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- Full Metal Alchemist - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Gaki pointed this site out to me after I finally started watching the series, because it had an illustration of Roy leaning over Edward, who had his back to the wall in the oekaki gallery that was eeriely reminiscent of what we were discussing that night. And then poking around the rest of the site, the artist does beautiful work; it's a shame she doesn't draw more. *___* Her regular illustrations are just fabulous (especially the one of Roy smiling and pressing his forehead to Edward's), but it was really the junk galleries that made me fall in love. There are three Roy/Ed illustrations on the first page that are currently some of my absolute FAVORITES in the fandom, because Roy pulling his coat over Edward's head while it's raining, and Edward's resultant cranky blush, is the CUTEST THING EVER. God, I'm in love. Beautiful, beautiful work here. (Some Roy/Edward.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - This is one of the first sites I stumbled over with art I really could go *___* over; there are a lot of FMA sites that are okay (and that I'm sure I'll come back to when I've run out of other sites to rec), but this is one of the first few that made me fall in love. The artist's work seems to fairly glow and I love that effect when used properly! The lines are gorgeous, I think I actually enjoyed some of her sketches better than I did her full colored art, though, those are lovely as well. That very first one of Edward? Beautiful. A nice way to start out the fandom. (Mostly gen, a little bit Roy/Ed.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - SHN [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I wasn't originally going to rec this site (there's not much in the gallery proper and the proportions tend to be occasionally off) until I got to the sketches gallery, where the artist's work is actually really quite good. The (current) top illustration is absolutely friggin' adorable though, Ed is darling and the little puppet of Roy makes me squee with delight because it's so damned cute! The real highlight of the site, though, is that sketches gallery, the lines are smooth and clean and really pretty--some of the illustrations are fantastic. Her strong lineart really comes through when you take the colors out (Plus! RoyxEd! *HAPPY FANGIRL*) or when she's doing her other strength--which is cutecuteCUTE illustrations in the gallery proper. Like a Halloween Ed in a witches outfit or little chibi-esque Roy watching himself on TV or neko!Roy leaning on neko!Edward. Sooooo cute. (Some RoyxEd.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I knew I was likely to rec this site from the traditional images, but when I got to the sketches? Holy christ, I was in love--the sketches are exactly the kind of art that make me flail and fall even harder in love with a series than I already was. The art is good, gorgeous really, but it's also the connection between the character, the looks on their faces, the way they're draped across each other, etc. There's one of Ed draped across Roy's lap in bed while they're both reading (and it's largely innocent, too!) that just made me swoon. There's an illustration of Edward wrapped up in Roy's jacket (while Roy tries to hide his laughter and Ed glares at him) that's just darling. And so on. The color gallery is nice, too (especially the one of Roy leaning in to kiss Edward), the artist has a strength with lineart and I really like her shading, too. But those sketches.... *swoon* I can honestly say this is one of my favorite FMA sites now, it's just... perfect. *hanyan~* (RoyxEd.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - This was another one of those sites that I debated about for a bit on whether or not I was going to rec it, because some of the art seemed a little off, but... the artist has a strong sense for colors and the feeling some of her art invoked was enough for me. There's one of Ed crying against Roy's shoulder that just touched me and then there was one of Roy picking Edward up like he weighed nothing that royally amused me, and so on. Plus, well, I'm a sucker for RoyxEd, even if the art is a bit off at times. ^______^ (RoyxEd.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - frost blooms [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - What I liked so, so much about this artist was two things--one, her sense of colors is beautiful, very soft and delicate and shaded wonderfully. Which compliments the second thing I loved--the lovely, delicate lines of her drawings; combined with the lovely colors, the art is just... pretty. I think her b&w art may actually be her strongest (it shows off the strength of her lines and shading), but I'll admit to wibbling more over the color ones instead. Plus, the Roy/Ed friendliness didn't hurt my feelings at all. XD (Some RoyxEd.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - falseness [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Not all of the art on this site is to my personal taste (it can be a little off sometimes), but then you've got an illustration of Roy that has fabulous lines to it and lovely shading that almost looks like colored pencil done right or an illustration of Roy and Ed in what looks like very rumpled clothing, and I cave. ^_~ There's also an absolutely gorgeous illustration of Hawkeye and some of the ones of Edward are beautiful. So this was a nice site with some very solid art and I liked it quite a lot. ^_^v (Maybe a little Roy/Ed.)

