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- Final Fantasy 7 - 7th Gate [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Good lord, this site sent me into orbit without in love I was with the art. Both Sephiroth and Cloud are gorgeous on their own, she has this lovely way with their hair or the softer looking lines or these gorgeous details to their clothes, but it's when she draws Sephiroth x Cloud that I go into overdrive. She has this quality to the way she draws Cloud lounging across Sephiroth's hip or leaning up to kiss him or the gorgeous, amazingly hot posessive look on Sephiroth's face as he pulls Cloud back towards him or, man, man, half-naked!Cloud in Sephiroth's lap in their AC designs and I think I just about purred with happiness over that. Or Sephiroth picking KH!Cloud up and tossing him over his shoulder or--*is shot* But it also helps that the colors are these lovely brighter shades that actually work with the FF7 characters, that actually work really well with the artist's basic line art. There are then some adorable comics of all the characters, including the FF7 girls, there's this amazingly beautiful SxC kiss as Cloud holds Sephiroth down onto him or pantless!Cloud on Sephiroth's lap again or one-winged!Sephiroth or a million other illustrations that I want to squee gleefully about. Now, Vincent is actually a strong presence on the site, but I have to admit, it was the SxC stuff that really caught my attention. ♥ ♥ ♥ (Sephiroth/Cloud, with some Sephiroth/Vincent, Vicent/Cloud, Sephiroth/Vincent/Cloud.)

- Final Fantasy 7/One Piece - Honura [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - *vibrates with happiness* I had so much fun with this site, really. There were a lot of cute illustrations, but I have to admit that it wasn't until I got to the soft, b&w one of Sephiroth and Cloud in the snow where Cloud's got a lock of Sephiroth's hair in his hand as he trails behind, it's so wibble-inducing cute! And then, not long after that, the site hit me with this gorgeous illustration of Aerith and Tifa in formal dresses (with little chibi Cloud and Sephiroth in their hands!) that made me sparkle like crazy. The artist does a really good variety of stuff, sometimes you'll find Sephiroth/Zack/Cloud, sometimes you'll find the FF7 women (Aerith, Tifa, and Yuffie in leather? Nice. :9) or sometimes there'll be these amazingly cute kiddie!Cloud with Sephiroth illustrations that just warm my heart. And, god, posessive!Sephiroth holding Cloud close while a chocobo stomps on a prone Zack? Priceless. And there's even Kingdom Hearts art!, any time Sephiroth bodily picks up Cloud to rush off with him (ostensibly to get him out of danger), I squeed. So much fun to be found here. ♥ And I wasn't originally going to include this in the One Piece section, since it's really more of an FF7 site, but the group illustration that was just somehow so One Piece, I caved. There's only a handful of illustrations, but the site just nails what makes me love the One Piece art, the soft edges that can occasionally be found in the art that makes it so pretty in its own way. And, god, the one of them as kids interspersed with them as adults? Brilliant. Totally worth the site alone. (Hints of a lot of the popular pairings, Sephiroth/Cloud, maybe a little Vincent/Cloud or Zack/Cloud; no One Piece pairings.)

- Final Fantasy 7 - Horizon Blue [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Again, it was the SephirothxCloud fanart that really won me over with a site, because it manages to hit that button that I have with them, especially the one of Cloud leaning back onto Sephiroth and looking up at him with this expression that's just so wibbly. Or Cloud and Sephiroth in front of a big, huge picturesque window and it just looks so, so beautiful. Or the dark blue shades used in the one of Sephiroth kissing Cloud's forehead (?) in a darkened room (probably at ShinRa?) or, god, the garden one that just made me squee so hard. The artist really knows how to make her style work for her, the almost painting-like textures with the backgrounds or, hell, that one really awesome one of Yuffie jumping away from a explosion or the adorable ones of Aerith and determined!dirty!kiddie!Cloud also owned me so hard. Or! Or! Officer!Cloud on watch while Zack flops on the ground next to him and smokes in the laziest position possible! XDDDD Or Zack giving Sephiroth a chocobo keychain that reminds him of Cloud, which is the greatest thing ever. Yeah, I ♥ this site. (Some Sephiroth/Cloud, but worth going for the gen, too.)

