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- Final Fantasy 7 - GAKUTA [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I've been poking around at a lot of FF7 stuff ever since I watched AC and one of the things I stumbled over was this gorgeous site. There are a lot of really cute illustrations or a lot of really beautiful illustrations or a lot of images that made me laugh out loud (the Kingdom Hearts Sephiroth parody just utterly cracked me up XD) or a lot of images that made me squee (the KH!Cloud illustrations are gorgeous and there's this utterly stunning one of Cloud and Sephiroth crouched back to back or beautiful art of Zack and Cloud from the Last Order OAV or the great Christmas fanart), as well as there being quite a lot tucked into a bunch of different corners of the site. There are so many specific illustrations on this site that I wish I could directly link to, but honestly the whole site is worth going through. And, oh my god, I totally hit that "Set as wallpaper" button for this artist's wallpaper of all the major FF7 characters because it's JUST THAT PRETTY. ♥ (No real warnings/pairings, I wouldn't say.)

- Final Fantasy 7 - Horizon Blue [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Again, it was the SephirothxCloud fanart that really won me over with a site, because it manages to hit that button that I have with them, especially the one of Cloud leaning back onto Sephiroth and looking up at him with this expression that's just so wibbly. Or Cloud and Sephiroth in front of a big, huge picturesque window and it just looks so, so beautiful. Or the dark blue shades used in the one of Sephiroth kissing Cloud's forehead (?) in a darkened room (probably at ShinRa?) or, god, the garden one that just made me squee so hard. The artist really knows how to make her style work for her, the almost painting-like textures with the backgrounds or, hell, that one really awesome one of Yuffie jumping away from a explosion or the adorable ones of Aerith and determined!dirty!kiddie!Cloud also owned me so hard. Or! Or! Officer!Cloud on watch while Zack flops on the ground next to him and smokes in the laziest position possible! XDDDD Or Zack giving Sephiroth a chocobo keychain that reminds him of Cloud, which is the greatest thing ever. Yeah, I ♥ this site. (Some Sephiroth/Cloud, but worth going for the gen, too.)

- Final Fantasy 7 - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - mania_outlet pointed out this site to me and, admittedly, Sephiroth/Vincent isn't my pairing, but I'm a giantic Sephiroth nerd already and I have much love for Vincent, so I figured what the hell. And I'm really glad I did because, damn, can the artist draw a beautiful looking Sephiroth sometimes. There's a lot of detail to her work and sometimes Sephiroth can look a little over-muscled, he is a huge guy, so it makes sense and, god, kid!Sephiroth just owns me, he's so cute. When the artist puts him and Vincent in traditional or period piece clothing? It's just so cool. Or, say, she does a fantastic job with the Kingdom Hearts version of Sephiroth, his outfit looks so great. And her Vincent is really rather stunning, she gets the spill of his hair just right, the way his clothes lay over his body, and even when she puts him in modern clothes, he just looks so great, she has this ability to give him just a hint of gothicness that really pulls the whole thing off. Or! Her AC-based art! Or Vincent when he was a Turk! *squee* Plus, god, there's a ton of art here. Definitely worth the visit. ♥ (Maybe a little Sephiroth/Vincent, but it could really be gen, too.)

- Final Fantasy 7 - PAROTHDAME [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I think what won me over with this site is that there's a lot of fanart and it's all really cute and the artist does well with the clones. Plus, how can you pass up a site with chibi kitty Yazoo and Kadaj? There's some good trio stuff, some pretty Yazoo stuff, you can really see the green of their eyes, which is something I really like. Also! There are a handful of neat Reno fanarts and I'm utterly in love with the oekaki stuff, because you can start to really see how strong her art gets. Plus, more kitties! XD (No real warnings/pairings, I wouldn't say.)

