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- Full Metal Alchemist - Morning by Branch - (Note: This is a follow-up to Ever, so it'd be very beneficial to have read that one first.) You know, I spent the night reading FMA fic and it's difficult to explain why I enjoyed it so much, other than to say that it's stories like this one that left me feeling sated with the series. Sometimes I itch, itch, itch for more, but there's not a fic out there that really scratches the itch the right way, but this one... combined with the author's other works tonight are leaving me in a very happy puddle of fangirl goo right now. I very much like the author's take on Roy and Ed's evolving relationship, I like the way she's progressing it forward in a smooth and natural-feeling way (my one quibble is that I'm not sure Ed and Roy could admit to love, but it's a small quibble because I thought it was done in a very nice way), I fucking love her sense of humor (Winry trying to needle Ed about his relationship with Roy was beautiful), and the writing is lovely to read. Excuse me while I float off in a happy cloud of fangirl bliss. ^_~ (Roy/Ed, one moment of content warning, but more PG-ish overall.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - Library Rules by Meg - I think what I liked most about this fic was the, well, rules of the library and how they somehow fit with the view I have of the FMA world, especially with the way Ed (who spends so much time in libraries) has such an understanding and accordance with them. (I especially liked the mention of how every has their favorite spot in the library... which, yes, I've been known to do myself quite often. >_>) Plus, the dialogue in this one was sparkling and clever, and the final scene with Roy and Ed was touchingly sweet and subtle. One of those little things that means so much but isn't a huge, giant display. I love those. ♥ (Blink-and-you'll-miss-it Roy/Ed hints?)

- Full Metal Alchemist - Braid by Vikki - You know what I keep saying about not liking to rec shorter fics? Yeah, well, screw you, I'm going to do it anyway! This is a short little drabble, but I had to rec it because it amused me and showed-cased one of the reasons I ♥ Roy Mustang so much--the way he kills three birds with one action stone. Cute and adorable and a nice little shot of FMA on a night where there's not much else. (Some very light Roy/Ed.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - A Morning In by Vikki - Have I never rec'd this particular fic of Vikki's? I could have sworn I did.... Anyway, a lot of people may not care for this story because it does contain themes of reluctant uke and dominance issues, but not in a psychological sort of way, but... mm, more like a yaoi manga. I hate to put up a big, neon sign because that's not what the fic is about, but at the same time, I like my warnings clear-cut. Anyway. What I adore about Vikki's writing holds true here just as much as in any other piece of her writing--she does this fantastic banter between the characters, makes me just hear them. And I like that they're not schmoopily in love, but that there's genuine affection there, and it shows in the way Roy touches Ed especially. Plus? Very hot sex. I never mean to go, "Oh, I don't even read smut for the sex, I'm all about the characters. *nose in the air*" ^_~ I love smut for smut's sake as much as the next rabid little yaoi fangirl and Vikki's fic hits all those buttons for me that I like hit. *___* (RoyxEd, graphic content, reluctant-uke themes.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - I Hear the Thunder of a Distant Storm by Keruri - *happy, floaty sigh* This was a wonderful treat to read for several reasons--it was well-written, I could just see it, I loved the characterizations of Roy and Ed (that they snarked at each other, but that there was also affection there, on both sides, and I loved that you felt that, but never had to be told it), and it was lovely writing. The moment when Al was trying not to blush literally made me squee aloud because it was funny and SO DAMNED CUTE. ♥ Al is the bestest brother in the whole wide world in this fic and I adore him so very much--it also didn't hurt that he was so cute over Winry and eeeee! how I fangirled over that, too. The dialogue was snappy, the characterizations were wonderful, the writing was lovely, and there was a hint of lime to the story. I can't ask for more from a fic. (RoyxEd, some hints of Winry/Al. ♥)

- Full Metal Alchemist - Glow by Branch - It's hard to explain the appealing concept of this fic (Sheesh, I certainly seem to be saying that kind of thing a lot lately, don't I?), because it's something that's rather simple in concept (Ed returns home in rather bad shape and Roy helps him unwind), but creates a sort of mood that's very... well, relaxing. It's fluff, but after the stories I'd been reading tonight, it was exactly what I needed to help me unwind and get back to that happy, floaty place I like so much better. Toss in a nice dose of snarky (if tempered more than usual) dialogue and I felt much better after this fic--which was the point. I love my wonderful fluff. ♥ (Roy/Ed.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - three FMA drabbles by White Cat - I'm going to put these three together, becuase they were posted in the same post. These were... just... I lovelovelove the J-fans for the creative little things they do like this, so when I get to see English authors writing these creative little ideas as well, it makes me terribly happy. Not to mention that they're good drabbles, each one like a little gem of a ficlet that's perfectly fleshed out as far as it needs to be. The characterizations are spot-on, I can see these characters, and if I had to pick a favorite one of these three... I don't know what I'd do 'cause I adore them all. The Roy/Ed one was gorgeously written--all that snark between them, yet more because there's a genuine connection there and the way the anger gave way to somethingotherthananger was beautifully done. Plus? The little hint of lime? Lovelovelovelovelove. So beautifully written. *___*

