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- Final Fantasy VII Doujinshi (raw) - Overature 2 - part 1 and part 2 - [Note: There's a download link in the second part.] I pretty much clicked on this purely because I'll click on just about anything Sephiroth/Cloud-related if I happen to spot it. I was certainly not expecting to get a doujinshi with art as gorgeous as this one has. Admittedly, some of the characters are a little off, but Sephiroth and Cloud both look amazing and the level of detail the doujinshika uses here is just fantastic and the scene of Cloud overworking himself against a monster (and then passes out while General Sephiroth catches him) during ShinRa SOLDIER training is really, really pretty. Just. Mmmm, this totally hit me absolutely right. *__* (Some Sephiroth/Cloud possibly implied.)

- Final Fantasy VII Doujinshi (scanslated) - Naked - part 1 + part 2 - [Note: yaoi_daily is a locked comm, but it's freely joinable. Also, there are raw versions also available, just follow the links on the posts.] One thing I will state upfront is that Cloud looks very young here, but I'm okay with that in this instance because a) it's not quite shota and I've seen far worse and b) this is pre-game timeline, so he's really really young here anyway. I really like the art of this doujinshika, there are some panels of Cloud's sleeping face or Sephiroth's intense eyes that are just beautifully done, the level of quality is such that I wouldn't be surprised to see the artist having done a lot of doujinshi or even to be a mangaka at some point. The plot of this is pretty non-existant (Cloud daydreaming while he sucks at ShinRa, the Sephiroth comes along and whisks him away for porn) but that's okay. I was reading for the pretty pretty art. *__* (Sephiroth/Cloud, NC-17.)

- Final Fantasy VII Doujinshi (raw) - Hitotsu kanzen naru kiseki no ooi no shita - part 1 + part 2 + part 3 - [Note: yaoi_daily is a locked comm, but it's freely joinable.] This doujinshi post (well, series of posts) isn't going to be for everyone, even aside from that it's Sephiroth/Cloud, because they're not scanned, the poster took pictures of the doujinshi instead. But I don't really mind that because I know she didn't have a scanner at the time and the pictures are quite clear, you can see the art and everything that's going on in the book and it's by the same doujinshika as the previous one, so it's beautiful art. It's also raw (I don't think it's been scanslated anywhere?) which is too bad, but the art alone is enough to go on here--it's all pretty worksafe (well, some kissing) and man is her Sephiroth hot. *____* (Sephiroth/Cloud, some kissing, but otherwise fairly worksafe?)

- Final Fantasy VII/Kingdom Hearts Doujinshi (raw) - Idea - part 1 + part 2 + part 3 - [Note: yaoi_daily is a locked comm, but it's freely joinable.] This time it's a KH doujinshi by the same artist, which means once again I love the art so very, very much. It's a bit more on the darker side, like her AC-based doujinshi (so Sephiroth is all intense and evil and smoking hot) but I like that sometimes with this pairing. There are a lot of panels and some two-page spreads in this book that are just gorgeous, the one of Sephiroth yanking Cloud closer? adlsfkjasljkfff yes plz. ....e-even if Cloud is getting run through by a sword. .___. As mentioned, it's not a happy!doujinshi (so maybe save it for when you have something happier to follow it up with? XD) but it's pretty and it looks interesting. Plus, there's not nearly enough KH!SxC around yet. ^_~ (Sephiroth/Cloud, somewhere between a hard R and a light NC-17, but definitely NSFW.)

Final Fantasy VII Doujinshi (scanslated) - Albada - So, I was sorting through my collection of doujinshi I'd snagged and decided to sit down and read this one. The random cracky little comics and 4koma at the beginning kind of made me almost give up, it was really hard to follow the plot of whatever the doujinshika was trying to do. But I'm glad I stuck with it, because a few pages later the main story started up and it's this really sweet, lovely story about Aerith reminiscing during FFVII: Advent Children when Cloud was in the water and she was trying to help him let go of the guilt. The art is very pretty and it's such a lovely look at her character, especially her relationship with Zack, how hard she tried to stay strong when he wasn't around, how hard it was in that moment when she knew he wasn't ever coming back, when she finally got to see him again... I kind of melted into a little ball of wibbly, messy goo, too. ;___;b (Some Zack/Aerith, it's only half the point.)