- Final Fantasy 7 - Onsoku-Onomatope [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - *squees* Two things--one, there is a lot of fanart on this site, of all the characters and major pairings, so I got a nice, satisfying feel from it. Two, it has some of the best illustrations of Cloud as a chocobo and putting him into amusing situations (it's not a theme so much as it's remarked on a few times) and I cackled with glee every damn time. But it's also that there are some utterly lovely illustrations, some absolutely adorable chibi Sephiroth illustrations or... well, there's Sephirtoh helping Cloud to style his hair, there's Rufus and the Turks playing the boardgame Life that just wins all, there's soft, sweet Aerith illustrations, there's kick-ass incredibly detailed Vincent illustrations, there's Sephritoh and Cloud chibis, there's Sephritoh all feathered up from the end, there's a handful of neat Zack illustrations, and so on. You sort of start to see what I mean about it being one of those varied, fun sites that I enjoyed so much. ♥ (Maybe a little Sephiroth/Cloud, but more gen than anything.)

- Final Fantasy 7 - NightFlight [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Have I never rec'd this site before? It seems like I would have. Because it's got some of my absolute favorite fanart on it and the artist's style is just stunningly gorgeous the more and more she draws. As I write this rec, her top illustration is one of SOLDIER-era Cloud in Sephiroth's arms that just... it floored me with how much I loved the pairing and helped put me back in the mood for these two again. But it's more than just that she hits my buttons, her current work is full of these amazing details, the characters' hair is just incredible for all the richness of it, and there's this one of Sephiroth and Cloud rounding the corner of a building with guns in their hands and wearing suits that's just... fantastic. And just... there's one called "memory" that's of AC!Cloud with a black, feathered wing covering part of his face that's one of the most gorgeous Cloud illustrations I've ever seen. The highlights of his hair, the details of the wing, the lines of his face, the sharp blue that stands out... it's all incredible. One of my favorite sites, I wish I could describe it better. ♥ (Sephiroth/Cloud.)

- Final Fantasy VII - Hourin [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I started with looking for BC fanart and somehow I wound up back on regular FFVII fanart, of a Zack/Cloud site, surprisingly enough. But, well. I love Zack and I love Cloud, so I happily dove in. I hadn't planned on rec'ing the site at first, because the artist is often shakey and the style/feel of the art wasn't enough to overcome that... until I hit the fantasy pirate AU section. Oh, my god, that was just hilariously fun because the artist had a really great concept for it and drew chibi Nanaki that was OH MY GOD SO FRICKIN' CUTE. Plus, any time a site has pirate!Zack and pirate!Reno and nervous!cabin boy!Cloud? So awesome. ♥ The artist definitely has a lot of potential, though, and some of her more recent work shows much improvement and I do really sort of like the jewel tones to her coloring. The artist does a lot of AU-style stuff and actually makes me like it, because there's a sense of world-building to her images. Combined with some of the cutest images and the whole shiny colors thing and the Zack-love I have going, I think it's a site worth taking a look around. (Zack/Cloud, a handful of Sephiroth/Cloud illustrations implied.)

- Final Fantasy VII/LOVELESS - Parasitism [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This is one of those sites where I was won over by the whole of the site rather than by each individual illustration... well, that and there was a really pretty Zack/Aerith illustration and god knows I go, "....!!!" over those. ♥ But it's also that there's a nice variety of art and different concepts/styles from the artist, while maintaining a certain softness to the colors throughout everything. And any site that has Sephiroth and Cloud almost leaning against each other out in the snow will almost have to get a thumbs up from me, of course. The artist does really well with Sephiroth's character, though, there are several pieces where he's in mid-pose with his sword or half lying in a pool of water or sprouting the one wing on his back and the artist makes them all look really cool or, omg, the gorgeous one of DC!Vincent with all those amazing blacks and reds or the beautiful Cloud illustrations or what feels like a million others. Sadly, there's not as much LOVELESS fanart here, but what is on the site is just lovely (there's one of Ritsuka with green hair that's utterly gorgeous) and some of the best stuff I've seen in that fandom. I really, really do like this site. (Mostly gen, maybe a little Sephiroth/Cloud.)

