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- Final Fantasy IV - BlueStar [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This site probably isn't going to be for everyone, but I was immediately attracted to it because there was some really cute sketches, some really adorable Rydia illustrations, and then Cecil/Kain art, why hello new favorite FFIV site. ♥ There's quite a lot of art tucked away in various corners here, especially for such a small fandom, and they're more sketch-like than anything, but the colors are very pretty, the artist has a lot of potential, and it's just... fun. There's a certain softness to the lines that is really cute and delightful and charming. Which, in a lot of ways, is exactly what I got from the game/want from the fandom. I mean, there's Dark Knight Cecil smiling down at cute little child Rydia and asdlfkjas;ldj yes. *loves* (Some Cecil/Kain, some gen.)

- Final Fantasy IV - PM 4:30 [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I did go back and forth on this site a little bit, but... I'm weak to a couple of things. One, possible Cecil/Kain fanart when well done! Two, super cute oekaki-style art! There's not a ton here and most of it is oekaki-esque (so it may not be a site for everyone) but around the time I got to the sketches of Cecil/Kain together or Cecil with little kidlet Rydia under his cape or the pretty ones of Rosa, I was pretty well won over. You have to scout around a bit to find everything, but I thought it was a really cute, fun site. ♥ (....maybe some Cecil/Kain? It could be totally, totally gen, too.)

- Final Fantasy IV - Pure heart-romanticist [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - There isn't as much art on this site as I would have preferred, but I was immediately attracted to the bright, almost glossy colors with several of the illustrations and the super cute style. Plus, there's a Rosa/Rydia illustration! And Cecil/Kain implication in a lot of the images, I think? Both things that totally make my day, but it's also just that the artist does some really light, lovely stuff. The art is often times a bit sketchy, but in that way that I like, there's something really pretty about the lines the artist uses, especially her Kain. There's this one sketch (in the log section, #9) where Kain is just beautifully done, all that long hair and pretty features. That alone was worth the site right there, but the artist covers pretty much all of the main cast at some point. And! There are even comics! ♥ (Some Cecil/Kain, some gen.)

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