- Final Fantasy 7 - Onsoku-Onomatope [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - *squees* Two things--one, there is a lot of fanart on this site, of all the characters and major pairings, so I got a nice, satisfying feel from it. Two, it has some of the best illustrations of Cloud as a chocobo and putting him into amusing situations (it's not a theme so much as it's remarked on a few times) and I cackled with glee every damn time. But it's also that there are some utterly lovely illustrations, some absolutely adorable chibi Sephiroth illustrations or... well, there's Sephirtoh helping Cloud to style his hair, there's Rufus and the Turks playing the boardgame Life that just wins all, there's soft, sweet Aerith illustrations, there's kick-ass incredibly detailed Vincent illustrations, there's Sephritoh and Cloud chibis, there's Sephritoh all feathered up from the end, there's a handful of neat Zack illustrations, and so on. You sort of start to see what I mean about it being one of those varied, fun sites that I enjoyed so much. ♥ (Maybe a little Sephiroth/Cloud, but more gen than anything.)

- Final Fantasy 7 - Honey Bee Manor [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I kept seeing art for this site all over the place and finally stopped by to check the art out and, man, this site took me forever to get through because there was so much of it here! The great thing about the site, though, is that it's one of those classic sites, the kind that seems to have been around forever, the art is all solid and good and actually really cool and creative, the artist is incredibly consistent and there are a bunch of illustrations that I would love to point out as examples of how spiffy it is. The other thing is that it's a good all-around site, I don't even know if I could tell you the artist's favorite character (maybe Vincent?) because so many characters get their illustrations on the site. And. Oh. God. How much do I love her Zack? SO MUCH. Really fantastic site. (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Final Fantasy 7/Naruto/Inuyasha - 22 [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Despite that there's not a ton of fanart here, I had to recommend it, because what is here is just so very lovely--the one of Yondaime with a white nine-tailed spirit fox hovering over his shoulder? Just beautiful. Or there's ANBU!Yondaime, which is a weakness of mine when done as beautifully as this site does it, the lines and colors are just... pretty! There are only about four FFVII illustrations or so, but the Tifa one (and the Aerith one of her in the Lifestream) was just so beautiful that I had to rec it for that alone. It's that kind of CG that takes a lot of skill to do well, the kind that looks very professional, especially to make it recognizable as the characters. And then there was the utterly stunning illustration of Kikyou that sent me over the edge with this site--there are actually a lot more in the oekaki section, but I'm most fond of the main gallery art. *__* (Maybe a few hints of pairings, but no real themes.)

- Naruto/Dragonball Z/Final Fantasy VII - [ English Fanart Site ] - Have I never rec'd this site/artist before? I would have sworn I would have.... She does these illustrations that just nail anime-style professionalism sometimes... and then backs them up with either utter cuteness (the Cowboy Bebop Christmas one is just great XD) or genuinely funny humor moments. But, man, her DBZ fanart is just... there are a handful in there that really could have been official--"Homecoming" is probably one of my favorites for that. And then there's her FFVII bookmark series, where I just love her colors (The blues and greens of Sephiroth and JENOVA? Ooh, shiny. *__* Cloud sitting against the Buster Sword with Zack's reflection on it's surface? Awesome.) and the poses/concepts she comes up with for them. Just... so much neat stuff here. :D (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Final Fantasy 7/Final Fantasy 8 - WILD BERRY [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Oh, man, how much did I love this site? Part of it is that I spend a lot of time looking for fanart of the FFVII/FFVIII guys, so to come across a site that draws such beautiful girls reminds me, hey, yeah, I love them, too. Right from the start, there's this beautiful, warm-colored illustration of Tifa, Aerith, and Yuffie that is one of the prettiest things ever. But there's also one of the FFVIII girls, of Rinoa, Quistis, and Selphie that uses the same shades of warm reds and golds that I love so much. ....and, okay. The little chibis of Sephiroth/Cloud and Squall/Rinoa didn't hurt my feelings at all. But I think the real attraction is that the art is gorgeous and you can feel such love coming from it, every time I see an image of Tifa or Aerith or Rinoa or any of the Final Fantasy girls on this site, it makes me think it's impossible to not absolutely love any of them. Not that it's just about them, it's actually fairly even-handed, there are a couple of really nice illustrations of Squall or Cloud, just... yeah. That's what hit me the hardest about this lovely site. ♥ (Hints of possible pairings, but none enough to count. I'd mark it gen.)

