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- Final Fantasy VII - The Way To Babylon by Thorne Scratch - After all the Sephiroth/Cloud fic I've been reading lately, I've also been wanting to read a little Cloud/Tifa interaction, even if it's not really romantic. This story was sort of perfect for that because it hit exactly how I see them so much of the time, there's something painful in just looking and Cloud and Tifa is such a gorgeous character to feel for him, to love her friend, to wish she could help, but not pushing too hard. I love this fic because I could feel it, physically and emotionally, I could just see them both at the train station, could just see that distant look on Cloud's face, the hitch in Tifa's chest as she tries to keep him from drifting away, tries to always find him again, and it's gorgeously written because it makes me hurt for the characters all over again. (A little one-sided Cloud/Tifa, but it could be gen, too.)

- Final Fantasy VII - Dream Angel by phedre_verreuil - I a dink if I admit to liking this because I like the Cloud/Tifa pairing and I like the imagery the fic presented? Despite my biases, there's something that's really sort of soft and lovely about this fic, about the idea of Cloud and Tifa having something of a happier, more stable relationship and actually doing stuff. It doesn't have to be full-out sex in a fic all the time, sometimes it's nice just to have a hand tracing the contours of a body, to feel his hand on her, to feel the tiredness in her limbs and warmth in her body as she curls back into the blankets because she's still a little too tired. That's what won me over with this fic, I think, that I could feel how sleepy she was, that the imagery worked, since that's all the fic was about. ....maybe it helps that I'm sleepy, too. XD Regardless, I kinda liked this one. <3 (Cloud/Tifa.)

- Final Fantasy VII - reverse psychology by volly - There are a couple of reasons I wanted to rec this--aside from that it hits that button I have for Zack love, because he's just so... awww, Zack! The dialogue is good, the writing is solid, and Cloud's characterization is actually rather refreshing, he's still a grunt, he's a bit of a brat, but he's not acting like he's a shy twelve-year-old with no spine around the big boys. But he's not perfect or super-special, either, there's a good balance. There's a real sparkle to the interaction with Zack as well and the use of the theme was one of the better ones I've seen recently and I promptly burst out laughing at the end of the fic. That was what completely won me over. ♥ (No real warnings/pairings. You could probably read Cloud/Tifa or Zack/Cloud into the fic if you wanted, but it's closer to gen.)

- Final Fantasy VII - Between Life and Love by Lilac Summers - headiscavingin pointed this fic out to me and I'm so, so glad to have read it because this really helped foster my Cloud/Tifa fondness, especially with regards to how much I adore Tifa's character. She's not perfect, she's a little more real, faintly jealous of Aerith and how perfect she can seem, but without it being in a bashing sort of way. I like Aerith and I vibed with the way Tifa looked at her here, the way Tifa looked at Cloud looking at her, it felt right to me, it really nailed the in-game feel for what I know of it so far. At the same time, the ending left me feeling all warm and fuzzy because, awww, Cloud and Tifa do have a lovely relationship and I'm glad it wasn't ouchy or painful. It was... just right. Plus, wow, the writing was just lovely and made the premise work even better. ♥ (Some Cloud/Tifa hints.)

- Final Fantasy VII - Another Round by Sister Coyote - I only stumbled over this one randomly, I was clicking links on ff_press and seeing if any of the Cloud/Tifa ones caught my attention and somehow this one jumped out at me right away. There's a quiet peacefulness to the Tifa POV here, the way it's low-key and almost but not quite laid back, the way it's simple even when nothing's really simple even after AC, the way the author is really, really great with the understated tone to the fic, all of it is lovely. It's such a simple thing, Tifa tending to the bar, watching people come and go, thinking about who's there, who's not there, who will be there, there's a sense of... not quite family, but whatever it is that that cast of characters has, especially viewed through Tifa's eyes. Lovely. Oh, and I may or may not have melted into a giant puddle of goo over the way Cloud/Tifa was written here. Shut up. (Cloud/Tifa.)