The Elric-mama - Ed one was wonderfully done, once again, Ed's anger giving way to somethingotherthananger was beautifully handled and it made me wibble to see Ed's interaction with his mother. Because she seemed like such a wonderful person and must have been to inspire such love in both her sons. *fawns* And, once again, the third drabble has that quality of Ed's anger and frustration being tempered by the person he's with, that they know just how to react to him to bring him back down, each important in their own way. Al's concern for Ed was wonderfully done, as was Ed's train of thought/feeling at the end. These were a wonderful trio of stories to read together like this. *hearts* (Some Roy/Ed with slight lime in the first one, the other two are gen.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - The Rain by Branch - There's something really sweet and wonderful about the idea of Roy trusting Ed enough to let a few of his more hidden facets shown and I find myself really wanting to believe that this could happen. This author has a way of writing a story that somehow pulls me into the writing, because it's so smooth and polished and just flows really well from one scene to the next. Plus? Any fic with Roy and Ed kissing in the rain makes me happy. *happy, floaty sigh~* (Roy/Ed.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - FMA drabble by Harukami - Admittedly, I remember Harukami from her Slayers fics (which I thought were really funny and sharply written) and a few of her random stories, so I rather pounced on this drabble because I thought her style would mesh well with FMA. And, boy, did it ever. *cackles* Her Roy/Ed dynamic is hysterical, I can totally and utterly see this snark-fest they have and my love for her Ed knows no bounds. Hell, my love for her Roy knows no bounds as well. Their banter is sparkly and genuinely clever (I literally had to stop for a few seconds after reading Ed's screaming because I had to just giggle for a bit.) and their interaction so genuinely them (Ed refusing to let it drop was perfect) that I hadhadhad to rec this. ♥ (Some Roy/Ed.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - Matchmaker by Harukami - Wow. How do you intelligently (or at least semi-intelligently >_>) write out "WAHAHAHAHAHA" and "EEEEEEEEE!!!" and "*SQUEEEEEEEE!*" and "OMGTHATWASSOMUCHFUN!"? Because, yeah. Having a bit of trouble with that. XD *ahem* All right, all right, calming down, I adored this fic because it was beautifully written, the jokes hysterical, and the Roy - Hughes friendship was just absolutely perfect. Hughes trying to play matchmaker for Ed (he's a growing boy going through puberty, surely he must be going through the things all fifteen year old boys go through, riiiiiight? XD) was hysterical, his fangirling over his family was perfectly done (it's so easy to turn that into a cliche, but it wasn't here--"And here, she's swimming. With water-wings." *chokes*laughs*dies*) and the culmination at the end of the story was beautifully, beautifully done. I could see it and I loved that it didn't feel tacked on, it was juuuuust right., I need to stop writing fic recs at 7:30am, because clearly I do nothing but ramble. XD (Roy/Ed.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - In Marginalia by Shi Lin - There are so many things I could comment about this fic (many of which I say in the comments on the page itself), probably enough that I could ramble for nearly as long as the story itself. ^_~ To make a long story short, one of the things I love most about a fic is when it can get me going and immediately after I read this fic, it got me into a fairly long discussion of the characters that had me purring like the happy little fangirl that I am. ^_~ Oh, sure, sure, wonderful writing, fantastic characterization, blah, blah, blah, all that, too. XD And I loved that it strode that line between gen and shounen ai, because as much as I love the resolution in FMA fic (and I'll hurt people if they stop writing it +__+), sometimes I just want to read about the initial fascination--what captures the attention of one person about the other. And that was beautifully written here, the way Ed slowly caught on to all the things he didn't know about Roy, realizing how brilliant the man really is and showing us, the readers, how fucking brilliant Ed himself is as well. And using books as a way to draw a connection between the two was just beautifully done. I looooooooooove Shi-chan, have I mentioned that lately? ......I'm just going to slink off before you all look at me and start muttering, "Get a room, jeez." XD (Roy/Ed that could totally pass for gen, really.