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- Full Metal Alchemist - Throw Away the Key by Harukami - You know what I love? That even the GBA games give fangirls fodder to work with and springboard story ideas off of. XD (Knowledge of the games helps, but it's hardly imperitive, you can read these just fine on their own.) And I love the little things about this fic--the way Ed notices stuff and does something about it and is smart (and right in that you don't always need to have a justification for fantasies) and I just... I love Ed's sharp tongue and the whole dynamic of his relationship with Roy here. "You know," Fullmetal drawls lazily, "you can just tell me if you've got fantasies. I mean, I'll laugh, sure, but only a little." And I realize I'm rambling, but I really do like this fic for more than just the smut, because it's got all these insights along with it (Ed: "Sometimes you can just do stuff. You don't have to get what you like in small amounts and just let it be part of work. Suffering in silence makes me think you're stupid."), because it's got all these little touches of humor, because both characters are so layered and strong, and... well, yes, nice sex. And it's my kind of kink, you know? Not too much, but not just vanilla, either, just the right amount. ....holy shit, this is a crappy rec. I blame the sex having melted my brain, yes. (Roy/Ed, graphic content.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - Anatomy by StereoNights - There are a lot of things that I liked about this story, even if not too much happened-happened. The writing is smooth and has a really nice flow to it, the dialogue is really sharp and clever without being too sharp and clever (it fits the characters, but it's not meant to be the focus of the story, so my attention was drawn back to the whole picture being drawn, much like the series itself does), and the quiet, yet not quiet dynamic between Roy and Ed was just... really nice. It was a touch sensual and connected, but without being too obvious about it, and just... yeah, this rec sucks, but go read the fic anyway. It's good. (Roy/Ed.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - Snow by Harukami - Ahhh, I swear, Haru's the only one who can get me to read FMA fic in my funk lately and, really, I'm glad I did, because who could resist Roy and Ed having a snowball fight? >D The descriptions of which were lovely and almost, almost made me miss winter because I could feel the crispness of the snow, could hear the sounds it makes when you're stepping across freshly fallen snow, and that's what I took away from this story the most. Well, that and the fun snowball fight between Roy and Ed with lovely little mentions of character insights about Roy (the kind of place he grew up, the types of elements he usually associates with, etc.) that never felt cheesey or cliche to me. Lovely fic. ♥ (Roy/Ed.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - Waltz by Meg - Well, Haru and Meg, that is. Who can get me to read FMA fic. And this was one of those stories that I stumbled over without expecting to see it and it was short and it was just... a perfect little pick-me-up, something that even my short attention span could handle and was just fun! Meg's dialogue seems to always just sparkle with how crisp, clean, and in character it is and she makes a concept like "Roy teaches Ed how to dance", that, by all rights, should SUCK SO MUCH, and makes it GOOD. If Roy has to suffer, so does Ed. indeed. ♥ (I dunno, some light Roy/Ed if you're so inclined.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - Proper Communication by Harukami - Harukami is one of the authors I'll still turn to for FMA fic whenever she posts is because she's really gotten a handle on the characters, especially Roy and Ed, so when she posts smutfic for them, of course I have to jump on it. The thing I like so much about her writing is that she captures Roy's character in this way that... there's a feel to the character, whether he be a smirking bastard, when he's wearing an intense expression and you can feel how angry he is, or whether he's wearing an unreadable expression and the more you get to know him, the more you can get a feel for what's going on underneath the surface and that really comes out nicely here. There's so much going on underneath Roy's surface, even when he's pulling back from Ed with a blank look that's just... it's almost painful, because you have an idea of what it's covering up. The later conversation between Roy and Ed is layered with subtle things, such intensity, that I just... good fic. You go read now., that's a crappy rec for a fic that deserved better. Boo. (Roy/Ed, NC-17 content.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - Ready Steady by Kristin O. - I'm not sure what made me read this fic this morning. I've been slowly sliding away from FMA for awhile, but I have a lot of love for Kristin's fic whenever she writes in a fandom I'm familiar with, and I've been meaning to read this one, so I figured I'd at least give the beginning a shot. Then this fic hooked me from the first page and absolutely would not let me go--the writing is fabulous, just utterly smooth, readable, and lovely to read. The characterization is fantastic--her Ed nearly made me swoon, right down to all the little details of his comedic timing (not that Ed's trying to be funny, but winds up being funny anyway <3) and the way he overthinks everything. The dynamic between Roy and Ed is wonderful, that balance between grudging respect and snark just exactly the right tone for me. The pacing of the fic marvellous, the little details just utterly perfect (like with Mustang's desk or the outdoor cafe, each was beautifully woven into the scene and set it perfectly), and the way the story ended? I am nearly incoherent with the sparkle. This rec is a horrible one because of that sparkling, really. But the story really gave my interest in this series a shot in the arm again, because this is what I love so much about fanfic. (RoyEd.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - Vacation of the Mind by Yume no Ryuu - I probably shouldn't have enjoyed this little story as much as I did, but... somehow it was just one of those silly, funny little things that struck me the right way at the right moment. I think it was the bit about just how Roy got Ed to take a vacation that made me giggle a little. ....shut up, I know I'm a dippy RoyEd fangirl, I can enjoy it, if I want to! >F (RoyEd.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - The Art of Getting Lost by LCM - I'm not sure what made me head to the _crossfire comm, just that I saw an amusing-sounding summary somewhere, liked the one short fic, then started browsing through the rest of the comm and this was the second fic I happened to click onto. And it's hard to explain why I liked this so much, it's just... it was a really interesting take on Ed post-series, I really liked the balance between feeling lost and still being recognizably Ed, the writing was smooth, readable, and lovely, and I totally sparkled at the end. It was just one of those small little things that hit me exactly right after a nice story that was just the right tone. ....holy crap, that's a terrible rec, but the fic is good and made me sparkle. Go read. (As the author says: A light touch of RoyEd if you're looking, a sprinkle of fairy dust if you're not. I would have read it as gen if I hadn't know.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - Alter Series by hime1999 (& many others) - (Note: This series is entirely dependant on having seen through to the end of the anime, it will contain massive SPOILERS. This rec will also include a fair amount of spoilers, so please move along now if you'd prefer to remain unspoiled.) I imagine pretty much everyone has heard of this series by now, but I didn't get around to reading it until it was rec'd in the FMA recs comm a few weeks back and I bookmarked it to read once I'd finished the end of the anime. And, naturally, I'm utterly charmed by it because of both the fantastic, fantastic art and because of the genuinely good storytelling, but also because the concept is SO COOL. Both the way the story is being told (with pics and ficlets) and the very idea of Ed on the other side of the gate after the anime ended and how there are similar people on both sides.

