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- Final Fantasy 7 - Diabolism [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I pretty much knew I was going to be falling fast and hard for this site when I got to the illustration of chibi Sephiroth with the witch's hat on his head for Halloween, it was just SO FREAKING CUTE and he had beautiful green eyes and the most adorable expression and I totally squeed. And then there was the illustration of Sephiroth, Zack, and Cloud where Cloud was poking into the underbrush on their mission with the cutest :D expression just about ever. And then there was AC!Reno jumping onto AC!Cloud's back who is so VERY NOT HAPPY about it and Rude yanking Reno by the ponytail and I cackled like a mad woman. And then there was pissy!embarrassed!AC!Cloud stomping off while one-winged!AC!Sephiroth and the Sephiroth-clones trail happily behind him. While I'm not wild about all of the art on the site, there were enough that sent me into fangirl fits of glee that I just had to rec. (Hints of most major Sephiroth pairings and a little Tseng/Rufus possibly.)

- Final Fantasy 7 - 7th Gate [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Good lord, this site sent me into orbit without in love I was with the art. Both Sephiroth and Cloud are gorgeous on their own, she has this lovely way with their hair or the softer looking lines or these gorgeous details to their clothes, but it's when she draws Sephiroth x Cloud that I go into overdrive. She has this quality to the way she draws Cloud lounging across Sephiroth's hip or leaning up to kiss him or the gorgeous, amazingly hot posessive look on Sephiroth's face as he pulls Cloud back towards him or, man, man, half-naked!Cloud in Sephiroth's lap in their AC designs and I think I just about purred with happiness over that. Or Sephiroth picking KH!Cloud up and tossing him over his shoulder or--*is shot* But it also helps that the colors are these lovely brighter shades that actually work with the FF7 characters, that actually work really well with the artist's basic line art. There are then some adorable comics of all the characters, including the FF7 girls, there's this amazingly beautiful SxC kiss as Cloud holds Sephiroth down onto him or pantless!Cloud on Sephiroth's lap again or one-winged!Sephiroth or a million other illustrations that I want to squee gleefully about. Now, Vincent is actually a strong presence on the site, but I have to admit, it was the SxC stuff that really caught my attention. ♥ ♥ ♥ (Sephiroth/Cloud, with some Sephiroth/Vincent, Vicent/Cloud, Sephiroth/Vincent/Cloud.)

- Final Fantasy 7/Fullmetal Alchemist - Escape Club [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I came to this site for the FF7 fanart, but wound up staying for the FMA fanart because, holy hell, this artist's Ed is just gorgeous. There's this way she has with the character, a certain strength to the lines of the character so that it looks like a really strong, professional doujinshi, she's great with her inking (?), her shading, the way she lays an image out, the proportions, the gorgeous eyes and hair and expressions and, oh, man, do I love, LOVE her Al. Both the brothers are slightly older and look slightly thinner, but it's so obviously them and I'm currently clicking my way through her long 30+ page comic and it's seriously one of the prettiest things I've seen just about ever. I can't stop staring at Ed's hair or the way he looks with his shirt off, because it's all just so pretty. I barely even blinked at the Elricest because... how can I complain when the artist draws them holding hands and looking forward that's just completely wibble-worthy? ♥ The FF7 art is obviously a little older and thus not quite as strong, but it's still quite worth going through the galleries for, if just to see the occasional hot Zack fanart or the pretty Aerith illustration or Cloud in a Santa outfit. XD And the FF8 stuff is worth a look, too, the Seifer/Squall comic shows a lot of growth on the artist's part, I think. Overall, I had a lot of fun here. ♥ (Ed/Al, Zack/Cloud, maybe a little Cloud/Aerith, and Seifer/Squall.)