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - A Perfect Morning by Andrea Weiling - This was a nice little story--as the author herself points out, it's a turnaround from the fics that have Roy waking up to watch Ed (though, I'm not sure I've seen a lot of those...? *makes grabby motions*) and having Ed be the one to wake up first. I admit, Ed's calmness here distracted me a little at first, but the more I read, the more I came to like it because... well, Ed would hardly get into a relationship that he was only further driven crazy by, but there were also references and implications of how Roy does annoy the fuck out of Ed sprinkled into the fic. It was a nice balance between the two, I thought. Plus, there were some turns of phrase that I found to be quite hot, just in the images they put in my head, even though they were PG at the most. Plus, I love that the author picked up on the idea that Roy can help shove all other thoughts out of Ed's head, even if only for a little while, because Ed could really, really use that. *sparkles* (Roy/Ed.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - The Hairbrush by cneko2 - This was... in a way, what I liked about this fic is that I sort of mirrored Ed's reaction in the story (relaxing while Roy brushes his hair out--admittedly, I thought it was going to be cheesy when I first clicked onto the fic, but it wasn't bad at all *sparkles*), in that I just sort of melted and relaxed as I was reading. I liked Roy's opening thoughts a lot, the way he had a bit of a dirty edge to him (which I like, because guys are not pure-minded, but neither was he crude about it *luffles*) but it was also thoughtful and insightful. And after reading this fic... I was mellow and happy and thank god for these kinds of fics after some of the angst out there. Cute and fluffy. I love. Especially the ending. *revels in the WAFF* (Some Roy/Ed hinted at, but they don't do anything, really.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - And On This Night by White Cat - *lets out a long breath* This is one of the things I look for so much in Roy/Ed, because it's all beautifully strung-together words and subtle tones and undercurrents and gorgeous imagery. The hints of the "two" sides to Ed were beautifully played on, Ed's thoughtfulness about his life and past and the slow, easy way between Roy and Ed, and just... wah, everything about this fic built into a mood that was wonderful. I'm having a terrible, terrible time describing the feel of this piece, which is a shame, because it's what made me go *___* so much, but I can't say it any better than that it's them. Full of subtle gestures that say so much more than words could, full of moments where their fingers are lightly entwined, easily able to free themselves if they wish, but they don't, likely because they could pull away if they wished, full of gentle lines of bodies and light touches, and full of quiet, meaningful words between them. Gah, I'm in a disgustingly raburabu mode now. (Roy/Ed.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - Moments series by Vikki - You know, it's difficult not to be all "HAHAHA LOOK WHAT VIKKI WROTE FOR MEEEEEEE!" about these drabbles, but... well... yeah. >_> Because it's fun to spam her with fanart when she writes these wonderful little gems of ficlets that either make me laugh or make me coo or make me make wibble or make me want to cry with how much I love the series or make me go *___* or just whatever. They're wonderful little bite-sized drabble-ish fics that are wonderfully written and all evoke the response Vikki's trying to get out of me. XD Plus, I still wibble at the Roy/Ed hug one, because sometimes... yeah, sometimes I need a little ficlet like that to keep going. ♥ Well, that and Ed messing himself up to... yeah. XDXDXD (Some gen, some Roy/Ed, ranging from G to NC-17.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - Him by Lady Cosmos - What impressed me most about this story was the way it didn't rely on dialogue or specific descriptions of images, but instead went for a more hazy, dreamy, etherial quality and worked. One image flowed into the next in my head, a steady stream rather than jerky imagery, and I liked the sense of... feeling to the piece, rather than simple "he did this, then did that" sort of writing. I like the something between Roy and Ed that was presented here, that tension between them, the way it tugs and pulls at them, the way Ed looks at Roy and their relationship. Very, very nice fic to read. ♥ (Roy/Ed.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - Wax by Dana/kuragari - This was... I admit, I'm always a little fearful of reading a new author, even in a baby fandom, but I've been pleasantly rewarded a lot of times and this one was no exception. The thing that stands out for me most (which I won't specify, since I think it works better reading it in the fic ^_~) was what the title of the fic comes from, but I'm also enamored with the way the story started (Roy sending an order over to Ed to rest XDDD), the way the tempo of the fic seems to match the music playing in the background, and the way I just... well, reacted to the fic. It was nice to just sort of slowly sink into the story, to let it unwind me a bit after all the pain these characters go through. I also really liked the way the author had Ed distinguishing between The Colonel and Roy here, it wasn't stretched too far, I found it to be touched on just the right amount. All in all, a very, very nice treat for me to read. ♥ (Roy/Ed.