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- Full Metal Alchemist - Sunday by dana - Every so often, a fic comes along in the FMA fandom that just leaves me... it's not quite sated, but more a feeling of... happiness because something was written so smoothly and... well, this is going to sound sappy, but it was heart-warming. Not in a dippy, sappy, saccharine sort of way, but just gently warm and there is so NOT ENOUGH OF THAT IN THIS FANDOM. It was the kind I could believe, the kind that left me feeling happy, and more than anything, that's what I take away from this fic, because I treasure that feeling. That said, eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Roy surfs! I feel like I shouldn't care for that idea, but it just WORKS here and the way Ed reacts, the way he's so... vibrant in his own way here... it's all just something I can SEE and I LOVE IT. Beautiful characterization, gorgeous writing, and just a hint of lime that all deserve a far, far better rec than this, but you WILL GO READ IT ANYWAY. Yes, it deserves my caps lock key getting stuck multiple times like that. Shut up. (Roy/Ed, maybe a PG-13 rating.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - Breakfast at Eleven by Meg - *bounces* Meg needs to write more, y0. Because this was just... a fun little thing that I really loved a lot. Something about Meg's writing itself, the little comedic timing touches that pop the images right into my head and are funny, but also a little bit squee-worthy and the ending lines STILL makes me giggle a little, even half an hour after I've read it. It's ending lines like that that make Meg NEED TO WRITE MORE. *fangs* ^_~ Plus, I ♥ her Roy and her Ed so very much. (....gen, I think? Maybe a little Roy/Ed?)

- Full Metal Alchemist - Underwater by Harukami - [note: part of the genderswitch!AU] I can understand the genderswitch!AU not being to everyone's tastes--from the minute I read the first drabble by WhiteCat, I had the reaction, "I should hate this, but I don't, WHY!?" This is the kind of premise that has nearly unlimited potential to go bad (and often has in many a fic author's hands), but here... I honestly sat down and read the whole thing through in one shot, which rarely happens for me with anything over 40k. It's... it's all the things you'd expect it to be--well-written, well-characterized, clever, and sparkling, which still leaves me in sort of a "...." place because... WTF! I usually avoid genderswitch like the plague. Seriously. I don't care how well it's done, I'm usually just not interested. And maybe I'm just being won over by the high Roy/Ed content, maybe I'm just being won over by the good writing, maybe I'm just being won over because I'm familiar with the authors and like their work.

Whatever reason I like it, I just do--it's giving me that sense of watching something unfold, little pieces falling into place everywhere and it's all coming together into a larger whole. And it's interesting--the things that have changed, the things that haven't, the dynamics between the characters, the storyline elements, all that. Plus, hell, it's a good story on its own, too--Hughes' role in the story was excellent (his obnoxious teasing was beautiful ♥), Ed's interaction with Roy was perfect--still snarky and fiery/fiesty, but also knowing what she wants and not afraid to go after it. She's a little hesitant, yes, but she's no frail flower or cast iron bitch. And Roy's smug and irritating, a bit of a horndog, but you never doubt for a second that he's a good guy. And I love stories with that kind of stuff in them. XD And, ooh, good hetsmut. How often does that happen? (Roy/chick!Ed, genderswitch!AU, graphic content.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - Tango by Harukami - [note: part of the genderswitch!AU] Have I made my "I don't know why I like this AU, but I do!" point yet? If not, let me hammer it a little further into your head. ^_~ Anyway, the thing I liked about this fic was that I really, really like Eliza/Ed/whatever being sure of herself and knowing what she wants and being aggressive in her relationship with Roy, but still spazzy and real, rather than just retreating into sarcastic comments or keeping him at arm's length with that aggression. I just... yeah, I have a weakness for characters who are solidly in a relationship and okay with that, but still kind of drive each other crazy, which comes through wonderfully here. Plus, yay, dancing~! XD (Roy/chick!Ed.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - Tango by Harukami - [note: part of the genderswitch!AU] Have I made my "I don't know why I like this AU, but I do!" point yet? If not, let me hammer it a little further into your head. ^_~ Anyway, the thing I liked about this fic was that I really, really like Eliza/Ed/whatever being sure of herself and knowing what she wants and being aggressive in her relationship with Roy, but still spazzy and real, rather than just retreating into sarcastic comments or keeping him at arm's length with that aggression. I just... yeah, I have a weakness for characters who are solidly in a relationship and okay with that, but still kind of drive each other crazy, which comes through wonderfully here. Plus, yay, dancing~! XD (Roy/chick!Ed.