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- Final Fantasy 7 - 7th Gate [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Good lord, this site sent me into orbit without in love I was with the art. Both Sephiroth and Cloud are gorgeous on their own, she has this lovely way with their hair or the softer looking lines or these gorgeous details to their clothes, but it's when she draws Sephiroth x Cloud that I go into overdrive. She has this quality to the way she draws Cloud lounging across Sephiroth's hip or leaning up to kiss him or the gorgeous, amazingly hot posessive look on Sephiroth's face as he pulls Cloud back towards him or, man, man, half-naked!Cloud in Sephiroth's lap in their AC designs and I think I just about purred with happiness over that. Or Sephiroth picking KH!Cloud up and tossing him over his shoulder or--*is shot* But it also helps that the colors are these lovely brighter shades that actually work with the FF7 characters, that actually work really well with the artist's basic line art. There are then some adorable comics of all the characters, including the FF7 girls, there's this amazingly beautiful SxC kiss as Cloud holds Sephiroth down onto him or pantless!Cloud on Sephiroth's lap again or one-winged!Sephiroth or a million other illustrations that I want to squee gleefully about. Now, Vincent is actually a strong presence on the site, but I have to admit, it was the SxC stuff that really caught my attention. ♥ ♥ ♥ (Sephiroth/Cloud, with some Sephiroth/Vincent, Vicent/Cloud, Sephiroth/Vincent/Cloud.)

- Final Fantasy 7 - Horizon Blue [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Again, it was the SephirothxCloud fanart that really won me over with a site, because it manages to hit that button that I have with them, especially the one of Cloud leaning back onto Sephiroth and looking up at him with this expression that's just so wibbly. Or Cloud and Sephiroth in front of a big, huge picturesque window and it just looks so, so beautiful. Or the dark blue shades used in the one of Sephiroth kissing Cloud's forehead (?) in a darkened room (probably at ShinRa?) or, god, the garden one that just made me squee so hard. The artist really knows how to make her style work for her, the almost painting-like textures with the backgrounds or, hell, that one really awesome one of Yuffie jumping away from a explosion or the adorable ones of Aerith and determined!dirty!kiddie!Cloud also owned me so hard. Or! Or! Officer!Cloud on watch while Zack flops on the ground next to him and smokes in the laziest position possible! XDDDD Or Zack giving Sephiroth a chocobo keychain that reminds him of Cloud, which is the greatest thing ever. Yeah, I ♥ this site. (Some Sephiroth/Cloud, but worth going for the gen, too.)

- Final Fantasy 7 - NightFlight [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Have I never rec'd this site before? It seems like I would have. Because it's got some of my absolute favorite fanart on it and the artist's style is just stunningly gorgeous the more and more she draws. As I write this rec, her top illustration is one of SOLDIER-era Cloud in Sephiroth's arms that just... it floored me with how much I loved the pairing and helped put me back in the mood for these two again. But it's more than just that she hits my buttons, her current work is full of these amazing details, the characters' hair is just incredible for all the richness of it, and there's this one of Sephiroth and Cloud rounding the corner of a building with guns in their hands and wearing suits that's just... fantastic. And just... there's one called "memory" that's of AC!Cloud with a black, feathered wing covering part of his face that's one of the most gorgeous Cloud illustrations I've ever seen. The highlights of his hair, the details of the wing, the lines of his face, the sharp blue that stands out... it's all incredible. One of my favorite sites, I wish I could describe it better. ♥ (Sephiroth/Cloud.)

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