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    [ link ] - One FMA, one SanaYuki, one Blood/Ishuca, each one just long enough to make me grin, wibble, and squee, in that order. Each with an interesting little gem of a character insight that was just lovely.
    [ link ] - Hahahahahaha. *pauses for breath* ....hahahahahaha, GENIUS.
    [ link ] - Eeee! Meg writing lines for HanaKimi, CCS, MeruPuri, LOVELESS, Tenipuri, and more! My favorite is, of course, the HanaKimi one. I'll be over here squee'ing in the corner. ♥
    [ link ] - Eeeeee! Retarded Korean boys THAT I LOVE SO MUCH and a KITTY. Two of the best things in the world and they go together brilliantly.

    [ link ] - Hahahahahaha. *pauses for breath* ....hahahahahaha, GENIUS.
    [ link ] - *SNORT* Yami no Matsuei/Full Moon wo Sagashite crossover. Cutely amusing, I totally ♥ it.
    [ link ] - Bleach and XXXholic and it works, holy shit. o__o! <3

Avatar: The Last Airbender:
    [ link ] - A really beautiful piece on Sokka and his motivations. If I hadn't love him before, I certainly would have after this.
    [ link ] - This is such a perfect little snapshot of Iroh and Zuko that it's it's point across that it was hard not to rec properly.
    [ link ] - Bwahahaha, that's perfect, I can totally just see that happening. (Also, strangely cute. :D)
    [ link ] - A really beautiful Ursa drabble, getting across so much in such a short amount of words.

    [ link ] - Bleach. Everyone wishes they could fly. Sort of. Loved the ending.
    [ link ] - More gen than anything, but it was lovely Urahara/Yoruichi interaction, set just after they left Soul Society and is just so... I can't imagine it any other way.
    [ link ] - Very short, very sweet moment between Hitsugaya and Matsumoto. <3 "You shouldn’t complain, Captain, or I won’t serve you anymore."
    [ link ] - ....ahahahahaha, Hitsugaya + puberty + Matsumoto = GENIUS. Especially the ending, omg. ♥
    [ link ] - The description of this is: Slightly twisted ficlet about the aftermath of the Soul Society arc. Spoilers through manga 181. My reaction? OMG, READ IT. NOW.
    [ link ] - I didn't think I would be able to like Aizen and Hinamori as a pairing... but this fic somehow works, the descriptions and Hinamori's inner voice are just lovely.
    [ link ] - From the one-line meme going around, but Zau's are practically a paragraph and this one on Urahara and Yoruichi is just so pretty, the imagery is lovely and the weight of the piece very nice.
    [ link ] - *fangirls* Ryuuken and Uryuu and wounds and arrows and hands and this gorgeous intensity to the writing that hits me every time. So purely Bleach at its best.
    [ link ] - Isshin at Masaki's grave and it's just... oh, god, it hits me so hard because I love these two and I love the way my chest faintly aches for Isshin here, because the writing is just so... perfect and hits this beautiful, beautiful bittersweet tone. ♥
    [ link ] - Heehee. Hitsugaya and Matsumoto and she's so teasing with him in that way that's just so fabulous. This shortfic puts a grin on my face every time.
    [ link ] - This is a beautiful Urahara drabble that uses the imagery of the Hollows to draw this absolutely stunning comparison/parallel that's just... absolutely perfect for the character.
    [ link ] - This one is just short enough to put here, I think. It's just... AHAHAHAHA, oh, god, Kon and his total perviness and Ichigo's reaction to it and it's just... HEE.
    [ link ] - This was just... one of those ideas that left me feeling... almost knocked over from the sheer simple... I don't know. Something about it just hit me, though.
    [ link ] - For all that this piece is probably only about a hundred words, it's one of those ideas that springs forth into your mind and threatens to unfold into something huge. It's helped along by the very deft writing of the original spark.
    [ link ] - Lovely, lovely Bleach drabble from Zangetsu's perspective and it's just so... interesting.
    [ link ] - I do so enjoy these little pieces of incandescens' writing, there's something so powerful about each of them. This was just a... heart-rending Hinamori piece.
    [ link ] - I swear, incandescens is a master of these little short fics based on the various themes and her Arrancar shortfic here is just... lovely. Also check out the comments. ♥
    [ link ] - A lovely, beautiful Byakuya/Hisana piece that really captures the heavy atmosphere of the couple, so much so that I can practically feel the heavy air around them.
    [ link ] - Oh, what a lovely, beautiful piece on Hisana and her marraige and there's something about the imagery that quietly glowed for me.
    [ link ] - This is just absolute, utter love. Zaraki is fantastic here, the way he looks at Yachiru, the way he's the best scariest daddy figure ever without going over the top about it, and I totally laughed out loud at this. Beautiful.
    [ link ] - And this would be why I love Matsumoto (and her interaction with Hitsugaya) so much, because this was perfect, both in that way that makes me laugh and admire her greatly. Even more.
    [ link ] - It's been a long time since the beginning of the manga, since Ishida's introduction, but... this ficlet took me right back there, reminded me of everything I felt or saw Ishida as in that moment, such quietly powerful writing somehow.
    [ link ] - Rukia's first meeting with Urahara and this is utterly fabulous for the creepy, almost scary undertones lurking in the background here.
    [ link ] - Shunsui and Ukitake and being so very, very themselves in that delightful way they have. Also, be sure to read the comments, they're half the fun. :D
    [ link ] - A gorgeous little Ishida fic that... has lovely implications (if you stop to think about what he must be going through) but is also just... so perfectly paced that I love it.
    [ link ] - Ukitake and Rukia with implications of Kaien. The way they were both left behind by him and how they feel about that, even years later. This was lovely and heartbreaking.
    [ link ] - This fic. This fic was-- Aizen and Momo and only a handful of words, but it'll hit you hard. The ending is killer and it just... oh, god. This is why I love these two.
    [ link ] - Ahahahahaha, this was perfect. Everyone was beautifully in character and the whole point of it was gotten across in just over 100 words. Fabulous.
    [ link ] - This is, again, so perfectly all of them, Kira and Momo and Renji and OMG the stealth Shunsui/Ukitake that could be gen but shut up I'm trying to fangirl here! XD
    [ link ] - Creepy, haunting Nemu piece that really says so much right there.
    [ link ] - A very intriguing piece about Soul Society and the human world, why the Shinigami don't just wander on back to the human world. A really great ending line, too.
    [ link ] - This shortfic just wins the opening lines. The whole thing is fantabulous, though, just filled with great imagery.