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - Take Me Home & Circles by Harukami - Take Me Home: Admittedly, I sat and stared at this fic for quite some time because... well, every time I tried to describe my reaction to this story and why I liked it, I worried that I sounded too... well, irritating to fans who've taken the opposite path from me. (Not that a whole lot of Ed/Winry fans are reading this, I'm sure, given that I'm very much the Roy/Ed fangirl. XD) If I point to this fic and say that this is largely how I see the relationship, this is one of the major (unworkable) issues that I see them as having, this is why I don't care for the pairing myself? But, at the same time, I want people to read it because it's lovely writing and does a wonderful job of capturing this sort of... atmosphere to the piece without ever trying to. ....shut up, that makes sense to me! The issue of "home" is beautifully addressed here, of how they each view it and want they want/need in life, where they're both at in their lives. It's just a good story. ....and then I feel guitly about using this journal/site as a soapbox, yet not guilty enough to rewrite this. ^_~

Circles: The other reason I wanted to rec these two is because they're on the same journal page and that makes it easier for me to bundle them together. I need Roy/Ed lime/smut lately, since it's been a rough-ish couple of days and this helped immensely. Harukami is one of the few authors that I can take (and even like) imagery in her writing from--with her, it doesn't come off as pretentious or annoying, it works with what she's telling here and the story is never stretched beyond the premise. I can't say how much that is appreciated, no matter how much I claw at the screen for more. ^_~ So just... yay! Light smut! Pretty! (A little Ed/Winry in one almost bordering on gen, definite Roy/Ed in the other.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - By Any Other Name & A Short Rein by Harukami - Another set that I'm bundling up, of course. By Any Other Name: I have to admit, I thought I would be bored by this one, given that I'm not really enamored with either character, but... something about this fic just made it sort of sparkle for me and was terribly amusing. Plus, I could just SEE it and that always helps. XD A Short Rein: And this one was interesting... one of those stories that says a lot about the relationship between Ed and Roy, without having to really explicitly state it. It's one of those situations that I crave in fic so much because it shows a lot of who the characters are, provides insights into them, but the author never really TELLS us these things, we see them for ourselves. The symbolism of the leash was well-used and one of those things I expected to twitch a little at, but actually wound up really liking because it meant something and I could believe that the characters would do that. What I mean by that is that when leashes are involved, it's usually kink--which I have REAL trouble seeing characters doing--or just badly done, but this WORKED and I could see it, if that makes sense? Anyway, both are good reads, so.... *shoves them at people* ^_~ (Greed/Kimberly hinted at in the first one, Roy/Ed in the second.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - Visible and Vulnerable by Harukami - .........okay, admittedly, I rather like the lime content that leads up to the end of the fic, because... whee, very nice groping and kissing, more than just physical actions, it's also the feel of what they're doing that's capture. ..........which, yes, just making the brainbleach ending THAT MUCH WORSE. >:O! *recoils* Just... gaaahhhhhhh. It hurts because it's a special kind of... *waves hand* I don't even know what to call it. Gah. (Roy/Ed, brainbleach warning.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - All Hail the Chairman by Harukami - This was... a very interesting premise, the way Harukami wove all these things together in this fic--the Roy/Ed relationship, the card game they were playing, and Hughes and Al finding out. Roy and Ed's adversarial, yet highly chemistry-laden, relationship was interestingly played out here--very much with the intensity and snarking and wrestling against each other. (And I meant that metaphorically, though.... ^_~) And I like that. That intensity between the two characters, that spark of two guys in a relationship, yet still showing why they're together, the way it affects them. That they wouldn't have it just about any other way. I love it when a fic can accomplish that. ^_^ Also, the scene towards the end with Al and Hughes was lovely for all it's quiet and subtle emotional intensity. .....I use that word a lot, don't I? (Roy/Ed, some graphic content.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - Home is Where the Heart Is by Harukami - Oh, dude. Of course I had to rec this one because it was just too funny not to. I have a special place in my heart for Roy/Ed banter, especially when it's the kind where they really do love each other, but they still manage to get on each other's nerves. Especially when they're being all domestic... only, you know, not. Much, much amusement here, to the point that I've read it several times and I still giggle. (Roy/Ed.