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- Full Metal Alchemist - Learning Curves by Vikki - Chessfic, chessfic, chessfic! God knows how long I've been whining for this and, hell, I was just hoping for some cute interaction between Roy and Ed over a chessboard, but this... this was so much MORE. The parallel between the chess game and the way the rest of the world works was beautifully done, you barely even realized it was being worked in until Ed himself picked up on it, realizing just what Roy was trying to show him. I just... I FLAIL with happiness over this, because Roy's teaching Ed some very important things here, but doing so in a way that both fits with the character and in a way Ed can genuinely learn from, rather than just hitting him over the head with it. (Which I love because Roy has always been about letting Ed figure things out for himself, which makes him stronger and better prepared the next time.) The characterization of this piece was also just clever and sparkled and was so fucking perfect that it made my teeth hurt, because these were the characters I know and seeing them in this situation... it's so very much exactly what I wanted. Ed being cocky, Roy smacking him down, but in a way that he learns from it and comes back even stronger (only to get smacked down again, but he keeps getting back up and keeps getting stronger XD), and in such lovely writing that the scene just popped right into my head, crystal clear. ....I could totally go on for days about this, couldn't I? >_> (No pairings/warnings.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - Dogtags by White Cat - (Note: Spoilers for episode 25/chapter 15.) Just... ow. Considering I read this fresh on the heels of episode 25 (though, I'd known what would happen for months beforehand), it just... it settles a heavy weight over my fangirl heart, but done in a powerful, beautiful way. The writing of this piece is lovely and never heavy-handed; it hurts so much because it's not overdone or overly dramatic, just enough little details to make me feel the piece. And I mentioned the owowowmommyow, right? ;____; (Spoiler warning, no pairings, except Hughes+Gracia referenced.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - Words in the Heart by Jaelle - I loved this fic because I could just see it happening, could see it being like so many things in the FMA universe--it starts out cute and funny, but turns into something more meaningful somewhere along the way and completely natural for it. (I love that the fic never really felt manipulative for it--it genuinely felt like it would go in this direction. *sparkles*) The writing was wonderfully detailed, bringing all sorts of little moments right to crystal clarity in my head (my favorite, of course, being the time with Roy XD) and the reactions of the characters spot-on. And the way the fic ended... just absolutely perfect. So much fun, yet such a telling and touching story. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - To Pay With Love Only by Harukami - (Note: Spoilers for episode 25/chapter 15.) Why do fic authors want to make me cry? WHY? Is it because they're hurt and their suffering is only allievated when they share their misery twicefold on me? Is it? Huh? HUH? In other words... *deep breath* WAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! This is another one of those stories done just right to the point that it hurts my little fangirl heart and makes me want to cry, because I can SEE it, because it hurts, because it's beautiful and poignant and sad. I can't pinpoint a single, particular moment that I liked the most (not without spoiling it), but it's beautifully written, the tone exactly right and the pacing perfect. throat hurts now. (Spoiler warning, no pairings, except Hughes+Gracia referenced.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - At A Cost, The Door, Fiat Roomate, In Silence, and The Road by Branch - I've been sitting here for about two minutes, tapping my fingers on the keys and attempting to figure out what to say about this series of fics and eventually realized that to at least get started, I was going to have to babble about that. ^_~ Anyway, the thing I liked about this series was the sense of time going on, of new things happening, of people moving forward with their lives. I also fucking ♥ Maria Ross so, so, so much in these stories and I think they might be my favorite scenes so far. (I love her and wish more people would write about her--Ed so desperately could use someone like her in his life, really.) I also like the feeling you get from there being an actual plot here, that with each story, things and time move forward bit by bit--one of the things we sadly don't get enough of (though, I can perfectly understand why, what with both the manga and anime still going on) are fics that deal with the politics of the FMA world, so this is a nice little fix for that. And, of course, I'm not reading into the Roy - Ed interaction at all, noooooo. *whistles innocently and looks at the ceiling* (To be fair the, fics are gen and the author doesn't necessarily intend hints at any pairings, but my little slash brain will read into just about anything. ^_~) (No warnings/pairings--maybe a few spoilers.