- Juuni Kokki/Full Metal Alchemist/Initial D - mk [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I will admit that the art can be a little off in a lot of ways, especially the lines, but what won me over with this site was the amount of details in it, they're gorgeous for that and the colors are nicely soft and fitting for such a traditional/old-fairy-tale-like, almost water-color like.. The artist also does a very nice variety of characters--there're a couple of Rakushin that are just fantastic and there's also one of Tai-ou and Taiki that just made me wibble with love--and some fantastic poses. There's also one of younger Taiki outside with his arms spread out and wind swirling around him that's just beautiful. *___* (Oh! Oh! And Tai-ou and En-ou! *_____* Gorgeous.) And then came the Full Metal Alchemist art. *_____* The art strengthens up from the Juuni Kokki art and becomes just stunning, the colors, the lines, the shading, the poses... it's all gorgeous. There are a couple of Roy illustrations that took my breath away (especially the one of him fully-clothed in the bath *fawns*) and a couple of illustrations of Roy and Hughes that were just amazingly drawn. But it was the RoyxEd on this site that sent me into FLAILING fangirl mode that I loved best. This is what I look for on a site. Plus, the Havoc/Hawkeye illustrations were great! *happy swoons* I'm also adding this into the Initial D section, because there are three fanart illustrations--one of Keisuke, one of Ryousuke, and one of Takumi--that are just STUNNING. Especially Ryousuke. *pants, lusts after* The level of details is fantastic, the colors beautiful, and the lines superb. I need more from this artist. *___* (Random hints at JK pairings, some RoyxEd.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I just had to rec this site because I've fallen for the way the artist draws--it's kind of got a sketchy quality to it and while the proportions can sometimes be off, the artist's eye for the layout of an illustration and her lovely use of colors and shades more than made up for that with me. She can also do some of the most intense eyes for Edward and I'm always a sucker for that sort of thing... well, that and Roy/Ed kissing, which always makes me very happy. I'm not sure how else to describe this artist's style, just... that I liked it a lot, even beyond the light Roy/Ed touch to it. (Some Roy/Ed.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - True, there's not a lot of art here just yet, but I had to rec this site because of the light smut that made me twirl around the room with delight. The very last one, with Edward biting Roy's glove off has beautiful lineart (even if I admit Edward looks much younger than he should), the level of detail and strength of the inking is amazing. The artist also does really cute art of Roy with a little chibi-esque Roy and her coloring is really nice (I'm especially fond of the shades of blue she's used *___*) and this was just a good site to get another FMA fix from. *happy sigh~* (Some Roy/Ed.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I do admit that this artist's Edward looks far, far too young (he looks about ten rather than a smallish fifteen), but I can't help rec'ing the site anyway, because her lineart is excellent and I adore the soft usage of color, which feels so light and airy most of the time. The other thing that helped win me over was that I really like the way the artist draws Roy and any time someone draws Edward in Roy's far-too-big-for-him military coat gets a lot of points from me. ^_~ And that's a lot of what won me over--the Roy/Ed stuff, while rather shota here, is cute and really sweet and I couldn't help liking it anyway. >_> (Roy/Ed.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - This is yet another site that I wasn't sure I was going to rec at first, but after I started poking around, after I got a feel for the site, I fell so absolutely in love with it. The comics are fabulous, especially because there are so many of them, but because they're exactly the kind of thing I wanted to see. Roy and Edward being cute and pretty and just a teensy bit grabby; there are several illustrations of Roy wrapping his arms around Edward that are breathtaking for their loveliness and intensity despite being sketches. The lines of the art are wonderful, there's a very sketch-like quality to the art, but sometimes those turn out to be my favorites, because color doesn't get in the way and distract you from the lines or the focus on little details (like Edward's hands grasping at Roy's coat or the expressions on their faces). The artist has a very light touch, but she uses that to her advtange along with putting the characters into a multitude of different poses/situations and I could not click through the galleries fast enough in my haste to see more, more, more. Even more than the beautiful quality to the art, even more than the sparkly Roy/Ed wonderfulness, I loved the satisfied feeling I had after getting through this site. So rarely do I get that sated feeling from a site by the time I'm done. I shall treasure this site. (Roy/Ed and some Havoc/Hawkeye.