Bleach - Chad x Karin:
    [ link ] - OMG! *flails* Harukami continues to feed the Chad/Karin love I have in this fabulous drabble that's so... them and with an utterly brilliant ending line somehow. LOVE.

Bleach - Ichigo x Orihime:
    [ link ] - Oh. So much perfection in such a short fic! Ichigo, Orihime, and the dangers of dating! YOU CANNOT TELL ME THIS WOULD NOT HAPPEN WITH THEM. XD XD XD
    [ link ] - Short, sweet moment that felt very much like the pairing, especially that particular moment they had. Very nice.

Cardcaptor Sakura:
    [ link ] - Syaoran/Sakura that is SO. CUTE. And adorable and fluffy without being too over the line and making me want to throw up. Instead, it was just perfect, the right amount of sparkle to make it work.
    [ link ] - CLOW. DUMBLEDORE. FRIENDSHIP. HAHAHAHA, omg, this is why people shove all sorts of ideas at Meg, 'cause she makes them work brilliantly.
    [ link ] - Eriol. Tomoyo. The face of evil. Heeheehee, Meg makes this theme work so beautifully and that opening line is just all kinds of fabulous.
    [ link ] - What I like about this one is... I think I've read it about three times now and each time I like it more and more. It's so... subdued and warm and just right for Syaoran and Sakura.
    [ link ] - I don't care that this is only five words long, I laugh like a maniac every time I reread it. It is perfection and the best thing I have ever seen in my entire LIFE. XDDDDDD
    [ link ] - Kero-chan and Suppi-chan and I don't think I stopped grinning like a loon the entire way through this. It's just full of beautiful little details that remind me why I love the CCS characters and their batshit masters so damn much. ♥

    [ link ] - It's #11 on this list that finally got me to give up and just giggle hysterically.
    [ link ] - Heeheehee. And Some Days the Tree Gets You is a perfect title for this and I LOVE Syaoran in it. So much.

CLAMP - Clow x Yuuko:
    [ link ] - I sincerely debated giving this its own rec because it's brilliant, but 178 words is a little short even for me. Still, go read. Clow brilliance and OMG, THE LINE ABOUT YUE and the LINE ABOUT WHAT YUUKO LIKES and... loved this. ♥

Cowboy Bebop:
    [ link ] - [Note: There are SPOILERS for the end of Cowboy Bebop here.] Oh, man. This just utterly made me ache in a dull, bittersweet sort of way, because this is exactly how it should go.

Cowboy Bebop - Spike x Faye:
    [ link ] - A ficlet for the 30_kisses comm for the theme "perfect blue" and it's a lovely little piece about Faye's attraction and cigarette smoke.

