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- Final Fantasy 7 - junk*garden [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Oh, man, I saw this site and practically instantly fell in love with it, despite that it's not really my pairings. (Well, the hints of Cloud/Tifa were juuuuuuust fine~. ♥) It's one of those sites that draws an utterly gorgeous Sephiroth and an amazingly beautiful Zack and the colors practically shine and it makes me ache for SOLDIER-era fic because I love those characters and their relationships (and Cloud! ♥) so damned much. And it's also one of those sites that does a beautiful, beautiful Aerith in so many different poses and I think I may have hurt something squeeing over the Zack/Aerith or that super-hot one of Sephiroth and Zack lounging around or, OH MY GOD, CHIBI BUNNY-SUITED SEPHIROTH ROLLING AROUND ON A BALL AND FALLING OFF IT AND HOLY SHIT SO CUTE. I literally squee'd out loud at that. And then there's the Zack/Aerith comic that had me in flailing fangirl mode. There's just... so much to take in with this site, I think it's an absolute must-see, the art is just so damned gorgeous and, really, how can you not want to see everyone else ganging up on the beach to give a sleeping Sephiroth sand-boobs? ♥ (Some Zack/Aerith, some Sephiroth/Aerith, some Cloud/Aerith, hints of Cloud/Tifa and maybe Aerith/Tifa if you want to see them.)

- Final Fantasy VII/Final Fantasy VIII/Final Fantasy X - Last Resort [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I keep thinking that eventually, I'm going to run out of Final Fantasy art to coo over because it's just so damned pretty, but it hasn't happened yet. I randomly started poking around again tonight and, zomg, I love this site so much, the art is just beautiful. I admit, I was a little happy with the whole Cloud with the one wing thing because I get dorky for references to the whole thing (given my OTP and all), then it was the absolutely gorgeous one of KH!Cloud and Leon, then it was the beautiful illustrations of Cloud and Tifa (AC!Cloud with game!Tifa was just so pretty), then it was the beautiful FFX illustrations and, yeah, I was totally head over heels for this site. The art is just so lovely, that soft, light, airy feeling that I like so much, so many pretty blues and and soft grays or greens, such beautiful lineart and so many pairings that I really have a great fondness for without being a shippy as hell site. It's one of those that has a nice, even spread across many pairings. And I mentioned pretty, right? Okay. (Mostly gen. I'm sticking it in the Cloud/Tifa section because the art is worth going for fans of that pairing, but the site doesn't really imply the pairing very heavily, it's very, very gen.)

- Final Fantasy VII - Trial and Error [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - You know, I think it was the sprites that won me over. That and I'm weak to Cloud/Tifa fanart. But it has little sprites of them sitting on a pumpkin all dressed up for Halloween and being CUTE CUTE OMG CUTE. And Vincent perched on the edge of his little pumpkin in that classic pose. I laugh and go ♥ every time. The rest of the site is made up of often-cute images, sometimes chibi or just the pretty sketch of Cloud here or a nicely colored fanart of Tifa there. I did rather like the CT35 images, the artist seems to put more time and effort into her Cloud/Tifa art--which is to be expected, of course--and, okay, I admit I rather wibbled over the illustration of them in snow clothes and the image of them on the phone. XD (Cloud/Tifa.)

- Final Fantasy VII - Classica [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I picked up the link for this site somewhere and sort of instantly fell in love with it, even if I rather suspect that you have to be a Cloud/Tifa fan to have the same feeling I did. I mean, the art is very cute, the artist uses all these light, airy, soft colors to create something that's almost romantic and she does a fantastic job with making Tifa's hair just beautiful. I love such a weakness for artists who use long hair to swirl around characters and make it look dramatic or a little like they're off in their own world... and, yes, I know that sounds rather dippy of me, but it's totally what won me over with this site. It's all just so sweet and cute and soft and pretty and they've got these lovely eyes and Tifa is often leaning quietly on Cloud's shoulder or they're snuggled close and I just feel all warm and fuzzy over them. ♥ (Cloud/Tifa.)

