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- Full Metal Alchemist - [ English Fanart Site ] - Every once in awhile I like to find English fanartists to recommed, just to get a little variety going--though, it tends to be difficult because not a lot of E-fanartists have websites. So it's nice to have DeviantArt to gather stuff up and I can find all of the artist's work in one place. ^_^v There were a couple of things that put this artist on my "Yeah, okay, I'm going to rec this art. <3" the most signifigant being the Roy/Ed bathtub illustration--I have this THING for pretty boys being draped over each other in the bathtub and this artist really made me squee for that. Plus? There's an absolutely HYSTERICAL one of Roy with a chibi Ed in his arms and a little chibi Envy hung up and on fire. XDXD Plus, there's a gorgeous Hawkeye illustration, some other cute Roy/Ed illustrations, and some really nice single character ones. Quite a nice site/artist. ^_^v (Some Roy/Ed, some gen.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - Metallica [ Thai Fanart Site ] - I came across this artist's work on her Deviant Art account and was impressed as hell by her art--there's this one page from a fanbook she's doing that's just fantastic--the lines are perfect, the details fantastic, and the expressions on Roy and Ed's faces are just... eeeeee!, I'm already fangirling over her books. She also has this absolutely adorable one of chibi!Ed with puppy ears and tail that IS SO FREAKING CUTE that I just shriek incoherently. She also has a gorgeous one of Roy and Ed from episode 13 while they're cleaning up afterwards with these beautiful golden colors and a fantastic expression on Ed's face. And there's a wonderful Valentine's illustration that made me fangirl quite a lot. So that's basically the reaction I had to this site--I squee'd a lot, I fangirled a lot, it was a lot of fun. I really enjoyed going through her DA account and just... sparkling over the art. (Some Roy/Ed, some gen.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - You know, I'm not entirely sure how to describe this site other than that it's good art; the lines are the strength of the artist (though, I like her colors as well, they're muted, but the style works for her, much like the original manga itself), very smooth and clean but still detailed and pretty. The other strength of the artist is that she doesn't just focus on a single character, she draws pretty much all of them and just nails the character design of them. So, a solid, solid style and lots of cute images (there was one, though, where, just after That Night, armor!Al is worried over Ed, who's in a wheelchair without his auto-mail yet and he just has this "I'm fine, I'm fine, no, not really, but don't worry about me, I'm fine!" look on his face ;___; ) make this for a really good site. ^_^v (No warnings/pairings.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - AM [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - It was the Roy - Izumi-sensei fanart that finally made me cave on this site. I mean, the chibi Eds sitting on pea pods (Ed is going to kill this artist messily and painfully~~ XD) and donuts were ADORABLE, but it was the illustration of Izumi-sensei and Roy side by side and then Izumi-sensei all *OHOHOHOHOHO* over a pile of something while holding up a frying pan and Ed and Al basically .___. in the background that just SOLD ME. The art is cute--the artist has awesome lines and great color, but it's really the absolutely adorable CUTE that's the real treat of this site. I just spazzed over the cute, that's how much fun I had. ♥ Plus, there's a lot of cute art in the sections based off the reactions to each episode. ♥ (No warnings/pairings.)