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Gaki showed this site to me and spammed me with a bunch of random illustrations from it and I just fell in love. The artist's style is very sketchy and the colors are very watercolor-y, so it may not appeal to everyone's tastes, but I wound up liking it so much because of the feeling to the images. The colors were used very effectively, giving the illustrations a sense of being paintings rather than digital artwork. I'm also absolutely, wildly in love with the artist's Roy, who I would gladly bear his flaming, sparkly, sarcastic, fruity, gay babies. Seriously. *____* Edward is also beautifully done, you can feel the angst of the character coming through, but you can also feel his determination and that strength of personality he has. Plus? Any site that has Roy kissing Edward in the library done so beautifully and subtly, wins my love. But there's also this one of Roy that's just painted in red, covered in flames that's just... holy fuck it's gorgeous and intense. *___* (No single pairing theme, but elements of Roy/Ed, Hughes/Roy, maybe a little Ed/Al, but it's also very gen-friendly.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - HR [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - This is another site that Gaki pointed out to me and that I am utterly IN LOVE WITH. The artist's lineart is beautiful in both her colored illustrations and her sketches and her coloring is fabulous. I can't decide which I like better between the two--her colored art is more polished and just beautiful, but her sketches have even more amazing lineart and hints of Roy/Ed. The second one in the junk gallery, with Roy kissing the top of cranky!Edward's head, just makes me melt from how beautiful it is and the lines of the fifth one (where he's kissing Edward's forehead this time) are just flat-out amazing. Beautiful, beautiful work with both the technical level and the feeling behind the art. I LOVE. (Some light Roy/Ed.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - Honey Drop [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Oooh, this is one of those sites that is a large part of the reason I was so hyped about getting to FMA fanart, because the art is excellent. The lines and colors are really professional looking, the coloring damn near perfect and the expressions/poses so darned cute. The artist especially does a great job with Edward, the lines of his face and clothes are wonderful. The RoyxEd stuff is absolutely adorable as well, especially the third one where Roy is practically smirking. XD The icons are also adorable and there's a fabulous illustration of Lust. *___* Add in some cute oekaki art and you've got a nice, fun site here that I enjoyed a lot. ^_^v (Some Roy/Ed.)

- Full Metal Alchemist/Harry Potter - C-WAIN [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Oh, my god, I am in love with this site, the art is just gorgeous. The artist has a very, very strong sense for subdued colors, fabulous lines, amazing shading, and a ton of details in a lot of the illustrations. These things are all well and good and make me swoon, but more than that, it's the feel of the art that entrances me so. Her characters are gorgeous and she has a sense for being able to put them into poses that are very... powerful and impactful, somehow. Just... seriously, wow. One of the best sites out there. Not to mention her comics are incredible, just gorgeous (oh, my god, the lineart of the comics is stunning)--I'd love to comment on some of my favorites, but, really, they're ALL flat-out amazing. And then there's the Harry Potter fanart. Which is just stunning. I have not the words. Well. Okay. Yes, I do. I was talking with Gaki while crawling all over the site, and there was this one illustration of James, and I said: "Oh, my god, JAMES. I WOULD BEAR HIS PRONGY BABIES EVEN IF THEY WERE TARGETED BY HE WHO MUST NOT BE NAMED." But it wasn't just that one, each of the HP illustrations was incredible. The level of detail and the almost gothic, but so incredibly not pretentious about it... fuck, I'm in love. Quite possible one of the most beautiful sites I've seen EVER. (Some RoyxEd.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - BC_h [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - You know, I honestly couldn't decide which I liked better from this site, the artist's regular art or her oekaki/junk illustrations. Her regular art can occasionally be a bit off, a little too rounded, but then she'll do something less polished and it'll have this gorgeous intensity to it, when Roy's about to kiss Ed or just wrapping his arms around the smaller boy or smirking like the bastard he is. There is, however, a 'cover' illustration of Ed with someone's hand (XD) on his face that's just stunning with how beautiful it is. All in all, a very cute site that I enjoyed a lot and it had about-to-kiss illustrations. That doesn't happen often enough. ^_~ (RoyxEd.