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- Full Metal Alchemist - Coffee Break by Vikki - Havoc/Hawkeye is a pairing that seems really batshit at first, but after seeing a fair-ish chunk of J-fanart for the pairing, it pinged for me a little bit, to the point where I requested a fic about them from Vikki. And this fic is such an excellent example of why I think my instincts were telling me that this pairing would work--their interaction here is subtle, but meaningful and beautifully in character for both of them. Havoc is a bit... well, guy-ish and Hawkeye is tough, but still warm and likable. Their interaction sparkled and it made so much beautiful sense to my eyes. I sparkled quite hard over this fic, sooooooo much luff. (Light hintings at Havoc/Hawkeye, but is could also be gen.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - A Love Transcending Boundaries by Harukami - So. After FMA 25/15, I desperately needed a little something to giggle over and this was just right. Totally goofy, but hysterically written and just so much fun... even if I am clawing my eyes out. The worst part about that is that I had similar thoughts. >_> Chlorox for my brain now plzkthx. (Not telling. Small brain bleach warning.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - these are the people you know from every day by WhiteCat - I have... this thing for Havoc and Hawkeye interaction, because... well, something about it just jives for me and this story does a far, far better job of showing why that is than I could do rambling on for twenty minutes. ^_~ As always, the author's writing is lovely, it not only flows wonderfully, it's pretty, but without being flowery. My favorite. *sparkles* But it's the characterization with this fic that sells it for me--Havoc's seemingly lazy ways that are covering up a surprisingly sharp mind, yet, he never feels false for it. The two aspects of his personality blend together here rather than clashing against each other. And Hawkeye is just absolutely lovely--surprised, but never bitchy about it, never cruel or harsh even when she's impatient. She's cool and distant, but never, ever frigid. And that they WORK TOGETHER here? Ohmigod, LUFF. This is another one of those stories that just... if you want to know why I like Havoc/Hawkeye so much, READ THIS. ♥ (Technically no pairings, but Havoc - Hawkeye interaction.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - Believing in Another by Harukami - So, okay. I sit down to read some FMA fic tonight and this is the first one of Harukami's I pick out and I don't expect TOO much because, hey, it's not Roy/Ed and we all know I'm an obsessed fangirl, right? ^_~ But I read this anyway because it's well-written and I'm curious to see what's going on with Fury and Roze here and it's a good fic, it is. Well-characterized and good writing... but then I get to the end and it's just... it's one of those moments where I was a little stunned for a bit, like I often am in the series itself. It's... one of those moments where it's a brilliant connection and really does kind of seem like something akin to divine intervention. The last part of this fic was just amazingly done, one of those that I just... I can't crow about enough, nor do I want to give it away because it absolutely and utterly hit me the right way. *loves* (It's labeled hetfic, but I'd almost call it gen more than anything.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - Take Me Home & Circles by Harukami - Take Me Home: Admittedly, I sat and stared at this fic for quite some time because... well, every time I tried to describe my reaction to this story and why I liked it, I worried that I sounded too... well, irritating to fans who've taken the opposite path from me. (Not that a whole lot of Ed/Winry fans are reading this, I'm sure, given that I'm very much the Roy/Ed fangirl. XD) If I point to this fic and say that this is largely how I see the relationship, this is one of the major (unworkable) issues that I see them as having, this is why I don't care for the pairing myself? But, at the same time, I want people to read it because it's lovely writing and does a wonderful job of capturing this sort of... atmosphere to the piece without ever trying to. ....shut up, that makes sense to me! The issue of "home" is beautifully addressed here, of how they each view it and want they want/need in life, where they're both at in their lives. It's just a good story. ....and then I feel guitly about using this journal/site as a soapbox, yet not guilty enough to rewrite this. ^_~