- Final Fantasy VII/Final Fantasy VIII - FFWONDER [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Originally, I didn't intend to rec this site because I didn't think I really cared that much for the art, despite it being an interesting sort of style. But I kept clicking through the gallery because I wanted to see if the artist improved and somewhere along the line... a lot of it is that I hit the oekaki page first so I saw a bunch of really cute Squall/Rinoa little comics and the one where he kisses her and she practically passes out from it just totally got me. Which sort of exemplifies why I fell for this site, because it went after two of my het-shipping weaknesses with Cloud/Tifa and Squall/Rinoa and drew them in the types of poses where I was bound to coo over them. I mean, Cloud and Tifa waking up in bed together, half naked? Off-screen hands pushing Cloud and Tifa towards each other? The utter adorability of the Irvine/Selphie fanart? Squall and Rinoa naked together? Yeah, I pretty had to fall for the site. XD (Cloud/Tifa, Squall/Rinoa, some Irvine/Selphie.)

- Final Fantasy VII/Final Fantasy X - First Product [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Noel pointed me towards this site and, once again, I'm glad she did. The art is very cute and very clean, bright without being gaudy, and occasionally just soft enough that I really, really like an illustration. The earliest one of Tifa is just so cute because it has all these softened colors and gentle lines, then it's followed right up by one of Tifa and Aerith is beautiful shades of orange-ish gold and I am weak to Aerith/Tifa fanart. Then it continues on with more adorably cute FFX fanart or a really wonderful Leon - Cloud from KH illustration and more of Tifa or Yuna and everything is just... CUTE. A fun little site. :D (Mostly gen, with maybe a tiny, tiny hint of Cloud/Tifa if you're looking for it.)

- Final Fantasy VII - LOST THING [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - There are two reasons I'm going to recommend this site: One, because the artist shows tremendous progress as she goes along, her current illustrations are just adorably cute and much stronger in the style she's going for. Two, because I am weak to the Cloud/Tifa, I just am. The art is very chibi-esque, which I tend to be more lenient on because it can be just so darn cute and a lot of times that's enough for me to be happy with a site. However, as the artist draws more and more, she settles into her CG style of drawing, so the colors get brighter, their eyes start to glow a little, the lines get cleaner and sharper, which is what I'm really recommending the site for. Well, that and just about any time they're kids, OH MY GOD SO CUTE CAN I HAVE ONE, PLEASE? NO, WAIT, I WANT ONE OF EACH! XD And, holy crap, the Christmas art is frickin' cute! Reindeer!Cloud is just great. And the sprites buried in one of the galleries! So damn cute. ♥ (A lot of gen, a lot of Cloud/Tifa.)

- Final Fantasy VII/Final Fantasy VIII - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - There's not a ton of fanart here, but I've mentioned the whole being insanely easy for Zack/Aerith art, right? Especially when it actually is really, really pretty--the one of them lying down together with the green-ish light shining down on them? Her arm draped across his chest, his arm around her shoulders? Oh, god, I am so weak to art like that, it just gets me where I live. ♥ The artist does start out a little shakey, but it's a style that's difficult to get right, because it looks like it could have been drawn entirely in pencil and colored the same way (even if it was probably still CG) and the artist shows a lot of progress with it. It's just... yeah, this site, for me, was all about the little details in the images or the pretty swoop of the characters' hair or my intense love of Zack. *__* (Maybe a little Zack/Aerith and Cloud/Tifa, but it's hard to say.)

