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- Final Fantasy VII - LOST THING [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - There are two reasons I'm going to recommend this site: One, because the artist shows tremendous progress as she goes along, her current illustrations are just adorably cute and much stronger in the style she's going for. Two, because I am weak to the Cloud/Tifa, I just am. The art is very chibi-esque, which I tend to be more lenient on because it can be just so darn cute and a lot of times that's enough for me to be happy with a site. However, as the artist draws more and more, she settles into her CG style of drawing, so the colors get brighter, their eyes start to glow a little, the lines get cleaner and sharper, which is what I'm really recommending the site for. Well, that and just about any time they're kids, OH MY GOD SO CUTE CAN I HAVE ONE, PLEASE? NO, WAIT, I WANT ONE OF EACH! XD And, holy crap, the Christmas art is frickin' cute! Reindeer!Cloud is just great. And the sprites buried in one of the galleries! So damn cute. ♥ (A lot of gen, a lot of Cloud/Tifa.)

- Final Fantasy VII - UNDERGROUND WM [ Japanese Cosplay Site ] - I initially warmed up to this site because of the Zack/Aerith cosplayers on the top page at the time and... well, I'm a sucker for all things Zack/Aerith, but when they're actually good? Squee. Because the cosplayers on this site are really awesome at what they do, the costumes look great, they resemble their characters, they get some great shots, they have some great concepts--I mean, I love the five different Clouds they have running around, it's so amusing to see. So many of the images are really sort of like fanart come to life and I'm seriously sort of in love with the different Aeriths they have running around. Plus, I love that they've got just about everyone in there, right down to the Turks and Cait Sith. Omg, their Cait Sith is adorable, seriously. This site was so much fun and is a great one to show off why cosplay is fun. I also love that they included Kingdom Hearts in there as well. :DDD (A little bit of pairings, but it's laaaaargely gen.)

- Final Fantasy VII - Muckey House(mooch) [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This is a site that's not going to appeal to everyone... I wasn't even sure I was going to like it at first, either. The art is very... um. Hmm. I'm having a tough time describing it. It's not quite messy, it's a bit more sketch-like, except the colors are often so bright and vivid that it creates a different sort of style. What won me over with the site was a combination of the frequent chibi-esque style, the way the art reminds me of certain Korean styles, the shiny, shiny colors, and that so many of them just made me go, "Awww! SO CUTE. ♥" Again, I repeat that the site isn't going to be for everyone, I suspect you may have to be more of a fanart junkie to appreciate this site, but I really sort of loved it. (Some Reno/Cloud, some gen.)

- Final Fantasy VII - usagi no mimi [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I fell for this site pretty hard because I am also a sucker for Sephiroth/Zack fanart sites lately. I think part of it is that they're two of my favorite characters, but part of it is also because, dammit, Zack would have been so good for Sephiroth, who needed someone a little chaotic and human in his life. I think this site managed to feed into that a little and I'm just so deliriously in love with the way the artist can draw Sephiroth's hair, the way it just seems to shimmer in certain illustrations. There's one of him with an unbuttoned white shirt on and his hair is practically glowing and his eyes are just so incredibly green and that is exactly what I want when I go hunting for j-fanart, this site is what hits my buttons for this fandom. The art isn't perfect, there are some things that are a little off, but I just get so caught up in the characters' hair and eyes and the beautiful poses that I just don't care. It hits my buttons and that's worth far, far more to me. ♥ Plus, omg, there is a lot of art here, which made it a joy to go through the artist's gallery and the gift gallery, too. (Some Sephiroth/Zack, a little Zack/Aerith, Zack/Cloud, some gen, too.)