- Final Fantasy VII/Togainu no Chi - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I was pretty well immediately won over by the chibi Shiki/Akira illustrations, both because I genuine like the clean CG style the artist uses (the almost liquid sort of coloring that I favor) and because the pairing is growing on me. The artist really is talented, I really do like her style, but... yeah, okay, the chibis so make it tons better, how can you resist cute little puppy!Akira with his cute little tail wagging? You just can't. XD And then there's the Final Fantasy art. *__* Which has the same pretty CG style, but now applied to Sephiroth/Cloud and the very first image I saw? KH!Cloud biting the tip of KH!Sephiroth's finger while he leaned in close. asdlkfjalsdkfjalsdjf, way to hit me where I live. ♥ AND THEN THE CHIBIS, GOD. And Cloud in a winter coat with fur trim and wolf/fox/whatever ears and asdlfjkasldfkja it's like the artist is trying to destroy me with the cute. Non-fans might not be as hyped up about the site as I am, but it is a nice site with some really pretty art regardless. (Several/Akira, Sephiroth/Cloud, a bit of gen... sort of.)

- Final Fantasy VII - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - aalsdjfalsdjf, god, this site is killing me with the cute. It's like every page I go through, every new chibi illustration I see, it causes me to flail just a little bit harder, to spaz at the cute just a little bit more. It's the kind where I would go through two pages of gallery art, maybe six or so on each page and I would practically have to stop and take a breather because I couldn't take any more cute, it was painful with how many XDDDDD!!!! faces I was making. The artist... she's fantastic at using the slim, clean lines and bright, clean colors to make her chibis look adorable... but it's more than that the colors kinda glow, it's that her poses/concepts are adorable to the max. Sephiroth and Cloud in a kiddie swimming pool. Sephiroth and Cloud holding hands while walking through the streets. Sephiroth picking Cloud up and dashing through the city with him. Sephiroth and Cloud dressed in normal winter clothes and carrying New Year's decortations and holding hands. I am spazzing from the cute all over again. And, um. I think I broke something spazzing over the cute image of Zack and Aerith spinning around and holding hands and going XD because it was the cutest thing in the world. I just. Man. FFVII owns me so hard right now. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ (Sephiroth/Cloud.)

- Final Fantasy VII - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - The very first illustration I saw on this site was one of little bride!Cloud with the most homicidal, murderous look on his face that I'd ever seen. It was actually cute and kinda nicely drawn, but it was the absolutely enraged look on his face that sent me into fits of love and laughter. The next image I saw was of Cloud sleeping in Zack's lap and Sephiroth threatening him with a sharp, pointy broken beer bottle, a dark look on his face and Zack's hands in the air and squeezing his eyes shut. asdlkfjasldfjalsd, SxC love. And I expect that it's a site that will appeal mostly to those who are already fans of the pairing, but for me... the soft, golden, warm colors, the light, airy lines, the intimacy/connection between Sephiroth and Cloud... that is why I go looking for fanart. It might have elements of crack in it, but it's the kind that makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. And then there was the kissing and Cloud's hair was as bright as the sun and Sephiroth's hair shone brilliant silver and I just... I'm a silly fangirl for them and this site hit me hard. ♥ Especially ANY TIME Zack shows up. ♥ ♥ ♥ Oh, and the worst case of bedhead EVER illustration? Awesome. (Sephiroth/Cloud.)

- Prince of Tennis/Final Fantasy VII - Lucky Wakame [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I feel like I've been to this site before or that I've recommended it before, but I can't check my list of links and it's sitting right in front of me.... Again, apparently, I'm going for a Random Ryoma Pairings post today, so I stumbled over some Ryoga/Ryoma fanart, which is a secret fondness of mine. I admit, I felt free to skip over a lot of the images on this site, but there were a lot I saved, too. The artist is pretty good at the cel-style illustrations she does... but mostly I loved the site for the retarded Echizen family antics. Burying Ryoga and Nanjiroh in the sand or drawing them with the Final Fantasy VII or even stuff where Ryoga and Ryoma are sleeping on each other in a heap on the floor. Also. Um. The Ryoga vs Karupin FIGHT-O! comic may have been a thing of genius. ♥

Now. As for the FFVII fanart... I originally didn't expect too much, despite the four-panel comic of Cloud sleeping on Sephiroth's hair that was great. Then I hit the comic from AC where Sephiroth first appears and Cloud GLOMPS him instead and I positively squee'd at the cute. Then there were more cute comics. Then there was a hot Sephiroth defending an unconscious Cloud, his silver hair swirling dramatically around him, his body frame all power and danger and lethal and I went, "adslfkjalsdfj;alsdjfasd, Y HALO THAR" in net-speak in my mind, that's how retardedly happy this site made me. ....also, lingerie!Cloud may have made me kind of really happy. (Ryoga/Ryoma, Sephiroth/Cloud.)

