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- Final Fantasy VIII Doujinshi - Romance (scanslated) - part 1 + part 2 - [Note: yaoi_daily is a locked comm, but it's freely joinable.] This is a Crushers doujinshi, so I knew right away that I was going to love it and I wasn't disappointed. It's not a long doujin, it's only 12 pages or so, but it's got everything I want from a book--beautiful, beautiful art, a hilarious Seifer/Zell dyanmic, and a cute little story about the two of them at the ocean. While Seifer is more reflective than usual here (but I felt like it worked for the story), Zell is his usual, um, energetic self. There's not a lot of smut in this one, but it didn't need it, the handful of panels were more implying than anything, but that was plenty enough, the whole thing was just beautifully done and such a fun little treat for these two. ♥ (Seifer/Zell, not quite SFW, but not hardcore either.)

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