- Final Fantasy VII - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Again, not a lot of art here, just a handful of images, really, but a couple of things put me into orbit about the site. One, the first illustration of Aerith is just beautiful and the rest of the art really follows in the same line, it's got a really pretty, lovely quality to it. Two, Zack/Aerith = SQUEE. Zack and Aerith together in her church in the slums? SQUEE. Beautifully done Zack looking like he just stepped out of the shower and it's done in this really nice cel-style shading where his eyes are such a vivid color? More squee! Zack in Cloud's AC outfit? STILL MORE SQUEE. Seriously, that was just an awesome concept and it looks so hot. *__* I do like the Cloud stuff on the site, but, yeah, I tended to squee more over the Zack stuff on the site. ♥ (No real warnings/pairing themes.)

- Final Fantasy VII/Final Fantasy VIII/Final Fantasy X - ICE [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - It took me awhile to warm up to this site, the realistic style of CG is rarely something that appeals a whole lot to me unless it's amazingly, amazingly done. I sat on the fence with this site for a long time and it probably wasn't until three-fourths of the way through the FFVIII gallery that I started to like it. (Well, okay, maybe I had a soft spot for the Laguna illustration about halfway through the gallery.) It's not going to be for everyone and it's probably not my favorite, but I totally have a weakness for the softness that the artist applies to the characters, especially Rinoa or Quistis. And even though there only about four FFVII illustrations, I had to include it because I really sort of love her Sephiroth (the coloring is just so pretty and good with the character) and her Tifa is great. (Some het with FFVIII, but I don't know what theme I'd call.)

- Final Fantasy VII - Mint-Electric [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Oh, man, is this site pretty. *__* And totally hits my Zack/Aerith button, because the characters aren't just soft and pretty, they're often in totally wibbly poses as well. The one of Zack and Aerith sharing lunch on a low stone wall? Totally makes me wibble like you wouldn't believe. Zack and Sephiroth walking along in the sunset, with all these gorgeous colors, Zack laughing, Sephiroth's hand in his hair? Still more with the wibbling. The site is largely geared towards Aerith pairings or just Aerith by herself, which I don't seek out a lot, but sometimes a site just loves a character so much or gives me one of my favorite pairings that I can't resist falling for it. Everything is so warm and soft and the style really fits the characters and Aerith is so pretty (especially when she's holding a bloody Tseng or when she's in the field of yellow flowers) and there's just so much love all over the site... *sigh* I'm totally a pile over here. ♥ (Cloud/Aerith, Zack/Aerith, a little Other/Aerith, possibly worth poking around for the gen if you're not fussy about pairings or really love Zack.)

- Final Fantasy VII - PIS [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I started off by liking the series of single character illustrations on this site, the art was solid and some of them were really sort of terrifically done. But then along came Kadaj in normal clothing and glasses and I was just sort of sunk by the cute. I wound up really, really liking the site because it has a quality I associate with doujinshi stationery (which probably isn't going to make sense to anyone but me), this sort of softly colored, delicate, big-eyed sort of look with lots of pretty swirls or cute little accessories. But it's also that it's a site that gave me a good all-around fix, rather than just focusing on one character or pairing, there was a lot of Cloud, Tifa, Aerith, group illustrations, and the rest of them tucked away all over the place. I like that, I have a fondness for it, you know? Not necessarily a must-see site, but one of the prettier ones out there and one that gave me a nice fix today. Which feels like I'm sort of doing it an injustice because I honestly did really like the site a lot. (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Death Note/Gintama/Final Fantasy VII/Harukanaru Toki no Nakade/Howl's Moving Castle - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I think half of the reason I had to rec this site is the sheer size and variety of the place. There are several different series here and while I'm not that wild about everything here, there's just enough really solidly done art to get me to fall off the fence onto the side of recommending it. I'm not as crazy about the sketches, a lot of them are loose and easy and just not to my taste, but when the artist actually focuses her talent, she can create something really cool, some of her art looks really fantastic. Plus, hey, one of the better HMC sites I've seen! :D And when the artist does that painting-like style with her colors? The art is actually really pretty strong--there's a beautiful close-up of Howl. And I adore the artist's Katsura (from Gintama) and the HaruToki3 art is actually probably the strongest of the bunch, I don't have any reservations about it. The detail is nicely strong (especially with the outfits and the characters' hair) and I really do have a strong fondness for the artist's color work. So, I'll give it a thumbs up. <3 (Possibly some HaruToki3 yaoi pairings, some Howl/Sophie, but it's mostly a gen site, I'd say.)

