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- Final Fantasy IV - Free by first_seventhe - This is a really lovely little piece between Rydia and Rosa (which is something I didn't quite know how badly I wanted more of until I was reading this fic ♥), a conversation about what it was like for Rydia growing up in the Land of Summons. The author has this really sweet, almost gentle tone with this fic, it's very low-key and reflective, which is perfect for the mood the two of them are in, the little details of what life must have been like for Rydia growing up there, and it all makes perfect sense to me. It's a lovely, insightful little piece that I'm delighted to have stumbled over as one of my first FFIV fics to read. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Final Fantasy IV - Three of Hearts by first_seventhe - You know, I'd sort of despaired at every finding anything in this fandom that dealt with the triangle between Cecil, Kain, and Rosa with anything close to what I was seeing (in my own eyes, that is) while playing the game, but this fic... this was a really lovely look at the three of them, each with these strong feelings for the person they loved, and no way for a perfect happy ending, even though it's not entirely unhappy and there's a lot of love here. Each side of this triangle has a short scene written about it, each of them really wonderfully characterized, and... well. One of the things that I especially loved about this fic is that it made Rosa a lot more real to me (since we get so very little of her personality in the game) without it feeling like the author was making it up wholesale. This fits with the character I saw in the game and made me like her so much. Plus, this fic has a beautifully written Cecil and Kain and the triangle between the three of them and yes. ♥ (Cecil/Kain/Rosa triangle and pretty much every permutation thereof.)

- Final Fantasy IV - Five Years and Counting by first_seventhe - This is a lovely look at Rydia again, how much she misses the Land of Summons, how different that place is from the world she was born in and finds herself in again. I love this Rydia because it rings so true to the character I saw in the game, there's a strength of character there but still vulnerable and sometimes confused. I even didn't mind the background pairings that I don't usually ship because it's not really about that, it's about Rydia as a character and the author does a fantastic job at showing the insights into the character. (Some background Edge/Rydia at times, but it's not the point at all.)

Final Fantasy IV: Trinity by Tammaiya - part 01 + part 2 - This fic is over 13,000 words and you better believe that I laughed at Tammaiya the entire time she was writing this epic. And, of course, heartmarking because it's a long, plotful fic that deals with the Cecil/Kain pairing and the resolution of the tension between them from the game (it's based on the DS version, but it really doesn't make any difference, I don't think) and Rosa's involvement in the whole thing. And that's what I love about it, I came to love Rosa a whole lot during this fic, because there wasn't a lot to go on for her character (at least in the PS version) yet she felt spot on to me here, the gentle nature she had, the way she loved both Cecil and Kain, the way I came to really admire her in this fic. She's lovely, inside and out. And I love that the fic doesn't forget about the Kain - Rosa side of the triangle or even the Cecil - Rosa side of things, it's truly dealing with all three sides and relationships between all of them. And I love that Kain is totally emotionally retarded (of course he is) and Cecil... Cecil is still such a guy in some ways and such a pretty moon princess in others, but there's that determination he has and when he figures something out, he does something about it. That's the Cecil I knew from the game. I also love that it deals with the creepy vibes I got from the Golbez/Kain dynamic in the game, yet without making anyone a villain unnecessarily here. It's a fic that's focused on exploring the deep wounds they all have and how human they all are, and somehow fixing everything. And also Rosa is completely awesome. ♥ (Cecil/Kain.)

Final Fantasy IV: Catch, Release by argle_fraster - This was a sweet little Palom and Porom fic, two characters that I really liked in the original game and who've only gotten more intriguing with After because, damn, those are some really pretty character designs. This was just a short piece, set after Palom returns and Porom's reaction to that and I like the balance it strikes, it could just be two very close twins or it could be something more, whichever way you want to see it. (....I'm not really going to warn for anything.)

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