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- Full Metal Alchemist - [ English Fanart Site ] - I was pretty much sold immediately from the moment I saw one of the artist's most recent illustrations of a lovely Ed holding a chibi-Mustang-doll that just... it was both pretty and AHAHAHAHAHA SO CUTE. XD Plus, she has a doujinshi page sample that I REALLY liked a lot, because it was layed out really well and because the darkened panel of Roy putting his arm around Ed's shoulders was just... BEAUTIFUL and gorgeous for all that you didn't really see much of it. She also has a really fanastic mock-bookmark with an Ed illustration that I just fell in love with, because I really, really like her use of colors, the warm golden-peach-orange-ish tones that work really well with her style. Just... I LIKE this artist, I guess? (A little Roy/Ed, but a lot of gen, too.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - K E100S [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I'm not sure how to explain why I liked this site. Maybe it was just because it was in my pairing wheelhouse. Maybe it was because the artist had some sort of spark to her drawings. (Because, despite the seeming simplicity, the art REALLY has a lot of detail to it, especially in the uniforms or the backgrounds with books and such.) Maybe it was the gorgeous Hughes family portrait that had me a puddle of goo on the floor. Maybe it was the lovely golden colors to her shading that I liked so much. Maybe it was the ton of fabulous oekaki (some of which were just downright GORGEOUS). Whatever the reason, I found myself enjoying the hell out of this site and really fangirling over a lot of the illustrations. The artist's Ed is really, really good and I find that I have a HELL of time just picking one or two illustrations to specifically point out because they've all got that certain SOMETHING that makes me go *__* "That's cool!" (A little Roy/Ed, but a lot of gen, too.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I knew I was liking the illustrations of Ed when I was clicking through this gallery, but... to be honest, it wasn't until I hit the Winry illustrations that I knew I'd have to put the site on my list because they were two of the most gorgeous Winry illustrations I'd ever seen. Beautiful lines and beautiful colors--one light, airy blue and one these gorgeous, warm golden colors that just... *swoon* she's so preeeeeetty~ And theeeeeeeen~ *sparkles* Just lovely Roy/Ed illustrations (one of which in Roy's trying to kiss Ed, who has his arm transmuted into a blade at Roy's throat that just... made me love them all over again XD) and there's this really kickass b&w sketch of Ed and... yeah, all in all, the artist does a really good job of making fun art (OMG THE ICONS ARE SO CUTE SQUEE I LOVE THEM SO ADORABLE WHEEEEE) that I liked a lot. (A little Roy/Ed, but it's mostly gen.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - One of the first things I noticed about this site is that the artist is REALLY GOOD at CG coloring and inking, to the point some of these illustrations look almost on part with the animation itself. The artist's Ed is especially fantastic looking, you can tell she really draws him SO WELL... there's this one of Ed with the most heartbreaking look on his face and tear tracks running down that's just... it's gorgeous. But the site also has its lighter moments--it's just SO MUCH FUN when he's being annoyed at Roy. Whether because he found Roy's little black book or whether it's because it's Dr. Roy sparkling at an annoyed Ed, it's just... fun. Besides, who couldn't love a site with Doctor Roy?? XD XD XD (Some Roy/Ed, some gen.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - Chaos Hearts [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This artist starts out rather shakey and has trouble getting going, but... hell, I had to rec the site just for the INCREDIBLY CUTE chibi neko Ed which was just... EEE OMG SO CUTE EEEEEE I WANNA CUDDLE HIM GIIIIIIVE! XD And the artist does get progressively better, slowly tightening up her art and have some really wonderful illustrations. There are a couple of Roy/Ed ones that practically just shimmer from the colors and softened effects the artist must use and I love it when artists can do that without going too overboard. (There's one of them at sunset, Roy chewing on a piece of Ed's hair, that I just... my Roy/Ed fangirl wibbles over it. ♥) And then there's the usual type of Ed fighting or Roy and Ed with their foreheads pressed together or group illustrations or Ed posing that round the site out and make it worth visiting. (Some Roy/Ed, some gen.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Ohhh, this site is going to be difficult to describe why I like it, why the artist's style works for me, without sounding rather generic. It's just... there's a certain way the artist draws the characters sometimes, something about the way her lines look, that just sorta does it for me. Not in all of them, but you can see it when Roy's got ahold of Ed by the chained collar around his throat (Ufufufufufu, you know how much I loved that one, right? >D) or when Ed's grabbing his watch in the 'Don't Forget' illustration, that just looks... almost sort of elegant. It reminds me of a certain style of doujinshi and it just... it works so well for this artist. Also? As part of one of those theme things, the artist drew an illustration of Lust and Ed that's just absolutely gorgeous and I can't seem to stop staring at it because it's just the right feeling of eerie and traumatizing and pretty that the series itself has. And definitely be sure to check out the oekaki because that style I'm going on about is present there as well and looks awesome. I am utterly taken with the artist's Lust, I really am. *__* So much love for this site. (A lot of gen, and I am only barely putting this in the Roy/Ed catagory because it's rare on the site and really could be almost gen most times.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - Better Half [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - The artist here has a certain style to her art that's hard to describe, other than that it has very smooth edges and while I don't always like it, I found that this artist was good enough that I was really quite impressed with her art. It's very CG-painting-ish, but she has such a strong sense for details that it works. And, really, I knew I was going to be won over when there was an illustration of Roy in black leather pants and an open vest and a tie and nothing else. *lusts after* Or the one where Roy's biting his tie and his shirt seemingly has a button missing and he could not be the personification of sex more than he is in that image. ^_~ The artist is really great at colors and her art gets better and better as she goes along. ....also, Roy should not be that cute hiding inside a giant cat costume. >_> (Roy/Ed, one non-work-safe illustration so far.)