It's also that there's a wonderful sense of humor to the stories (the Father's Day one is quite possibly my favorite, the ending was just so utterly perfect) and some genuinely touching moments, that make the whole thing really fascinating. There's a lot of crack that's not in the canon universe that you might want to be wary of, but the canon universe itself is really fascinating and telling a wonderful story. Plus, the art is really fantastic. I feel like I should have more to say, though, I can't really think of much. I find the concept of the Alter!Roy to be interesting and the way he's like and yet unlike the Roy of this world nicely done. I like the interaction with Ed, the friendship between them is nicely built up through the ficlets and all the heart-tugging moments they go through. The whole thing is a lot of fun, I think. Plus, pretty art. (Erm, I don't even know how to begin to warn for this one. Just... pay attention to the warnings?)

- Full Metal Alchemist - Sweet Dreams by girl_starfish - [ part 01 - part 02 - part 03 - part 04 - part 05 - part 06 - part 07 - part 08 - part 09 - part 10 - part 11 ] - Apparently, I was in just the right mood for this story tonight, something that was a bit angsty and sad, but also sweet and hopeful, something that wasn't pure fluff, but left me feeling happy by the end of it. A post-episode-51 story (no major spoilers, but I doubt you'd get the most out of it if you aren't aware of how the series ends) that does a tremendous job of telling a wonderfully faceted story through Ed's hazy point of view. What impressed me most (besides the ability to tred that line between dramatic and overly dramatic) was the pure emotion I felt right along with the characters--my little fangirl heart was right there along with Ed, especially in the second to last chapter. It's a story where... not a ton happens that you can specifically point to but is one of the best to read because of the smooth, clean writing style and the smashing characterization. ....blah, horrible rec yet again, but really lovely story. Go read. (Some very vague Roy/Ed in the background, but totally not the point of the story, if you squint, it could probably be gen.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - Cohabitation by Harukami - [Note: Both this fic and this rec contain spoilers for the ending of the FMA anime. Read at your own risk.] This story hit me largely out of the blue, I had only a vague idea that Haru had written some stuff while I was sick, and while combing through her posts while I was away, this amazing little gem came up. One of the things I was so impressed with this story about was that... with a lot of authors, the ten year gap the characters face here, it'd be all too easy to change them radically, make them practically unrecognizable because they'd changed too much. But the characters Harukami is writing here are still so sharply them, so very recognizable as themselves, but still tempered with those ten years since the end of the series. Ed still has his sharp wit and even sharper personality, but it's tempered by years of growing up even more. Roy is still the deep waters type of person he's always been, but the down time has mellowed him out in some ways and not at all in other ways. The entire time I was reading this story, I couldn't help thinking, too, that... if they met up again ten years later like this, after Ed managed to come back to their world... that this strikes me as how right it felt. It hits all the right notes, it... felt like the anime felt for me. All those powerful issues brought up that weren't necessarily in a dramatically overwrought way, but still a hell of an impact anyway. Adored this story so much that I tend to almost forget there even was sex in it! Which is a high compliment from me, really. ^_~ (Roy/Ed, not work safe.