- Final Fantasy VII - Toward Home by Laylah - So, I have a thing for Cloud/Tifa, it's just that it's so very rarely well-written. I posted a rec the other day and headiscavingin commented with this fic as a rec back and I was definitely curious enough to go read. And this is what I want for Cloud/Tifa post-AC, the sense of... sometimes it's not easy, but Cloud's learning to be a little bit normal again, to be so very human again, they're both learning how to make things easier between them. Not perfect, but it's warm and it's better. Plus, there's bikesex on Fenrir and the image is just so insanely hot that it was actually satisfying for the sex as well. Very pretty and just so very... Cloud/Tifa as they should be written. (Cloud/Tifa, NC-17-ish territory.)

- Final Fantasy VII - How It Goes by savage_midnight - What I wound up liking most about this fic--setting aside the whole aspect of Cloud/Tifa fic I liked that has porn in it omg yay--is that it felt very much like it fit together with Advent Children, the style of the movie that's somehow different from the game (or what I know of it) that I can't quite articulate. I'm sure a lot of this comes from, as the author admits, that she's more familiar with the movie, but it's something I really wound up liking, it makes the post-AC setting work that much better. And it's... there's a lot of sadness here, but a lot of hope, a lot of having put many demons to rest. Not all of them, there's still traces of being haunted to Cloud, but something's been put right again and the way Tifa looks at him... this is the kind of Cloud/Tifa fic I really enjoy, the kind I wanted after having watched the movie. They're my bittersweet but happy/functional pairing love. ♥ (Cloud/Tifa, some R-ish level content.)

- Final Fantasy VII - High-Tech Equipment by geekerypokery - So, I was journalhopping and stumbled over this link and, oh, hey, Cloud/Tifa on a porn meme. I was all over that. It's not actually porn, it's more of an implication of porn, but that's all right, I like Cloud/Tifa however. And this was fun, despite that it was a shortfic, there was something they were actually doing and Tifa was just so delightful and full of life, there were so many fun little details throughout the fic, and then the ending was hilarious, with Reeve being a total cheerful wet blanket and I may have lol'd a lot., this is a terrible rec, but the fic is cute, go read it. (Cloud/Tifa.)

- Final Fantasy VII - Scratch by yuna_lockhart - Every so often I click on links from ff_press (♥) because the pairing is one that I like and I'll find quiet little gems like these. What really impressed me about the author's writing, aside from that it's lovely and clean and easy to read, is that she didn't go for hitting the readers over the head, she resist the urge to tell the readers every little thing, which is not easy with a character like Cloud, he's so hard to grasp right, I think. But this one struck me as being really well-written for both of them and I love that it's a story about Tifa's guilt and emo, rather than the other way around, and I love that there's something positive underneath all of this, but it's still a harsh, painful life they both live after everything that's happened. ♥ (Cloud/Tifa.)

Final Fantasy VII/Kingdom Hearts: A Winding Path by demeter918 - I wasn't really sure whether to put this in either the FFVII or KH catagory, since it takes place in the KH world, which is an AU of the FF games, of course, but this blended a lot more of the FFVII (the original game and AC) into it, so... well, both. And this really was a lovely fic, it dealt with the theory that Tifa was Cloud's light, it got into the heartache of Cloud's entire character and yet it was sweet and generally positive. Bittersweet, but as good an ending as their story can have. I really adored this Tifa, she's gentle and strong at the same time, she pokes and teases Cloud when he needs it, she's no-nonsense when he needs that, too. You can tell what a fighter she is in this fic and I really liked the way it wound around to make the world a little bit better for Cloud here. <3 (Cloud/Tifa, sort of.)

Final Fantasy VII: Battle Cries and Lessons Learned by windrider1 - Every so often I stop to read Cloud/Tifa fic and, well. I admit that I picked this one up because it's on springkink and I'm always curious to see if there's more well-written het porn out there, especially with a pairing like this one, and I'm glad that I still give things a chance sometimes, because this was really fantastic. It starts off harsh and painful, it's a fight and I loved the feel of tension and action here, but then it segues really well into sex and it works for these characters. Often times this is a sweet pairing, but there's a lot of painful things here, too, and this fic does a fantastic job at bringing them out for both of them. (Cloud/Tifa, NC-17.)

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