- Final Fantasy VII/LOVELESS - Parasitism [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This is one of those sites where I was won over by the whole of the site rather than by each individual illustration... well, that and there was a really pretty Zack/Aerith illustration and god knows I go, "....!!!" over those. ♥ But it's also that there's a nice variety of art and different concepts/styles from the artist, while maintaining a certain softness to the colors throughout everything. And any site that has Sephiroth and Cloud almost leaning against each other out in the snow will almost have to get a thumbs up from me, of course. The artist does really well with Sephiroth's character, though, there are several pieces where he's in mid-pose with his sword or half lying in a pool of water or sprouting the one wing on his back and the artist makes them all look really cool or, omg, the gorgeous one of DC!Vincent with all those amazing blacks and reds or the beautiful Cloud illustrations or what feels like a million others. Sadly, there's not as much LOVELESS fanart here, but what is on the site is just lovely (there's one of Ritsuka with green hair that's utterly gorgeous) and some of the best stuff I've seen in that fandom. I really, really do like this site. (Mostly gen, maybe a little Sephiroth/Cloud.)

- Final Fantasy VII/Final Fantasy X - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I have the feeling I may have seen or recommended this site before, but it's not quite familiar enough that I can say for certain. So, if I end up recommending it twice... well, oops? Anyway, this site has that sort of soft, flowing, warmly colored style that's not precisely sepia tones (since there are a lot more bright colors), but I get the same warm, not quite nostolgic feel off of the images. A lot of that is the focus on Aerith's character or the way the FFX series looks or feelings I associate with their characters, but a lot of it is also just the way the artist draws them--which makes them really quite pretty, actually. And I really do like the art, it's sort of in that catagory of style that often gets put on doujinshi stationary and it's just... really cute. Plus, hey, I don't seek out that much Aerith fanart, so it's nice when a site drops into my lap. XD (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Final Fantasy VII - hachi8 [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - *sigh* It's just my luck that I seem to be having a run of luck with fanart sites on a night when I can't properly dig in because my regular computer is in the shop. And I suspect I may have rec'd this site already. But. It's got hot!Cloud from AC and a gorgeous Sephiroth and, really, that's about all it takes to make me happy. The artist has this really neat style that's like a blend between watercolors and pencil sketches and it makes her illustrations unique but still really pretty. Her style works best with Sephiroth, she doesn't overdo the colors and, asdlkfjasldkjfasld;fj, her black and white one of Sephiroth is actually probably the hottest thing I've seen in quite awhile. Even if I have recommended this site before, it was totally worth going through again. *_* (No real warnings/pairings?)

- Final Fantasy VII/Togainu no Chi - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I was pretty well immediately won over by the chibi Shiki/Akira illustrations, both because I genuine like the clean CG style the artist uses (the almost liquid sort of coloring that I favor) and because the pairing is growing on me. The artist really is talented, I really do like her style, but... yeah, okay, the chibis so make it tons better, how can you resist cute little puppy!Akira with his cute little tail wagging? You just can't. XD And then there's the Final Fantasy art. *__* Which has the same pretty CG style, but now applied to Sephiroth/Cloud and the very first image I saw? KH!Cloud biting the tip of KH!Sephiroth's finger while he leaned in close. asdlkfjalsdkfjalsdjf, way to hit me where I live. ♥ AND THEN THE CHIBIS, GOD. And Cloud in a winter coat with fur trim and wolf/fox/whatever ears and asdlfjkasldfkja it's like the artist is trying to destroy me with the cute. Non-fans might not be as hyped up about the site as I am, but it is a nice site with some really pretty art regardless. (Several/Akira, Sephiroth/Cloud, a bit of gen... sort of.)