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - Little Revolutions by Harukami - I had NO IDEA what I was in for when I started reading this story, I was actually under the impression that it might be serious. How very wrong I was... this is one of those rare fics that actually manages to get down the whole off-the-wall thing that anime can do so well, but fic authors seem to have trouble with. It was funny and the wacky hijinks genuinely cracked me up (Plus! SQUEE! Hawkeye/Havoc! Even if it was comedic, there were still references and I'M GOING TO COUNT THAT. ♥ XD) and it was just... wacky fun, much in the spirit of old school anime fic that you don't really get as much these days. ....yeah, so, I'm a little nostalgic, but mostly this was Teh Funneh. *sporfles* And I love that she got just about ALL of the characters in there, but without making the cast feel bloated... yet the focus was still on Roy/Ed. I have much, much love for an author who can pace her fic right. Plus! Whee! MUCH LOVE for the ending. ^_^v (Roy/Ed, hints at Hawkeye/Havoc WHICH I AM GOING TO COUNT.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - Bouquet, Bratja, Under, and Cicatrice by WhiteCat - Bundling these together 'cause they're drabbles on the same page/posted together, of course. Boquet: ......OMG, SQUEE. From Roy and Hughes' friendship/bantering to Hughes' adoration for Gracia to Gracia's sweet and gentle nature... this was FANTASTIC. It really just... sparkled, with Roy and Hughes being such... GUY FRIENDS, which is something that I really, really don't get enough of in the fandom. (Of course, I'll NEVER get enough, so.) And Gracia and Hughes' relationship... oh, man, it's enough to put hearts in my eyes, especially the way it's done here. Bratja: And then this was heart-breaking, a moment in time after the Elric brothers have lost their mother--sad, heartwrenching angst, but because it's done so well, not because it's a manipulative sort of angst from the author. Also because there's a lifeline between the two brothers, because they'll pull through... you just know it's going to hurt a lot. Which is the reaction I get from this fic, I can't explain it any better than that, really.

Under: This is an important moment in the genderswitchAU fic, because it's where things start to change between Roy and Eliza and it had to be carefully done, because these are carefully done characters and not prone to... *waves hand* some characters are prone to easy/cheap drama and I think these two deserve better, which is why I liked this so much. Because you can feel Roy's teetering and exhaustion from the highwire act he's been doing lately, you can feel the MOMENT where things change between him and Eliza, even if nothing really HAPPENS (which is also part of what sells me on this), and it's just... GOOD WRITING. *fangs at the lack of coherency.

Cicatrice: The first line that stands out to me with this is when Roy says that he is, you know, trying to make a point here, which just struck me as one of those things that makes me love the character. Because he's subtle and yet he's not subtle. He gets his point across in a sharp and clever way, you don't always realize what he's doing at first, but you get it somewhere along the way. Roy's smart and knowing that being direct and honest with Ed is a good way to get him to listen, or at least get his attention. But, I'm babbling. This is good smut, the kind that makes me hum happily for both the lovely writing and lovely characterization and just SPARKLE over the banter at the end. Because it's amusing and because it says more than just the words mean on the surface. I love it when authors can do that. ♥ (Gen, gen, genderswitchAU, and Roy/Ed graphic content. In that order.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - Cool and Composed and Big Happenings by Harukami - Cool and Composed: I admit, I was a little wary at the idea of this one. Grease!inspired!Roy? (Basically, anyway.) Not sure what to think. Went ahead and read anyway. Sparkled at the Roy - Ed banter. Laughed my ass off at the end. Still twittering as I write this, actually. Big Happenings: ....ahm? BOTH Roy and Ed as women? Went ahead and read it anyway. Was amused at Roy - Ed banter. Then other stuff happened with other people. I giggled so hard I think I went ultra-sonic. I shouldn't laugh, it's mean. But. OMG SO FUNNY. Still twittering even now. (.....I don't know HOW to label these, yo.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - Necessities for Publication by Harukami - ....being a fan of j-fanart (and smutty j-fanart at that) is what killed me with this fic. Because... ahhh... yeah, sometimes (>_>) j-fanart can be a little out of character, especially the smutty stuff and this was... half j-fanart come to life and half gentle mocking of it, which hit me JUST RIGHT. I STILL laugh every time I think of the ending and poor, poor... well, poor Ed, but, man, poor Roy, too. I can't say much without giving it away, just that... yeah. It's probably something you need to have seen a fair amount of j-art for and have a sense of humor that's similiar to mine. But I laughed so hard at the end. XD (Roy/Ed, graphic content.