    [ link ] - .........oh, my god. The most brilliant Kanda/Allen shortfic ever. Every single time I reread, I crack up all over again, just... so, so awesome.
    [ link ] - I've read this shortfic with Cross and Allen in it, like, three times now. I dissolve into laughter at the end every single time.

Death Note:
    [ link ] - Spoilers for Page 58, of course, and just... wow, creepy and believable in that way Death Note has.

    [ link ] - Hee, omg, Daisuke and Satoshi and a genuinely clever little ficlet and did I mention that Satoshi was brilliant here?

Final Fantasy VII:
    [ link ] - Reno and resilience. I really liked this drabble of Noel's, it fits the character so very well.
    [ link ] - Oh, my god. SHM as toddlers and it's so cute that I want to scoop them all up and snuggle them something fierce.
    [ link ] - Zack/Aerith almost-smut! (Though, certainly not safe for work!) And it's hot and gorgeous and yum. :9

Final Fantasy VIII:
    [ link ] - I really came close to giving this Squall/Rinoa fic it's own rec because the language of it is so pretty, but I couldn't quite justify it. But still, it's just... it's exactly why I like this pairing so much, neither of them are perfect but they bring out the best in each other. The imagery the author uses is gorgeous as well and I am more than happy to take the blame for this. >:D

Fruits Basket - Kyou x Tohru:
    [ link ] - Not actually Kyouru, Tohru is barely in it, but Kyou adorableness that I loved so, so much. *snuggles kittyboy* SO. CUTE.
    [ link ] - Kyou, Tohru, flowers and soap and soft skin and all the things never had, with this utter punch to the writing that Furuba should always have. So beautiful.
    [ link ] - A very short, very cute Kyou/Tohru fic about their first kiss (written several months ago, so it was speculative at the time) and a lovely little ending.

Fruits Basket - Mabudachi Trio:
    [ link ] - I steal from usomitai for this, but I had to because of the way Ayame's conversation is treated. Laughed so hard.

Fruits Basket - Other:
    [ link ] - Perhaps this should be a regular rec, but I'm going to include it here because of my lack of familiarty with Machi juuuuust yet. However, I read this anyway and it was just... there were all these little lines and this overall lovely tone to the meeting between Yuki and Machi that was just so perfect. It felt like Furuba.
    [ link ] - There is something about this fic that makes my heart just ache at the ending. It's not even unhappy, much like the manga itself. But. It's beautiful and it says so much without having to say it and it's gorgeous and ow.

Full Metal Alchemist:
    [ link ] - One FMA, one SanaYuki, one Blood/Ishuca, each one just long enough to make me grin, wibble, and squee, in that order. Each with an interesting little gem of a character insight that was just lovely.
    [ link ] - *sporfles* Slight Roy/Ed and one of the best uses of the whole miniskirt cliche just about ever.
    [ link ] - And, finally, one more Ed and Hawkeye interaction that's adorable, cute, and genuinely funny. Some of the best uses of the characters here, I thought.
    [ link ] - I literally laughed out loud for a good thirty seconds at this one. Hit me absolutely just right and I'm still giggling. XD
    [ link ] - Hee, Roy, Ed, and confessions. ♥
    [ link ] - And then this one was just... the last two lines are perfect. ;__;
    [ link ] - What a lovely, sharply written shortfic for Roy/Ed and it was a breeze to read (when FMA has trouble keeping my interest these days) and I adored the ending. ♥

    [ link ] - 100 words of Kagami, Ban, and a bottle of teriyaki sauce. Absolutely PERFECT, such fabulous interaction.
    [ link ] - Lovely, lovely fic about Ban and how he learned to play the violin, it's so in tune with the character and series that I could have mistaken it for canon.

    [ link ] - Yuki, Shuuichi, and a quiet evening that you know can't last. Was cute. <3
    [ link ] - Heeheeheee. Uesugi sibling interaction and poor Eiri probably going insane. ♥
    [ link ] - I really wanted to rec this one with a regular rec, but at 199 words, I couldn't quite justify it. But, man, this was what I was looking for with Gravi fic lately, clean and clever writing, something very nice and hot and a beautiful ending. Love.

Gundam Wing:
    [ link ] - Beautiful interaction between Zechs and Relena after the end of the series, that's just... it's perfect and makes me want more. And. You know. Something happy. ;__;
    [ link ] - A gorgeous fic on Treize that captures that faintly philosophical tone he had, the grand plans for the future, the brilliant mind in there... all of that so beautifully. I only wish there were more of this. *__*
    [ link ] - *purrs* God, Jan and his 13x6 and dress uniforms and fraternization and I loved this so much.