- Final Fantasy VII - Gera Gera [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I wondered and wondered if I'd been to this site before, going through several pages of pretty Cloud with these light, airy CG colors that looked good on him, even a few cute Sephiroth/Zack/Cloud trio stuff, but I couldn't quite make up my mind. At least not until I got to the one of Aerith and Tifa all dolled up and looking adorable and I think I would have remembered that one if I'd been here because I love sites that give me that, even if it's only just one or two images. I could still be wrong, but it's a site worth another run through (and I'm not just saying that because there's a super pretty one of Sephiroth in these soft blue and purples with his shirt half undone and an unreadable look on his face and those green, green eyes) if just for the fanasty style outfits like they could have been right out of Ragnarok Online. (Not just that game, but you know what I mean.) And there's Zack! And trio stuff. And Sephiroth. And Aerith who is so pretty. And KH!Cloud being all hot and stuff. <3 (Mostly Cloud gen, but some pairings if you want to squint and tilt your head.)

- Final Fantasy VII - Holy Symbol [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I actually came here for the Dirge of Cerberus fanart (since there's apparently a j-fan following for it, wtf) but wound up staying for the small handful of Sephiroth/Cloud fanart and the occasional FFVII character art that was adorable. Like the chibis of the triplets from AC or a really sweet Zack illustration. There's not a ton of art here and it's split between the original characters and the DC characters, but... it was one of those sites where the artist is quietly talented and it was a 'sleeper hit' site that I found I'd enjoyed a lot more than I expected, especially when the artist concentrated and drew something really nice. A good site for if you're interested in the whole of the FFVII world, rather than just the original game. Plus, cute chibi triplets art! How could anyone resist? (Occasional hints of pairings like Sephiroth/Cloud or Weiss/Nero, but it's mostly a gen site.)

- Final Fantasy VII - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Whenever I find a new FFVII site I really, really love, my first instinct is to assume that I've already been to the site, whether I recognize the layout, style, or illustrations themselves. And this URL looks vaguely familiar. So I'm probably double recommending. Oh, well, is what I say because I got through about two links in the gallery before I hit some recent sketches and problem fell in love like whoa. Hot Sephiroth, hot Cloud, hot Lucrecia, pretty Tifa, more hot Sephiroth even when he's being insane and beautiful Zack/Aerith that made me about melt out of my chair at how pretty it was. Her smile, her wavy gorgeous hair, the flowers tucked into her hair, the pretty clothes, the blush on Zack's face... asldfkjasl;dfjasl;djf, worth the whole site right there. Not that the Sephiroth/Cloud wasn't appreciated anyway, because it totally was. There were some gorgeous images on the site, including one of them huddling together in the rain, one of the Cloud tackle-glomping Sephiroth, even ones of them in more modern-style clothing that should have been weird but was instead really pretty. And I'm fairly certain I've seen this site before because I squee'd over the Zack/Aerith, but without being able to check to make sure.... (Sephiroth/Cloud, a hint of Zack/Aerith, and a lot of gen.)

- Final Fantasy VII - RWR [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Okay, here is what I'm talking about with the Weiss/Nero fanart that seems to have taken up a nice little corner with the j-fen. It surprised me that the pairing had such a following, I'd barely remembered they existed and half mistook them for AU versions of Sephiroth and Vincent until I remembered them. Anyway. This artist does a gorgeous job with both characters, her lines are fantastic and she uses colors really well so that their eyes are just vivid and stand out intensely. The Weiss/Nero illustrations are lovely, but the single-character stuff is also just gorgeous--there's one of Nero against a full moon backdrop in his extended outfit and it's just... kind of breath-taking how beautiful it is. The rest of the site is more traditional FFVII fanart, with a strong focus on Reno, but I find her DC stuff is probably her strongest work. It's definitely worth a whirl through, especially if you like Reno or want that one Rufus/Reno illustration amongst all the others, but I'm mostly recommending this site for the DC stuff. *__* (Weiss/Nero, a lot of gen.)