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - The Other Side of Night by Harukami - This was... usually I don't like 'first time' stories. Nothing against them, but I generally prefer the smoother ride once two characters have worked out their rhythms--it makes for better smut, I think. Yet this... was interesting for what was going on between Roy and Ed more than the sex itself. (Not that I wasn't *__* over the sex, mind you. *grin*) The dynamics, the parallels and lack of parallels (which'll make sense once you read, honest >_>), the way they're the same and the way they're different... and even more than that was the way I could just FEEL what Ed was going through, the way I could understand his reactions on a level more than just theoretical. Whether that's a personal reaction or something from the fic, I'm not sure, but all I know is that this story hit me rather hard (not in a bad/depressing/ouchy way mind, just sort of like that vaguely uncomfortable-in-your-own-skin feeling) and anything that can get a reaction out of me is good. Plus, mmm, lovely smut. +__+ (Roy/Ed, content warning.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - Valentine's Day by Jaelle - This was just... I read this when Jaelle first posted it and I read it again just now when I'm trying to think of what to say beyond, "*giggle* Hee! Funny! Roy/Ed funny and just a hit of sweetness! *fangirl squee* GO READ NOW. +__+" ^_~ Jaelle really does have a terrific sense of comedic timing in novel form, which is really something to treasure in a fic author when they come around to one of the series I'm also into, because her writing just has this smooth... feel to it, the way it's paced and makes it easy to read and just sail right along. Plus? Funny. And I ♥ Ed. So very much. And the joke at the end was great and just... the whole thing was... FUN. I love that. ....I'll stop gushing now. >_> (Roy/Ed, a little Winry/Al hinted at.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - Change in Life-Style I by Sockren - This was... ow. I mean, not as ow as some of Sockren's other work, but still ouchy. And... and... and... kitty!Ed drabbles should be happy and fluffy and I would have thought that making them ouchy and hurty instead would have resulted in a less-than-well-written fic, but... surprisingly, I found myself going along with this story, easily picturing it in my head, a more realistic take on what would happen if Ed were turned into a kitten!chimera, rather than the happy, fluffy sort that you find in J-art. The thing of it was, the writing was lovely and the characterization solid so that it WORKED like this... especially Roy's quiet, shielded reaction, which was beautifully underplayed so that the power of it came through twice as strong. Not a break-your-heart fic, but certainly bittersweet and kinda ouchy. (Some light Roy/Ed.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - Familiarity by Sockren - Okay, now THIS was OW OW OW WHY DOES IT HURT MOMMY MAKE THE PAIN GO AWAY OW OW OW fic. ^_~ It was... mm, I don't want to give anything away, so I'll attept to find a balance between spilling the details and being too vague--there were one or two points where I had a fleeting question of Roy's character (given how much he loves BOTH of those Elric siblings), but then the fic would keep sailing along and I'd get pulled swiftly right back in and completely forget about it. (And I don't mean to give the impression that I'm straddling the fence with this fic, I liked it, even if I wanted to HIT THINGS because it made me hurt.) It's a very dark take, but I found myself thinking... if FMA went in a really dysfunctional and dark direction, I could buy something like this happening, if both characters had their support taken away from the way they did here... I keep feeling like I shouldn't have bought it, but I DID. The writing is lovely, very smooth and readable, and the sex is gorgeous. This is the kind of sex that just makes me purr--it might be a touch... mm, sad, I guess... for some people, but it really worked with the story this fic is telling. I also thought the weaving between past and present was well-done and I genuinely hurt for the characters, which is always a good sign to my mind. ^_~ (Roy/Ed, some content warning.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - Distractions by Sockren - Mmmm, now THIS is what I love and crave more of in the FMA fandom. Sex that's not just pretty and paints a nice picture (I don't like flowery sex so much as... pretty sex, I guess?) but HOT. This is the Roy and Ed I like--Ed sniping at him to hurry up and KEEP MOVING, BASTARD and Roy being smirky but also keeps moving because Ed WOULD kick him in a really ouchy place if he lingered too long. The characterizations are beautiful, the thoughts roiling through Ed's head were gorgeous (Ed 'thinking too much' was brilliantly done, I thought XD) and Roy was smirking and a bastard, but not a JERK. Also, the flow of this story just worked REALLY WELL--this may have been Ed's first time, but he's always swam rather than sink and I LOVE the way the author characterizes him, I really can't glow enough. ....and I would have rec'd it even without the sex, honest, but, holy christ, wow. *__* You can feel the intensity of it, rather than it just being pretty, their intense reactions warranted because it wasn't just the author telling us that the sex was hot, it WAS. This would be my favorite kind of smutfic, I think. *__* ....excuse me, I'll just be quietly jibbering in the corner now, yes. XD;; (Roy/Ed, graphic content.