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- Final Fantasy 8/Juuni Kokki/Hellsing - SENGOKU [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I think it was the illustration of Youko all glammed up in modern trendy clothes, a big hairdo, the skimpy shirt, the oversized belt, the collar, that really sort of won me over with the site. It wasn't something I would have thought I'd like, but... I dunno, I really liked the way the artist drew Youko. Though, I did like the one of her in normal clothes and her hair loose and nearly obscuring her face more--so pretty. Really, that's what you're going to the site for, that every time the artist draws Youko again, she looks even more beautiful. Her FF8 art is some of the better stuff around for that fandom as well, she draws Squall nicely, I made it through every last illustration in the FF8 gallery, and I really liked her Laguna. It's all just... soft and pretty, the kind of light and airy art that I totally go for. And, finally, okay, there are only three or so Hellsing illustrations on the site, but... they were some of the best work on the site and they looked so cool that I had to stick this rec in the Hellsing section, to. >___> (Maybe a little 12K pairings, Seifer/Squall, Laguna/Squall.)

- Final Fantasy 7/Fullmetal Alchemist - Escape Club [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I came to this site for the FF7 fanart, but wound up staying for the FMA fanart because, holy hell, this artist's Ed is just gorgeous. There's this way she has with the character, a certain strength to the lines of the character so that it looks like a really strong, professional doujinshi, she's great with her inking (?), her shading, the way she lays an image out, the proportions, the gorgeous eyes and hair and expressions and, oh, man, do I love, LOVE her Al. Both the brothers are slightly older and look slightly thinner, but it's so obviously them and I'm currently clicking my way through her long 30+ page comic and it's seriously one of the prettiest things I've seen just about ever. I can't stop staring at Ed's hair or the way he looks with his shirt off, because it's all just so pretty. I barely even blinked at the Elricest because... how can I complain when the artist draws them holding hands and looking forward that's just completely wibble-worthy? ♥ The FF7 art is obviously a little older and thus not quite as strong, but it's still quite worth going through the galleries for, if just to see the occasional hot Zack fanart or the pretty Aerith illustration or Cloud in a Santa outfit. XD And the FF8 stuff is worth a look, too, the Seifer/Squall comic shows a lot of growth on the artist's part, I think. Overall, I had a lot of fun here. ♥ (Ed/Al, Zack/Cloud, maybe a little Cloud/Aerith, and Seifer/Squall.)

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