- Final Fantasy VII/Final Fantasy VIII/Final Fantasy X - Last Resort [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I keep thinking that eventually, I'm going to run out of Final Fantasy art to coo over because it's just so damned pretty, but it hasn't happened yet. I randomly started poking around again tonight and, zomg, I love this site so much, the art is just beautiful. I admit, I was a little happy with the whole Cloud with the one wing thing because I get dorky for references to the whole thing (given my OTP and all), then it was the absolutely gorgeous one of KH!Cloud and Leon, then it was the beautiful illustrations of Cloud and Tifa (AC!Cloud with game!Tifa was just so pretty), then it was the beautiful FFX illustrations and, yeah, I was totally head over heels for this site. The art is just so lovely, that soft, light, airy feeling that I like so much, so many pretty blues and and soft grays or greens, such beautiful lineart and so many pairings that I really have a great fondness for without being a shippy as hell site. It's one of those that has a nice, even spread across many pairings. And I mentioned pretty, right? Okay. (Mostly gen. I'm sticking it in the Cloud/Tifa section because the art is worth going for fans of that pairing, but the site doesn't really imply the pairing very heavily, it's very, very gen.)

- Final Fantasy VII/Final Fantasy VIII/Final Fantasy X/Juuni Kokki - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Another site I sort of waffled on for awhile, but was eventually won over because I thought a handful of the illustrations were just so impressive. The FFX and 12K art are probably the two most impressive series, because the artist just draws all this amazing detail into the images, uses all these pretty, soft colors and some of them really look like they could have been doujinshi or done on paper and scanned in, rather than just drawn on the computer. The site also has one of my favorite Laguna illustrations and, okay, there are only about four Juuni Kokki images, but they're just so pretty and so finely drawn that I had to include them. The one of Youko leaning against her sword is just beautiful and the En-ou and Enki illustration looks amazing. There's also some solid AC-based fanart that's worth skimming through that gallery for and, just, the site was all-around fun with the occasional amazing illustration. (Some FFX pairings, but no real themes.)

- Final Fantasy VII - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I don't even remember how I got here, it may have been in a fanart spree or maybe Noel pointed me towards it, but I sort of grew rather fond of the site. I think it may have been the illustration of Sephiroth in traditional clothing or maybe the of Zack with a baby chocobo being all cute with him and Zack's o_O expression is just grand. Or, no, I know! It was that the site totally fed my growing fondness for Sephiroth/Zack interaction, the one of them standing back to back with Sephiroth's hair blowing across Zack as well just... *happy sigh* The artist is very solid in her work, the colors are solid without being too block, the style is clean without being simple, there's a good selection of various characters and there were even a couple that just really floored me. And, zomg, Zack. I totally love Zack as much as ever after this site. ♥ Oh, oh, and! The artist has some of the prettiest art I've seen for the FF7-35 themes I've yet to see. (A little Sephiroth/Zack, maybe a little other implied, but there's also a lot of gen.)

- Final Fantasy VII/Final Fantasy X - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - And yet another site that Noel got to before I did, but I wound up crawling all over and finding a lot of really shiny stuff on it. The artist's type isn't always my favorite, but I was won over by how sometimes she could really make an illustration just pretty or tremendously cool. It also helped that the artist did a variety of different match-ups or stand-alone characters, so it wasn't just Cloud, often times Reno would show up and the artist's style, all the bold colors and seemingly jagged edges worked with the character. There's one where his hair is so red it almost looks like fire and the green of his eyes practically blazes out from his face and it's just really cool. Also, this site has what's probably my favorite Rufus/Reno fanart, like, ever. *__* The FFX fanart is much the same, there are all these amazingly vivid colors that attract my gaze and made them so pretty. Anyway, yes. Shiny, shiny site that I thought was neat and had a ton of beautiful stuff in the gift gallery. *__* Again, that's all I usually ask. <3 (Some pairings, a lot of gen, no particular themes.)