- Final Fantasy 7/One Piece - Honura [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - *vibrates with happiness* I had so much fun with this site, really. There were a lot of cute illustrations, but I have to admit that it wasn't until I got to the soft, b&w one of Sephiroth and Cloud in the snow where Cloud's got a lock of Sephiroth's hair in his hand as he trails behind, it's so wibble-inducing cute! And then, not long after that, the site hit me with this gorgeous illustration of Aerith and Tifa in formal dresses (with little chibi Cloud and Sephiroth in their hands!) that made me sparkle like crazy. The artist does a really good variety of stuff, sometimes you'll find Sephiroth/Zack/Cloud, sometimes you'll find the FF7 women (Aerith, Tifa, and Yuffie in leather? Nice. :9) or sometimes there'll be these amazingly cute kiddie!Cloud with Sephiroth illustrations that just warm my heart. And, god, posessive!Sephiroth holding Cloud close while a chocobo stomps on a prone Zack? Priceless. And there's even Kingdom Hearts art!, any time Sephiroth bodily picks up Cloud to rush off with him (ostensibly to get him out of danger), I squeed. So much fun to be found here. ♥ And I wasn't originally going to include this in the One Piece section, since it's really more of an FF7 site, but the group illustration that was just somehow so One Piece, I caved. There's only a handful of illustrations, but the site just nails what makes me love the One Piece art, the soft edges that can occasionally be found in the art that makes it so pretty in its own way. And, god, the one of them as kids interspersed with them as adults? Brilliant. Totally worth the site alone. (Hints of a lot of the popular pairings, Sephiroth/Cloud, maybe a little Vincent/Cloud or Zack/Cloud; no One Piece pairings.)

- Final Fantasy 7 - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - mania_outlet pointed out this site to me and, admittedly, Sephiroth/Vincent isn't my pairing, but I'm a giantic Sephiroth nerd already and I have much love for Vincent, so I figured what the hell. And I'm really glad I did because, damn, can the artist draw a beautiful looking Sephiroth sometimes. There's a lot of detail to her work and sometimes Sephiroth can look a little over-muscled, he is a huge guy, so it makes sense and, god, kid!Sephiroth just owns me, he's so cute. When the artist puts him and Vincent in traditional or period piece clothing? It's just so cool. Or, say, she does a fantastic job with the Kingdom Hearts version of Sephiroth, his outfit looks so great. And her Vincent is really rather stunning, she gets the spill of his hair just right, the way his clothes lay over his body, and even when she puts him in modern clothes, he just looks so great, she has this ability to give him just a hint of gothicness that really pulls the whole thing off. Or! Her AC-based art! Or Vincent when he was a Turk! *squee* Plus, god, there's a ton of art here. Definitely worth the visit. ♥ (Maybe a little Sephiroth/Vincent, but it could really be gen, too.)

- Final Fantasy 7 - S+pade [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Annnd another site that won me over because it gave me art of some of my favorite aspects of the series. There's Sephiroth looking utterly kick-ass when in the middle of a fight (or RIDING A CHOCOBO, how can you not want to see SEPHIROTH riding a CHOCOBO? ♥) or just utterly hot, there's the Cid x Vincent couple of fanarts that have that rough edge to them that work so well for the pairing, there's a lot of neat fanart of the Sephiroth clones trio (and, seriously, the Yazoo/Kadaj one where Loz is outside the window with this classic expression is just great) and, hell, there's even Reno/Yazoo fanart that's kinda pretty! And Sephiroth/Yazoo! ....that's totally like masturbation, isn't it? XDDDD And Kadaj dressed up like AC!Cloud! Overall, this site was just kinda cool and one that made me cackle in glee, so I think it was worth it, definitely. :D (Lots of Sephiroth-clone yaoi, some other random yaoi implied.)