Gundam SEED:
    [ link ] - A very nice used of the Man or Astroman? theme that fits with Gundam SEED really well and it was also some very pretty, solid characterization of Cagalli and Ashuran that... yeah, again, fit with the G-SEED world.
    [ link ] - *melts into a pile of goo* Kira and Lux and gentle intimacy and a quiet sort of touch that's just... so lovely and so them. (Possible GSD spoilers?)
    [ link ] - Cagalli stands on the far bank of a river and calls to him. He thinks he should find it odd that he can’t hear her words but he doesn’t. She’s too far away from him now, a glint of gold on black in the wide emptiness. I just HAD to quote that line because it's... it's just perfect for an AshuCaga fic, it sums up the lovely writing and imagery of this piece so very well.
    [ link ] - It's so hard not to flap my arms wildly and coo over this fic because it's such a lovely Kira/Lux piece, almost dream-like, but that's not exactly it, either. But it carries soft colors and gentle breezes in my mind, which is so Kira/Lux to me.
    [ link ] - Ashuran and Cagalli and "4:00" and a little bit of angst and something that's just so them somehow. Both of them.
    [ link ] - Kira and Lux again this time, something just... a quiet moment that didn't really need more than this short fic, something that really used the "the courage to meet again" prompt well.
    [ link ] - Somehow in every remembrance he had of her, she was crying (of fear, of anger, of worry and everything else). Ashuran and Cagalli again. Lovely. <3

Hanazakari no Kimitachi e:
    [ link ] - Nakao, Nanba, and resolutions and a really wonderful, perfect take on Nakao. Love.
    [ link ] - I love Meg's take on Sano, Mizuki, and crossdressing. It's so... perfect. ♥
    [ link ] - Ever since Meg mentioned it, I've been oddly fascinated with the idea of Gilbert/Rio because somehow I get the sense that it would work. So, Meg does a drabble meme and I scrabble over to request and this is just... I love the sense of delicate beauty of it somehow and it's just... lovely in image and characterization. Yes. ♥
    [ link ] - So, Kelsey has a "Comment with on of your icons and I'll write a drabble/ficlet about it!" meme and like I could resist that. The only hard part was choosing just one icon! D: But she did a fantastic job with it and reminds me why I keep pestering her for more AkiUme fic because, eeeeee, humorous and cracky and sweet and adorable and so much love. ♥
    [ link ] - I love measuringlife's work so dearly and there's something really, really perfect about this one. It's such a small moment, but it says just about everything about Umeda and his relationship with Akiha. And even Akiha's things. ♥
    [ link ] - I wrote feedback that's probably just as long as the shortfic because it's one of those that's perfect. Fic about Ebi, her relationship with Akiha (and you can feel how much she loves him, I adore her so much) and what's just out of her line of sight. I love the deliberate ambiguity even though I know it's about Akiha's mother--which is my preference, because it hits so damn hard. So lovely.
    [ link ] - This is a gorgeous use of the 31_days theme and it just. It just-- it makes me happy to be a fan of these two, because the image of it is so OTP-fangirl-heart-skipping-spaz-flail for all that it's almost sort of laid-back. Sort of.
    [ link ] - More gorgeous fic from measuringlife that's just... so exactly what Akiha would say/do and just exactly how Umeda would react and they're SO DAMN PERFECT together. Also, ohohoho, did Sempai just admit what I think he (obliquely) admit? ^_~

Hikaru no Go:
    [ link ] - Beautiful, lovely fic about Sai and Go and I just... there's a feel to this one that is absolutely perfect and just exactly the right tone between sad, wistful, and peaceful.

Hunter x Hunter:
    [ link ] - Killua and Gon cuteness that's just perfect and so very them. <3
    [ link ] - Killua and the topic of families and this is really good, very much like him, without being over the top about what being a member of the Zoaldyck family makes a person.

Keroro Gunsou:
    [ link ] - I'm just going to be over here now coughing my lungs up from the hysterical laughter, yes.

Koko wa Greenwood:
    [ link ] - Pitch-perfect Greenwood ficlet for Valentine's Day. My love knows no bounds.