- Final Fantasy VII - Item Box [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I actually came to this site to look for FFVIII fanart, but wound up being far more impressed by the FFVII fanart instead. The artist has this really cute style that reminds me of the art for the original game and Tifa is just adorable in this artist's hands. She's got the cute face and the lovely long hair and there's actually a lot of art to be found if you poke around for a bit. And, okay. There are some fabulous Cloud/Tifa illustrations that totally hit me the right way because I'm a little bit of a dippy romantic for them, but it's not just that. The colors are bright, the lines are solid, and the art is actually genuinely good. Tifa and Aerith dressed up in fancy dresses, Tifa in the middle of an attack, Cloud holding Tifa close... as the gallery goes along, the artist gets better and better and, asdlfkjasdflkja, yes, okay, I'm a Cloud/Tifa shipper, too. You can feel how much the artist really loves the character and I love when that's conveyed. Also, the kiddie comic kind of owned me hard. ♥ (Cloud/Tifa, a lot of Tifa gen.)

- Final Fantasy VII/Final Fantasy VIII/Final Fantasy X - okawariFREE [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I was officially won over to this site by the fanart of Raine with kid!Squall. So very rarely do I ever seen fanart of that aspect of the series, much less when it's done up really pretty. A lot of the art on the site didn't move me one way or the other, but there were a handful of illustrations (there was a really gorgeous Irvine one, a couple of good Irvine/Selphie ones) that were just totally worth it. Most of the FFVII fanart didn't impress me, but the FFX fanart was really solid, some of the Tidus/Yuna ones were even gorgeous, and the artist improved tons over time so that it became one of those sites where... I had a decently good time while I was here. It gave me a fix for FF fanart. It gave me a couple of kickass images. Sometimes that's all I need. (Some Tidus/Yuna, some Waka/Lulu, a lot of gen.)

- Final Fantasy VII - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I actually originally came here for potential FFXII fanart, but wound up wandering around a bit to find the FFVII art stashed away in the main gallery and promptly squeed because it's a SxC-friendly that I don't think I've seen before. I have a great, great weakness towards pre-game FFVII art with Cloud looking young and Sephiroth being sort of sane and I know it can get a little shota-ish for some people, but mostly I just look past that and look at the pretty art. Plus, omg, the illustration of Cloud riding on flying!Sephiroth's back while Zack rides a giant flying eyeball in some sort of batshit... something... is AWESOME and totally worth the site right there. Toss in a couple of super-hot Sephiroth or Zack illustrations and you've got a site that I totally give a thumbs up to. ♥ (Some Sephiroth/Cloud, some gen.)

- Final Fantasy VII/Death Note/Saiunkoku Monogatari - Twilight Chronicle [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I originally came here looking for Saiunkoku Monogatari fanart and happened to stumble into the games section first... where I found some awesome FFVII fanart. Some of them are really pretty, the artist's Elena is lovely and I even liked the Reno/Elena despite it not being my usual pairing. It's hard to complain when the art is this pretty. But what the site totally owns at is stuff like... well, Kadaj and Marlene arguing about who gets to sleep with Nii-san and Cloud's expression being the BEST THING EVER. ♥ And I had to recommend the Death Note section of this site because there is L fanart with kidlet!Near and kidlet!Mello crawling all over him and it's the CUTEST THING IN THE WORLD HOLY CRAP. There's also a fanart of L and Misa and I'm going to squint and pretend that it's maybe a pairing one, shut up. ANYWAY. Saiunkoku fanart. OMG. B&w sketches that totally own at cuteness and I was digging the artist drawing so many different characters and so much cuteness or amusement when I got to That One Image. You know the one that totally owns you on a site and you can only keyboard mash in love? Yeah. Seien and Shuuei carrying their sleeping little brothers and looking sheepish about it and I was all, ";flkjasdlf;jka, I LOVE YOU, SAIUNKOKU." at that. ♥ ....the irritated!Reishin covering sleeping kidlet!Kouyuu with a blanket as he was slumped over a pile of books may have owned me a little, too. Holy crap, I love this site so much. ♥_♥ (Some het for FFVII, mostly Reno/Elena and a smidge of Cloud/Tifa, but a lot of gen. Death Note gen. Some het implications for Saiunkoku, some cast/OFC, a lot of gen.)

