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- Harry Potter/Full Metal Alchemist - [ English Fanart Site ] - I probably came across this artist by looking for her FMA fanart, which is cute and adorable and I love the colors and that kinda-bloody!Roy with his shirt open in the middle of a battle? HOT and it looks damn near official, that's how solidly drawn it is. But the real treat is the artist's Harry Potter Mauraders-era art, which is just... beautiful. Her lines are incredible, her colors are incredible, and her feel for the characters... yeah, yeah, I know what they're probably supposed to look like, but screw JKR, this is my Sirius and Remus. Because... wow, her Sirius is just breath-taking, drop-dead gorgeous and his hair is amazing and his eyes are amazing and the level of skill is professional here, I really think. The one of Sirius and Remus in the middle of a magical battle? The Maruaders group where Sirius' hair has been turned pink by a prank? The "Final Hour" one of James? Just... I have no words for how much they hit home for me and knock me on my ass. I've recommended this artist before for her Gungrave stuff, but I'd never poked too much at her HP stuff before and now that I have... easily, easily one of my favorite HP artists and I'd love to see more FMA from her. (I... don't know that I'd label it with any pairings?)

- Full Metal Alchemist/One Piece - [ English Fanart Site ] - Okay, see, I'm a sucker for any artist that's friendly towards Luffy/Nami art. Especially when they have some nice lines and really nice coloring that looks very professional and cel-like coloring. Then you toss in little Vivi with little Carue and then you toss in a really nice Roy style with little chibi-Eds all over the place and then you toss in a bunch of One Piece character illustrations (including an utterly ADORABLE chibi-Sanji in his cute little cooking outfit) and then you toss in a Luffy/Nami fan-comic and then you toss in kitty!Royxkitty!Ed and then you toss in Ed, Al, and Winry as kids and it's all wrapped up in this really solid art with really great colors and I just had FUN with this artist. Oh! And she also does these really cool FMA bookmark illustrations that I loved and lots and lots of little gag art that always makes me grin or giggle or... well, yes, lots of stuff to enjoy here. <3 (Some Luffy/Nami, some Roy/Ed, a lot of gen, too.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - [ English Fanart Site ] - Haru first showed me this artist's work on her journal and I was quite smitten with her art where she reversed the sins and the main characters (so that Roy, Ed, Al, Winry, Hawkeye, Hughes, etc. were sins, while Lust, Envy, Gluttony, Greed, etc. were military officers and alchemists) because the lineart was fabulous and because it was a really awesome concept and the costumes she drew for the sins were just cool. But there's also this series of illustrations from girlstarfish's AU that are just awesome, they're really capturing the style of the series, but blended with (I assume?) the AU-ishness 1920s feel of the fic. There are also some really great lone illustrations scattered about and just... it's well worth going through everything the artist has put up, I think. (A little pairings here and there, but no single theme to them.)