Kyou Kara Maou - Yuuri x Wolfram:
    [ link ] - Not work-safe, Yuuri, Wolfram, and sex. So very them, that even I laughed and shimmered. ^_~

Love Mode:
    [ link ] - Eeeee! Reiji and Gyoku and the resource guarding, I COULD TOTALLY SEE IT.
    [ link ] - I adored this, especially because it's so... Reiji and Naoya, just... so Naoya and so Reiji.
    [ link ] - Very nicely written Haruomi fic that deals well with Haruomi and Tien Li and what it might mean that they're so similar in certain ways. Ouchy, but lovely.
    [ link ] - This was... oh, my god, this was Kiichi summed up in a beautiful and tight little drabble, one of those that doesn't waste a single word while it creates an awesome image. Seriously, the last two lines just sent me into fits of glee. ♥

    [ link ] - I liked the way this fic touched on the idea of masochist!Soubi without feeling jarring or awkwardly mushed together, because it wasn't really about that, it was about the way Soubi and Ritsuka affect each other, about the way Soubi makes Ritsuka feel especially. Very lovely and aching in the way LOVELESS fic should be. Slight Ritsuka x Soubi hints.
    [ link ] - Oh. And this is why I love Ritsuka and I want him to be happy as much as I want Soubi to be happy, because Ritsuka hurts, too, and thank god he has Soubi. <3
    [ link ] - 149 words of beautiful prose that fit the series so amazingly well and then BROKE MY HEART and made me want to cry because it's so lovely for the characters.
    [ link ] - A gorgeously smooth, almost tranquil drabble about Soubi and his art and the way he paints, mixed in with everything else in his life and I loved this.
    [ link ] - A lovely little almost haunting piece where Ritsuka asks if he looks like Seimei and it's beautifully done and makes me ache in the same way the original manga does.
    [ link ] - A lovely little shortfic with Ritsuka, Soubi, a solar eclipse and an actual happy potential future for them. That alone is worth the drabble, never mind that its writing is lovely.
    [ link ] - Ritsuka, Soubi, and vacation resort cuteness. I totally love the way Ritsuka gets so annoyed and what he does about it. XD
    [ link ] - Awwww. I have such a huge thing for one character being sick and the other wanting to take care of them... and then you mix it in with Soubi and Ritsuka and it's just... AWWW. XD

Matantei Loki Ragnarok:
    [ link ] - This may not actually be MaLoki, but SHUT UP I'M GOING TO PRETEND ANYWAY. Because Loki's characterization fits so well and the Norse mythology crack is beautiful and I laughed so hard.

    [ link ] - BATHTIME. >D So cute, adorable, and you cannot tell me this didn't happen at SOME point. XD

Naruto - Gen/Other:
    [ link ] - .....ahahahahahaHAHAHAHAHA. *cracks up completely* Brilliant Team Gai fic. I'm just going to go over here and laugh now.
    [ link ] - How much do I love Lee? Beyond the telling of it, really. This was awesome, perfectly comedically timed, and, hahahahaha, oh, god, poor Neji and Tenten to be on the same team with him. ♥
    [ link ] - Eeeee! SasuNaru and the games they fight against each other and this just made me a happy SasuNaru fangirl.
    [ link ] - And then this one made me want to hit things or cry or just something, because that last image hurt, exactly the way it was supposed to, and just... I still think Kelsey should write more Naruto. ♥
    [ link ] - NejiHina that is just... somehow, for all that I want schmoopy love (because, dammit, they both deserve, especially emotard Neji), this was just wonderful and... made me glad.
    [ link ] - ZOMG. Kakashi and Orochimaru and it's not pr0n, but it's cool and you have no idea how much I've been wanting something like this. Very awesome little fic.
    [ link ] - Oh, my god, LeeSaku (....sort of) cuteness! It's only a handful of lines of fic and yet I'm practically hopping in my seat at the cuteness. ♥
    [ link ] - Oh. This is why any time Kelsey writes in a fandom I'm familiar with, I go skipping off to read her writing because she does stuff like this. Naruto, Sasuke, and it hurts but in the good way. This was brilliant.

One Piece - Zoro x Nami:
    [ link ] - One of the few decent, actually readable Zoro/Nami fics out there. <3
    [ link ] - Eeeee! Zau and Zoro/Nami (also a guilty pleasure of mine) and it's wonderful, her usage of imagery of hands. Just... yes, this is what I want from them.

One Piece - Zoro x Sanji:
    [ link ] - Hee. Another really good use of the Voyeurism challenge (which isn't usually my thing, but I've enjoyed several from this one) that amused me greatly. Author labels it NC-17, but I'd call it closer to R myself.
    [ link ] - Aww, cute description of Robin's observations of life on the Going Merry.
    [ link ] - A handful of lines about just what it is Robin sees should not be able to be this hot. *__*
    [ link ] - You know, Zoro/Sanji is another one of the very few pairings where I actually like scars on the characters, because they're sometimes used in situations like this that are verrrry nice.
    [ link ] - ......great fic. Just... go read it. It totally hit the right note it was going for at the end.
    [ link ] - This was a cute little fic, a fun little read... and then I totally snorted at the ending line. Hee. ♥
    [ link ] - This was a beautiful and haunting Nami AU that just... hurt, for all the things that had to have happened. Just... ow.