- Final Fantasy VII - SACRED [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I actually came here for the Tales fanart, but got sidetracked by the FFVII art, which I wasn't originally going to click through everything, but then there was really cute Sephiroth/Zack art, which I have a weakness for... and then it was sort of all downhill from there. (And I may have recommended this site, like, twice before, but I can't find it in my links, so it's going up again.) There's so little Sephiroth/Zack fanart, much less art I find genuinely cute that this site was kind of a real treasure, the artist has this really light, almost airy, cute style that just... makes me happy somehow? She's also got a bunch of chibi comics with kitty/wolf ears that are SO ADORABLE that I kind of had to be won over. (Some Sephiroth/Zack maybe, some gen.)

- Odin Sphere/Final Fantasy VII - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Oh, man. There might not be much art here, but what is here is beautiful, the kind of stuff that makes me melt into a puddle of blissful fangirl goo. The Zack/Aerith illustrations are some of the best I've ever seen in the fandom, the detail and strength of the lines is incredible. The colored art is very cute and adorable and I love it dearly, but the b&w sketches are just amazing. It's the same for the Odin Sphere art, some of the b&w lineart illustrations, like the one of Oswald/Gwendolyn, are just amazing to look at. The details of her dress and wings, the fantastic hair and flowers are just... oh, man, so pretty. ♥ Plus, the site has a Shinigami/Halja giving a loveletter to Oswald and I gotta say, I laughed a lot at that. That's great. This site is awesome and I love it ridiculous amounts. ♥ Also be sure to check out the oekaki page for a few extra super hot illustrations. (All the usual Odin Sphere pairings. Some Zack/Aerith, some gen for FFVII.)

- Final Fantasy VII/Final Fantasy VIII/Final Fantasy X - GREEN GLASS [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - As I was going through the galleries on this site, first clicking through the original illustrations, I wondered if I had stumbled onto an only-original site and wished that the artist had done some fanart, too. (I'd have loved to see this artist do some Odin Sphere art, for example.) And then I hit the FFX art and I really liked it--it's the kind where it's super detailed and very doujinshi-like (I believe a lot of the images are scans of the artist's doujinshi?) and almost sort of reminds me of a common Korean style, but not quite. Or maybe some old-school doujinshi-style, the kind that was popular in the late '90s, early '00s? Either way, it makes for some really interesting art to look at. The artist also has some fantastic Howl's Moving Castle art and I would have loved to have seen more from her or even just a proper gallery. (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Final Fantasy VII - Labyrinth [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I was a little hesitant about this site at first, the semi-realistic CG style is one that very rarely works for me, which is just a personal preference, but... something about this artist's work really appealed to me. It helped that she did a really pretty Sephiroth illustration to soften me up and does illustrations of some of the summons that look totally kick-ass and there's one of Cloud in the field of flowers that looks really cool as well. Oh, and a super pretty one of Tifa! It's actually one of the better sites for the fandom I've seen recently, the artist does something a little different from what I'm used to seeing and they turned out really well--the rich colors and the smooth details make for really interesting pieces to look at, some of them downright beautiful. I originally came here for the FFIII art (which there isn't much of) but totally got sidetracked by the awesome FFVII. :D (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Final Fantasy VII/Final Fantasy XII - Renovatio [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I originally went through the FFXII gallery and I was kind of impressed, it's certainly some of the better FFXII fanart I've seen. (Which there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of...?) I liked the artist's style, it's got a lot of blended, almost sun-dappled-esque coloring. Or maybe watercolor-esque? But it wasn't until the FFVII gallery that I was really hooked on the site. *__* Of course it helped that the first illustration I clicked onto was this gorgeous Zack/Aerith piece, that put me in the right frame of mind, but it's also really fantastic art. There's a group illustration for the 2008 new year and, oh, man the detail and the light, pretty colors! I think the site is mostly focused on the CC-era of things, but that doesn't really hurt my feelings at all, especially not when they're as gorgeous as this. Plus plus plus! Beautifully drawn FFVII girls! Really pretty Cloud/Tifa! It's like this site loves me! ♥ (Zack/Aerith, Cloud/Tifa, some gen.)