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - Train Rides by Vikki - Edward takes to train rides like a fish to water. Many people find that it gives them motion sickness, but Edward falls asleep as if the natural rocking of the train is the rocking arms of his mother. This is one of those short little fics from Vikki that I adore seeing because they just... they feel right to me, because they fit with what I know of the characters, and because they bring all these pictures to mind that I just adore. Because stories like this show that... it's hard to put into words, but that whole feeling of how much they hurt, how much they hurt each other, Ed and Al, even without meaning to, yet mean the world to each other and each manages to carry the other through the day even at the very quietest moments like this. It sounds cheesy and corny when I say it like this, but the fic is lovely. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - Drabble Challenge by Harukami - I debated about how to rec these at first, but the Harukami solved the problem for me by linking all of them in one handy post and I went *ufufufufufu* and gleefully set about trying to figure out how to talk about them. Of course, the obvious thing I liked is that they were all little bite-sized fics that were just the right length for my attention span lately (when I sit down to read fic, I like to tear through it, but otherwise, if I'm just sort of diddling around on-line, I like bite-sized stuff) and each were a different, cute/funny/scary/painful/wonderful/sparkly/smutty/interesting idea. The very last one is my favorite for obvious reasons, but I laughed muchly at the April Fool's one and wibbled madly over "Weaponry" because I loveloveloved the Roy introspection and I mentioned the *____*'ing over #27, yes? *fangirls* All the other usual things apply--wonderful writing, funny humor, thoughtful insights into the characters, and so on. I'll scoot along now. >_> (Ranging G to NC-17, half pairings, half gen. Too much to list, really.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - Drabble collection #2 by Vikki - I swear, I think I've rec'd nearly everything Vikki's written, but... well, she just... she has all these ideas in her work that I want to see played out and she doesn't just do a half-assed job, they're genuinely clever or funny or touching or hot or whatever. Sometimes, when I get a little burnt on a massive fanart hunt, she'll write one of these little things for me and it'll just... perk me right up and get me through the rest of my fangirl evening. It's hard to explain why that means I think everyone else should read it, too, so instead I'll just say: GO READ THEM NOW. ^_~ It's just... they're bite-sized, they're fun, they're sparkly little ideas, they're well-written, and they're those little images that stay with me. They compliment the fanart they're based off of and some of them end up being some of my favorites--the one where Roy's sleeping on Ed? I still wibble over that one because it's their kind of schmoop--it's not sappy, it's not corny, it's not even terribly sweet, it just subtly shows their comfort levels with each other and doesn't make a huge deal of it. Also? Roy and Ed babysitting Winry and Al's kids? OMGLUFF. ♥ And the AU with Roy getting to Ed before they leave to see Izumi-sensei? .....seriously? I love. And just... yeah, I loved the characterization that says so much without having to take a mallet to my head, the characterization that I can just see. ....yes, this rec sucks, but if nothing else, this is a good example of how these drabbles make me just fangirl so hard. ♥ (Some gen, some Roy/Ed, one NC-17 drabble.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - Calling by Asuka - (Spoilers for episode 25/chapter 15.) Were it ever to have happened, she had expected a phone call. Her husband had always used the phone to call her from work, and that's how she assumed the military worked. This was... it was heart-breaking and lovely and sad and beautifully written and touching and all the things a post-You-Know-What should be. It was just... I could believe these portrayals of the characters, I could just see them in my head, and it was filled with love little lines like the above that made it a wonderful little story. Plus, it made me hurt in just the way it was supposed to. (Spoiler warning.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - mirror pieces by WhiteCat - This was... wow. Every once in awhile (and more often than I'd care to admit, I suppose >_>), a fic comes along that just... it entrances me for whatever reason--the writing is beautiful, the premise is great, whatever. And sometimes the author manages to do all that and weave this... atmosphere, for lack of a better word, that practically has me in knots the entire time I'm reading it. The way WhiteCat wrote what happened in this story, it felt so... visceral. I mean, yes, yes, great dialogue, beautiful writing, characterization that was so good it made my teeth ache, but it was that feeling like I'd been smacked in the stomach with a two by four that really stood out for me with this story. That and the beautifully drawn parallels between Roy and Ed, the way this felt... REAL, I guess. It's much the same feeling I get after watching a particularily hellish episode of the series itself, that was the drained feeling I was left with at the end. Which is a GOOD THING. ♥ (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - Plans by Keraha - This was... you know, considering the author slapped an "OOC Al" warning on the beginning of the fic, I was expecting something a little different, but what this was was a... ehhhh, it's hard to put into words, because it wasn't quite "cute", but neither was it terribly angsty, either. It's one of those things I don't necessarily go, "OMG YES HE SO DOES THAT" after I read, but I'm also left with the feeling that, yes, Al COULD do that and I LIKED the idea of it--Al spends fifteen