- Full Metal Alchemist/Juuni Kokki - the Knights [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Holy crap, the art on this site is gorgeous, especially the Juuni Kokki stuff. The FMA stuff is all these... light, golden-colored (note quite sepia, but not just pale blonde, either) illustrations that are lovely; my favorite is probably the one from when Ed and Al were young, playing in the river while Winry sat on the dock and Pinako looked on in the distance, it's just... heart-warmingly lovely. The other great one is of Ed, Al, and Winry again, set in a sort of modern-day school around gradutation, sakura blossoms in the background that just looks terrific. And then. And then you have the Juuni Kokki stuff, which took my breath away with how beautiful it is. Each and every one of them is amazing, there's not a single 12K illustration that's not fantastic. The lines, the details, the colors... my favorite might have to be the one of Youko and Keiki and the rabbit (god, Youko's hair and clothes are amazing), but human!Rakushun with the leaf makes me melt, Kouya is just incredible, and the one of Enki and Taiki is gorgeous and adorable and I spaz over the art here. Quite possibly the best 12K fanart site I've seen. (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - Sakki's arteblog [ English Fanart Site ] - Granted, I've already rec'd Sakki's website, which I believe eventually gets all of the art eventually, but given what massive, wibbling (like, pathetically fangirly, even) love I have for her art, that I think she does some of the best lineart in all of fandom--and I'm including all that J-fanart out there--I had to put the journal on the recs list. One of the things I like is that she so often posts sketches or doodles that are just... even if she only scratched them out in the middle of class, they end up looking just utterly fantastic, she nails the FMA style, while still being distinctive. I love her art because she does things like Christmas illustrations of all the traditional het pairings (OMG, THE IZUMI/SEIG ONE WAS THE GREATEST THING *EVAR*... though, I quite, quite loved the Hughes/Gracia one, too.) or the Roy/Ed/Roy 45 themes that are just brilliant sketches--whether because they're making me laugh or because they're gorgeously hot or because they're shockingly IC domestic stuff, it's just all a treat and one of the art sites/journals that's really just... satisfying. I still say that Sakki is one of the best artists in all of the fandom, I'd put her art up there with any of the J-fanart I see. ....I have such mad, mad love for her art, obviously. ♥ (Lots of RoyEdRoy, some het as well, plus lots of gen, a very wide appeal that I love.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - AE.Mental [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - It's really the illustration of Ed lying back against a leaf-strewn background, his hair undone and spilling around his shoulders, the colors these amazingly vibrant oranges and reds that won me over with this site. The artist does really good things with colors (her basic lines and concepts and proportions and all of that are very solid, but it's the colors that really shine through for me), making them look so beautifully detailed and vibrant. There's also one of Al and Ed standing back to back in the middle of a shower of sparks floating by that's fantastic for the sheer atmosphere of it (the look on Ed's face is really good) and there's a cute one of Ed and Al as chibis and just... lots of really pretty art here that I loved. ♥ Also, holy shit that FMA comic looks great; the sheer intensity of it is amazing. The splash page of Ed is a thing of beauty. *__* And eee! More of Ed in military uniform! I can never get enough of that. (No real warnings/pairings, I don't think?)

- Full Metal Alchemist/Prince of Tennis - cherrywood [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I have a real weakness for this artist's style, the kind that has these soft colors and almost fine-like lines that somehow just work together. Sometimes, the art can skate a little close to shoujo, but it never gets too delicate for me and I wind up really liking the way the characters look, almost with a softened filter over the colors. But it's also for things like the adorable illustration of Ed in glasses or the really disciplined image of Roy, Ed, and Al (which looks like a really nice doujinshi cover) or the adorable oekaki of Roy kissing Ed's hand or the surprisingly really good Ryoma illustrations. There's a birthday one of Ryoma in a top-hat and sparkly tux that should have been just completely WTF?-inspiring, but somehow managed to look GOOD. There's also the one of Ryoma in a normal shirt, looking sleepy that just has fantastic lines. Just... a cute, fun little site that has potential for even more. (Maybe a little Roy/Ed, mostly gen. Seigaku-focus, but gen.)

- Juuni Kokki/Digimon/Full Metal Alchemist - oresame game [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - One of the first things to catch my eye about this site was the OMG CUTE LITTLE 12K SPRITES EEEEEE YAY! But what really won me over with the site were the oekaki-like illustrations that had a surprising amount of detail to them and a lot of them were just really cool. Or adorably cute, like chibi Enki cuddling with chibi Taiki under a tree. Or school!Al and Ed... with Al in his school uniform while still in armor form. >D Or an absolutely adorable one of the Hughes family that I totally wibbled over. Or bored!Youko doodling on a scrool that has Keiki twitching in annoyance and a fiery aura of DOOM in the background. Or warmly colored Harry Potter illustrations of the main trio that somehow fit the book's style so well. (My favorite was probably the Marauders-era one, though. Or possibly the trio one where they decorate Snape like a Christmas tree. That was hysterical.) Or absolutely adorable group Digimon illustrations. (I think the one of Mimi and Lirimon was my favorite, it was just... perfectly colored and detailed and the feel was right for them.) Pretty much any series that this artist tackles, she does wonderfully well, each batch of illustrations is a *treat* to go through. *sparkles* (No real warnings/pairings, I don't think? Maybe some hints, but not enough to warn for.)

- D.Gray-man/Fullmetal Alchemist - Rainbow River [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I know it's been ages since I've recommended much when it comes to FMA fanart, but... I have this extreme love for Korean artists, who have this particular style that just... something about it makes me go all starry-eyed over it. I love, love the way Ed looks, the messy bangs hanging into his face, the beautiful eyes, the gorgeous lines of the face and body... but then you add in those colors? The way they do something that I don't know how to describe? I just go *___* over it. Plus, omg, the one with all the chibis surrounding Ed? Winry and Al on one shoulder, Roy on his hand, the others floating around? SO FREAKING CUTE. And then there's the DGM fanart, which was how I got to the site and I love this style for the series. It's just that hint of spooky and beautiful so that, even if there are only two illustrations now, I am totally keeping an eye on this site. ♥ (No real warnings/pairings, I wouldn't say.)

