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- Full Metal Alchemist - Won't Go Home Again by Lady Cosmos - So, I was talking with Vikki one night, we got to talking about Hoenheim, and I started rambling and then Vikki talked to LC... and this fic came about--and can I say how gleeful it makes me to be able to inspire such a lovely fic? (Hence the obnoxious "Look! Look! Look what I helped create!" ^_~) The thing that I love most about this fic is that it worked with what we know and don't know about Hoenheim, but never felt like the author was deliberately hiding her cards. What I mean is that we don't really know Hoenheim's motivation for being there, but it was worked around beautifully and felt natural and flowing in this fic rather than the author purposely being vague and thus the fic not being satisfying. The background details really created a vivid picture of the story in my head and the writing is absolutely lovely, making this a really fantastic fic. (No warnings/pairings, except Hoenheim+Trisha referenced.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - Exposure by Harukami - You know what's one of the things I judge how much I genuinely love a pairing versus that it's just a convenient background pairing to my real love? By how much I want to read smut about them. So, when Haru writes Hoenheim/Trisha smut, my reaction is, "!!!!!!!! GIVE!!!!!!" and I gleefully dive in. Because it's pretty hetsmut and it's in character and has this feel to the writing that's so very much them and it's lovely and it's got all the details it needs and it doesn't avoid the issue of Hoenheim's body, instead working it in in such a way that's even more So Very Them and the sex is PRETTY and GOOD and I love that. ....yeah, okay, I'm kinda gone on these two, aren't I? But, hey, now I have smut and so I~ don't~ care~ Though, really, it's worth reading beyond the smut, because it's like any really good smut--it's insightful and illuminates the characters and their relationship rather than just being about two random bodies bumping together. (Hoenheim/Trisha, content that verges between R and NC-17, vague spoilers if you haven't gotten to Hoenheim yet?)

- Full Metal Alchemist - Where He Stays by WhiteCat - And speaking of Hoenheim/Trisha, I've been wanting WhiteCat to write fic for them forever, because I kneeeeeeeeeeew she liked them and she does this really awesome style with her stories that's just... it's the kind that lets me sink into her writing and forget that I'm reading fic and gives me just enough detail to have this entire moving picture in my head. Not to mention, she weaves in all these little details or nuances that you never really even notice are there, you just get a sense of a richly written fic. From Hoenheim's posture to the way Trisha touches him to the way he thinks about his previous lover to all those little touches of what Trisha's wearing or what she's done in her past that don't burden the fic down. Even in something so simple as a mention of what kind of clothes Trisha or Hoenheim are wearing, it says more than just what's on the surface, it illustrates a little about who they are and what they're doing. I love that in fic. Not to mention, WhiteCat really nails the feel of the characters, their voices are so spot-on that I can hear the characters in my head and I could see these moments in my head, completely animated like the anime. Lovely, lovely fic. (Hoenheim/Trisha, possible vague spoilers if you haven't gotten to Hoenheim yet?)

- Fullmetal Alchemist - Ides of March by Vikki - I read this fic because I still do like what Vikki does with the characters, because I was lured in by the way she was writing Hoenheim, who is one of those characters that I wish the fandom did more with, but also sort of wish they would stay away from, because I don't want them overdone. But Vikki... man, I love the way she writes this series, the way she writes the Elric family, the way she writes Hoenheim, the way his feelings for his family were true, the way time slows or speeds up the way she intends it to, the way he grows this distance between himself and his own life. She just nails the characters so beautifully and, oh, the ending just packs such the lovely, aching punch. I adored this. (Gen, with references to Hoenheim/Trisha.)

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