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - Knowledge by White Cat - Everyone and their dog has praised this fic and I'm hardly an exception--I *heart* the author's way with dialogue (because it's so sparklingly them, that witty, genuinely funny and clever, teasing edge, but you can still tell how much they all genuinely, truly care about each other) and her writing is lovely. One of the things that stands out for me most about this fic is the cuteness with the Hughes family at the beginning, which was beautifully done--oh, how I adore Hughes, the running gag of how much loves his family is done beautifully without ever becoming cliche. And the dialogue between Roy and Ed was a wonderous thing--they're both snarky and sarcastic, but you can tell that they genuinely care, you can see why they work as such a team, and each gives as good as he gets. Plus pretty smut is always nice. ♥ (Ed/Roy, some graphic content.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - The Path Not Taken by Jaelle - This was... wow, for a story that was only about 30k long, it certainly built up a wonderful little AU world of its own and was beautifully written. FMA is one of the few fandoms where I've liked the AU fics the authors have come up with, because they're not doing bizarre AUs, more like slight tweakings of the current storyline and seeing where things would go from there... and I liked that this particular storyline felt like it could happen, like the author had thought through the consequences of her changes, how just a few pivotal pieces being different could cause such different reactions, and how that affected the characters themselves. One of my favorite things about this story is the effect it had on Al, the way he's different because of the way things played out here and the way Ed still protects him. And, ooh, Roy and his fascination with/interest in Ed was delightfully subtle and the author's attention to detail in here was fantastic, and plus! Plus! Winry/Al! *twirls* The whole thing was really a very nice read and I'd love to see more from this storyline fleshed out, but it also works well the way it is, more of a light "this is the way things could have gone" than a blowing the storyline to hell, if that makes sense? Which is good, because I'm not sure I could have taken a huge cliffhanger. ^_~ Oh, and? The ending. So much love I have for subtle Roy/Ed. (Winry/Al, some Roy/Ed lightly implied.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - Drabble Challenge by Harukami - I debated about how to rec these at first, but the Harukami solved the problem for me by linking all of them in one handy post and I went *ufufufufufu* and gleefully set about trying to figure out how to talk about them. Of course, the obvious thing I liked is that they were all little bite-sized fics that were just the right length for my attention span lately (when I sit down to read fic, I like to tear through it, but otherwise, if I'm just sort of diddling around on-line, I like bite-sized stuff) and each were a different, cute/funny/scary/painful/wonderful/sparkly/smutty/interesting idea. The very last one is my favorite for obvious reasons, but I laughed muchly at the April Fool's one and wibbled madly over "Weaponry" because I loveloveloved the Roy introspection and I mentioned the *____*'ing over #27, yes? *fangirls* All the other usual things apply--wonderful writing, funny humor, thoughtful insights into the characters, and so on. I'll scoot along now. >_> (Ranging G to NC-17, half pairings, half gen. Too much to list, really.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - Drabble collection #2 by Vikki - I swear, I think I've rec'd nearly everything Vikki's written, but... well, she just... she has all these ideas in her work that I want to see played out and she doesn't just do a half-assed job, they're genuinely clever or funny or touching or hot or whatever. Sometimes, when I get a little burnt on a massive fanart hunt, she'll write one of these little things for me and it'll just... perk me right up and get me through the rest of my fangirl evening. It's hard to explain why that means I think everyone else should read it, too, so instead I'll just say: GO READ THEM NOW. ^_~ It's just... they're bite-sized, they're fun, they're sparkly little ideas, they're well-written, and they're those little images that stay with me. They compliment the fanart they're based off of and some of them end up being some of my favorites--the one where Roy's sleeping on Ed? I still wibble over that one because it's their kind of schmoop--it's not sappy, it's not corny, it's not even terribly sweet, it just subtly shows their comfort levels with each other and doesn't make a huge deal of it. Also? Roy and Ed babysitting Winry and Al's kids? OMGLUFF. ♥ And the AU with Roy getting to Ed before they leave to see Izumi-sensei? .....seriously? I love. And just... yeah, I loved the characterization that says so much without having to take a mallet to my head, the characterization that I can just see. ....yes, this rec sucks, but if nothing else, this is a good example of how these drabbles make me just fangirl so hard. ♥ (Some gen, some Roy/Ed, one NC-17 drabble.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - Qualities and Strategies by Ytak - Lately, yeah, I've had a terrible time reading anything longer than 500 words, so this was just about perfect for me--it was cute, put a smile on my face, and scratched the light itch for Roy/Ed fic that I had this morning. It's not terribly Roy/Ed, it's actually more parody than anything, but still. Very cute and I just... y'know, had fun reading it so far. ^_^v (Roy/Ed, but parody, so... not really?)