minutes every day planning what he's going to do when he can feel things again. The reason the fic worked for me--besides the excellent use of examples and the natural, almost-stream-of-conscious flow of the piece that worked wonderfully, oh, oh, and the cute, I'm-totally-reading-into-it thoughts about Winry ♥--was because it was barely even bittersweet, it was actually more of a sweet, uplifting thing. If Al were going to think about these things every day... THIS is how he would, I think. I really liked this piece. ♥ (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - Roses by Keraha - ....................this was... powerful, I think. Because the imagery the author uses with the roses, with the subtle undertone of tragedy the story somehow manages to radiate without ever really touching on it (except at one point, which you'll know), because it's a sweetly told story... I just... the roses... the interaction... the way the ending just got to me... it was fantastically done. The thing that I liked sososososo much here was exactly that theme that revolved around the flowers--Alicia Hughes lives in a house where roses never die.--was just... amazingly used to convey so many things that I can't even put into words. (Oh, leave me alone, at the time of this rec, I've been up all night and I'M INCOHERENT, Y0. J00 go read now anyway. *fangs*) (No warnings/pairings, except character death.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - Better by Maaya - As with almost any new authors, I never know what to expect when I start to read the story, but I really liked the opening line of this fic: His memories, Edward thought, were bound to someday become oh-so bitter reminders of a happy past he couldn't reach. And what followed was a beautifully done little piece about Ed's memories and the way he looks at them; the tone is... not quite bitter, I'd almost say it was pained more than anything else and that really, really worked for how I see Ed. Because it wasn't a manipulative angstfest, just a... dammit, this rec is so not capturing the FEEL of this piece, which I loved. Just go read it. It's good and it'll make you want to sniffle and hug the chibi because he needs it and it has that same tone the series itself does and it's GOOD. *done now* (No warnings/pairings.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - Conversations by Maaya - On one hand, I'd like to point (in reference to the author's note at the end) that most Al/Winry is post-Al-getting-his-body-back because, you know, Al's not going home until then, because he has something important to DO. He's not going to leave his brother and Ed's not going to stop until he restores Al. Therefore Al/Winry usually has to be after he gets his body back. .....and, dammit, I hate typing that all out because the fic is really NOT ABOUT THAT. It may have spawned the fic, but it's not ABOUT it, I just had to get it out of my system. Now. What the fic IS about is a cute little conversation between Ed and Al that just... I loved it because they're such brothers and they have such an interesting relationship and this was just ED AND AL, for me, here. Plus, omg, the cuteness of Ed picking up that Al LIKES Winry. Much squeeing and fangirling ensued on my part. The writing is smooth and readable, really contributing to the light, fun, slightly... *waves hand* it's not romantic, per say, more... cute, I guess, in that way that has me squee'ing like mad. Wonderful fic. ♥ (A little Al/Winry, but only referenced.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - Epic by Moonsheen - Ahahahaha, oh, god, with a lot of other authors, this would not have turned out as well as it did, but with Moonsheen... *cackles* she totally pulled it off and it was FUNNY. You can just PICTURE both the "real" version and the "imaginary" version of the events here and Roy's sarcastic commentary and Hughes' general cuteness are just... gah, no words for how much this makes me want to pinch their cheeks and snuggle them both. And I still boggle that this was CLEVER and FUNNY, because it seems like when most people try to write these things, I think to myself, "Eh, that was cute, but not pulled off as well as it could have been...." and yet... this was perfect. I babble now. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - Morning and The World Apart and Dogs of the Military and Arrangements by WhiteCat - I'm tossing these four drabbles together because they're on the same page. The things that blew me away about these drabbles was that... each idea was different, yet... I don't know how to put it into words, but each little drabble really was like picking up a little gem to hold up to the light and watch it sparkle. "Morning" was sweet, sparkly, clever Winry/Al fic that's just... it's so sweetly perfect because there's so much love there without us having to be hit over the head with a mallet to see it, there are so many little details with Winry's hands worked into the story that don't overshadow the story or feel forced, and it's just so... THEM. Winry's sparkling and teasing, but so THERE and OPEN with Al, who's so THERE for her, too, treating her like the princess she should be treated like. Plus, the hints at more? Yum. *__* "The World Apart" was just... it left me nearly stunned over serious!Armstrong, because you think it wouldn't be able to be done without being forced or awkward or terribly jarring with the kind of person he is, but this fits him, this you can just SEE in your mind's eye. It's not overly-done angst, but it is painful in just the right way it needs to be. And that last line? A killer.

