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- Final Fantasy VII - Phones by gelfling8604 - *melts into a pile of goo* I have been waiting for this fic to come along (which means I should probably get cracking on reading more FFVII fic), to hit the right notes with Rufus and Reno and the potential between them, between boss and underling who's alternately a headache waiting to happen and sex on legs. And the writing was just so... *happy sigh* so incredibly sharp and smooth to read and I had zero, zero problem picturing this in my head and, despite that you don't see much happening, just hear Reno, the fic still manages to be brain-meltingly sensual and hot. And, really, I cannot stress enough (or overuse the italics or run-on sentences) that this fic was just beautifully written. I can live a happy fangirl life now. XD (Rufus/Reno, semi-graphic content.)

- Final Fantasy VII - Switchback by sf - This is a different take on Rufus and Reno than I'm used to and, I have to admit, I'm not sure I entirely fall in line with it or can really believe it. Which is less of a sleight against the author than I mean it to be, because the writing is very sharp and I actually enjoyed it quite a lot. When I say it's an interesting take on the characters and their relationship, I don't mean it in that way that says I'm trying to be polite, I mean that it's actually interesting and I would definitely like to see more of her take. Not that there's really much more to say than what's here, which leaves the piece with a rather satisfying feel, despite no real happy ending. It's just... there's something in the way that Reno tests Rufus' patience, in the way Reno manages to get to Rufus, in the way someone like Rufus would set Reno into that kind of mode... it somehow fascinates me. Plus, I mentioned that the writing is very lovely, yes? (Rufus/Reno, one-sided Rufus/Tseng, implication of Rude/Reno, hovering around an R rating.)

- Final Fantasy VII - drabble requests by thewriter - I'm going to rec these properly because there are four of them and that makes up a decent-sized fic. Also, Cid/Vincent that's beautiful and sharp and intelligent and all things that that pairing usually isn't with the majority of the fandom. (Or so it seems for one who doesn't venture out that much.) There's a lovely quality to all of the author's writing, sharp lines and dialogue with a natural sort of flow, the kind of writing that's just good. But then it's backed up with charming little moments (Vincent's deadpan style with Cid or Reno being... well, Reno were some of my favorites) or absolutely, utterly hot Rufus/Reno. The kind where the author barely has to describe much of anything, where not that much actually happens, but it feels like it's such an incredibly complete, detailed ficlet somehow. Also, the description of Rufus' expression/eyes as he's furious with Reno and Reno's reaction... a thing of beauty. That and the Cid/Vincent ones are my favorites. *__* (Cid/Vincent, Rude/Reno, gen, and Rufus/Reno, respectively.)

- Final Fantasy VII - Res Judicata by sf - There's something about the way this fic is written. Something that reminds me of the game itself, the dystopia feel of it, the politics and jaded people and something underneath all the old, dirty metal or the crisp white of Rufus' suit or Reno's attitude. There's something about the imagery in this fic that makes me picture all those backgrounds and the surprisingly complex world they live in. While not that much has happened yet--aside from the events of BC happening in the background, which you might want to be at least vaguely familiar with if you read this fic--it's a story that has a building something between Reno and Rufus. And I am terribly intrigued by the way the author writes it here, the way each of them is more than the other expected, but neither are entirely surprised by it. And both of them are intelligent, both very clearly sharp and themselves, but without falling into charicature. I was really sort of charmed by the way Rufus took Reno out for a pizza buffet and made the whole thing quite a brilliant way of showing off both characters, making it something like a fight between them, one that wasn't really about winning or losing, it was just... what it was, I guess. I am definitely looking forward to more of this one. :D (Rufus/Reno.)

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