- Full Metal Alchemist - samadhi and the physics of this by dana - *happy, happy sigh* I have been reading a lot of Ranma 1/2 fic lately, because I've been experience a revival of my love for that series and I'm getting kind of rabid about it lately. But I took time out of doing that to read this fic because the author promised Roy/Ed smut and I'm always happy to pounce on that. And just... oh, god, this was JUST WHAT I WANTED this morning. It has this mood to it, the style the author used (lots of fragments and run-ons, as the author said) is one that not all authors can use without it becoming pretentious or annoying, but, oh, it works here, genuinely setting the right mood for the piece. It skirts the edge between R and NC-17, but is all the more intense for it, it's all feelings and flashes of imagery and experiences and liquid, flowing motions and red/orange sunsets. I know I'm babbling, but I've read this first one twice now and each time, even knowing what's coming, it pulls me right back into the mood.

And the second one? I luff this one, because it's just... it's more of that stacatto/flowing style that's so hard for some authors to pull off, but this author does beautifully. It's gorgeous Ed characterization, being nervous, but not backing down, trying to figure this whole thing out and Roy being unreadable and then that ending, oh, how I adored how things were resolved. Both of these are going to be reread by me more than a few times, I suspect. >_> (Roy/Ed, some graphic content.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - Edward Elric's Screw by Harukami - This... with humor fic, you have to take a certain tack, I think, to hit the right tone. Some people are funny to certain people and some aren't, individual senses of humor are different and all that, but I generally think Haruakmi = Teh Funneh, so this fic hit me just right. With a lot of authors, if they'd tried to approach this more "smartly", it wouldn't have worked as well, but because there was this sense of... having fun almost at the fic's own expense itself, it was ten times funnier to me. Kind of like the author knew it was a little dumb (and that's a compliment, even if it doesn't seem like it XD) and just had me on the floor laughing over it for that. Hell, I'm still laughing over it, because I could JUST PICTURE IT, too. ♥ (A little shounen ai, but it's parody, so I don't think it counts. XD)

- Full Metal Alchemist - Nothing at All by Andariel - ....I was sadly bouncy-enthusiastic when I saw that Andariel had written Roy/Ed fic because I remember liking her WK fic quite a lot and, eeeeee, more good, solidly written Roy/Ed ALWAYS makes me happy. Deliriously so. Now, this fic may not be everyone's cup of tea, I was a little wavery over it at first, but upon a second reread (and I can't reread fic unless I genuinely liked it... hell, I can't choke down a mediocre fic the FIRST time if I don't like it, much less reread), I'm enjoying the whole thing quite a lot. The writing is smooth and polished and while I pick at the characterization a little up until the first kiss, after that, it's much, much smoother sailing. Especially since Ed rights himself pretty quickly, gets back on his feet and that is the Edward Elric I know. ♥ (Also? I LOVE that he's smug afterwards, because that was so something I could see Ed being. XD) But, really, what I liked so much about this story is that the writing is just... good, descriptive, pretty, and yet I barely even notice there are words there because it's so polished that I just get pulled right into the story. And, I dunno, I just liked the ending with Hawkeye. She's cool. ^_^v (Roy/Ed, R-rated content.)

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