Final Fantasy VII Doujinshi (scanslated) - Love Monster - I almost skimmed on past this doujinshi because I didn't like the cover that much, but I wanted to at least see what the art was like. The first story's art is all right, but the plotline itself (a simple thing about Tifa wondering if she could still play the piano after all the fighting she's done, while Cloud encourages her) was really sweet/cute. So I kept reading. The second story was kind of batshit, with Cloud stealing Tifa's underwear, but full of a few kind of seriously LOL moments, so I kept reading. Especially since the art was getting prettier. The third story was another simple story (Tifa finds out she's pregnant, Cloud rushes home, thinking she's hurt) but the art got even more pretty and so overall, I... wound up with a really warm, happy, positive feeling about this doujin. Maybe not for everyone, but I'd suggest at least giving it a look through if you're a fan of the pairing, the scanslation quality is quite nice, too. (Cloud/Tifa.)

Final Fantasy VII Doujinshi (scanslated) - Maidream - You know what the world needs? More Aerith/Tifa. I like other pairings with them, but I'm really fond of the idea of the two of them as well and this doujinshi captured that so very perfectly, it was all about how cute and adorable they were together, how much they liked each other, how much they laughed together, how much they were great friends. It's a total AU, one where they turn the 7th Heaven into a maid cafe, then an even more AU AU where they're maids working for a slightly quirky mistress and... I dunno, the art was really adorable and even if the beginning was a little uneven, it quickly cleaned up and turned SUPER CUTE. It was just. It was all about how much love you could feel from the doujinshika for these two girls and it made me feel that, too. ♥ (It could be gen, I suppose? But it really, really reads like Aerith/Tifa.)

Final Fantasy VII Doujinshi (scanslated) - Promise on the Beach - I picked this doujinshi up because I continued to be curious about how Aerith/Tifa would play out in a doujin, even if it was only sort of maybe possibly hinted and really could be entirely gen. I'm not sure if it's supposed to be a pairing, but... well, even if it's not, it can be enjoyed in that vein, I think. And, man, Aerith and Tifa are SO CUTE and SO SWEET here, I love how it focuses on their friendship and how they're both scared of what they're going to be facing and how each of them continues to fight, how much each of them genuinely like/care about each other. It just. Really makes me feel all warm and fuzzy over these two, which is really nice. Plus! Swimsuits! Aerith groping Tifa! Both of them being adorable little spazzes at times! SO CUTE. ♥ (It could be gen, I suppose? Or it could be Aerith/Tifa.)

Final Fantasy VII Doujinshi (scanslated) - Prism - [Note: You'll have to scroll a lot and there are several NSFW covers here, so if there are other people in the room, I'd suggest just doing a search for the title "Prism" instead? Be careful about how it's just right above the hentai doujin covers, though.] This was a short little Cloud/Tifa piece that was... I don't know if it'll appeal to those who aren't already fans of the pairing, since there's not really a plot, it's just Tifa thinking about her past and her feelings while she and Cloud are together. What I liked about it is that it was... I don't know, there's a certain mood to it that the author captured, the almost painful reflective sort of mood, even while she and Cloud are having sex, even while he comforts her and finds the right things to say. But it's also the way the art is done--the artist depends a lot on those half-finished images, where it's like half of the page is whitened out or softened into fuzziness, the way so many of the panels are of indistinct bodies with a lot of hair falling down all over the place. I know it's easier to draw that, but I still love that kind of style so much that I was easily charmed by this doujin. (Cloud/Tifa, I'd rate it a light R or so.)

Final Fantasy VII Doujinshi (raw) - Gravity #1 - [Note: This post is locked but the comm should be somewhat easily joinable.] Nightflight was one of those sites/artists that really drew me into the FFVII fandom early on, because her artwork was so gorgeous and just exactly what I was looking for. The same is true of her doujinshi, her characters look amazing, I honestly can't decide who looks better between Sephiroth and Cloud. The tone is a lot of what I'm looking for as well, that it's kinda really painful at times, but there are happier memories sometimes, too. There's not really a whole lot of action here, it's a bit slower paced, as Cloud thinks back on various events, but it's a gorgeous little story. There's only a handful of panels for the sex scene, but that's all it really needed, imo. ♥ (Sephiroth/Cloud, somewhere between R and NC-17.)