- Full Metal Alchemist/Spiral/Gundam SEED - Omega+Gimmick [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I admit, I was hesitant to rec this site at first, because I have a lot of negative associations with the pairing after the atrocious behavior of (several of--not all, mind) the fans on the English-speaking side of the ocean, but... well, to be honest, I was won over by the Roy/Ed art on the site, which was lovely. There was this one that just took my breath away because of the lines and the colors, not necessarily traditionally pretty, but if you're an art junkie like me, the feeling of it was grand. There were also some gorgeous Roy illustrations, some adorable Winry illustrations, some pretty Hawkeye illustrations, and a squee-worthy Winry/Al illustration that had me dancing a little jig. I like the watercolor-type style and, hell, I figured if the Japanese fen can be tolerant and like all things, I can, too. The Spiral art is just... cute, even if the pairing isn't my favorite. Ayu/Hiyono doesn't hit me quite the right way, but I HAD to rec this site because the art is just so PRETTY; it's more of the same watercolor-like style that give the illustrations these soft, gentle feel to them without being all sacchirine or shoujo-y. As for the Gundam SEED art, it continues in the same vein--very soft, pretty colors, watercolors-type style, a good selection of just about all the characters. I have a real fondness for sites that cover a wide range of stuff. ^_^ Plus, even more than her other art, the artist's lines look fine and detailed here, making it all just really PRETTY. Or, you know, I could just be squee'ing because the artist drew a Kira/Frey illustration and I still have massive Frey love. It was just the one, I think, but that was still enough to win me over. ♥ However, the Kagari 22 section is chock-full of BEAUTIFUL illustrations. *__* (Roy/Ed, Roy/Hawkeye, a little Ed/Winry, Ayu/Hiyono, all over the place with G-SEED, a slight nudity warning.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - Top Secret [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Given how much I've crawled all over the J-fandom with FMA sites, it's rare that I find a site like this these days--one with just beautiful art on it. *__* A few are a little shakey, but EVERYTHING is still really pretty; the colors, the lines, the poses, just... I was a swoony fangirl by the time I was done. The artist draws a fantastic Ed, the kind that makes you love him even more (especially on That Night when he's crawling over to Al's armor or when he's standing back to back with Roy and smirking) and a Roy that plays havoc with my hormones (those said back to back illustrations with Ed or when he's posing and smirking on his own) and a wonderful human!Al that's just gorgeous. The colors are these beautiful shades that are light and airy... but not really pastel or girly, they're just perfect for this kind of art. The lines are delicate, but without being overly so. Just... yeah. Beautiful, beautiful art, to the point where I spazz over it and get incoherent. >_> (A little Al/Ed and Roy/Ed, if the unions are any indication, but there's a lot of gen, too.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This is another one of those sites that I waffled on a bit, but eventually fell prey to a handful of illustrations that I thought were just so cool. There's this one of Ed smirking while those little black things are decomposing his body that's just one of the coolest things EVER. I know it sounds like it shouldn't be, but it was. Oh! But even cooler than that! Ed with this intense look and half smirk on his face as his shirt is ripped to shreds was just... *__*-inducing, because of the fantastic lines of the art. And that's the artist's real strength, I think--her lines (the characters LOOK like themselves) and her poses are effing COOL. Oh! Oh! And be sure to hit the one of Ed crawling along the ground (I think?) with this LOOK on his face and only the one eye exposed... it's kind of creepy, but it looks fantastic. And. Of course. The chibi-esque illustration of Roy and Envy BOTH sidling up to Ed with his adorable put-upon expression. ♥ And the Valentine's Day comic! XD ....which, really, is what made me like this site, more than that I was blown away by the artist's style or anything--there are a lot of individual illustrations here that I'd definitely recommend. (A little Roy/Ed, some gen, too.)

- Prince of Tennis/Full Metal Alchemist - Easy Slope [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - It's really kind of rare these days that I find Tenipuri sites I like, not just because I don't look for them as often, but because I've seen so much at this point. However, it makes it worthwhile to keep hunting high and low when I find sites like this because OMG SQUEE MOMORYO FANART! I mean, yes, the artist does a couple of absolutely lovely TezukaFuji illustrations (and a couple of wibble-inducing chibi ones for them), she does some lovely Hyoutei CG stuff (her Atobe especially looks beautiful), she does these fantastic Hiyoshi/Gakuto illustrations, but, when everything's said and done, it's her MomoRyo that put me over the edge. Because the comic where Ryoma (I think?) kisses Momo on the cheek? LOVE. The chibis and the poster-like illustrations? MORE LOVE. The artist really does a fantastic job with the CG style she uses and I LOVE the way her illustrations all look like they could be posters, it's a fantastic way to do her art. Plus, the kitty comics are quite possibly the cutest things ever. *coughs* Anyway. Yes. The FMA art is lovely as well--the artist did these fantastic illustrations of Al (both in human form as a kid and in his suit of armor), she did a really nice group illustration, and there's an amazing one of Hawkeye and Al (not a pairing, mind), in that same strong CG-coloring style. I *heart*. (MomoRyo, a little Tezuka/Fuji, but it's mostly gen/other and no FMA pairings.)