- Final Fantasy VII - ZERO [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Have I recommended this site before? I don't think so, I thought I would have remembered it? Yet it seems vaguely familiar. So if I'm double recommending... enh. That happens sometimes. XD Anyway. This artist started out a little shakey but cute, so I skipped ahead to her more recent stuff to start working my way backwards. And, man, you can see the tremendous difference in her talent, she's gotten really good by now; she's had nice detail since the beginning, but her colors are more vivid and clear now and she's strengthening her lines/proportions to something prettier. I definitely want to see more of her work, especially since she hits that schmoopy Sephiroth/Cloud dynamic I have such weakness for. It's not a perfect site and probably won't appeal to those who aren't fans, but for someone like me... it was definitely worth hitting up for my fix. There are some really lovely single-character illustrations, Sephiroth in shadows with those green, green eyes of his, Cloud in sunlight with that bright blonde hair and crystal blue eyes, Cloud in his AC clothes, any time either of them are shirtless or half-dressed.... *_* (Sephiroth/Cloud.)

- Final Fantasy VII - Holy Symbol [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I actually came here for the Dirge of Cerberus fanart (since there's apparently a j-fan following for it, wtf) but wound up staying for the small handful of Sephiroth/Cloud fanart and the occasional FFVII character art that was adorable. Like the chibis of the triplets from AC or a really sweet Zack illustration. There's not a ton of art here and it's split between the original characters and the DC characters, but... it was one of those sites where the artist is quietly talented and it was a 'sleeper hit' site that I found I'd enjoyed a lot more than I expected, especially when the artist concentrated and drew something really nice. A good site for if you're interested in the whole of the FFVII world, rather than just the original game. Plus, cute chibi triplets art! How could anyone resist? (Occasional hints of pairings like Sephiroth/Cloud or Weiss/Nero, but it's mostly a gen site.)

- Final Fantasy VII - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Whenever I find a new FFVII site I really, really love, my first instinct is to assume that I've already been to the site, whether I recognize the layout, style, or illustrations themselves. And this URL looks vaguely familiar. So I'm probably double recommending. Oh, well, is what I say because I got through about two links in the gallery before I hit some recent sketches and problem fell in love like whoa. Hot Sephiroth, hot Cloud, hot Lucrecia, pretty Tifa, more hot Sephiroth even when he's being insane and beautiful Zack/Aerith that made me about melt out of my chair at how pretty it was. Her smile, her wavy gorgeous hair, the flowers tucked into her hair, the pretty clothes, the blush on Zack's face... asldfkjasl;dfjasl;djf, worth the whole site right there. Not that the Sephiroth/Cloud wasn't appreciated anyway, because it totally was. There were some gorgeous images on the site, including one of them huddling together in the rain, one of the Cloud tackle-glomping Sephiroth, even ones of them in more modern-style clothing that should have been weird but was instead really pretty. And I'm fairly certain I've seen this site before because I squee'd over the Zack/Aerith, but without being able to check to make sure.... (Sephiroth/Cloud, a hint of Zack/Aerith, and a lot of gen.)

- Kingdom Hearts - KH Doujin [ English Fan Art Site ] - [ page 01 - page 02 - page 03 - page 04 - page 05 - page 06 - page 07 - page 08 - page 09 - page 10 - page 11 - page 12 ] I debated on how to rec this, since it was 12 pages long, so it didn't really fit with the artbits&sketches section. But it wasn't quite a proper fanart site, either. Still, this was the closer of two options. ....also, I really just sort of wanted to rec it properly since it was SxC. (Shut up.) This doujinshi caught my attention for the way the characters looked absolutely gorgeous in the later pages of it; Sephiroth and Cloud have all these incredible lines and details to them. Sure, the plot is pretty silly/fluffy, it's a cute gag shounen ai doujin, but the panels are detailed and the layout is wonderful and it's all really professional looking. The feathers of Sephiroth's wing are beautiful, Cloud's emo!wing popping out when he's grouching at Sora is adorable/funny, the expression on Sora's face as they accidentally bump into each other and are forced to kiss is great, the kiss itself is more gorgeousness, and it's just... it was a really kickass little project. ♥ (Sephiroth/Cloud... sort of. It's more gag than serious.)