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - Too Grown by Bri - Every time someone had come to you, attempted to talk to you, you wouldn't answer. You didn't really want comfort, because the responsibility for this was heavy on your shoulders, and for anyone else to share the burden, well... that just didn't seem fair, because it was yours, and it was all you had left. No one was going to take that from you, too. There is absolutely no way I can do this fic justice in my rec, because this fic actually put traces of tears in my eyes. That only happens one time out of every few hundred stories and most of the time I just sort of feel like crying or get a lump in my throat, but this... oh, it was beautiful and hurt so very, very much because it was utterly true to the style of the series. Roy's characterization was brilliant, the imagery and touches of bringing home the pain (the flashbacks compared to the now of things, the isolation he feels) were brilliant. Every image was carved into my head with beautiful, aching lines and a subtleness that was tremendous. Just... Roy standing there, alone, even amongst other people was heartbreaking and truly one of the best FMA fics I've read. Even if you don't normally read deathfics, this one is worth the hurt. (Roy/Ed, deathfic.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - If You Won't by Bri - Instead of everything in his head, all the hurtful confessions and insults and demands that threatened to break free from Edward, all that came was a broken, tearful order of, "Don't you ever fucking leave me." The shining joy of discovering a new FMA author whose writing isn't just enjoyable, but is really fucking good is immense and so very welcome. The author here has a way of getting home the emotion of a piece that's really quite breath-taking--in the aftermath of a remade Envy's attack that nearly killed Roy, the author tackles Ed's emotional state and it's just so... intense and I was sucked in completely, unable to look away as anger and hurt and need all roiled together beautifully. Her takes on the characters are brilliant, not just them on the surface, but feeling like there's real depth here and, god, they were so fucking perfect. I'm in love all over again. (Roy/Ed.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - Bleed Like You by Bri - Normally, I don't care for stories with a heavy focus on Envy, either they don't ring true for me or else they do and I don't care that much for the character. But somehow this author just blew me away with Envy watching over Roy and Ed together, the beautiful, beautiful writing just nailing the style of the series itself, but also the way the characterization was so fucking perfect that it damn near hurts. Envy feeling all those dark emotions, the jealousy, the envy, the dislike, all of it roiling together was really an amazing thing to watch without ever being over the top. And, wow, despite the fic being labelled NC-17 and that I'd have put it at R myself... without having to go into too much detail, despite setting the story from Envy's POV, the Roy/Ed was gorgeous, gorgeous and so very hot. I wish I could write a better rec for this story because the writing was so powerful and deserves better, but I'm going to have to settle for mostly incoherent fangirling, I gues. ^_~ (Roy/Ed, maybe a little one-sided Envy/Ed, but in an odd way, R to NC-17 content.)

- Full Metal Alchemist - FMA futureverse by Shi Lin - I have such massive rabu for Shi-Lin and then she decides to tackle FMA futureverse with Roy and Ed? Where they're something sort of like warm and fuzzy, but not really because they're still Roy and Ed and it's more that they give ME that feeling because they're so much fun when they're snarking? Because she wrote Ed with glasses? And then my love goes even more fangirly and high-pitched. Because her writing is lovely, it's sharp and clear and pops everything so vividly right into my head, because she has this way of turning a phrase that doesn't hit me over the head, but I get just exactly the depth of Roy's feelings and I feel like I've been hit with the hammer anyway. Because she's brilliant at the UST thing, that dance they do around each other that fairly crackles with chemistry, but doesn't step too far over the line so that I don't believe it. Because she can write Roy and Ed going to a bookstore and I'm all *____*!!!!! over it. Because I can just see this future for them (not to mention it makes me feel all happy and gleeful inside), and the final scene of the third chapter in the kitchen? It's one of those scenes that I'd seriously consider giving my eyeteeth to be able to write because it felt like I could very nearly reach out and tangibly grasp the tension and emotions that were running through the scene. It's... one of those stories that felt three-dimensional to me, like I was inside of it, rather than just watching it through a glass window, if that makes any sense? ....and if she doesn't disown me for this disjointed rec, I'll still be hiding under the desk in embarassment. ~___~ (Light Roy/Ed, but is very quiet about it.)