One Piece - Gen/Other:
    [ link ] - Lovely piece on Nami and the use of the Spring letters and spring tears theme, it has a really One Piece-ish feel to the characters' pasts influencing their current lives.
    [ link ] - So, Noel's been doing alphabet drabbles and, god, I loved this OP one of hers. Luffy and meat and Nami and the rest of the crew and it's perfect. So perfect. ♥
    [ link ] - It's just. Every time I reread this, it keeps getting funnier. Probably the most brilliant (and truest) 18 words I've ever read. XDDDD

Prince of Tennis - Other:
    [ link ] - One FMA, one SanaYuki, one Blood/Ishuca, each one just long enough to make me grin, wibble, and squee, in that order. Each with an interesting little gem of a character insight that was just lovely.
    [ link ] - BALL. BALL. OMG. BALL. This is one of those ideas that is just... so geniusly apt for Prince of Tennis that I can't imagine it not happening somewhere in the series now. This is the kind of genfic I want so badly.
    [ link ] - Eeeee! Fuji! Kaidoh! Gentle torture! So perfect for the series and so... *sigh* yet again, so them.
    [ link ] - It was short, okay? So I could read "Tezuka - Ryoma: as close to a date as you can manage" and damn if Meg didn't make me sort of like it. She's evil that way. But the ending was great. <3
    [ link ] - Shinji and Tachibana worship and it's just absolutely perfect and so incredibly Shinji and Fudomine.
    [ link ] - Okay, this made me laugh. For exactly the reason the author intended. The idea was just all kinds of awesome and beautifully played out. ♥
    [ link ] - Shinji and Kamio and words that all fits together in a way that just beautifully describes their relationship.
    [ link ] - Awww! Ryoma and eating out and a very bittersweet, lovely ending.
    [ link ] - Eeeee! I swear, Meg actually makes me bounce over her Shinji/Ryoma because she manages to hit that spot for them, the one that makes me somehow see it. Also, that last line is fabulous. :D
    [ link ] - *sparkles* Fudomine and Tachibana siblings and a puppy and so much cuteness, but in a way that is totally right for Fudomine! XD

Prince of Tennis - Tezuka x Fuji:
    [ link ] - Tezuka, Fuji, and White Day. <3

Prince of Tennis - Inui x Kaidoh:
    [ link ] - I have such love for Meg as she does InuKai so well, even in such a short little time.

Prince of Tennis - Rikkai:
    [ link ] - Marui and Kirihara being such... boys and Kirihara is the biggest dork just about ever and, no, I do NOT kinda like him now, I DO NOT. NO. REALLY.

Princess Tutu - Fakia x Ahiru:
    [ link ] - The kind of sweet post-series (which means spoilers, btw) story that just makes me want to cry because it's so... them and so sweetly touching. ♥

    [ link ] - Saiyuki, short little gen ficlet. Goku's tired of dealing with chain-smoking chimneys. Heehee, totally could have happened exactly like this in the original manga.
    [ link ] - I still shake my fist at most of the Saiyuki fandom's Sanzo characterization, but this was absolutely lovely.
    [ link ] - Eeeheehee, the Sanzo-ikkou, hangovers, brilliant characterization, and a fabulous ending line. I cannot stop grinning.
    [ link ] - Ukoku and beautiful imagery and this lovely skill with a turn of phrase that put sparkles in my eyes. For an Ukoku fic, yes. XD
    [ link ] - Hee. This was just a terribly clever little shortfic that made me giggle and sparkle at that last line. ♥
    [ link ] - Sanzo, Gojyo, and cigarettes are something I rarely seem to tire of and I'm so glad that Noel started this alphabet drabble post because this one was perfect.
    [ link ] - Oh, oh, oh! Goku and his name and wanting to run off and tell Nataku and it's perfect.
    [ link ] - And this would be one of the many reasons I love Sanzo, yes. This is a great use of just 100 words.

Sex Pistols:
    [ link ] - Eeeeee! I'm making a lot of those noises lately, but... eeeee! Kunimasa being Kunimasa with Norio and OMG SO CUTE. So them. <3
    [ link ] - I bounce so hard I threaten to crash right into the wall over this one. Teruhiko, Joshua, and MPREG. Meg = GENIUS. ♥

Slayers - Lina x Gourry:
    [ link ] - Ahahahahahaha, oh, god. It's a wounder Gourry is still alive, really. <3

Slayers - Xellos x Zelgadiss:
    [ link ] - Eeeeeee! Xellos, Zelgadiss, morning coffee, and absolutely brilliant interaction between them. I'm going to flail lots now.

Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE:
    [ link ] - Fye and Chii and a really lovely style that works so well for them.
    [ link ] - Heeheehee, NINJA SUE. I ♥ these drabbles that baka_neko did because they're a beautiful incorporation of the crack she was given.
    [ link ] - ....HAHAHAHAHAHA, SO FUNNY. I cannot describe the sheer funny. <3
    [ link ] - Awww! Sakura and Touya bedtime cuteness as kids! So, so much love. ♥
    [ link ] - Kurogane returning to his own world finally and seeing how things have changed and how some things have barely changed at all. ♥
    [ link ] - Heeheehee. Fye being fruity and Meg doing a beautiful job at capturing so much to be said in so few lines. XD
    [ link ] - Kurogane and Tomoyo-hime with KIDS. Kurogane as a dad. I think I squeed to embarassing amounts over this because a) I am just that much of a dippy fan and b) because Meg writes it beautifully. I'm deliriously in love (omg, twins, squee, squee, squee). ♥

Weiss Kreuz - Gen/No Pairings (Schwarz & Weiss):
    [ link ] - WK, Ken. Nice presentation of the way Ken goes through some changes over the course of the series.
    [ link ] - WK again. Hee, For Schwarz, happiness is a job done well.
    [ link ] - Schwarz, the morning after the failed summoning.
    [ link ] - Schwarz again. *sporfles* Sometimes Nagi hates Christmas.
    [ link ] - Crawford, in another life. I have to admit a certain fondness for things like this.
    [ link ] - Schuldich mini-fic, with an interesting take on the character and his sense of fashion and his sense of self. I liked the last line a lot.
    [ link ] - There are many drabbles here, but the one I'm referring to is the Crawford/Ken one, which was awesome. 100 words that is just about the only way I could see them. *__*
    [ link ] - Daegaer and La Femme Sakura, which shouldn't be as creepycool as it is, but. It is.
    [ link ] - A result of a swap challenge that cracked me up the entire way through. Much amusement here.
    [ link ] - Vengeful!Crawford-and-Schuldich fic (with a small spoiler for Gluhen) that's both really cool and really kind of neat as an explanation.
    [ link ] - Crawford, fashion, Schuldich, and a stealth!crossover that you don't even realize until five minutes later. Very fun.
    [ link ] - Hee. Schwarz and St. Patrick's Day. Especially Farfello. Much amusement.
    [ link ] - Beautiful Aya/Ken drabble that's laden with gorgeous imagery, lovely writing, and a RanKen dynamic that just... it makes me sigh happyily in that fangirl way. ♥

Weiss Kreuz - Crawford x Schuldich:
    [ link ] - Two Crawford/Schuldich Christmas drabbles. The first one is typically them. The second has the BEST MENTAL IMAGE EVER.
    [ link ] - Crawford/Schuldich again. The hardest questions to answer.
    [ link ] - Still yet more WK, all three with hints of Crawford/Schuldich, the second one is especially funny. (And I liked the author's comment further down in the replies, too. XD)
    [ link ] - Short little Crawford/Schuldich drabble with Oktober fest! >D
    [ link ] - Crawford, Schuldich, denial, hint of lime, and the path from teammates to fuck buddies to lovers in a surprisingly deft storyline, considering the short length.

Vagrant Story:
    [ link ] - *flaps hands with love some more* Sydney, Ashley, and delightful deliberate confusion. Absolutely priceless.

    [ link ] - Akihito, the shadow of Asami, and photographs. A surprisingly sharp insight for a fic so short. *__*

    [ link ] - Watanuki, Doumeki, and a good luck charm that somehow manages to be a perfect little fic.
    [ link ] - Eeeeee! Clow and Doumeki and Watanuki and it's brilliant! It's perfectly timed, it's brilliantly explained, and, oh, god, it's just so many different kinds of awesome. Someday, someone will pester Meg for more, I'm sure. That's how brilliant Clow and Doumeki having a conversation is. ♥
    [ link ] - Kero-chan and Suppi-chan and I don't think I stopped grinning like a loon the entire way through this. It's just full of beautiful little details that remind me why I love the CCS characters and their batshit masters so damn much. ♥
    [ link ] - Heeeee, this is a fantastic Yuuko, who just so casually tortures Watanuki just by being her usual self. A lovely little ficlet.