- Full Metal Alchemist/Naruto - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I feel like I've seen this site before, but I can't find it in my recs, so I'm going to assume that I haven't rec'd it yet. (Aha, I've been to this part of the site before, but not for the FMA stuff.) This artist is just... she's incredible at drawing the characters in the style of the manga... which isn't necessarily my favorite style, but she makes it look really good here. Her Ed - Al illustrations are just SO ADORABLE and SO CUTE, just so perfectly cute with the way the Elric brothers were when they were younger. I'm not sure if it's meant to be Elriccest or what, but I'm going to assume it's not, but stick it into the section anyway. I also find that I really kinda like her Roy/Ed, she does a great job capturing the spirit/feel of the characters, I guess. Plus, there's a TON of art. *twirls* As for the Naruto stuff, she really does a FUN job with the Naruto characters, capturing the sense of... shounen I guess, rather than prettyboy-ifying them, even when they're in 'pretty' situtations. I guess... if you like the style of the manga for each series, you'll probably like this fanartist. (Some gen-Al-Ed, some Roy/Ed, a LOT of gen, and SasuNaru.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - Route 4 [ English Fanart Site ] - You know, one thing about English artists is that they rarely put up sites (or so it seems), so I have a terrible time finding a place to link to them to rec them. It'd seem weird to link to a journal if they only do occasional art posts and perhaps don't want the attention or whatever. So that Sakki has a site that I can actually link to? HOORAY! Because, man, including the Japanese fanart out there, she's still one of my favorite artists--her lines are incredible. They're fine and detailed, but without going too shoujo or getting into "delicate", and when she does any character in military uniform? Especially Ed? OMG LOVE. But it's not just that the characters look gorgeous (I mean, it certainly helps that her art is right in my wheelhouse, the type of lines and style she has. *__*), it's the poses that she puts them in--there's a sketch of several domestic Roy/Ed (the "smarm" one in the ura gallery) that just... reading a book together or sleeping!Ed sprawled across Roy's lap or the morning after exchange of coffee... all of these things just shoot straight into my fangirl soul and make me make those funny squeaking noises. Plus, OMG I love the way she draws Ed's hair, I don't know if it's just that it's usually slightly longer than usual or looks more like real hair or what, but it just makes me ache to be able to run my fingers through it. ....errr, wow, I babble. Badly, too. But, anyway, yes, Sakki of the OMGSOGORGEOUSHOWCANISTEALHERTALENTORFORCEHERTODRAWMOREOMGSOPRETTY art. *coughs* Oh, and it's not JUST Roy and Ed, there are some stunning illustrations of Hawkeye or Winry or OH MY GOD, the one of Hughes and Gracia that is just the BEST THING EVER. Plus, her sketches just... augh, man, go see everything and save me the embarassment of drooling on myself any further, okay? (A LOT of gen, some Roy/Ed/Roy, maybe some light hints at other pairings.)

- Full Metal Alchemist/One Piece - [ English Fanart Site ] - Okay, see, I'm a sucker for any artist that's friendly towards Luffy/Nami art. Especially when they have some nice lines and really nice coloring that looks very professional and cel-like coloring. Then you toss in little Vivi with little Carue and then you toss in a really nice Roy style with little chibi-Eds all over the place and then you toss in a bunch of One Piece character illustrations (including an utterly ADORABLE chibi-Sanji in his cute little cooking outfit) and then you toss in a Luffy/Nami fan-comic and then you toss in kitty!Royxkitty!Ed and then you toss in Ed, Al, and Winry as kids and it's all wrapped up in this really solid art with really great colors and I just had FUN with this artist. Oh! And she also does these really cool FMA bookmark illustrations that I loved and lots and lots of little gag art that always makes me grin or giggle or... well, yes, lots of stuff to enjoy here. <3 (Some Luffy/Nami, some Roy/Ed, a lot of gen, too.)

