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- Final Fantasy 8 - PLAYGROUND [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Squall/Zell art! Cute Squall/Zell art! I really didn't expect to find sites like this, since there's not much of an FFVIII j-art presence, I didn't think. It's the kind of art that might not be everyone's taste, but it's the kind that hit the exact right dynamic for Squall and Zell for me, something a little warmer and cuter and just made me want to smile and feel all fuzzy and warm on the inside, you know? Especially when I ran across the image of them as kids eating watermelons and, holy crap, they could not have been cuter! XDDDDD Plus, the two artists also do these adorable little icon-like illustrations that totally make me squee with the cute, their Zell is adorable and the blue of his eyes is beautiful and any site that can make me actually like wedding art has to be good. ^_~ I really liked this one. (Squall/Zell.)

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