"Dogs of the Military" was just *squee*-worthy for me, for a couple of reasons. One, yay~!, it was the drabble I requested, but I think it IS my favorite because it IS something I wanted to see--Roy and Winry interacting, which isn't something that happens enough in the series or in fic. This one just... it captures my attention for future!fic (with this series, future!fic has to be done carefully, but, oh, this one was) because I found myself WANTING TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENED afterwards, but also absolutely fascinated about where it was GOING, too. And the metaphor? Brilliant. Because it FITS--both in that it fits into what's already established with said metaphor and because it genuinely FITS the scenario here. It wasn't just chosen at random because it's one of those overused things in the fandom, it worked here. And, finally, "Arrangements"... shit, I wanted to not like this fic, because genderswitch fics usually aren't my thing, but... but... but... but this is how it would go, I thought, and it felt so freaking NATURAL that it's almost unsettling for THAT. ^_~ But the writing was so lovely and the tone and feel to it just right that I couldn't turn away from it, it roused my curiosity, and OMFG THE END. Ahahahaha, I LOVED THE END. But. You know. I would. XD (A little Winry/Al in the first one, no real pairings anywhere else.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - Edward Elric's Screw by Harukami - This... with humor fic, you have to take a certain tack, I think, to hit the right tone. Some people are funny to certain people and some aren't, individual senses of humor are different and all that, but I generally think Haruakmi = Teh Funneh, so this fic hit me just right. With a lot of authors, if they'd tried to approach this more "smartly", it wouldn't have worked as well, but because there was this sense of... having fun almost at the fic's own expense itself, it was ten times funnier to me. Kind of like the author knew it was a little dumb (and that's a compliment, even if it doesn't seem like it XD) and just had me on the floor laughing over it for that. Hell, I'm still laughing over it, because I could JUST PICTURE IT, too. ♥ (A little shounen ai, but it's parody, so I don't think it counts. XD)

- Full Metal Alchemist - Little Red Riding Ed by Icka - This is one of those stories that really has no business being as... I dunno, as funny or as complete as it is. Usually when I read stories like this in fandoms, the joke feels a little... "Yeah, and?" But somehow Icka has this way of keeping it from feeling half-formed and instead it's a perfect little gem of a fic. The natural flow/grace of the joke of the story also was really well-done and I just could not stop giggling with every new little thing that was pile on poor Little Red Riding Hood Ed. It was a BEAUTIFUL play on the joke and Al's narration of it was perfect, the tone just right and just... yeah, it WORKED and I laughed wildly. XD;; (No warnings/pairings.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - handicap by Vikki - The taboo you commited is like scarlet fever or smallpox - it snatches away a sense you never realized was so vital - and left you longing. The more she writes, Vikki develops this... gift for insight with the characters and weaves these fantastically perfect metaphors or scenariors. She has this gift for scene these little scenes and writing them out in such a way that they could have been part of the canon itself, that's how closely they vibe with the original series itself, in my mind. This is a gorgeous little Al introspective fic, which I love because it's sad and sweet without being manipulative or over the line about it. It just... it IS Al, I can see it so clearly. And the whole tone... *sigh~* it's no wonder I rec just about everything she writes, because, dammit, I want her talent. *fangs* (No warnings/pairings.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - His Father's Son by Vikki - With this story... it's really the ending lines that stand out the most. The entire thing is cute and just paints a vivid picture in my head, but it's the last couple of lines that really packed the most punch for me because... because it illuminated and showed a lot of depth to Trisha, even just with the one sentiment. Which is an odd thing to fixate on, I know, but it stood out for me, somehow. But, yes, yes, lovely writing, fantastic characterization, ED AND AL SO CUTE OMG GOING TO PASS OUT FROM THE CUTE YAY, and scenarios that just come alive, rather than the half-assed scenarios I often find in my own writing in other fandoms. ^_~ (No warnings/pairings.