- Full Metal Alchemist/Gundam SEED - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I have this weakeness for the style that this artist uses. It's... I'm not really sure what to call it, but it's got these delicate lines, but not swirling likes like a lot of shoujo and these beautiful light colors that just make me swoon. These beautiful shades of blue and purple especially, combined with these fine, delicate lines for the faces and hair and hands that just... they totally do it for me. I was immediately entranced with the Roy/Ed stuff (god, her Roy is beautiful especially) and I was even won over by the Ashuran/Kira stuff because... how could I not be? Just... man, those soft, almost pastel colors just utterly do me in. (Roy/Ed, Ashuran/Kira, and maybe a little Dearka/Yzak.)

- Full Metal Alchemist/Gundam SEED - Scalar [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I swear, this site did more for my FMA fannishness lately than I would have thought possible, but... I am such the sucker for Roy/Ed art that's both cute and squee-inducing, especially when you have stuff like Roy ducking under Ed's umbrella in the rain or Ed flopping onto him while reading or Ed sliding a sleeping Roy's boots off or the two of them holding a dog and cat and looking SO FECKING ADORABLE. The artist really has a strong sense for colors that work with the characters and just draws them to look pretty and managed to somehow hit that SQUEE factor for me. And her SEED art has much the same pros that her FMA work does--the lines are clean, fine, and detailed, the colors are soft but not washed out, it's adorable art (even I have to smile at Fraga's hat being way too big for Kira and flopping over his eyes and a sort of "Geeehh!!" posture >D) and is just... you could almost barely tell there were any pairings here, everything's just... friendly and nice. Soothing. I like that. <3 (Roy/Ed and Fraga/Kira.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I have a thing for soft, pretty, "gentle" art and this artist has just enough of these lighter, airy illustrations to tap into that fondness of mine. But it's also that she draws adorable cat-eared art, that as she goes along, her Ed gets to be REALLY good--there's one of him smirking, holding out his hands and a white transmutation circle between them that's really good--and even has one really hot Greed illustration that also won me over with the site. There are also a handful of cute comics and, all in all, it was a fun site. (Roy/Ed.)

- Full Metal Alchemist/Fruits Basket - Hazy Moon [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This is going to be a re-rec for the Fruits Basket section (also a change of the URL), but I wanted to re-do it all the way around, so. The Kyou/Tohru illustrations on the site are some of my utter, utter favorites--Kyou is utterly gorgeous, Tohru is sweet and adorable, and the details and colors as the artist progresses... some of them are truly stunning. The one of Kyou and Tohru standing back to back while wearing winter clothes, snow falling around them, sharing the one big scarf is just beautiful, the one of Tohru with reindeer!kitty!Kyou and Santa-hat!mouse!Yuki is brilliant, the Halloween Kyouru one is fantastic, and school/graduating!Kyou and Yuki underneath the sakura trees is gorgeous, one of the most beautiful Furuba fanarts out there, I think. Kyou's face is just... wow. And then there's the Full Metal Alchemist section, which is much smaller, but contained just enough gorgeous work (and that I hope they'll do more) that I had to include it. Ed in glasses and surrounded by books at night is beautiful, the Ed and Al ones are cute, the Roy ones are pretty, but it's the illustration of Roy leaning over Ed, sliding his gloved hand down Ed's open shirt that's just... really quite amazing, the expressions on their faces are fantastic. The site is worth going for that one illustration alone, I think. Beautiful colors, beautiful poses, beautiful art all the way around, I adore this artist. (Some Kyou/Tohru, some Roy/Ed.)

- Harry Potter/Full Metal Alchemist - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - *happy purr* Oh, this is more of the fun stuff when it comes to HP fanart, this artist's current stuff, what with the lovely shading and soft, glowy colors, and the lovely details--there are several illustrations on the site that make me want to flutter around the room a bit, like Maruaders-era!Sirius and Remus wrapped up in their cloaks and sitting outside or Remus and Padfoot (there are at least three on the site that I adored) or whatever else have you. The earlier stuff is a bit rough, but her current work is lovely and I'd love to see more from the artist. Now, the FMA stuff I am in love with, because the lines and shading and colors are so pretty, because the details are fantastic, the poses fantastic, and it's just... really GOOD art. These ones start out good and just get better and better, I love some of the current stuff--like Ed lying on the roof with Black Hayate on his chest while Roy watches in the background or Roy and Ed under a pile of cats--their faces especially look beautiful. *fangirls* (Maybe a little Sirius/Remus, Roy/Ed.)