- Final Fantasy 7 - junk*garden [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Oh, man, I saw this site and practically instantly fell in love with it, despite that it's not really my pairings. (Well, the hints of Cloud/Tifa were juuuuuuust fine~. ♥) It's one of those sites that draws an utterly gorgeous Sephiroth and an amazingly beautiful Zack and the colors practically shine and it makes me ache for SOLDIER-era fic because I love those characters and their relationships (and Cloud! ♥) so damned much. And it's also one of those sites that does a beautiful, beautiful Aerith in so many different poses and I think I may have hurt something squeeing over the Zack/Aerith or that super-hot one of Sephiroth and Zack lounging around or, OH MY GOD, CHIBI BUNNY-SUITED SEPHIROTH ROLLING AROUND ON A BALL AND FALLING OFF IT AND HOLY SHIT SO CUTE. I literally squee'd out loud at that. And then there's the Zack/Aerith comic that had me in flailing fangirl mode. There's just... so much to take in with this site, I think it's an absolute must-see, the art is just so damned gorgeous and, really, how can you not want to see everyone else ganging up on the beach to give a sleeping Sephiroth sand-boobs? ♥ (Some Zack/Aerith, some Sephiroth/Aerith, some Cloud/Aerith, hints of Cloud/Tifa and maybe Aerith/Tifa if you want to see them.)

- Final Fantasy 7 - cherryBB [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Oh, my god, this site was awesome! For a couple of reasons--one, the art was really just terrific and, two, it has Reeve fanart. Not just a little, but an actual Reeve-centric site with really beautiful fanart! *twirls* And, god, some of those Tseng/Reeve illustrations were just gorgeous, the hair, the eyes, their faces, the colors, the poses, the little Cait Sith chibis all over the place...! I think one of my favorites had to be of Tseng protecting Reeve in the middle of a snowstorm and it was just... somehow, the almost sketch-like quality of it made it even more lovely. But then there were also the more polished, sharp ones, where Tseng and Reeve looked just almost professional! And honestly? Reeve should not be that hot sitting in a chair with a Cait Sith toy on his lap, but, man, he is. This is one of those sites that I can't really describe well enough, despite that it has everything you want in a site--sometimes funny, sometimes just jaw-droppingly gorgeous, sometimes a mix of the two. An absolute must if you have any fondness for Reeve or Tseng. (Mostly Tseng/Reeve, maybe hints of other pairings.)

- Fullmetal Alchemist/Final Fantasy VII/Final Fantasy X - Seventh Heaven [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I suppose I knew I was going to rec this site when I got to the illustration of Ed underneath the sakura tree because it was just so pretty and so nicely detailed and the sakura blossoms look amazing and it was so solidly good, but... even before that, I kinda knew I would want to rec the site. Ed's got that beautiful gold coloring and the art has all this background detail that's actually good, so the images look very fully realized that it just makes me sort of burble happily. As for the FFVII art, the pairing isn't my usual one, but I'm a lot more relaxed when it comes to fanart and the artist draws a beautiful Cloud. The art has a lot of real discipline to it, which is especially noticable around Cloud's hair, the ton of detail and very smooth lines of it. And, hell, some of the poses are really kick-ass, I suspect the artist is also a doujinshika, her work is certainly strong enough to be. <3 And, omg, the FFX fanart! There's an utterly beautiful one of Yuna in the middle of her dance and I'm over here still wibbling over how gorgeous Tidus looks. Loved this site. (Vincent/Cloud, maybe some light Al/Ed, a little Tidus/Yuna maybe.)

- Final Fantasy VII - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - And here is where I really started to slowly sink into the BC fanart sites, because this artist has the prettiest image of Katana/Rod (shut up, yes, I'm going to call them that) on it where the coloring is just gorgeous. But it's also that the artist does an adorably cute Rod all over, just about any illustration with him is fun and the Reno/Rod ones are totally clonecest, but pretty while doing so! Sometimes the art is chibi, sometimes it's almost anime-style, sometimes it's oekaki (omg, there's a really frickin' pretty one of Rod in the oekaki section), and sometimes it's just pretty. Probably one of the best BC sites out there, I'd say. (Some Reno/Rod, maybe a little Katana/Rod?)

