to eat her head in that one. The FFXII art is less tightened up than the FFIII of FFIV art, it's about the same level as FFVII, but--! Basch/Ashe fanart--! So rare! And some of them are genuinely adorable! ♥ (No real warnings/pairings themes for FFIII. Some Edge/Rydia, some gen for FFIV. Some Cloud/Aerith, some gen for FFVII. Some Basch/Ashe, some Vaan/Penelo, some other for FFXII.)

- Final Fantasy III - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - As much as I ship other pairings a lot more actively, I still have this lingering fondness for the idea of Luneth/Refia and this site plays into that really well. It's also partly that the Refia art is adorable and really well done, the colors are bright and cute, the lines are solid and pretty, and the pairing art is total OTP-type material. The costumes are super cute as well, but it's really just... cute art of these characters that I loved and it was a really great site to visit today. Also, the image of Luneth and Refia as Zidane and Garnet? Adorable. Plus, the oekaki log art is a lot of fun and a lot more art to go through. (Luneth/Refia.)

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