- Full Metal Alchemist/Matantei Loki Ragnarok - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I may not have put this site on my recs list except for two things... one, it has MaLoki fanart that's REALLY CUTE and, two, the art is REALLY CUTE. *grin* I can easily be won over by a small handful of illustrations--like one of Roy tugging on Ed's hair or a lovely Loki or a really cool-looking Heimdall or an absolutely adorable fanart of chibi-Ed and chibi-Heimdall. And the art is well drawn and the kind of cutesy art that I find that I don't mind. Good colors, nice lines, all that. I don't normally crave cutesy fanart and the art may not be to everyone's taste, but... the morning I found it, it was just about right for what I was looking for. Just... cute! (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - m i m e [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - There's something about this site that... every third illustration or so just seems so incredibly well-done, the lines are perfect, the colors are perfect, the level of detail is perfect, and the proportions are absolutely amazing, and I just sort of sit there and stare at the image because it's so pretty. The artist does a fantastic Ed, the kind where he's not just pretty, but his eyes really draw you in and there's no way you could NOT look at him. I also absolutely love her coloring, which isn't quite like an oil painting, but still captures that rich and lush feeling to the colors. Plus, she also does some fabulous comics (there's one with an older Ed that's just beautiful-looking), she does a fantastic Ed in military uniform, a gorgeous Roy with glasses in one of the comics, and just... that indescribable quality that makes me do the mad squee'ing thing. XD (Some Roy/Ed, a lot of gen.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I sat here for quite some time and tried to figure out if I wanted to rec this site or not, because, to be honest, I'm hesitant that people will snag Haruka Sena's fanart again. Her Gravitation fanart is used willy-nilly in the Gravitation fandom and it drives me a little insane. I don't want the same thing to happen to her Full Metal Alchemist fanart. On the other hand... OH MY GOD HOLY SHIT SO GORGEOUS. *____* My reaction to the site? As soon as Di-chan logged on, I immediately said to her: "Haruka Sena doing RoyEd fanart. I have no need for the rest of the day, as it has served its purpose~ *floats~*" And that's really how I feel. Everything that I loved about her artwork with Gravitation is fully present here as well--gorgeous, gorgeous lines, incredible coloring, and she just... she knocks EVERY SINGLE ILLUSTRATION out of the park. There are no fanarts here that are half-assed, they're all incredible, beautiful, and stunning. And when she draws Roy and Ed in the middle of an alchemy fight on a starry background? I sit and STARE at it, because it's both beautiful and incredibly detailed. When she draws a group illustration with all of them? I sit and STARE because her characters are just so damned beautiful. When she draws the guys in the onsen? I continue to stare and drool. And I love that she draws the female characters, too, because they're stunningly beautiful under her hand. But honestly? Her Roy is just the ultimate. He's... well, gorgeous. When he draws him in glasses? OH MY GOD SO HOT. *__* I cannot sing the praises of this site high enough, it's beautiful. Totally one of my favorites, just for the amount of swooning I did alone. Just remember... no takey. And normally I don't go on at length about that, but.... (Some Roy/Ed, some gen.)

- Prince of Tennis/Full Metal Alchemist - OVER x REACTION [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I will admit that the art does start out a little simplistic, but I kept clicking because the artist showed potential with her FMA art... and then I got about four or five illustrations in and the artist REALLY tightened up and did what is quite possibly the most beautiful Hawkeye fanart EVER. And then she did a gorgeous RoyEd illustration with these amazing warm colors and a beautiful sense of intimacy without really showing anything... and, yeah, I was pretty much gone by then. Plus, I really like her Prince of Tennis fanart, because she draws Ryoma really cute and rather pretty at the same time and the one TezuRyo illustration on the site is one of the few I like for that pairing. Plus, she did a REALLY NICE FujiRyo illustration and a SUPER ADORABLE Ryoma and Karupin. <3 The whole site wound up being one of those that I just... enjoyed, really. ♥ (Some RoyEd, some RoyAi, some Tenipuri shounen ai without any real themes beyond Ryoma.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - [ English Fanart Site ] - I was pretty much sold immediately from the moment I saw one of the artist's most recent illustrations of a lovely Ed holding a chibi-Mustang-doll that just... it was both pretty and AHAHAHAHAHA SO CUTE. XD Plus, she has a doujinshi page sample that I REALLY liked a lot, because it was layed out really well and because the darkened panel of Roy putting his arm around Ed's shoulders was just... BEAUTIFUL and gorgeous for all that you didn't really see much of it. She also has a really fanastic mock-bookmark with an Ed illustration that I just fell in love with, because I really, really like her use of colors, the warm golden-peach-orange-ish tones that work really well with her style. Just... I LIKE this artist, I guess? (A little Roy/Ed, but a lot of gen, too.