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - Family Man by Jaelle - ....the Roy fangirl part of me is frowning at the rest of me for giggling over poor, poor put-upon Roy in this fic, but... well... it's funny! Jaelle does fantastic humor-fic, drawing the premise out just long enough to leave me wanting for a bit more, but not taking the joke too far, and having a fantastic ending. Seriously, the ending is my favorite part, it just painted this perfectly CLEAR picture in my head and made me laugh like a loon. Plus? Ed? Would so totally do that, yes, he woooooould~. XDXDXD One of those fics that makes me giggle and puts a smile on my face and will probably get quite a few rereads from me, just because I *heart* Roy - Ed teasing with every fibre of my being. ^_~ (No warnings/pairings.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - ....ex Machina by Moonsheen - This story starts out with the lines: He scares people he meets sometimes. It took a while to stop being surprised by this. He's never thought of himself as very intimidating, but then, on some level he's never thought of himself as anything other than himself and that is certainly not a walking ton of metal. and it continues on from there, an absolutely gorgeously written Al character piece. There are a lot of things that I love about this story, the writing is beautiful, the way it plays on how subtle, yet all-encompasing, Al's difficulties in his new body are. But the thing I love most is that, as much as it hurts, it's enough. It's enough for him/them to keep going, just hopefully enough to not hurt quite so much. Oh, it definitely aches, but it's not unbearable for now, because it's bittersweet. Thank god. *fangirls* (No warnings/pairings.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - Choice by White Cat - This story is such an excellent example of how I see Hawkeye's relationship with Roy, of why she follows him and stays in the military and handles guns, even though she doesn't necessarily like those last two things. Because he's someone she must protect and I adore the way the relationship played out here, that it's not about romance, but about something more complex than that. I love this because Roy is the type of person who inspires this reaction in the people around him, I love this because it picks up on so much truth about Roy (the kind of man he is, the way he works, etc.) and because it feels so very Hawkeye. Plus, it's wonderfully written and we all know what a sucker I am for that. XD (No warnings/pairings.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - Strength and Small by Vikki - (Putting these two together, since they're sorta-kinda companion pieces... sort of. Maybe. I dunno. But it makes me feel better about writing eight thousand recs. XD) These two ficlets play on the same theme--Ed's physical form and the trouble that brings him. The first one is a bit more humorous, the second more serious and the two of them together work wonderfully. Vikki touches on topics that I never really thought directly about, but doesn't take a mallet to my head to get her point across. The writing is lovely and there's a line in 'Small' that just breaks my heart: Until the day he can shed his metal limbs, and his heavy name - until the day that he restores Al's body and his own - Edward cannot grow. Perfectly done. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - In His Sandbox by Vikki - There are a lot of things I love about this fic--that I got to inspire it (AHAHAHAHA FEEL MY FIC-INSPIRING PROWESS *is shot*), that it's a beautiful moment in time, that it's wonderfully written, but my absolute favorite thing about this... was that I could feel the exhilaration Roy was going through at the beginning, that it knocked me on my ass from the sheer intensity of it. The deft, delicate touches of overlaying Roy-as-a-child playing in his sandbox was also wonderfully done and left me with the sort of wind-knocked-from-my-lungs feeling that the series itself likes to do so often. Fantastic fic here. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - Ten Feet Tall by Jaelle - I think that I liked Ed most of all in this fic (Well. Given that it's about him, that makes sense, but.), because I lovelovelove the idea that if you treat him like an adult, he behaves like one, no matter how frustrating or boring that might be to him, because he is mature. I adore the little details in this--like Hawkeye giving him a sharp glance about the contents of his glass, the way Ed was nearly insufferably bored during the speeches he had to sit through, etc., but he never acted out because on those nights, he was treated like an adult and would behave like one. Toss in some lovely writing and you have a very nice moment fic. ^_^v (No warnings/pairings.