- Final Fantasy VII/Eyeshield 21 - ppp [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I only had to get about three illustrations into this site before I knew I was going to adore it, because the artist did really nice art... but more than that, she did Zack and Sephiroth and Cloud and the SOLDIER-era stuff frequently. I have had extra strong cravings for that lately, so this site came along at just the right time, to the point that it was a struggle not to click through the gallery too fast. Each time I would click onto the next image, I just kept wanting more more more, there's totally a certain charm to the artist's work. The lighter, sketchier tone to the images works for the artist, but she's also really consistent and there's a strong base talent to all the drawings here--which is a tough thing to describe, hence my vague words here. But that's the draw to her art, there's a certain quality to it that's just good, that makes you recognize the characters, that makes them attractive, that makes the art lovely to look at. And, man, is there a lot of it and did I ever click ferverntly through it because it was so pretty and so addicting. Hell, the ES21 fanart was just as much fun to go through, something about the style just nails the sense of the series itself. There's not as much as in the FFVII section, but... the whole site is just... ♥ ♥ ♥ (Maybe a little Sephiroth/Zack, Tseng/Rufus, but a lot of it could be gen, too.)

- Final Fantasy VII - oeste [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I continue to have this thing for Sephiroth/Zack, so when the top illustration of the site is this beautiful one of the two of them lounging around, both looking so tall and gorgeous, well... I kinda knew I was going to be falling for this site. And boy did I. *__* The reason this site hits me so hard is because it's exactly in my wheelhouse for these two characters, they're both tall, broad-shouldered but not hulking giants, they've got hair all over the place, they're beautiful while still being utterly masculine, they're my very favorite style for both characters. There are some illustrations that I can just sit, stare, and drool over for what feels like ten minutes because the artist draws these perfect lines, there's such a fine level of detail to the points of their hair or eyes, there's graceful lines for the collarbones, the lines of their faces are just perfect and I'm running out of ways to say "perfect", honestly. Maybe it won't hit others as hard, I doubt others still stare at Sephiroth's hands because they're so large, but not ham-fisted, I doubt others will stare at their hair because it falls in the perfect layers or sticks up in the perfect places... but for me, yeah, I was all over this site. (Sephiroth/Zack, maybe a little Zack/Cloud, Sephiroth/Zack/Cloud.)

- Final Fantasy VII - Muckey House(mooch) [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This is a site that's not going to appeal to everyone... I wasn't even sure I was going to like it at first, either. The art is very... um. Hmm. I'm having a tough time describing it. It's not quite messy, it's a bit more sketch-like, except the colors are often so bright and vivid that it creates a different sort of style. What won me over with the site was a combination of the frequent chibi-esque style, the way the art reminds me of certain Korean styles, the shiny, shiny colors, and that so many of them just made me go, "Awww! SO CUTE. ♥" Again, I repeat that the site isn't going to be for everyone, I suspect you may have to be more of a fanart junkie to appreciate this site, but I really sort of loved it. (Some Reno/Cloud, some gen.)

- Final Fantasy VII - Mint-Electric [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Oh, man, is this site pretty. *__* And totally hits my Zack/Aerith button, because the characters aren't just soft and pretty, they're often in totally wibbly poses as well. The one of Zack and Aerith sharing lunch on a low stone wall? Totally makes me wibble like you wouldn't believe. Zack and Sephiroth walking along in the sunset, with all these gorgeous colors, Zack laughing, Sephiroth's hand in his hair? Still more with the wibbling. The site is largely geared towards Aerith pairings or just Aerith by herself, which I don't seek out a lot, but sometimes a site just loves a character so much or gives me one of my favorite pairings that I can't resist falling for it. Everything is so warm and soft and the style really fits the characters and Aerith is so pretty (especially when she's holding a bloody Tseng or when she's in the field of yellow flowers) and there's just so much love all over the site... *sigh* I'm totally a pile over here. ♥ (Cloud/Aerith, Zack/Aerith, a little Other/Aerith, possibly worth poking around for the gen if you're not fussy about pairings or really love Zack.)