- Prince of Tennis/Eyeshield 21/Full Metal Alchemist/Uninhabited Planet Survive - Dog Tail [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - ....I can't believe I wound up on a site with UPS art. I mean, I've only seen the first five episodes or so, but it's enough to know that I kinda like it and enough for me to recognize the characters and be astounded that they were so pretty. The artist does light and airy lines, soft colors and it all comes together wonderfully--I am in love with her Kaoru especially. Her Prince of Tennis stuff is the kind that's all over the map (though, with a strong fondness for putting Fuji with people, mostly intra-Seigaku pairings), continuing the soft lines and bright colors that somehow really work for me. And, okay, I admit that it was probably the two Tezuka/Fuji illustrations that won me over--they're beautiful. Tezuka and Fuji with the racket between them and the looks on their face...! Or the beautiful blue shades used in the one where Tezuka has his arm slung around Fuji's shoulders? I swoon. As for FMA, her Ed is gorgeous, her Roy is gorgeous, her RoyEd is gorgeous, I really liked her Havoc/Ed stuff, that one of Roy vs Envy was SO COOL, and despite that I'm not talking as much about them, I think her FMA work might be the strongest. Though, her Eyeshield 21 stuff has some great lines and I flail over her beautiful Shin/Sakuraba. Excellently done, really. Just... the whole site is worth going through. ♥ (Lots of shounen-ai, Fuji-pairings, Shin/Sakuraba, RoyEd, HavocEd, and possibly others.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - Sakki's arteblog [ English Fanart Site ] - Granted, I've already rec'd Sakki's website, which I believe eventually gets all of the art eventually, but given what massive, wibbling (like, pathetically fangirly, even) love I have for her art, that I think she does some of the best lineart in all of fandom--and I'm including all that J-fanart out there--I had to put the journal on the recs list. One of the things I like is that she so often posts sketches or doodles that are just... even if she only scratched them out in the middle of class, they end up looking just utterly fantastic, she nails the FMA style, while still being distinctive. I love her art because she does things like Christmas illustrations of all the traditional het pairings (OMG, THE IZUMI/SEIG ONE WAS THE GREATEST THING *EVAR*... though, I quite, quite loved the Hughes/Gracia one, too.) or the Roy/Ed/Roy 45 themes that are just brilliant sketches--whether because they're making me laugh or because they're gorgeously hot or because they're shockingly IC domestic stuff, it's just all a treat and one of the art sites/journals that's really just... satisfying. I still say that Sakki is one of the best artists in all of the fandom, I'd put her art up there with any of the J-fanart I see. ....I have such mad, mad love for her art, obviously. ♥ (Lots of RoyEdRoy, some het as well, plus lots of gen, a very wide appeal that I love.)

- Full Metal Alchemist/Prince of Tennis - cherrywood [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I have a real weakness for this artist's style, the kind that has these soft colors and almost fine-like lines that somehow just work together. Sometimes, the art can skate a little close to shoujo, but it never gets too delicate for me and I wind up really liking the way the characters look, almost with a softened filter over the colors. But it's also for things like the adorable illustration of Ed in glasses or the really disciplined image of Roy, Ed, and Al (which looks like a really nice doujinshi cover) or the adorable oekaki of Roy kissing Ed's hand or the surprisingly really good Ryoma illustrations. There's a birthday one of Ryoma in a top-hat and sparkly tux that should have been just completely WTF?-inspiring, but somehow managed to look GOOD. There's also the one of Ryoma in a normal shirt, looking sleepy that just has fantastic lines. Just... a cute, fun little site that has potential for even more. (Maybe a little Roy/Ed, mostly gen. Seigaku-focus, but gen.)

- Fullmetal Alchemist/Gintama - haiao [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Another site I gank off myth720~ This one is actually probably more for the FMA art than the Gintama art, much to my surprise, but it was a handful of the rough illustrations on the site that won me over--normally, I don't always go for the more "harsh" lineart like this, but there's just something about Roy pressing a kiss to gunbu!Ed (with PONYTAIL instead of a braid! *__*) or Ed walking down a flight of stairs with a book in his hand or nighttime with Roy practically collapsing on Ed, who's wrapping arms around him or Ed pressing his face to Roy's chest and grabbing at his uniform that just sort of win me over. XD (And chains! Who doesn't like seeing Ed in metaphorical chains being tied to military!Roy?) But the Gintama art is actually pretty good, too--there are a handful of Kagura illustrations that look nice (her standing in front of the big dog-thing that I can't remember the name of is great and I kinda like the one of her standing next to Okita) and the style sort of seems to fit the manga. I liked this site. <3 (Roy/Ed, no Gintama pairings, really.)

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