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- Final Fantasy VII - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I don't even remember how I got here, it may have been in a fanart spree or maybe Noel pointed me towards it, but I sort of grew rather fond of the site. I think it may have been the illustration of Sephiroth in traditional clothing or maybe the of Zack with a baby chocobo being all cute with him and Zack's o_O expression is just grand. Or, no, I know! It was that the site totally fed my growing fondness for Sephiroth/Zack interaction, the one of them standing back to back with Sephiroth's hair blowing across Zack as well just... *happy sigh* The artist is very solid in her work, the colors are solid without being too block, the style is clean without being simple, there's a good selection of various characters and there were even a couple that just really floored me. And, zomg, Zack. I totally love Zack as much as ever after this site. ♥ Oh, oh, and! The artist has some of the prettiest art I've seen for the FF7-35 themes I've yet to see. (A little Sephiroth/Zack, maybe a little other implied, but there's also a lot of gen.)

- Final Fantasy VII/Eyeshield 21 - ppp [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I only had to get about three illustrations into this site before I knew I was going to adore it, because the artist did really nice art... but more than that, she did Zack and Sephiroth and Cloud and the SOLDIER-era stuff frequently. I have had extra strong cravings for that lately, so this site came along at just the right time, to the point that it was a struggle not to click through the gallery too fast. Each time I would click onto the next image, I just kept wanting more more more, there's totally a certain charm to the artist's work. The lighter, sketchier tone to the images works for the artist, but she's also really consistent and there's a strong base talent to all the drawings here--which is a tough thing to describe, hence my vague words here. But that's the draw to her art, there's a certain quality to it that's just good, that makes you recognize the characters, that makes them attractive, that makes the art lovely to look at. And, man, is there a lot of it and did I ever click ferverntly through it because it was so pretty and so addicting. Hell, the ES21 fanart was just as much fun to go through, something about the style just nails the sense of the series itself. There's not as much as in the FFVII section, but... the whole site is just... ♥ ♥ ♥ (Maybe a little Sephiroth/Zack, Tseng/Rufus, but a lot of it could be gen, too.)

- Final Fantasy VII - oeste [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I continue to have this thing for Sephiroth/Zack, so when the top illustration of the site is this beautiful one of the two of them lounging around, both looking so tall and gorgeous, well... I kinda knew I was going to be falling for this site. And boy did I. *__* The reason this site hits me so hard is because it's exactly in my wheelhouse for these two characters, they're both tall, broad-shouldered but not hulking giants, they've got hair all over the place, they're beautiful while still being utterly masculine, they're my very favorite style for both characters. There are some illustrations that I can just sit, stare, and drool over for what feels like ten minutes because the artist draws these perfect lines, there's such a fine level of detail to the points of their hair or eyes, there's graceful lines for the collarbones, the lines of their faces are just perfect and I'm running out of ways to say "perfect", honestly. Maybe it won't hit others as hard, I doubt others still stare at Sephiroth's hands because they're so large, but not ham-fisted, I doubt others will stare at their hair because it falls in the perfect layers or sticks up in the perfect places... but for me, yeah, I was all over this site. (Sephiroth/Zack, maybe a little Zack/Cloud, Sephiroth/Zack/Cloud.)

- Final Fantasy VII - usagi no mimi [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I fell for this site pretty hard because I am also a sucker for Sephiroth/Zack fanart sites lately. I think part of it is that they're two of my favorite characters, but part of it is also because, dammit, Zack would have been so good for Sephiroth, who needed someone a little chaotic and human in his life. I think this site managed to feed into that a little and I'm just so deliriously in love with the way the artist can draw Sephiroth's hair, the way it just seems to shimmer in certain illustrations. There's one of him with an unbuttoned white shirt on and his hair is practically glowing and his eyes are just so incredibly green and that is exactly what I want when I go hunting for j-fanart, this site is what hits my buttons for this fandom. The art isn't perfect, there are some things that are a little off, but I just get so caught up in the characters' hair and eyes and the beautiful poses that I just don't care. It hits my buttons and that's worth far, far more to me. ♥ Plus, omg, there is a lot of art here, which made it a joy to go through the artist's gallery and the gift gallery, too. (Some Sephiroth/Zack, a little Zack/Aerith, Zack/Cloud, some gen, too.)

- Final Fantasy VII - SACRED [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I actually came here for the Tales fanart, but got sidetracked by the FFVII art, which I wasn't originally going to click through everything, but then there was really cute Sephiroth/Zack art, which I have a weakness for... and then it was sort of all downhill from there. (And I may have recommended this site, like, twice before, but I can't find it in my links, so it's going up again.) There's so little Sephiroth/Zack fanart, much less art I find genuinely cute that this site was kind of a real treasure, the artist has this really light, almost airy, cute style that just... makes me happy somehow? She's also got a bunch of chibi comics with kitty/wolf ears that are SO ADORABLE that I kind of had to be won over. (Some Sephiroth/Zack maybe, some gen.)

- Final Fantasy VII - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - It took a little while to get me to warm up to this site and the artist's style, but the Sephiroth/Cloud fanart definitely helped ease that along. But it's also that, the further I got into the site, the more I started to genuinely appreciate the artist's style. It's a little messy, but when going through the pages of oekaki art, I think it really worked for her in the b&w stuff, there's a certain intensity to it that works well with the ideas she's using and these characters. Also, her Zack is totally hot. ♥ There are even a bunch of really fun comics and a really decent selection of art to go through, which just makes me want to go looking for FFVII art again all over. *__* (Sephiroth/Cloud, Zack/Cloud.)

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