X/Tokyo Babylon:
    [ link ] - I adore the way Meg describes the TB trio, using clothing fabric and colors to paint this lovely image and then brings it home with the last sentence.
    [ link ] - aki_omoi pointed this one out and, wow, it's a beautiful TRC!SxS that deals with some gorgeous bloody imagery. I could totally believe this version of them.
    [ link ] - Subaru and the day afterwards and a heartwrenching little piece. Don't listen to Pengie when she says she can't do serious. ♥
    [ link ] - Omg! Karen and lingerie shopping and why is Kelsey so good at this? But it's lovely and somehow happy and sweet and made me feel warm and fuzzy.

Yami no Matsuei - Gen/No Pairings:
    [ link ] - ......heeheeheehee. I officially ♥ this week's fuda_100 challenge.
    [ link ] - Tsuzuki and computers. Again, with the being vastly, vastly entertained here. The ending was perfect.
    [ link ] - *SNORT* Yami no Matsuei/Full Moon wo Sagashite crossover. Cutely amusing, I totally ♥ it.
    [ link ] - Tatsumi and Hakushaku-sama's collection. Very cute. XD

Yami no Matsuei - Tsuzuki x Hisoka:
    [ link ] - Yami no Matsuei. I dunno, I think I just liked the ending. *g*

Yami no Matsuei - Tatsumi x Watari:
    [ link ] - Yami no Matsuei, adorable drabble with Tatsumi and Watari and computers. <3
    [ link ] - Tatsumi/Watari, creeping shadows, and a supply closet. I'm not going to stop having the pleasant mental images for the entire day.
    [ link ] - Yami no Matsuei, more Tatari. ....excuse me. But the last two lines of this drabble have left me with an intense love for this pairing so bright that I suspect I will be unable to deal with it without shrieking and screaming. Just... wow.
    [ link ] and [ link ] - *nfyu* Tatsumi, Watari, cameras in the workplace, and much amusement to be had by all readers.
    [ link ] - Yamimatsu, Watari, Tatsumi, and tea. I really liked the opening paragraph a lot, very Watari-ish. (Gen, btw.)
    [ link ] - Awww! Tatsumi, Watari, and ugly lamps. Nice and fluffy without being too saccharine.
    [ link ] - Awww! More with the warm and fuzzies, a picturing being worth a thousand words this time.
    [ link ] - Okay, the last line is over the top, but it's the descriptions of the setting that are too adorable for me to pass up.
    [ link ] - I believe I've read this one before, but it still breaks my heart every time I read it.
    [ link ] - Tatsumi really needs to learn not to ever, ever fall asleep near Watari. XD
    [ link ] - Love comes in many shades and complications. Cute Tatari drabbles that made me smile.
    [ link ] - Cute little thing where Watari steals Tatsumi's glasses (with the help of 003!) and was just a nice little Tatari fix this morning.

Yami no Matsuei - Muraki x Hisoka:
    [ link ] and [ link ] - HI. I WOULD LIKE MORE OF THESE NOW, KTHZBAI. These two drabbles capture the essence of what attracts me to the pairing, despite knowing what kind of relationship it really is. Beautiful imagery and lovely prose, I could nearly wax poetic about these.
    [ link ] - Di-chan said it best in her response: I hurt for Hisoka. ;o; Yet all the same I want to read more MurakixHisoka. Beautifully painful Muraki/Hisoka. ;__;

Yami no Matsuei - Multiple/Other:
    [ link ] - *melts into a pile of fangirl good* Cami pointed this one out and it's just... it's wonderful, the perfect way for the Yamimatsu characters to show love.
    [ link ] - It's the last line of this one that really just make it.

Yuu Yuu Hakusho:
    [ link ] - There's just something about this one that I loved, Yuusuke and Koenma having tea and it's perfect.
    [ link ] - Koenma/Botan is one of those pairings that I somehow adore and, yet, I never read much fic for it. But when Mina posts it? I had to pounce and it was so cute and so perfect and I'm sort of torn between squee and shaking my fist at her because now I want more of them.

~ *~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

DCU Comics:
    [ link ] - Hahahahahaha. *pauses for breath* ....hahahahahaha, GENIUS.
    [ link ] - DCU/JLA, very short Batman/Wonder Woman, but with a very hard punch at the end. I sincerely wish this author did more with them, because I think she writes well, but I just can't read about John Stewart. *fangs*
    [ link ] - *giggles* Justice League General Notices that got me to crack up quite nicely.

    [ link ] - This was a lovely, brilliant drabble about Cameron and how she's a pretty, broken thing and Cuddy is not.
    [ link ] - Oh, now this was also fabulous. Because House so, so, so would. Yes. XD

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