- Final Fantasy VII - Nano [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - gelfling8604 pointed out this site and it took about five clicks into the site when I saw Rufus amongst the rubble and the rest of the Turks digging him out (presumably between the end of the game and AC) and Elena glomping onto him like hell and Tseng looking insanely relieved and Reno and Rude in the background... and, yeah, that's all it took for me to fall in love. ♥ The site isn't going to be for everyone, it's got that flat oekaki kind of style that most can either take or leave (I imagine anyway?) but I don't mind when it comes to this site because there's such... great content in the images. There's a ton of content and the beautiful thing about the site? Reno is just so... RENO. And, omfg, the Turks in full winter gear showing up on game!Vincent's doorstep for Christmas and totally ready for a party? Awesome. The more I look at that image, the more I crack the hell up over it and demand, DEMAND that someone fic it. Well, and there's also the chocobo sitting on a scared as fuck Reno, the bird trying to eat his hair. And I died at Turk!Vincent fighting the copying machine. Just died. And Rude and Reno fighting the kitten's cuteness and just... omfg, I love this site so, so much. ♥ (Some Rude/Reno, but totally worth it for the Turks fanart.)

- Final Fantasy VII - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I have such a huge weakness for chibi art when it's done a certain way... well, there are several ways that I like chibi art, I suppose, but the point still remains. It's especially endearing to me when the artist uses those pretty almost-glowing colors, bright and happy colors that match Aerith and Tifa's characters, and... well, Aerith and Tifa seem to be often the focus (it's mostly an Aerith site, but Tifa pops up a lot) and, hell yes I love those two together. And, omg, the Yuffie chibi was one of the cutest things ever, too, and the hair on Aerith's illustrations is gorgeous and the AC group chibis are spaz-inducingly cute and the little Flash things are adorable and I just have such love for this kind of site. XD (Some Aerith/Tifa, some Cloud/Aerith.)

- Final Fantasy VII - Gera Gera [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I wondered and wondered if I'd been to this site before, going through several pages of pretty Cloud with these light, airy CG colors that looked good on him, even a few cute Sephiroth/Zack/Cloud trio stuff, but I couldn't quite make up my mind. At least not until I got to the one of Aerith and Tifa all dolled up and looking adorable and I think I would have remembered that one if I'd been here because I love sites that give me that, even if it's only just one or two images. I could still be wrong, but it's a site worth another run through (and I'm not just saying that because there's a super pretty one of Sephiroth in these soft blue and purples with his shirt half undone and an unreadable look on his face and those green, green eyes) if just for the fanasty style outfits like they could have been right out of Ragnarok Online. (Not just that game, but you know what I mean.) And there's Zack! And trio stuff. And Sephiroth. And Aerith who is so pretty. And KH!Cloud being all hot and stuff. <3 (Mostly Cloud gen, but some pairings if you want to squint and tilt your head.)

- Final Fantasy VII/Death Note/Saiunkoku Monogatari - Twilight Chronicle [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I originally came here looking for Saiunkoku Monogatari fanart and happened to stumble into the games section first... where I found some awesome FFVII fanart. Some of them are really pretty, the artist's Elena is lovely and I even liked the Reno/Elena despite it not being my usual pairing. It's hard to complain when the art is this pretty. But what the site totally owns at is stuff like... well, Kadaj and Marlene arguing about who gets to sleep with Nii-san and Cloud's expression being the BEST THING EVER. ♥ And I had to recommend the Death Note section of this site because there is L fanart with kidlet!Near and kidlet!Mello crawling all over him and it's the CUTEST THING IN THE WORLD HOLY CRAP. There's also a fanart of L and Misa and I'm going to squint and pretend that it's maybe a pairing one, shut up. ANYWAY. Saiunkoku fanart. OMG. B&w sketches that totally own at cuteness and I was digging the artist drawing so many different characters and so much cuteness or amusement when I got to That One Image. You know the one that totally owns you on a site and you can only keyboard mash in love? Yeah. Seien and Shuuei carrying their sleeping little brothers and looking sheepish about it and I was all, ";flkjasdlf;jka, I LOVE YOU, SAIUNKOKU." at that. ♥ ....the irritated!Reishin covering sleeping kidlet!Kouyuu with a blanket as he was slumped over a pile of books may have owned me a little, too. Holy crap, I love this site so much. ♥_♥ (Some het for FFVII, mostly Reno/Elena and a smidge of Cloud/Tifa, but a lot of gen. Death Note gen. Some het implications for Saiunkoku, some cast/OFC, a lot of gen.)