Circles: The other reason I wanted to rec these two is because they're on the same journal page and that makes it easier for me to bundle them together. I need Roy/Ed lime/smut lately, since it's been a rough-ish couple of days and this helped immensely. Harukami is one of the few authors that I can take (and even like) imagery in her writing from--with her, it doesn't come off as pretentious or annoying, it works with what she's telling here and the story is never stretched beyond the premise. I can't say how much that is appreciated, no matter how much I claw at the screen for more. ^_~ So just... yay! Light smut! Pretty! (A little Ed/Winry in one almost bordering on gen, definite Roy/Ed in the other.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - By Any Other Name & A Short Rein by Harukami - Another set that I'm bundling up, of course. By Any Other Name: I have to admit, I thought I would be bored by this one, given that I'm not really enamored with either character, but... something about this fic just made it sort of sparkle for me and was terribly amusing. Plus, I could just SEE it and that always helps. XD A Short Rein: And this one was interesting... one of those stories that says a lot about the relationship between Ed and Roy, without having to really explicitly state it. It's one of those situations that I crave in fic so much because it shows a lot of who the characters are, provides insights into them, but the author never really TELLS us these things, we see them for ourselves. The symbolism of the leash was well-used and one of those things I expected to twitch a little at, but actually wound up really liking because it meant something and I could believe that the characters would do that. What I mean by that is that when leashes are involved, it's usually kink--which I have REAL trouble seeing characters doing--or just badly done, but this WORKED and I could see it, if that makes sense? Anyway, both are good reads, so.... *shoves them at people* ^_~ (Greed/Kimberly hinted at in the first one, Roy/Ed in the second.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - Little Revolutions by Harukami - I had NO IDEA what I was in for when I started reading this story, I was actually under the impression that it might be serious. How very wrong I was... this is one of those rare fics that actually manages to get down the whole off-the-wall thing that anime can do so well, but fic authors seem to have trouble with. It was funny and the wacky hijinks genuinely cracked me up (Plus! SQUEE! Hawkeye/Havoc! Even if it was comedic, there were still references and I'M GOING TO COUNT THAT. ♥ XD) and it was just... wacky fun, much in the spirit of old school anime fic that you don't really get as much these days. ....yeah, so, I'm a little nostalgic, but mostly this was Teh Funneh. *sporfles* And I love that she got just about ALL of the characters in there, but without making the cast feel bloated... yet the focus was still on Roy/Ed. I have much, much love for an author who can pace her fic right. Plus! Whee! MUCH LOVE for the ending. ^_^v (Roy/Ed, hints at Hawkeye/Havoc WHICH I AM GOING TO COUNT.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - Mechanism by Harukami - Admittedly, this pairing interferes with my OTP, but... I've always been prone to liking alternate pairings without that affecting my love for the first pairing(s). And when an author can make me believe? Well, so much the better. What Harukami does here is that she's both writing a good story, but she's also making the reader BUY it because this is the way they would connect. I love that they connect over the men in their lives because you can't ignore that, but their friendship/relationship here really wasn't about that at all. The characterization just sparkled, because Winry was Winry and Hawkeye was Hawkeye and they were THEMSELVES, all those little details (Winry is good with her fingers, Hawkeye is a soldier, Winry is still young in some things but not so young that she doesn't understand, and Hawkeye is an adult but not so much that she's beyond Winry), every time they had a conversation, the entire scene would pop clearly into my mind and I could also HEAR it. I love it when an author can make me HEAR a conversation, because that means they've put all the right little touches to their speech patterns and that can be the difference between a decent fic and a GOOD fic, you know? The conversation about alchemists and change and transmuation was gorgeous because... it made so much SENSE, was such a natural fit with the characters, and it was genuinely touching. Huzzah for Harukami, for she has written shoujo ai that's both good AND believable! \o/ (Hawkeye/Winry, that's a little less than R-ish, I'd think it was closer to PG-13, but to be on the safe side.... >__>)