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - Orbit by Harukami - You know, I used to wonder if I'd hit my FMA smut saturation point. I hunted it down less often and was more relaxed when people posted. Then Harukami posts this. And, ahahahaha, yeah, no, not tired of it yet at ALL. *__* I love that it's not just smut, that there's actual characterization in here as well, that this is how I see Roy and Ed's relationship playing out--they care about each other, they miss each other, but they're not attached at the hip, they function just fine without the other. They don't pine, but they're still attracted to each other. And the sex reflects that--I love sex that's not just "Ohhhh, I looooooove you soooooo muuuuuuch~" because that's not what makes for the best sex, I don't think. Oh, there's affection here and that's a vital thing to have (emotionless sex doesn't really do it for me, I just don't want it smacking me in the face, either), but what I like so very much about this story is the attraction and the way you can feel that on a physical level. They want each other, intensely so, and then tempering it with the emotional side, without EVER getting all saccharine about it. Much love. XD (Roy/Ed, graphic content.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - Dates by Harukami - Roy used to be able to tell time by his women. Not down to hours and minutes and seconds, no, but weeks. He could measure off days of the calendar by it. I really like it when a story can take a concept like this and... I keep thinking about how I would have tried to write this and I know that I never would have been able to do it half as well as Harukami has done here, the way it actually makes sense and fits with the character so damn well, without making Roy anything less then (or more than) what he is (it doesn't make him an uber-playboy, but it doesn't make him a mastermind genius, either, and I appreciate that it feels like Roy here) and even for such a short story it smoothly transitions from one point in his life to the next, showing the developing attraction to Ed and that doesn't come out of nowhere. XD (Roy/Ed.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - Housewarming by Harukami and WhiteCat - I have a sneaking suspicion, as I start this rec, that I'm probably not going to be able to do the story justice I'd like to, but I'm going to attempt to write it anyway. This story... takes its time, you know? Moments aren't really glossed over and from when the fic starts to the time it ends, there's a sense of... real time, I guess? Like, the fic is only about one night, yet it's 100k long, and most fics that are that long have a ton of stuff happening over the course of a longer period of time... instead, this one lets you sink into the situation with the characters, lets you experience the shifting tensions and feelings and emotions, rather than whizzing by them at a breakneck speed. The characterization is also fantastic--both Ed and Roy are sharp, their overwhelming presence (you can never really ignore either character when they're on screen, they have that sort of magnetic personality) always there, and yet they're still human and layered, all these complex things tied up in one character, each. Roy's bland expression, yet you can FEEL that there's a ton more going on under the surface, Ed's nervousness, yet he's never weak or spineless, all these little details (like with the keys at the end--such a subtle thing, yet saying so much, very in the feel of the series), and... eh, I'm explaining this badly.

It's... I guess it's that same feeling that I get when I look at the art of the series. It's not heavily detailed and shoujo-ish like a CLAMP manga, it might seem a bit minimalist on the surface (ie, a lack of overly pretty swirls or whispy turns of phrase), but the more you start in on it, the more you realize that there's a ton of stuff going on that's there, even if you don't get hit over the head with it. Roy's issues, Ed's issues, the little touches with Havoc when he's driving them to the State Alchemist function, the way he treats Ed, the way he salutes Roy--they might not seem like they mean much at first, but the more you think about them, the more it all starts to fit together, to connect together. And I just... I totally go for that kind of thing. And, I mean, you get that with just about any fic Terra or Haru writes, but it's even more present here because it's a longer fic dealing with the way Roy and Ed would come together.

And I liked that this was a first time fic that dealt with issues and hesitancy and nervousness, but didn't go into pining or angsting because it's hard to imagine that for these characters. Plus, the dialogue was fantastic and the writing gorgeous (I love the style they have here--it's not full of fancy words or images, but fully paints the picture anyway--which is part of what I was talking about with the art of the series, it's not revolutionary, but it's wonderful to look at for this type of story) and the sex lovely. It wasn't just a wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am type of sex scene, either, it was slow, sensual, and seductive and really helped pull you into it, I thought. Very pretty, too. ....god, I'm going to shut up now. ~_~ (Roy/Ed, graphic content.)

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