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- Final Fantasy VII/Final Fantasy VIII - FFWONDER [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Originally, I didn't intend to rec this site because I didn't think I really cared that much for the art, despite it being an interesting sort of style. But I kept clicking through the gallery because I wanted to see if the artist improved and somewhere along the line... a lot of it is that I hit the oekaki page first so I saw a bunch of really cute Squall/Rinoa little comics and the one where he kisses her and she practically passes out from it just totally got me. Which sort of exemplifies why I fell for this site, because it went after two of my het-shipping weaknesses with Cloud/Tifa and Squall/Rinoa and drew them in the types of poses where I was bound to coo over them. I mean, Cloud and Tifa waking up in bed together, half naked? Off-screen hands pushing Cloud and Tifa towards each other? The utter adorability of the Irvine/Selphie fanart? Squall and Rinoa naked together? Yeah, I pretty had to fall for the site. XD (Cloud/Tifa, Squall/Rinoa, some Irvine/Selphie.)

- Final Fantasy VIII - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This site is not going to appeal to everyone, probably especially not anyone who's not a Squall/Rinoa fan, because I suspect that's what got me to really like this site. The art is rather simple and straightforward, but it's consistent, it's clean and pretty, and the soft coloring is really rather nice. It's almost a slightly more... not realistic, not quite Miyazaki-esque, but somewhere in that general direction, an interesting sort of take on both Squall and Rinoa, which works largely because it's clearly the artist's style and she's not bypassing the detail necessary or the utter cuteness of stuff like Rinoa cooking or the cute clothes she wears or the look on Squall's face as he brushes his teeth. Overall, the site just made me feel warm and shippy, which is about all I ask. ^_~ (Squall/Rinoa.)

- Final Fantasy VIII - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I admit, not all of the illustrations on this site are to my usual liking, but... I'm weak to cute little chibi-esque illustrations, especially when the lines are crisp and clean and the chibis wind up looking so freaking cute. And, honestly, I like the flat illustrations from the site more than I like the more traditionally drawn ones, when the site has the nice, clean art, it's cute and worth the visit. I think part of my fondness for the site is also that I've been looking for Squall/Rinoa art and I'm still at that point where I crave the WAFFies and this site somehow manages to hit my shipping buttons just enough to make me like it. Take that as you will? Which is more of a backhanded compliment than I mean it to be, because there's some very worthwhile art on the site. :D (Squall/Rinoa.)

- Final Fantasy VIII - Pure Wing [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Noel pointed me towards this site for the sprites and I went ahead to comb through it a little more, because it really hit that squeeing spot with me as the art was just so damn cute. There are a lot of different styles in the gallery (I think they're from different people? I'm not sure.), with a variety of feels to them and I've always like that, it makes a site somehow more satisfying to me. But the real point of going to the site is the utterly cute sprites or the occasional insanely cute Christmas illustration with chibis or pretty much any time Rinoa has wings and looks like she's flying. Shut up, I have a fondness for that sort of thing, okay? XD Though, seriously, the big-headed-chibi art is totally worth going for, the sprites are even better, and there's actually an occasional genuinely pretty image to be found here and there. A surprisingly well-rounded site. :D (Squall/Rinoa.)

- Final Fantasy VIII - MAD [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Oh, man, I totally squee'd over this site. Squall! Rinoa! Squall/Rinoa! Pretty Squall/Rinoa! The site is really beautiful, the artist has these pretty, clean lines that totally make the characters and the art genuinely attractive and often times so disciplined and consistent that they're start to approach something like a professional quality. At least with the more recent ones, which means I'm going to be quite interested in seeing more of the artist's work. ♥ But it's also more than just that, the artist also manages to hit that shipping button that I've got, so Squall and Rinoa out in the snow or Squall wrapping arms around her or Squall sleeping in bed or, oh my god the squee-worthy-ness of Rinoa kissing Squall on the cheek and his priceless surprised expression...! Very worth going through even if you're not a fan of the pairing, the Squall-only fanart is really nice to look at, too. (Squall/Rinoa.)

- Final Fantasy VIII/Harukanaru Toki no Nakade - Ryu's Works [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Have I been to this site before? Man, I really gotta start keeping better track. Though, if nothing else, I don't see the site listed in my Squall/Rinoa section, so I'm going to assume that part is new at least. The HaruToki art is really lovely, the details and sharpness of the images is fantastic. It's probably the best stuff on the site. And yet... somehow it's the Squall/Rinoa art that made me go fluttery the most. Stuff like them leaning on each other or Squall wrapping her up in a scarf or even just one or both of them looking hot by themselves. That's the kind of thing that makes me all dippy!happy!fangirl, the kind of thing I revel in. The art's not perfect, but it gets at the point of the characters, the spirit of them that I love. That's far more important to me most days. ♥ (Squall/Rinoa, Kurou/Nozomi.)

- Final Fantasy VIII - Crimson Sky [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This is one of those sites that makes me fervently glad I'm a Squall/Rinoa fan because the art is so plentiful and so wonderful that I'm a little bit over the moon right now. I didn't even have to make it halfway through the Squall section (nevermind the Rinoa or Squall/Rinoa sections) before I was completely in love with the site and how amazingly wonderful everything here is. The art starts out a little sketchy, true, but by the time you get to the more current stuff? It's an awesome site, the kind I wanted to spend hours on and maybe never leave again. The more the artist's work progressed, the more amazing detail and strong lines she put into everything, the more she captured the feel of the game. You can really feel how much the artist loves this game and these characters, it comes through in the gorgeous artwork, to the point I can't even pick a favorite, not even close. Not when there are so many wings and SeeD uniforms and long, flowy dresses and gunblades and epic hugs and makeouts! New favorite Squall/Rinoa art site? YES. ♥ (Squall/Rinoa. Some gen if you stick to the single character sections.)

- Final Fantasy VIII - more [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Okay, what worked for me about this site might not work for everyone, but. The thing about Squall/Rinoa is that they've always had (imo) a large dose of shoujo OTP in them (whether for good or bad) and this site seems to have the same opinion on them as I do. Namely that putting Squall and Rinoa into various adorable situations is a GREAT idea. Dressing them up as Little Red Riding Hood and the wolf? Check. Modern day clothes while they read back to back on the floor? Check. Summer clothes and ice cream? Check. Holiday-themed outfits? Check. All things I appreciate with a pairing like this! The art isn't perfect but the artist shows a lot of progress and some of them can be really pretty, so I was just. Happy OTP coma after this site in combination with the previous one. <3 (Squall/Rinoa.)

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