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Final Fantasy III: Escapade by Mina Lightstar - Oh, man, so I was complaining about the lack of FFIII fic the other day, right? (Not that I've really looked much at FFNET, who knows, maybe I'll get lucky.) And then Mina wrote this fic and it was delightful, both for the characterization and for the way it felt very much a part of the FFIII world. I love when little bits of gameplay (like the drops from monsters or the treasure to be found in caves) make their way into a fic without feeling awkward or breaking the fourth wall too much and Mina does that perfectly. But even more than that is the way she writes both Luneth and Arc--Arc is just spot on with how much he's teased and how hurt he is by it, but still keeping that hint of spine we saw in the game. And Luneth! Luneth strikes me as a character not easy to write because we didn't really get that defining character moment for him in canon, yet this Luneth feels so right to me, his actions/motivations are fantastic. And the Luneth+Arc relationship is also delightful, I kind of leaned towards shipping them, but this fic kind of pushed me into it--it's set pre-game and fits with what I saw of their early relationship in the game and sets the stage for what's to come and strode the line between friendship and maybe something more that was just what I wanted. ....oh god, I'll stop gushing now. (Maybe Luneth/Arc, maybe completely gen.)

Final Fantasy III: Heroes by Zero9grl - One of the things that worked best for me with FFIII was that I genuinely liked the characters, even if they weren't as fully fleshed out as I was used to getting from the FF series, which was made up for by the lack of total angst even when things were serious. This fic kinda kept that feel for me--Refia watches the others, frustrated with how little they know sometimes and how she has to be the responsible one so often, still keeping those little touches of friendships and adventuring kids, while also... showing how Refia fits into the group, even if she doesn't really feel like it. It was a nice little treat to read, especially in such a small fandom. (No warnings/pairings.)

Final Fantasy III: I Do by Tammaiya - One of the things that made playing FFIII so much fun was getting to talk about it with friends and shipping the same things as so many of them--it utterly delights me that everyone I know who played the game loved Ingus/Sara and they were leaning towards Desch/Refia, and they liked the idea of Luneth/Arc. And then Tammaiya writes this fabulous fic that centers on Desch/Refia, but contains all three of them, and fits perfectly into the FFIII world. Despite that we don't really get that much characterization in the game, she still nails each of them beautifully, each time Desch asks a different character what they think love is, their answers reflect who we saw in the game and such interesting answers, I loved each and every one of them in this fic. Even the tone of the writing fits the FFIII world and I love the way she wrote the relationship between Desch and Salina, the way it fit around what I saw in the game, too. Plus! For my birthday! *twirls* I could not have asked for more, I wanted Desch/Refia so badly and this was perfect. ♥ (Desch/Refia, some background Luneth/Arc and Ingus/Sara.)

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