- Final Fantasy VII - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I'm not sure at what moment I sort of fell in love with this site... but it may have been the fanart of Zack and Reno being obviously drunk together while Elena yells at them. I do love that sort of thing. I also love a site that has a ton of art and some of them are quite pretty--just about any illustration with Vincent in it is done beautifully, but then there'll be one of Rufus dramatically taking his coat off and completely obscuring Tseng from the image or a beautiful black and white Sephiroth or chibi-esque cuteness with Zack and Aerith or one of the prettiest Vincent and Lucrecia images I've ever seen or... well, etc. There's not really a single style the artist uses, so it's hard to describe the site other than to say there's a lot of it, there's a lot of different kinds, just about every major character makes an appearance somewhere on the site, it's one of those sites that just makes me love the whole damn series that much more. Not everything is perfect, but enough is really kick-ass that I think it'd appeal to anyone. (No real warnings/pairings themes.)

- Final Fantasy VII - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - It's taking me forever to get all of the new characters seperate in my head, but the j-fanart is certainly doing a lot to help out with that because they make the characters so much fun to poke through the galleries with. Plus, man, this site has some of the cutest art and, damn, if they're not giving me a particular fondness for Two Guns sometimes. This site is really cute and I kinda like the warm colors and all that... but what really won me over was the page full of little chibi versions of all the Turks and major BC characters because, damn, chibi!Reno is the cutest thing just about ever. I also may have gone a little nuts over the actual sprites on the page and stared a little longingly at them. But they were cute, dammit! XD (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Final Fantasy VII/Eyeshield 21 - ppp [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I only had to get about three illustrations into this site before I knew I was going to adore it, because the artist did really nice art... but more than that, she did Zack and Sephiroth and Cloud and the SOLDIER-era stuff frequently. I have had extra strong cravings for that lately, so this site came along at just the right time, to the point that it was a struggle not to click through the gallery too fast. Each time I would click onto the next image, I just kept wanting more more more, there's totally a certain charm to the artist's work. The lighter, sketchier tone to the images works for the artist, but she's also really consistent and there's a strong base talent to all the drawings here--which is a tough thing to describe, hence my vague words here. But that's the draw to her art, there's a certain quality to it that's just good, that makes you recognize the characters, that makes them attractive, that makes the art lovely to look at. And, man, is there a lot of it and did I ever click ferverntly through it because it was so pretty and so addicting. Hell, the ES21 fanart was just as much fun to go through, something about the style just nails the sense of the series itself. There's not as much as in the FFVII section, but... the whole site is just... ♥ ♥ ♥ (Maybe a little Sephiroth/Zack, Tseng/Rufus, but a lot of it could be gen, too.)

- Final Fantasy VII/Dragonball Z - KALEIDOSCOPE [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - As is the case with me lately, I came here for the FFVII fanart and stayed for the other series, which I found to be surprisingly better. Not that the FFVII fanart is bad, there are actually a couple of them that really impressed me--the site has one of my new favorite Rufus/Reno illustrations even! Along with some fantastic Reno oekaki, at least one really great Rod image, and some fun FFVII and BC content. Somehow, though, I find the DB fanart to be more interesting, perhaps because I don't see nearly as much of it around or I have lower expectations. Or maybe it's just that I like Trunks and the artist put him in enough of the illustrations to make me happy? They start out a little shakey but the more recent ones have strengthened up and there's at least one of Trunks that's really cool. Plus, omg, the DB oekaki is great for the one of Vejiita and baby!Trunks grabbing onto him alone!. ♥ (No real warnings/pairings themes.)