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - K E100S [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I'm not sure how to explain why I liked this site. Maybe it was just because it was in my pairing wheelhouse. Maybe it was because the artist had some sort of spark to her drawings. (Because, despite the seeming simplicity, the art REALLY has a lot of detail to it, especially in the uniforms or the backgrounds with books and such.) Maybe it was the gorgeous Hughes family portrait that had me a puddle of goo on the floor. Maybe it was the lovely golden colors to her shading that I liked so much. Maybe it was the ton of fabulous oekaki (some of which were just downright GORGEOUS). Whatever the reason, I found myself enjoying the hell out of this site and really fangirling over a lot of the illustrations. The artist's Ed is really, really good and I find that I have a HELL of time just picking one or two illustrations to specifically point out because they've all got that certain SOMETHING that makes me go *__* "That's cool!" (A little Roy/Ed, but a lot of gen, too.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I knew I was liking the illustrations of Ed when I was clicking through this gallery, but... to be honest, it wasn't until I hit the Winry illustrations that I knew I'd have to put the site on my list because they were two of the most gorgeous Winry illustrations I'd ever seen. Beautiful lines and beautiful colors--one light, airy blue and one these gorgeous, warm golden colors that just... *swoon* she's so preeeeeetty~ And theeeeeeeen~ *sparkles* Just lovely Roy/Ed illustrations (one of which in Roy's trying to kiss Ed, who has his arm transmuted into a blade at Roy's throat that just... made me love them all over again XD) and there's this really kickass b&w sketch of Ed and... yeah, all in all, the artist does a really good job of making fun art (OMG THE ICONS ARE SO CUTE SQUEE I LOVE THEM SO ADORABLE WHEEEEE) that I liked a lot. (A little Roy/Ed, but it's mostly gen.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This site? FUNNIEST THING EVER. I kept hitting reload to watch the little animations because... well, some of them are just sort of cute; adorable little sprites riding on the train or working at their desks or whatever. But occasionally... one will come along that'll have me literally laughing so hard I get a headache. #15 and #16 in succession are the FUNNIEST THINGS EVER. It's been at least three minutes since I watched it and I'm still laughing. #13 and #20 in succession are pretty damn funny, too. I cannot say anything more than that, because they'll ruin the jokes, but... oh! And #14 had me giggling madly, too. And #30. Oh, hell, they were all pretty great. XD (No real warnings/pairings, I wouldn't say. Maybe a little RoyAi, but.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - One of the first things I noticed about this site is that the artist is REALLY GOOD at CG coloring and inking, to the point some of these illustrations look almost on part with the animation itself. The artist's Ed is especially fantastic looking, you can tell she really draws him SO WELL... there's this one of Ed with the most heartbreaking look on his face and tear tracks running down that's just... it's gorgeous. But the site also has its lighter moments--it's just SO MUCH FUN when he's being annoyed at Roy. Whether because he found Roy's little black book or whether it's because it's Dr. Roy sparkling at an annoyed Ed, it's just... fun. Besides, who couldn't love a site with Doctor Roy?? XD XD XD (Some Roy/Ed, some gen.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - Chaos Hearts [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This artist starts out rather shakey and has trouble getting going, but... hell, I had to rec the site just for the INCREDIBLY CUTE chibi neko Ed which was just... EEE OMG SO CUTE EEEEEE I WANNA CUDDLE HIM GIIIIIIVE! XD And the artist does get progressively better, slowly tightening up her art and have some really wonderful illustrations. There are a couple of Roy/Ed ones that practically just shimmer from the colors and softened effects the artist must use and I love it when artists can do that without going too overboard. (There's one of them at sunset, Roy chewing on a piece of Ed's hair, that I just... my Roy/Ed fangirl wibbles over it. ♥) And then there's the usual type of Ed fighting or Roy and Ed with their foreheads pressed together or group illustrations or Ed posing that round the site out and make it worth visiting. (Some Roy/Ed, some gen.