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - Impressions by Harukami - There was a line in this fic (Ah, he thinks, and finds little emotion inside the sound. So this is hell.) that was just so perfectly timed that it nailed the characterization of Roy's visit to the Rockbell's for me. I almost didn't want to quote it, lest I give it away, but it's hardly a spoiler for the fic and I wanted to talk about it. XD Anyway, that moment just snapped everything into crystal clear focus in my head, I could see that moment, I could feel that moment with Roy there. And I love that this wasn't about angsting him more than Roy deserves (because he has accepted his demons and ghosts in the current story, but they don't drag him unncessarily down, which I thankfully didn't get here *sparkles*), it was about soldering through a hellish situation with just the right amount of regret, horror, hope, and dealing with it. Luffles. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - Moments series by Vikki - You know, it's difficult not to be all "HAHAHA LOOK WHAT VIKKI WROTE FOR MEEEEEEE!" about these drabbles, but... well... yeah. >_> Because it's fun to spam her with fanart when she writes these wonderful little gems of ficlets that either make me laugh or make me coo or make me make wibble or make me want to cry with how much I love the series or make me go *___* or just whatever. They're wonderful little bite-sized drabble-ish fics that are wonderfully written and all evoke the response Vikki's trying to get out of me. XD Plus, I still wibble at the Roy/Ed hug one, because sometimes... yeah, sometimes I need a little ficlet like that to keep going. ♥ Well, that and Ed messing himself up to... yeah. XDXDXD (Some gen, some Roy/Ed, ranging from G to NC-17.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - A Pleasure, Sir by Moonsheen - I admit, it took me a few minutes to place Rayla, but once I got it... this fic was COOL. It was perfectly carried out, not overdoing it with too much stretching it out, but not too glossed over, either. The characterization felt perfect (even in such a short ficlet, they popped right to life in my head), I could just see the entire scene in my head, the little details (Rayla's ambiguous 'The price of a human soul.' was fantastic.) nicely woven in, and just... I was so very impressed. ♥ (No warnings/pairings.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - Sinfic by Moonsheen - The thing I loved most about this fic was the feel of Lust as she went from place to place, the way the writing worked, I could just picture her in my mind's eye and could feel the reaction of the people around her. Lust is one of the characters that even I have a bit of a crush on with her slinky, appealing ways, so to have that somehow comethrough in a fic that wasn't really even about that... it was wonderful. And I lovelovelove the way the fic glided over each point, touching on it just long enough to bring it to mind, but then smoothly gliding off again, each a moment in time, almost like a montage., that makes no sense, but that's what I felt like afterwards. Loved this. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - Won't Go Home Again by Lady Cosmos - So, I was talking with Vikki one night, we got to talking about Hoenheim, and I started rambling and then Vikki talked to LC... and this fic came about--and can I say how gleeful it makes me to be able to inspire such a lovely fic? (Hence the obnoxious "Look! Look! Look what I helped create!" ^_~) The thing that I love most about this fic is that it worked with what we know and don't know about Hoenheim, but never felt like the author was deliberately hiding her cards. What I mean is that we don't really know Hoenheim's motivation for being there, but it was worked around beautifully and felt natural and flowing in this fic rather than the author purposely being vague and thus the fic not being satisfying. The background details really created a vivid picture of the story in my head and the writing is absolutely lovely, making this a really fantastic fic. (No warnings/pairings, except Hoenheim+Trisha referenced.)

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