Final Fantasy VII Doujinshi (raw) - Gravity #2 - [Note: This post is locked but the comm should be somewhat easily joinable.] This is the sequel to the previous doujinshi, it may or may not help to have read that one first? This time other characters show up a bit more, there's an entire conversation with Vincent even! But the focus is still on Sephiroth and Cloud, both back in the day and in the current time. This time there's also a bit more action sequences, Cloud destroys a few monsters even while more memories pile up on on him. It does kind of feel like there should be more after this book, but it stands well on it's own and it's really cool to see Cloud briefly fighting with Masamune after he wanders into the cave it was stored in. And, of course, more gorgeous, gorgeous art here. *__* (Implied Sephiroth/Cloud, a brief scene that's a light NC-17 of Cloud by himself.)

Final Fantasy VII Doujinshi (scanslated) - Naked - [Note: This post is locked, but the comm should be freely joinable.] Okay, this one is total pwp. It's set during Cloud's training to be a SOLDIER and he's not doing so well, stumbling through the hallways when Sephiroth notices him and thinks he has a fever, so they go to a quiet room and pwp happens. That's pretty much it. But that's all it's aiming to be, a pwp with pretty art and it accomplishes both those things nicely. Sephiroth especially looks really fantastic, the artist does a great job with his character. Cloud is a little bigger eyed than I'd have preferred, but he's still pretty as well. The scanslation team did a very pretty job with this as well, making it a really fun read this morning. ♥ (Sephiroth/Cloud, NC-17.)

Final Fantasy VII/Final Fantasy Dissidia Doujinshi (raw): Chronos I - [Note: This post is locked, but the comm should be easily joinable.] God, I love Kiki's doujinshi for this pairing, she draws Sephiroth and Cloud just beautifully, even if they're a little more skinny than I'd prefer. But the close-ups of their faces and the fight scene she puts in the beginning? Gorgeous. It's not a long story or really a complicated one, it's pretty much just an excuse for an encounter between Sephiroth and Cloud, which leads to porn, which leads to a couple of other encounters, which leads to a to be continued. But, man, it was still really a satisfying read today. (Sephiroth/Cloud, NC-17.)

Final Fantasy VII doujinshi (raw): Rendezvous - [Note: This post is locked, but the comm should be freely joinable. You can find the link for the doujinshi in the comments--be warned, the files are rather huge.] I really, really enjoy a good Sephiroth/Cloud doujinshi, especially if it has pretty art. This artist is really good, professional-level quality (considering a lot of the manga I've seen), and it shows in her work here. But it's more than just that it's pretty, one of the things that I really enjoyed about this is that, despite that he'll never hope to match Sephiroth's size, Cloud actually has muscle definition here. And, hell, even though it was mostly the two of them lounging around in bed or kissing and touching in bed, it still had some really sweet scenes and the occasional bit of spark/fight between them, which is always fun for a SxC fan to see. But mostly it's just really pretty and really fun and have I mentioned in the last five minutes how hot Sephiroth is? Because it bears repeating. (Sephiroth/Cloud, a light NC-17.)

Final Fantasy VII Doujinshi (raw): Dearest - Holy shit, Safer-Sephiroth/Cloud in an R-18 doujinshi? I ran to this one because-- well, I don't know if I'm recommending this with or without irony or possibly doing so with both. Probably both. Because I love it in an ironic way. But I also kind of genuinely love it. TENTACLE PORN. EVERY FANDOM NEEDS IT. IT'S HILARIOUS. ALSO ILU FOREVER CLOUD. It's short, the art is clean and nicely done, if almost sort of reminding me of a very well-drawn webcomic, rather than a more traditional doujinshi-esque style, and it didn't really have too much of a story to it, but. It was tentacle porn and it was fun. That's all I needed. o/ (Sephiroth/Cloud, NC-17.)