- Final Fantasy VII - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - There's not a whole lot of art here, but! I was looking for FFCC:RoF art this morning and happened to stumble over this site instead, which had some super adorable little scribbles on it! It's mostly just a handful of pages of doodles, but they're surprisingly well done, the colors used are terrific and they're just really great fun. The artist concentrates a lot on Vincent, I think, because you'll see him with Cid or Yuffie a lot, but you'll also get Turk Vincent art occasionally. *___* Some of the images are just. Really soft and pretty and it made this site a nice little treat. And it totally didn't hurt my feelings to find the Tales of the Abyss art with Dist in her other gallery, either. >__> I only pine that I haven't played FFVI yet, so I can't recognize that art. :< (No real warnings/pairings, but if you like Cid/Vincent, you might want to give this site a shot.)

- Final Fantasy VII/Gurren Lagann - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This is one of those sites that I just want to keyboard mash over so hard because it's got so many different series I recognize and it just totally nails the anime cel-style coloring and style. Looking at the FFVII fanart is fun (which does look more like traditional fanart/CG-style art) but it wasn't until I got to the Gurren Lagann art that I was really keyboard-mashy. You can sort of still tell that it's fanart, but. At the same time. It looks very much like art straight from the anime! And focused on Viral! Plus one really cute Nia image! You'll have to poke around for a lot of the art, especially to find all the FFVII stuff, but it was fun to do that anyway. And I'm going to go nuts if I don't figure out what that other major series on the site is. >_< (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Final Fantasy VII - MKO [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Augh, I tried to resist recommending this site for the FFVII art, since I'd already gone through the Tales of the Abyss, Tales of Vesperia, and REBORN! sections, but... as;dfkljal;skj Crisis Core fanart! Which means lots and lots of Zack! And Sephiroth + Zack + Cloud fanart! NOT ENOUGH OF THAT IN THE WORLD. Plus, it really is very pretty stuff and I love her take on the characters and the really sharp lineart combined with warm, cute colors and just. as;dlfjkaslkj makes me want to get back into FFVII properly again, which is always the mark of a good site for me. XD (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Final Fantasy VII - [ Chinese Fanart Site ] - I feel like I've been here before. I'm sort of starting to feel that way about a lof of FF sites and maybe that's just a byproduct of having seen so much art for them in the past week or so, maybe I'm just finally hitting them when they have enough art to justify the rec, maybe I'm just in the right mood today. Who knows. But this site kind of slowly won me over, it's not necessarily traditionally pretty, there's a very harsh edge to Sephiroth here (which is what makes me think I've been here before), but well. There's a nicely done Sephiroth/Cloud illustration--that's not really a pairing, just that they're kind of really in each other's faces--and a bunch of Sephiroth/Zack/Cloud art and some fun holiday-based stuff and eventually I just. Kinda really liked the site. Also, the oekaki art was super pretty at times. *__* Also also also. Sephiroth/Cloud DOLL MAKEOUTS. God, I love it when fandom does that. (Some Sephiroth pairings like Sephiroth/Rufus or Sephiroth/Cloud, but it's mostly a gen site.)

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