- Bleach/Fullmetal Alchemist - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - It took me approximately the length of time needed to click through one comic to know that I was going to squee over this site and squee rather hard. Hitsugaya/Matsumoto is a rare-ish pairing (though, by no means nonexistant) and I don't see a lot of fanart for it, so to see a site with comics that are actually quite pretty? Squee. There's a surprising amount of detail in the comics and they can be a little rough in some places, but the artist also has a lovely way with the characters' eyes and even with her earliest work, there's a real discipline to the layouts and arrangements of each page of the comics. The artist's Hitsugaya is one of my favorites, the focus always seems to come back to his eyes, just like it does with KT's art itself. And, god, there are some gorgeous panels of him, especially in profile, with the stories--the "goodbye" comic is probably one of my favorites for that. Though, I think each successive comic gets prettier than the last and just... yes, this site totally did my HitsuMatsu shipper much good. ♥ Also, man, those color illustrations are beautiful. *__* Now, for as long as I've gone on about the Bleach side of the site, I don't want to give the impression that the FMA side wasn't as pretty, despite that I want to keep the rec semi-short. Because, fweeee, RoyEd comics that are just lovely, there are so many panels of either character that just make me want to swoon with the delicate lines of their hair or eyes. And, omg, the log fanart is just... yum. :9 There's something about the art that just hits my buttons in all the right ways. (Hitsugaya/Matsumoto, maybe a little Roy/Ed.)

- Mushishi/Fullmetal Alchemist - Cozy Place [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Okay, I don't care that there are only four illustrations here (though, you can go through the diary art to find one or two more), because, yes, now this is what I'm talking about! The artist doesn't do a "good" job with her latest one of Ginko sitting on the floor and examining scrolls by candlelight, she does a beautiful job of it, she absolutely nails the feeling of the series and the anime-style coloring/lines so that it looks like it could have been a still from the series itself. I so, so, so want her to do more art. *__* The FMA fanart is much the same way, though, you can tell its a little older, which doesn't make it any less pretty, I don't think. The colors are bright without being gaudy, the details are lovely, and they're just overall really strong illustrations. ♥ (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Gurren Lagann/Fullmetal Alchemist/Gintama/Howl's Moving Castle - AuroraVision [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Oh, man, I loved this site right away, the art is totally hot and fantastic looking. Not only does each piece look terrific, with all these strong, smooth lines and really good colors, but the artist draws so many different things. You've got adorable Simon/Nia under the bright blue sky, you've got older Simon and Rossiu looking out over the city, you've got little princess Nia surrounded by toys and looking a little lost, you've got Simon and Viral with their hands around each other's throats, etc. So many of them are so vivid with this artist, the colors she starts using are just gorgeous. ♥ As for the rest of the art, there's not much of a gallery proper, but there's a lot of sketches and diary art tucked away on the site that are absolutely worth going through, the FMA images are lovely (and some of them are so hot and remind me of why I spent so much time with FMA sites in the past) and I think this may be the first Gintama site I've seen in awhile where I'm actually charmed by the art again! *__* (Some Simon/Nia, some Gurren Lagan gen. Mostly gen for FMA and Gintama, I'm going to say. Maybe a little Hijikata/Okita. Howl/Sophie for HMC.)

- Katekyou Hitman REBORN!/Fullmetal Alchemist - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I tried very hard to resist this site, it doesn't have a lot of art and it's mostly oekaki-style illustrations that are here, but... the Roy/Ed was so adorable (or hilarious, the one of Ed practically strangling Roy or the figuring of Ed taking a bath was so ridiculously hilarious ♥) and then the Reborn! section had a cute Kyouko illustration, an adorable Lambo/I-Pin oekaki, and then had Dino/Hibari oekaki. a sdflkajslkjas, I'm weak, okay? There's not a lot of art here and it might not necessarily be for everyone, but I wound up kind of adoring the hell out of this site. It's just cute and fun and made me happy. ♥ (Some Roy/Ed, a smidge of Dino/Hibari, a lot of gen for both series.)

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