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- Full Metal Alchemist - Coffee Break by Vikki - Havoc/Hawkeye is a pairing that seems really batshit at first, but after seeing a fair-ish chunk of J-fanart for the pairing, it pinged for me a little bit, to the point where I requested a fic about them from Vikki. And this fic is such an excellent example of why I think my instincts were telling me that this pairing would work--their interaction here is subtle, but meaningful and beautifully in character for both of them. Havoc is a bit... well, guy-ish and Hawkeye is tough, but still warm and likable. Their interaction sparkled and it made so much beautiful sense to my eyes. I sparkled quite hard over this fic, sooooooo much luff. (Light hintings at Havoc/Hawkeye, but is could also be gen.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - these are the people you know from every day by WhiteCat - I have... this thing for Havoc and Hawkeye interaction, because... well, something about it just jives for me and this story does a far, far better job of showing why that is than I could do rambling on for twenty minutes. ^_~ As always, the author's writing is lovely, it not only flows wonderfully, it's pretty, but without being flowery. My favorite. *sparkles* But it's the characterization with this fic that sells it for me--Havoc's seemingly lazy ways that are covering up a surprisingly sharp mind, yet, he never feels false for it. The two aspects of his personality blend together here rather than clashing against each other. And Hawkeye is just absolutely lovely--surprised, but never bitchy about it, never cruel or harsh even when she's impatient. She's cool and distant, but never, ever frigid. And that they WORK TOGETHER here? Ohmigod, LUFF. This is another one of those stories that just... if you want to know why I like Havoc/Hawkeye so much, READ THIS. ♥ (Technically no pairings, but Havoc - Hawkeye interaction.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - Little Revolutions by Harukami - I had NO IDEA what I was in for when I started reading this story, I was actually under the impression that it might be serious. How very wrong I was... this is one of those rare fics that actually manages to get down the whole off-the-wall thing that anime can do so well, but fic authors seem to have trouble with. It was funny and the wacky hijinks genuinely cracked me up (Plus! SQUEE! Hawkeye/Havoc! Even if it was comedic, there were still references and I'M GOING TO COUNT THAT. ♥ XD) and it was just... wacky fun, much in the spirit of old school anime fic that you don't really get as much these days. ....yeah, so, I'm a little nostalgic, but mostly this was Teh Funneh. *sporfles* And I love that she got just about ALL of the characters in there, but without making the cast feel bloated... yet the focus was still on Roy/Ed. I have much, much love for an author who can pace her fic right. Plus! Whee! MUCH LOVE for the ending. ^_^v (Roy/Ed, hints at Hawkeye/Havoc WHICH I AM GOING TO COUNT.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - The First Date by WhiteCat - I haven't been reading much FMA fic lately (not burning out, just... needing a breather for a bit, as well as a few other series crowding in for attention lately) and what better way than to slowly slide myself back in with, than a pairing that does not get written nearly enough? I coo and grin like an idiot and sparkle over Hawkeye/Havoc in general, but when it's written with WhiteCat's usual flare for the feel of the FMA characters and sparkling dialogue? I flail with fangirlish glee. The thing I loved so much about this was that it was alternately funny (Havoc's interaction with the other guys in the office was fabulous XD) and just terribly sweet... without being sappy. WhiteCat's Hawkeye is pretty much perfect--she's proper and sharp and stern, but she's not uncaring, she's never crossing the line into anything other than the warm, if cool (that makes sense in MY head, yo ^_~) character she is. And the interaction with Havoc is absolutely fantastic, very spark-filled and sweet in its own way, but still funny and sharp. I... lose my coherency when I come across fics like these, that write this pairing and do it in exactly the way I want to see it. I am a fangirl puddle now. *squishes off* (Hawkeye/Havoc.)

- Fullmetal Alchemist - Obligation Chocolate by granate - When he'd imagined himself being showered by Valentine's chocolate as if it were the springtime of his life, this was not exactly what he'd had in mind. ....!!!! HxH fic that's really, really good! That's sharp and clever even! It's been so long! *bounces and shimmers* This is one of those fics that, if I weren't in love with this pairing before, I would have been completely won over after this because it works for me here, oh, it works so much. Havoc's voice, right down to his lack of self-confidence and occasional silliness and ability to jump to conclusions/swing from one extreme to the other, was just so perfectly NAILED here. This is Havoc. And, oh, Hawkeye. I'm not sure I've ever enjoyed reading about her more than I did in this fic right here, just... no-nonsense, yet still alluring and warm in her own way. And chocolates! And, oh, god, the scene at Havoc's place! So, so perfect. I'm flying quite high right now, yes. *shimmers more* (Havoc/Hawkeye.)

