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Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance: To Every Coin by asidian - measuringlife pointed this fic out after I was whining about the lack of Naesala/Reyson in fandom and it's just a short little thing, but it kind of hit me just right. Naesala's attitude felt spot on here, the way he's a crow and a ruthless king with ambitions and loves shining things, the turns of phrase with this piece showing a whole lot of insight into his character. Naesala didn't start out as one of my favorite characters, but over the course of the game I grew really fond of him and this fic reflects a lot of why that is. (Naesala/Reyson, a little implied Tibarn/Reyson but blink and you'll miss it.)

Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance: untitled by Mina Lightstar - You know what I've been really pining for from the FE:PoR fandom? Oscar/Kieran antics, because Kieran is kind of REALLY OBVIOUS at times and Oscar is one of my favorite characters from the game and I want it so much, but I fear fandom murdering it, so I haven't looked much. But M comes through again! This is actually almost more gen than anything, plus it draws on the cute almost!friendship Kieran and Rhys have, which I really liked. Kieran is just so... off in his own world, even when it's about something as simple as a possible training match against Oscar. I adored this. ♥ (This is gen, but you could potentially read Oscar/Kieran into it.)

Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance: Tome Raider by Mina Lightstar - At the point I'm at in the game (mid-20s or so), I don't need much Ike/Soren fic yet (I imagine I will once I finish the game, though), but I was browsing through Mina's fics and was caught with curiosity over this one. It's a great little piece, full of humor often at Soren's expense, but without making me feel like he was being too harshly treated, it's the kind that comes out of total love for the character. I already loved Soren a lot, but this made me love him even more, made me actually really love the idea of platonic Oscar - Soren interaction, because Mina nails it so well here. Plus, the ending with Ike is really sweet. <3 (....this could be a little Ike/Soren, but it reads as mostly gen.)

Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance: untitled by Mina Lightstar - What I said about not quite needing Ike/Soren fic just yet is still true, but... at the same time, I hardly mind too terribly much when cute little pieces like this fall into my lap. And this was a short piece about Ike and Soren and just... stopping to smell the roses, which was really nice. I especially like M's take on Soren's POV, he's blunt and irritable, but you can tell how much he genuinely likes Ike at the same time. <3 (Sort of Ike/Soren, but it could be gen, too.)

Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance: untitled by Mina Lightstar - Another short piece, but I continue to like Mina's take on the characters, especially Ike's obliviousness towards anything with boobs (without being too over the top about it) and Soren's reaction to that, which isn't too over done, either. It's funny because it's true, here. XD (Implied Ike/Soren.)

Fire Emblem: Path of Raidance: untitled by Mina Lightstar - I always love little short fics that are set between the stills of canon, it helps fill out the story and define the characters more clearly, especially if the author is any good. Most of M's fic that I've read has been from Soren's POV, which I've really liked, but this one is from Ike's side and what I really like is that she doesn't try too hard with him, but he still notices things and you can see the person he's going to eventually become, but especially around Soren and the way he subtly probes for more info about Soren's reactions and then lets it go, rather than hot-headedly pushing it. I liked that a lot. <3 (Possibly Ike/Soren, but it could be gen, too.)

Fire Emblem 9: waiting in the wings by measuringlife - There is not much Naesala/Reyson in fandom and I suppose I grudgingly understand why, but I imprinted early on them and couldn't quite let go of them. So measuringlife was kind enough to write this for me and it's adorable and perfect, Naesala is full of mischief and teasing in his own way, while Reyson is far too serious and pretty for his own good. It's a really charming piece with some great imagery and it's just. It's fun, the way a fic like this should be. ♥♥♥ (Naesala/Reyson.)

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