- Full Metal Alchemist - In His Steps by Timmonsgray - This was a story that I'd had sitting on my harddrive for a long time, sort of mentally earmarked for when I started reading FMA fic again, because I remember so many people saying how good the story was. And, oh, it was, in a completely heart-breaking way. It's one of those concepts (Roy and Gracia?) that you think shouldn't work, not even in grief, but it should be read, anyway, because the way it happened was just... so perfect. You could feel Gracia's grief, you could feel Roy's grief, and it HURT. The little details of it were amazing (I felt just... knocked over when Roy's uniform was described) and the writing heart-breaking, one of those that should definitely be read. (A het pairing/lime content, but it's not the point, really. Well, it is, but.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - The Other Set of Footsteps by Harukami - So, okay, Harukami was showing me some of the FMA caps she'd made, right? And there was this one of a REALLY SUGGESTIVE hand gesture when Roy was towering over poor Fury holding (the then-unnamed) Black Hayate and I just sort of looked at my nails and said in a PERFECTLY INNOCENT VOICE, "Haaaaaaaaruuuuuu~ It's a shame that this pairing doesn't officially exist in the fandom yet. You should write it~" (Listen to no claims that she said! I never touched her dog!! I am innocent!) And... I dunno, maybe if I hadn't seen the screen capture ahead of time or if I hadn't been in just the right mood, I might not have given this story a read. Roy and... Fury? Bwuh? I might have passed right on by, dismissing it as Not My Cuppa. But I did read it, because I couldn't get past the idea, and... just... this was lovely. It was so touchingly in character and believable and it FELT RIGHT that I couldn't recoil from it, I couldn't go, "Ewww, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?" at it. Maybe it's not going to be for everyone. But, damn, Haru's Roy is just fantastic--even though you can't point out specific examples, you get this sense of a layered, complex, fascinating character with him, and OMG FURY IS SO CUTE I JUST WANT TO HUG THE ADORABLE LITTLE THING! The writing is beautiful, as well, just... the EXACT RIGHT TONE this story needed. Not angsty, but not parody/humor, just... I dunno. It's almost like the sensation of cool water over my hands--something clean and clear and not too hot, not too cold, and that flows in a graceful arc. I can't explain it better than that. (Roy/Fury. Yes. FURY.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - Mechanical Urges by Harukami - ....I swear, I'm not usually a person who'll read just any random pairing, even if I know the author'll do a good job with it, because I tend to be OTP girl, but... there's something about Haru's writing with these characters that draws me in, even when I should be going, "....WTF!!" at the pairing. I mean... Havoc and Winry. And yet... and yet. There's a certain style to the writing that just... it feels like them and it makes this bizarre sort of sense here, the characterizations are spot-on and you'd think, well, if they're in character, HOW THE HELL COULD THE PAIRING HAPPEN and I don't KNOW how she does it, but... dammit, it worked for me. It helps that Havoc's such... a nice guy, trying SO DAMNED HARD not to lust after a pretty sixteen year old, but then she's DOING things with her hands and the car and... yeah. Crack fic, but I really liked it. XD (Havoc/Winry.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - Moral Dilemma by Harukami - Ahahahaha, oh, Havoc, I adore you, I really do. Haru's really been doing a fantastic Havoc lately, hitting that laid-back sort of personality, but still with hints of a lot more personality that than juuuuuust right lately, so it's nice to see him getting a bit more spotlight. Plus, the image of Ed catching Winry and Havoc making out and Havoc FEARING FOR HIS LIFE is beautiful and there's ANOTHER reason I really want to rec this story, but it's a surprised about 3/4ths of the way through and it makes the ending OMG THE FUNNIEST THING I READ THAT DAY and OMG SO PERFECT but saying it would ruin the surprise so you're just going to have to trust me that it was great and that everyone should totally read this fic after reading Mechanical Urges. I STILL laugh so much at the end and, like with Mechanical Urges, it's just... I can SEE and HEAR the characters, that's how well Haru writes their dialogue and body language and the like. ....shut up, I know that was a bad rec. XP (Havoc/Winry.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - Bleed Like You by Bri - Normally, I don't care for stories with a heavy focus on Envy, either they don't ring true for me or else they do and I don't care that much for the character. But somehow this author just blew me away with Envy watching over Roy and Ed together, the beautiful, beautiful writing just nailing the style of the series itself, but also the way the characterization was so fucking perfect that it damn near hurts. Envy feeling all those dark emotions, the jealousy, the envy, the dislike, all of it roiling together was really an amazing thing to watch without ever being over the top. And, wow, despite the fic being labelled NC-17 and that I'd have put it at R myself... without having to go into too much detail, despite setting the story from Envy's POV, the Roy/Ed was gorgeous, gorgeous and so very hot. I wish I could write a better rec for this story because the writing was so powerful and deserves better, but I'm going to have to settle for mostly incoherent fangirling, I gues. ^_~ (Roy/Ed, maybe a little one-sided Envy/Ed, but in an odd way, R to NC-17 content.)