- Final Fantasy VII - Royal Shock [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I'm always a sucker for a good Zack illustration and I know that's why I became so fond of this site. The rest of the art is all right, there are occasional good images, but I really got caught up in the ones of Zack most of all. Cloud is also often drawn very well, but there's something about the attitude in the Zack illustrations, whether he's fighting or grinning like a loon, there's something that really struck me as good about him. Even with the oekaki, which always makes me happy (when a site has good oekaki, that is)! I also think that if you're a fan of the SHM, you'll probably like this site, it has a lot of really solid images (or sometimes just really cute--I admit, the three Santa Hat illustrations with the SHM were really cute) and there's quite a bit of art tucked away. There's even some really pretty BC fanart! This was one of those really solid sites that gave me my daily fix, you know? (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Final Fantasy VII - Micro-Meteor [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I just totally fell in love with this site because the art was just so damn pretty, right from the current top illustration of Christmas!Yuffie with little decoration!Vincent trailing along behind her. Next, it was a gorgeous illustration of Turk!Vincent and that was about all it took for me to know I was going to love the site. XD It's a combination of really excellent lines/inking and solid use of coloring and a lot of fun concepts/poses (Turk!Vincent! ♥ Plus, normal Vincent with the cape and all... so. pretty. *_*) and so many of them are almost like anime cels. That's not quite it, but there's a series of Cloud, Rod, Zack, Vincent that have cel-style coloring and they just look awesome and I'm totally gushing, I know. ALSO, ALSO, ALSO. This site totally has my favorite DC fanart pretty much ever, the one of Reeve, Cait Sith, and Vincent, and that was totally worth the site alone. Ahem. Yes. A good, all-around site that I had a lot of fun visiting, with a couple of illustrations that just knocked me on my ass. I definitely want more from this artist. (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Final Fantasy VII - Vif [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Oh, well. Speaking of sites that I just utterly fell madly in love with, this site definitely fed my fondness for Sephiroth's character. Most of the art is either black & white or just faintly tinged with blue shades and it makes the art look really good. A lot of it is that the artist does my favorite kind of Sephiroth, the design that's based more on the game, where he's beautiful, but with that edge of masculinity that's almost harsh; everything seems so... large (and powerful) about him. It seemed like every single illustration on this site had my spaz-flailing with love because it was just such beautiful art, because Cloud was just... he's more AC!Cloud, which hits me so hard because AC!Cloud is my darling and fills me with the urge to wibble that borders on painful. Or maybe I'm just geeked as all hell because the mini!Sephiroth with the one wing and Masamune was cute as all get out. Or maybe I just love his hair. *___* But definitely, definitely a gorgeous site. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Final Fantasy VII/Final Fantasy X - First Product [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Noel pointed me towards this site and, once again, I'm glad she did. The art is very cute and very clean, bright without being gaudy, and occasionally just soft enough that I really, really like an illustration. The earliest one of Tifa is just so cute because it has all these softened colors and gentle lines, then it's followed right up by one of Tifa and Aerith is beautiful shades of orange-ish gold and I am weak to Aerith/Tifa fanart. Then it continues on with more adorably cute FFX fanart or a really wonderful Leon - Cloud from KH illustration and more of Tifa or Yuna and everything is just... CUTE. A fun little site. :D (Mostly gen, with maybe a tiny, tiny hint of Cloud/Tifa if you're looking for it.)

- Final Fantasy VII/D.Gray-man - 0:end [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I originally came here for the D.Gray-man fanart, but got sidetracked by the Final Fantasy stuff instead, which has some really lovely stuff. The site has two of the prettiest FFXII scribbles I've seen so far, though, my only complaint about that section is that there's not enough for me to really recommend yet. I'd love to see the artist do more. Her FFVII stuff is fun as well, there are a lot of oekaki images of characters like Cloud and Zack and Reno and a;sdlfkjasdlkfaslk I love her Zack so much. And her DGM fanart is in much the same vein, it's these almost rough, scribbly lines in the oekaki art, but somehow this winds up working for her characters, especially whenever she draws any of the Noah family. The artist's Rhode is especially fantastic, that combination of almost pretty and kinda creepy blending together very nicely here. The later pages of art are really getting just fantastic, the artist's Tiki is kind of gorgeous and her Noah-family images are just about perfect, yet still fun. An enjoyable little site. (Some Zack/Cloud that is probably more then than anything, a lot of definite FFVII gen. Mostly gen for DGM, I'd say.)

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