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Ohhh, this site is going to be difficult to describe why I like it, why the artist's style works for me, without sounding rather generic. It's just... there's a certain way the artist draws the characters sometimes, something about the way her lines look, that just sorta does it for me. Not in all of them, but you can see it when Roy's got ahold of Ed by the chained collar around his throat (Ufufufufufu, you know how much I loved that one, right? >D) or when Ed's grabbing his watch in the 'Don't Forget' illustration, that just looks... almost sort of elegant. It reminds me of a certain style of doujinshi and it just... it works so well for this artist. Also? As part of one of those theme things, the artist drew an illustration of Lust and Ed that's just absolutely gorgeous and I can't seem to stop staring at it because it's just the right feeling of eerie and traumatizing and pretty that the series itself has. And definitely be sure to check out the oekaki because that style I'm going on about is present there as well and looks awesome. I am utterly taken with the artist's Lust, I really am. *__* So much love for this site. (A lot of gen, and I am only barely putting this in the Roy/Ed catagory because it's rare on the site and really could be almost gen most times.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Okay, see? I have this thing for Havoc and Hawkeye. I know it's not really all that played around with in the canon of the series, but I was pinging off the idea even before I saw any of the J-fanart for it out there and when I did... well, I was just lost then. And I wish this site had more art, but... hell, there's this one of Havoc and Hawkeye dressed in black formal wear that's just so... quitely, simply lovely that I couldn't help falling in love. Plus, I ♥ the artist's oekaki board, which is just... okay, I admit, I'm amused by Havoc in seifuku-wear and the random puppy and kitty versions of the characters and there are often hugging/groping illustrations and... well, the art might not be up to everyone's par, but I loved the site for the FEELING it gave off of the characters. And hooray for Hawkeye not being blushy and froofy all of the time and the nice simplicity of the art. I also really kind of like the watercolor-like colors. ^___^ (Havoc/Hawkey, some Roy/Hawkeye.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - Route 4 [ English Fanart Site ] - You know, one thing about English artists is that they rarely put up sites (or so it seems), so I have a terrible time finding a place to link to them to rec them. It'd seem weird to link to a journal if they only do occasional art posts and perhaps don't want the attention or whatever. So that Sakki has a site that I can actually link to? HOORAY! Because, man, including the Japanese fanart out there, she's still one of my favorite artists--her lines are incredible. They're fine and detailed, but without going too shoujo or getting into "delicate", and when she does any character in military uniform? Especially Ed? OMG LOVE. But it's not just that the characters look gorgeous (I mean, it certainly helps that her art is right in my wheelhouse, the type of lines and style she has. *__*), it's the poses that she puts them in--there's a sketch of several domestic Roy/Ed (the "smarm" one in the ura gallery) that just... reading a book together or sleeping!Ed sprawled across Roy's lap or the morning after exchange of coffee... all of these things just shoot straight into my fangirl soul and make me make those funny squeaking noises. Plus, OMG I love the way she draws Ed's hair, I don't know if it's just that it's usually slightly longer than usual or looks more like real hair or what, but it just makes me ache to be able to run my fingers through it. ....errr, wow, I babble. Badly, too. But, anyway, yes, Sakki of the OMGSOGORGEOUSHOWCANISTEALHERTALENTORFORCEHERTODRAWMOREOMGSOPRETTY art. *coughs* Oh, and it's not JUST Roy and Ed, there are some stunning illustrations of Hawkeye or Winry or OH MY GOD, the one of Hughes and Gracia that is just the BEST THING EVER. Plus, her sketches just... augh, man, go see everything and save me the embarassment of drooling on myself any further, okay? (A LOT of gen, some Roy/Ed/Roy, maybe some light hints at other pairings.)

- Full Metal Alchemist/DNAngel - [ English Fanart Site ] - I had to rec this illustration for the artist's current Featured art, the one of Ed in military uniform with his hair swirling around him because it is flat-out GORGEOUS. Just... wow, I could drool over that one for quite some time. The rest of her FMA fanart is good but! She also does DNAngel fanart! DNAngel fanart of Dark and Krad! Her coloring is really the thing that makes her art, I think, it uses the CG coloring really well and makes her art fun to look at. Plus, I'm totally in love with those two back-to-back Dark/Krad illustrations. Their haaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiir~~ *___* Oh, and that one of Roy and Ed fighting is NICE. +__+ Hopefully this artist will continue to draw and post, she's got a lot of potential. (No out and out pairings, but I might detect some hinting of Dark/Krad, it's hard to tell.)

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