- Fullmetal Alchemist - Fullmetal Narcissist by Harukami - I proudly, proudly flaunt any part I may have taken in helping to encourage this story because... the Ed x Edclone? Oh SO pretty. And just... *cracks up* there's something so Ed-like in the crack of this, there are those lovely moments of his thought patterns that are so sharp and brilliant, the little moments where he says or does something that's just so like him, even amongst the brilliant crack here. And, oh, what crack it is. Based on the PS2 game where Ed can make clones of himself, Haru takes that concept, gleefully skips off to the gutter, and runs with it, creating the most brilliant fic out of it. Just... I wheezed with laughter for this fic at at least four seperate points. I also mentioned the hot sex? Because. Yes. So much love for her. ♥ (Ed x Ed, NC-17 content.)

- Fullmetal Alchemist - Ugly and Not Exactly Pity by Harukami - Ugly: [Note: There is a spoiler warning for ep25 on this one.] I have no idea how Harukami manages it, but she's one of the very few authors I would read an Archer/Ross fic for because I know she can do brilliant, amazing things with these kinds of rare pairings and this one is no exception. The sheer... *waves hands* I don't know what to call it, but it struck me in the heart the same way the series itself did, something weighty and powerful, if not terribly obvious about it. That's the best way I can describe it and I know it doesn't make sense outside of my own head. Just... wow, it works. Go read. The last couple of lines pack a hell of a punch.

Not Exactly Pity: And then! And then! And then she writes Havoc/Hawkeye that's just wonderful, the way they're both so... human here, the way they both want this, but are both a little unsure and hesitant, but it manages to work. Havoc is a wonderful character, how anyone could not love him is beyond me, and this fic shows why, without having to tell us anything, it shows it. And Hawkeye is a gorgeous, wonderful woman, cool and professional when needed, warm and very human when needed and this fic shows that, too. And, god, I could not love the Havoc/Hawkeye here more, especially that it doesn't take shortcuts, for all that it's short. It doesn't forget who and what they are, but still works. *happy fangirl sigh* (Archer/Ross in the first one, Havoc/Hawkeye in the second.)

- Fullmetal Alchemist - The Bottom Line by ArtemisRae - I picked up the link for this from this recs post and I'm so glad that laurus_nobilis makes recs sometimes because she manages to find some utter gems. This Sieg/Izumi story is just a short little thing set at the beginning of their relationship, one that made me laugh and then sparkle because asdlfkjasldk that's probably just exactly how it went. ♥ (Seig/Izumi.)

- Fullmetal Alchemist - How Lucky I Am by ArtemisRae - Oh, man, I love Seig/Izumi fic so much, especially when they're so darling and adorable and hilarious like they are here. I love the mixture of them actually being really sweet with each other, totally love-struck and almost like giddy little kids with each other, contrasted against how huge and hulking Seig is and how freakishly strong Izumi is. They're just. OTP, man. ♥ (Seig/Izumi.)

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