- Final Fantasy VII - Item Box [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I actually came to this site to look for FFVIII fanart, but wound up being far more impressed by the FFVII fanart instead. The artist has this really cute style that reminds me of the art for the original game and Tifa is just adorable in this artist's hands. She's got the cute face and the lovely long hair and there's actually a lot of art to be found if you poke around for a bit. And, okay. There are some fabulous Cloud/Tifa illustrations that totally hit me the right way because I'm a little bit of a dippy romantic for them, but it's not just that. The colors are bright, the lines are solid, and the art is actually genuinely good. Tifa and Aerith dressed up in fancy dresses, Tifa in the middle of an attack, Cloud holding Tifa close... as the gallery goes along, the artist gets better and better and, asdlfkjasdflkja, yes, okay, I'm a Cloud/Tifa shipper, too. You can feel how much the artist really loves the character and I love when that's conveyed. Also, the kiddie comic kind of owned me hard. ♥ (Cloud/Tifa, a lot of Tifa gen.)

- Final Fantasy VII/Death Note/Saiunkoku Monogatari - Twilight Chronicle [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I originally came here looking for Saiunkoku Monogatari fanart and happened to stumble into the games section first... where I found some awesome FFVII fanart. Some of them are really pretty, the artist's Elena is lovely and I even liked the Reno/Elena despite it not being my usual pairing. It's hard to complain when the art is this pretty. But what the site totally owns at is stuff like... well, Kadaj and Marlene arguing about who gets to sleep with Nii-san and Cloud's expression being the BEST THING EVER. ♥ And I had to recommend the Death Note section of this site because there is L fanart with kidlet!Near and kidlet!Mello crawling all over him and it's the CUTEST THING IN THE WORLD HOLY CRAP. There's also a fanart of L and Misa and I'm going to squint and pretend that it's maybe a pairing one, shut up. ANYWAY. Saiunkoku fanart. OMG. B&w sketches that totally own at cuteness and I was digging the artist drawing so many different characters and so much cuteness or amusement when I got to That One Image. You know the one that totally owns you on a site and you can only keyboard mash in love? Yeah. Seien and Shuuei carrying their sleeping little brothers and looking sheepish about it and I was all, ";flkjasdlf;jka, I LOVE YOU, SAIUNKOKU." at that. ♥ ....the irritated!Reishin covering sleeping kidlet!Kouyuu with a blanket as he was slumped over a pile of books may have owned me a little, too. Holy crap, I love this site so much. ♥_♥ (Some het for FFVII, mostly Reno/Elena and a smidge of Cloud/Tifa, but a lot of gen. Death Note gen. Some het implications for Saiunkoku, some cast/OFC, a lot of gen.)

- Final Fantasy VII - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I kind of fell for this site almost immediately, because there's a certain style to the Cloud and Tifa images that just hit me right at the right time. There's a vague sense of evoking all the emotions that I feel like the pairing should evoke--which isn't very helpful in describing the site or even making all that much sense, I know. It's hard to describe. It's almost nostalgic with some of the early art, like a "simpler times" sort of feel, which is what I love about these two. A lot of the art is almost deceptively simple with lighter colors or sometimes a watercolor-like style and a sketchy quality, but it works really well and the artist uses that style well. Also, there is an image of Cloud on a flying chocobo looking like he's ready to freak out because it's out of control and it's SO CUTE that I don't know how anyone could resist it. Very lovely site. ♥ (Cloud/Tifa.)

- Final Fantasy VII/Final Fantasy XII - Renovatio [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I originally went through the FFXII gallery and I was kind of impressed, it's certainly some of the better FFXII fanart I've seen. (Which there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of...?) I liked the artist's style, it's got a lot of blended, almost sun-dappled-esque coloring. Or maybe watercolor-esque? But it wasn't until the FFVII gallery that I was really hooked on the site. *__* Of course it helped that the first illustration I clicked onto was this gorgeous Zack/Aerith piece, that put me in the right frame of mind, but it's also really fantastic art. There's a group illustration for the 2008 new year and, oh, man the detail and the light, pretty colors! I think the site is mostly focused on the CC-era of things, but that doesn't really hurt my feelings at all, especially not when they're as gorgeous as this. Plus plus plus! Beautifully drawn FFVII girls! Really pretty Cloud/Tifa! It's like this site loves me! ♥ (Zack/Aerith, Cloud/Tifa, some gen.)

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