- Final Fantasy VII - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I actually originally came here for potential FFXII fanart, but wound up wandering around a bit to find the FFVII art stashed away in the main gallery and promptly squeed because it's a SxC-friendly that I don't think I've seen before. I have a great, great weakness towards pre-game FFVII art with Cloud looking young and Sephiroth being sort of sane and I know it can get a little shota-ish for some people, but mostly I just look past that and look at the pretty art. Plus, omg, the illustration of Cloud riding on flying!Sephiroth's back while Zack rides a giant flying eyeball in some sort of batshit... something... is AWESOME and totally worth the site right there. Toss in a couple of super-hot Sephiroth or Zack illustrations and you've got a site that I totally give a thumbs up to. ♥ (Some Sephiroth/Cloud, some gen.)

- Final Fantasy VII - Sketch Book Show [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I feel like I've seen this site before, that I've seen these illustrations before, with half of them. But it's not on my list at all and I was pretty thorough about finding most of the Sephiroth/Cloud sites I could. Well, either way, this site would be worth a re-rec, since it does some really pretty things with the characters (even some makeouts!), the lines are those soft, flowing, almost airy sketch-like details that I'm weak to, then the coloring is soft and pretty and every time I go back across that one of Sephiroth and Cloud sleeping in the same bed? I'm total goo all over again. Normally, I like something more intense and darker (which this site also provides *__*b), but pre-game stuff? I'll take fluff once in awhile, especially when it's beautifully drawn. Also, there are fan-comics! That are really well-drawn and fun to go through! *__*b (Sephiroth/Cloud.)

- Harry Potter/Shin Seiki Evangelion/Final Fantasy VII - Hinakick Web [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - How did I miss this site before? I suppose I don't really go looking for Harry Potter fanart that often (and when I do, it's usually of the Sirius/Remus variety), but I was link hopping today and came across this link, with the gorgeous art here. It's really stunning with absolutely everything--gorgeous colors, gorgeous details, gorgeous lines, gorgeous poses/concepts for each image, some of them are the kind you just want to sit and stare at for a full five minutes because you want to catch everything. The Eva art isn't as frequent, but it's some beautiful Kaworu (and Shinji) pieces and I really had to rec it for those. Then there's the FFVII stuff with the beautiful Sephiroth/Cloud and like that didn't totally make my day. ♥ I was already here for the other series and really enjoying them, but then gorgeous SxC art, too? Yes plz. Sephiroth especially looks amazing. *__* This is the kind of site where I had to fight not to rec each series separately because they each deserved it. Amazing stuff here. (Tom Riddle/Harry for HP, some Kaworu/Shinji for Eva, some Sephiroth/Cloud for FFVII. Not entirely SFW.)

- Final Fantasy VII/Final Fantasy Dissidia - Guernica [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I'm putting the VII and Dissidia rec together with this one since it's not a huge site (though, it is decent sized!) and because the two sort of overlap a lot. I came to this site originally for the Dissidia art and felt like I'd seen some of the VII art before, but it wasn't on my list of recs as far as I could see. So, well, it may be a re-rec, but either way! The art starts out a little shakey, but the artist improves like crazy over time, to the point that her current Dissidia art, especially the one with all the villains drinking together, is amazing. Her Sephiroth/Cloud art is very nice as well, the one of Sephiroth sitting next to Cloud in a ShinRa uniform is especially pretty. *__* Plus, if you hunt around, there's an under gallery! And I seriously want more of her Dissidia art! *___* A great way to cap off my FF fanart trawling tonight. ♥ Oh, and the memo board is kind of seriously A+ too! (Some Sephiroth/Cloud, but it's largely a gen site.)

- Final Fantasy VII - [ Chinese Fanart Site ] - I feel like I've been here before. I'm sort of starting to feel that way about a lof of FF sites and maybe that's just a byproduct of having seen so much art for them in the past week or so, maybe I'm just finally hitting them when they have enough art to justify the rec, maybe I'm just in the right mood today. Who knows. But this site kind of slowly won me over, it's not necessarily traditionally pretty, there's a very harsh edge to Sephiroth here (which is what makes me think I've been here before), but well. There's a nicely done Sephiroth/Cloud illustration--that's not really a pairing, just that they're kind of really in each other's faces--and a bunch of Sephiroth/Zack/Cloud art and some fun holiday-based stuff and eventually I just. Kinda really liked the site. Also, the oekaki art was super pretty at times. *__* Also also also. Sephiroth/Cloud DOLL MAKEOUTS. God, I love it when fandom does that. (Some Sephiroth pairings like Sephiroth/Rufus or Sephiroth/Cloud, but it's mostly a gen site.)

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