- Fullmetal Alchemist - Mr. Brightside by granate - Even before I attempt to start writing this rec, I know I'm not going to be able to do it justice, because I'm too busy squeaking and sparkling and clapping my hands and making that, "Eeeeeee!" noise. I mean. On the inside. Because that would be embarassing to be physically doing it. More embarassing. Whatever. The point is that this is Havoc/Hawkeye fic that is gorgeous It's not just in character, it's not just good writing, it's not even just sexy or attractive (but it is that, too), it's that it's fucking good and clever and sharp and all those things that I didn't know if we'd get in anime fandoms. The author's Havoc is amazing, she utterly nails him here, better than I think I've ever seen him. His building attraction to Hawkeye--while being all WTF! It's *Hawkeye!*--the genuinely sexy way it played out was a gorgeous thing to watch. When they're at the gun range together, the scene was nearly electric without having to be all about OMG The Chemistry, it was just... them. And, oh, her Hawkeye is gorgeous; tough, smart, cool, sharp, no-nonsense, but still very much a woman, very touchable when she wants to be. Plus, good lord, I think that first kiss nearly burnt my face off--if not, I know just after that definitely did, and not even that graphic had to happen! I mean, the attraction here was nearly a physical thing for me. Cannot express my love for this story with mere words, no. *___* (Havoc/Hawkeye, maybe inching towards R-ish content.)

- Fullmetal Alchemist - Finding a Balance by granate - To be honest, I don't think this fic works as well as the first one, the characterizations... well, it's difficult to explain. The quality is just as top-notch as the first one, the characters are just as genuinely clever and brilliant, the whole thing just sparkled amazingly... but I didn't quite buy that this was Havoc and Hawkeye in the same way that the first one had me knocked on my ass over. (Not to mention the bits with Roy felt off to me, but, then, I would think that, wouldn't I? *wry*) And yet I still love this story to tiny, tiny little pieces because the author is tremendously talented, because she creates a dynamic between the two characters that is so damned vivid and so damned full of spark that I couldn't have pulled away if I'd wanted to. Her characters are genuinely full of depth, subtlty, and the sense of sexual attraction between them was so very there. I can't remark on that enough, that sense of showing it and letting the reader feel it, rather than just telling the reader that it's there. There are also a ton of little moments where the characters were fantastic, the author captures that dynamic of why I like this pairing so much, both why it's fun and why it works for me. Much love. (Havoc/Hawkeye.)

- Fullmetal Alchemist - Ugly and Not Exactly Pity by Harukami - Ugly: [Note: There is a spoiler warning for ep25 on this one.] I have no idea how Harukami manages it, but she's one of the very few authors I would read an Archer/Ross fic for because I know she can do brilliant, amazing things with these kinds of rare pairings and this one is no exception. The sheer... *waves hands* I don't know what to call it, but it struck me in the heart the same way the series itself did, something weighty and powerful, if not terribly obvious about it. That's the best way I can describe it and I know it doesn't make sense outside of my own head. Just... wow, it works. Go read. The last couple of lines pack a hell of a punch.

Not Exactly Pity: And then! And then! And then she writes Havoc/Hawkeye that's just wonderful, the way they're both so... human here, the way they both want this, but are both a little unsure and hesitant, but it manages to work. Havoc is a wonderful character, how anyone could not love him is beyond me, and this fic shows why, without having to tell us anything, it shows it. And Hawkeye is a gorgeous, wonderful woman, cool and professional when needed, warm and very human when needed and this fic shows that, too. And, god, I could not love the Havoc/Hawkeye here more, especially that it doesn't take shortcuts, for all that it's short. It doesn't forget who and what they are, but still works. *happy fangirl sigh* (Archer/Ross in the first one, Havoc/Hawkeye in the second.)

- Fullmetal Alchemist - Attention to Detail by idiosyn - At first glance, Havoc didn't give the impression of an exceptional person. But those that worked with him understood him. One of the best things about a fandom finding its legs is that it gives authors time to explore more pairings and I can start to find the stuff I really want to read. I had no idea what to expect when I started this story (other than that I've really liked the author's ES21 fic) and what I found was fantastic, the author really doing an absolutely fabulous job of making Havoc a more realized character, a good man, the kind of guy that you can see why Hawkeye would be attracted to him. But it was also the hints of lime scattered beautifully throughout the story that put stars in my eyes because they produced lovely images and were gorgeous without really having to be much more than flashes of hands along skin or a sweep of a tongue across a collarbone. *happy sigh* (Havoc/Hawkeye.)