- Final Fantasy III/Final Fantasy IV/Final Fantasy VII/Final Fantasy XII - Gratitude [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This artist's style isn't going to be for everyone, it's very cutesy and the colors are really bright, but I'm often fine with that as long as the artist has a certain charm to the art that draws me in. And what this artist did was put a surprising amount of detail into her work, so Rydia's hair looks fantastic or Desch looks really good in the close up or the Ingus/Sara illustration is surprisingly adorable or what have you. And yeah the style is the big chest with the big head and little body, especially with Rydia, but I was so charmed by the watercolor style that I didn't care. The FFVII stuff actually looks way more stylized than anything, but I'm fine with that sometimes, too. And while each section may not have a ton of art (except FFVII XD), there was enough for me to justify it for each of these series. And while the site is mostly Cloud/Aerith, there was one Zack/Aerith photograph-style illustration that just totally made me coo, especially since Aerith's hair wasn't about to eat her head in that one. The FFXII art is less tightened up than the FFIII of FFIV art, it's about the same level as FFVII, but--! Basch/Ashe fanart--! So rare! And some of them are genuinely adorable! ♥ (No real warnings/pairings themes for FFIII. Some Edge/Rydia, some gen for FFIV. Some Cloud/Aerith, some gen for FFVII. Some Basch/Ashe, some Vaan/Penelo, some other for FFXII.)

- Final Fantasy VII - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I've seen this artist's doujinshi before and I love that it's all about Tifa and Aerith and genuinely about them and not just fodder for guys, but obviously a lot of these two together. It's often just barely shoujo ai, it could almost be gen, but not quite, I wouldn't say. And it's such cute stuff! They're so adorable and sweet and soft together, they're so happy and smiling brightly and the site also has the most addicting flash game ever. I've seen the ball games a lot in my time and they're always interesting to play (where you have to keep the ball in the air to "erase" pieces of the picture underneath) but this one had sound effects and extra bonuses and a;lsdfkjaslkj *played so hard*. There's also a couple of images of Utena!Tifa/Aerith. I would have loved it just for that. ♥ (Tifa/Aerith.)

- Final Fantasy VII - [ Chinese Fanart Site ] - I feel like I've been here before. I'm sort of starting to feel that way about a lof of FF sites and maybe that's just a byproduct of having seen so much art for them in the past week or so, maybe I'm just finally hitting them when they have enough art to justify the rec, maybe I'm just in the right mood today. Who knows. But this site kind of slowly won me over, it's not necessarily traditionally pretty, there's a very harsh edge to Sephiroth here (which is what makes me think I've been here before), but well. There's a nicely done Sephiroth/Cloud illustration--that's not really a pairing, just that they're kind of really in each other's faces--and a bunch of Sephiroth/Zack/Cloud art and some fun holiday-based stuff and eventually I just. Kinda really liked the site. Also, the oekaki art was super pretty at times. *__* Also also also. Sephiroth/Cloud DOLL MAKEOUTS. God, I love it when fandom does that. (Some Sephiroth pairings like Sephiroth/Rufus or Sephiroth/Cloud, but it's mostly a gen site.)

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