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - Mafia [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - The first thing I noticed on this site was a hysterical illustration of Edward and Envy wearing each other's clothes... with poor Ed embarassed as hell. XD XD Then going through the gallery more and more I fell in love with the artist's illustrations, she draws very well, getting the emotion of the images across--especially in one where Ed is holding Roy's battered bloody body. T_____T But there are some fabulous RoyxEd illustrations that fall in line with what I love about the pairing--Roy teasing the hell out of poor Edward and getting him super-pissed off. Beyond that, the lines are very nice and the colors are fantastic, some of them look really professional. Delving into the comics, I'm even more in love, because her lineart is fantastic and really evocative. Plus, it helps that every so often she draws smut. And the series of Ed-as-an-actual-chibi/kid is PRICELESS. I laughed SO HARD. <3333 The whole site is just one of those that made me sparkle and reaffirmed what I loved about these characters in the first place. Just... LOVELY. *purrs* (Some Roy/Ed, some Other/Ed.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - Kognak [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Oh, my god, this art is gorgeous. Just jaw-droppingly beautiful, in my opinion. The details are incredible, the lines fabulous, and the colored shading just amazing--rather than the entirety of the site winning me over, it was each individual illustration that felt like a whole, complete work of art. Which is an odd thing to say, I imagine, but that's the impression I was left with when I finished going through this site--and what I'm trying to say is that each and every individual illustration was so fantastic that it looked... complete, there was nothing else I could have asked for with it. Roy and Edward were just gorgeous, I cannot fawn over the artist's skill enough. Guh. Quite possibly one of my favorite FMA sites now. *___* (Some light Roy/Ed.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I knew right from the top illustration of Roy and Ed that I would probably be rec'ing this site, but going through the gallery... oh, most definitely, yes, I'm going to rec this site, because the art... hmm, how to describe it? The bulk of the artist's work is mostly b&w with a yellow/gold/orange color to it instead of gray, which works really, really well for it. I'm absolutely in love with the artist's Roy, whose smirk and/or smoldering looks she captured perfectly. Edward is absolutely adorable and just so cute--I get the same reaction off him here that I do in the series itself... I wanna hug him into little pieces before drop-kicking him over the Colonel. The artist's lines are clean with just a hint of sketchiness to them that further adds to the appeal. Very, very nice site. *___* (Some light Roy/Ed.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - Whinny! [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I admit, I hesitated for a moment or two before deciding to rec this site, because the artist starts off a little shakey, but... by the time I hit the fifth or so illustration, she was doing fabulous work, just completely and utterly what I love about J-fanart sites. Her coloring is wonderful, very, very skilled and the shading lovely. Her lines are wonderful and the details of the art really well-done as well. But... well, yes, it's the feeling from her art I get that I love so much, it's the *____* I do when I see her Roy, it's the way I want to pick Ed up and huggle him to little pieces. It's the way Roy occasionaly pins Edward to the table or picks him up (much to Edward's annoyance XD) or the way Roy holds a book out of Ed's reach or the nearly manic grin on Ed's face sometimes. I just... flutter. Happily. *sparkles* (Some Roy/Ed.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - + QUALLE + [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - The art of this site is very cute, it uses its CG style very well, with some very pretty color shading and some very cute/nice lines. It's not uber-hyper-cutesy, but it's just cute enough to definitely leave me with an impression of adorableness. The reason this one makes my recs list is because some of the individual illustrations are fantastic, like the one of a naked Edward (or so I assume >:3 ) wearing Roy's military jacket sitting on Roy's lap or the one of Ed standing back to back with Roy in a field somewhere at sunset/sunrise that had some of the most gorgeous colors I've ever seen or the one where Roy's pushing Ed up against the wall and kissing his ear... yeah, I have a weakness for that sort of thing. Plus, a lot of others I'm not going to describe lest this rec take up three pages. *hanyan~* Very, very nice site that just made me happy to go through it. (Roy/Ed.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - Wandering Alien [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - There's not much art in the gallery proper of this site, nor too much in the sketches section, but... I hit the comics and fell in love. While I like the color images quite a lot, both they and the sketches (obviously) had a very sketchy feeling to them and the comics were sharp and inked wonderfully, really tightening the artist's work up. The ten-paged comic is my favorite probably because it ends with what's probably the most beautiful illustration on the page--Roy watching Ed sleep and pulling the blanket up around both of them--not only is it sweet, but it's beautifully drawn. *swoons* The rest of the comics are just as beautifully drawn--the inking and shading are wonderful, the lines delicate but not girly, the attention to detail wonderful, and the skill level very professional. I love. (Roy/Ed.)

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