- Fullmetal Alchemist - Eight of Nine by idiosyn - Lieutenant Jean Havoc was not a passionate man. You could call him easy-going. You could call him laid back. Hell, you may even call him apathetic, he just didn't get worked up over much (except for women, he liked those). Another fic that really does a great job with Havoc, making him a little more fleshed out, yet still keeping with the character that I recognize from the screen, but also in the way that it has him interacting with Hawkeye, the way he reacts to her, the way the others in the office react to her, not quite a pairing fic (though, I'm putting it in that catagory anyway), but a beautiful little gem of a moment of insight and interaction between them, with just a hint of guns and marksmanship. I love these two gunbunnies, I really do, and it's fic like this that's why. (Not Havoc/Hawkeye, it's gen, but I'm putting it in that section anyway.)

- Fullmetal Alchemist - Formal Function by Moonsheen - Probably another one that should be put in the drabbles section, but 1) it's Havoc/Hawkeye and 2) there's this incredible weight and meaningfulness to every little touch of this one that I had to include it here. Because the way Havoc looks at Hawkeye, the way he thinks, the way he sees her in a dress, sees both a beautiful woman and yet still Hawkeye, this gorgeous half-military, half-pure Jean Havoc tone to his words, this brilliant chemistry between them... well, yes, I flail. (Havoc/Hawkeye.)

- Fullmetal Alchemist - On The Table by Sister Coyote - It's been ages since I've read any FMA fic, but I've often said that one of the few things that could bring me back would be Havoc/Hawkeye fic. It's not a pairing that's often done right, but I've liked Sister Coyote's FFXII fic a lot, so I was eager to try this one. It's a short scene, Havoc and Hawkeye playing cards, there's an almost terse quality to the language of the story, but I find that works really well for these characters in this story. There's a very direct feeling, a very straight-forward style that fits well with two military officers. The way their card games unfold, the way Havoc looks at her, it's all very well-done. (Havoc/Hawkeye.)

- Fullmetal Alchemist - Very Responsible by Sister Coyote - Forget there being much Havoc/Hawkeye fic in the first place, there's hardly any porn for them that's any good. This fic isn't really that much above an R (or maybe just a hard R), but sometimes fics don't really need to be NC-17 to be hot, because this fic has them both with such great characterization, so straightforward and direct while still being flirtatious in a way that's very much like themselves, while also having very, very nice sex. The use of Havoc's hands were really fantastic, especially since Hawkeye is so much tinier than he is, his hands would be so large and not quite rough against her skin (and I love tha the size difference never really mattered except in a physical sensation sort of way), it was just... very nice. Mmm. (Havoc/Hawkeye, semi-graphic content.)

- Fullmetal Alchemist - All This Aggravation by sister_coyote - Even more than the porn of this fic (which was some damn fine het porn, yes), I think I actually liked the way the relationship dynamic came off between these two, the way Havoc is kind of nervous and awkward around her while still being such a stand-up guy, the way Hawkeye can be unreadable and so sharp but still there's a very real, very human person underneath. They're both still Havoc and Hawkeye even when you (and the characters) see past the surface a little, it was just so easy to see the entire thing in my head. Right down to the way Hawkeye spoke, the dialogue for her is direct and to the point, yet not cold or cruel or dismissive. It's something as simple as the two of them having dinner and deciding to have sex that night, it's brilliantly in character, it shows how this pairing could truly work like this, and it's really, really hot. Just. Mmmmm. Lovely writing. (Havoc/Hawkeye, a light NC-17 content.)

Fullmetal Alchemist: Jump by scathachdhu - With a lot of pairings, I think I would have skipped the fic or just found it not really fitting with the characters, but somehow... this author made the verbal domination with Hawkeye over Havoc work and made it hot. He's a willing participant in this and she's obviously just as turned on as he is, plus it's about trust underneath the surface hot and it just... worked for me. Plus, Havoc/Hawkeye is a rare enough pairing as it is, much less getting smut for it, so I definitely enjoyed it for that, too. Because Hawkeye is hot and I love how hot Havoc finds her, the descriptions of her were very nice. (Havoc/Hawkeye, somewhere around an R rating.)

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