Final Fantasy VII Doujinshi (scanlated): Cocytus - Oh, Nightflight, my favorite FFVII artist/doujinshika. This story is one of those that hit me right where I live in this fandom, between the gorgeous art and the way Nightflight writes their relationship--which isn't exactly nice, there's a power imbalance and non-con issues going on here, but there's a gravitational pull, almost an obsession even beyond life and death, between both of them. There's also a dream-like quality to the writing, everything feels a little hazy and undefined, which is perfect for the two of them wandering through the Dissidia worlds and when they meet and clash again. Plus, Nightflight's art is absolutely stunning with these characters, both of them are gorgeous and she draws such amazing detail on their clothes and has a professional level quality (if a smidge too much white space for a regular manga despite the fantastic detail on the characters themselves, but otherwise, I wouldn't be surprised at all if she were a pro) that made me pretty much zip over to this post as soon as I saw it. (Sephiroth/Cloud, NC-17.)

Final Fantasy VII Doujinshi (scanlated): Instinct Reunion - Again, Nightflight is one of those artists that just makes me ~*feel*~ all these emotions when I'm reading her work and this one is no different. As Cloud is driven to reuinite with Sephiroth and hand him the black materia, we see it from his point of view, the instinct he has to keep moving towards Sephiroth, to become one with him, the way it's such an intense part of his character. I really loved the way this story sort of straddles the fence between showing Cloud as being just as obsessive as Sephiroth and that something inside him is driving him that way, nearly taking him over, you're not really sure how much of it is from one thing or the other. That's just what I love in the Sephiroth/Cloud I seek out, especially with such gorgeous art like this and beautifully done sexytimes and that same almost sort of hazy feel to everything that makes it like an intense dream. It's still perfect for this story and this pairing. (Sephiroth/Cloud, NC-17.)

Final Fantasy VII Doujinshi (scanlated): Sense of Distance - This time, it's a story set during the SOLDIER days, before Cloud became one himself, while Sephiroth and Cloud are together and not much happens, aside from Cloud thinking about his feelings about their relationship and then sexytimes on the desk. Despite that not much really happens, Nightflight has a way of making me feel like I just read something with a lot of characterization, even if Cloud spent the entire time not really sure what to think and the biggest conclusion is that he wants to keep pursuing this relationship and knowing more about Sephiroth. True, I'm weak to this ship and this style of writing, but I still love it a lot and every doujin of hers that I read, it just makes me fall further and further in love. Plus, man, she can draw some seriously pretty close-ups! (Sephiroth/Cloud, NC-17.)

Final Fantasy VII Doujinshi (scanlated): Indulgence - I was a little surprised that this doujinshi actually didn't have any sexytimes, beyond some kissing in the pool, but that didn't really ultimately matter to me, because I was here for Nightflight's gorgeous art and the Cloud POV on his days at SOLDIER, how difficult it was for him and the feelings that were sort of winding up inside him, yet there were occasional moments of calm and something better. I like stories like this, set pre-series, showing the nicer and softer side of the Sephiroth/Cloud pairing, because it shows why it's such a complicated, tangled pairing, knowing all of what lies ahead for them. And everything that was true about Nightflight's work before this is still true here--gorgeous art, I'm weak to the storytelling, etc. Plus, wow, that cover is gorgeous. (Sephiroth/Cloud.)

Final Fantasy VII Doujinshi (scanlated): Daredevil - Harpy Killer does some really lovely work as well and, oh, this was a really fun doujinshi! I enjoy SOLDIER-era stories, of course, especially with bonus Zack (even if I do wish he'd had a bit more personality to show off here) and how Cloud is... he struggles a lot, he feels weak a lot, but he's also got a backbone and that's why Sephiroth has taken an interest in him. I love that, both for what it says about their relationship at the current time, but also what it says about how their dynamic will play out in the future. Add in some really lovely, well-done, nicely detailed art and a nicely done sexytimes and I was quite pleased. ♥ (Sephiroth/Cloud.)

Final Fantasy VII Doujinshi (scanlated): Monochrome - I almost sort of feel like I should be saving these a bit more than I am, instead of tearing through them, but ERY’s&Plough has such lovely art here that I couldn't resist and I actually really liked this one, too. It's set back in the SOLDIER days again and I like how (lightly) introspective it was and that Cloud may be hesitant and not all that self-posessed, but he is sure of himself and this relationship, he's a solid presence when Sephiroth starts feeling a bit disconnected because of how 'special' he's always been. It's... healthy and not healthy, both at the same time, and that's always what I've liked about the stories set in this era. Add in some really solidly done, lovely artwork where both characters look fantastic and I was super pleased with this. (Sephiroth/Cloud, NC-17.)

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