- Fullmetal Alchemist - Keep Me Level by Bri - Okay. So. I've gone on at length about the author's FMA fic already, so I probably should back off a notch. Hmph. Yeah. That'll happen. Anyway, yukihyou was darling enough to inquire about the author's other work and passed along the links so I have more RoyEd to read! *twirls* And this one is just... there are all these little images woven into the fic, the fighting or the sex or the sleeping afterwards, they all paint these incredibly lovely images in my head that make me wish I could draw them, despite not being an artist at all. The gorgeous images of a sleeping Roy with his head resting against the back of Ed's shoulder or the way Roy's dark hair slides through Ed's fingers or any of the other little movements while they have a quiet moment to offset the way Ed had punched him earlier in the day. It's not quite sap, it's quiet instead and I love that. I suspect I made bad fangirly humming noises while reading this. >___>a (RoyEd.)

- Fullmetal Alchemist - War by Bri - ....I. Love. This. Fic. So, so, so much. It is classic, brilliant RoyEd snarky dynamic. Well, not so much snarky as tie-Ed-to-a-chair-and-try-to-make-him-drink-milk-before-he-escapes-and-or-mutilates-you RoyEd dynamic. I very nearly cackled the entire way through this because the author is good at the humor here, it doesn't go too far over the line into parody, yet is still funny as hell. And, oh, the comedic timing and the brilliantness of both characters and I'm ready to call this use of the calcium pill on the same level as Pengie's from Tenipuri, because HAHAHAHAHA LOVED THIS ONE SO MUCH. If you're only going to read one of Bri's fics, I suggest this one because... HAHAHAHAHA, GENIUS. The kind of genuinely funny fic that doesn't get written nearly enough these days, much less with these characters. I'm in love. You probably picked up on that, huh? (Roy/Ed.)

- Fullmetal Alchemst - Hands / Warmth by Bri - Hands: Roy Mustang learned long ago that Edward Elric had a certain way of doing things, and that those ways were not to be tampered with. What I love about this story is that it captures a lot of different sides of Ed, gets at more than just the temper he has or the angst he has--not that it forgets about those, either, that it made the character a little bit more three-dimensional and just... it struck at that love I have for Ed, the kind that makes my fangirl heart hurt for the character, and all Ed has to do is be particular about which way his pillow is facing to make me want to hug him and never let go. My heart hurts for the young man who makes sure certain little things are done a certain little way every day and never makes a big deal out of them, just does them.

Warmth: Their tongues fought brutally in some battle of who worshipped who more, scraping over teeth, the roofs of mouths, each other and the younger man felt his skin catch on fire. The author has this lovely, lovely way of writing that is one of my favorites, especially when it comes to lime-ish/lemon scenes. It's beautiful language without being overly flowery or too much, is still hot and gorgeous, but also inspires that *___* reaction in me. She also never lets go of the intensity of the characters and I just... I can't say enough positive about the fic, even when I'm running out of adjectives to describe how happy the fic makes me. *___* There are a handful of authors that I look forward to fic for in this fandom and this author has definitely become one of them. (Roy/Ed, the second one probably isn't work safe.)

- Fullmetal Alchemist - Window Dressing by the Hoyden - Edward Elric could never be decorative on anyone's arm - unless one favored imminent, continued explosion in one's immediate vicinity. There is an utterly brilliant reveal in this story that had me just floored with how utterly perfect it was to the characters. Just... PRICELESS. And, damn, the Roy and Ed characterizations are brilliant here, too, so sharp and fantastic, right down to the way Ed apparently reacted in the library when the book he'd been looking for was useless. The Roy insight is wonderful, the dialogue sharp and brilliant, but it's just... god, the reveal. If there were better things than Fullmetal having a hissy fit, Roy just didn't know what they were. INDEED. Loved this fic *so much*. To the point of incoherency, apparently. 9__9 (Roy/Ed.)

- Fullmetal Alchemist - Research by Granate - [ part 01 - part 02 - part 03 ] - I'd read the author's Havoc/Hawkeye fic before this (and loved them into tiny, miniscule pieces), but I had no idea she's written Roy/Ed fic, too, or what to expect from it. But I am infinitely glad I did because this is the kind of fic that makes me fall in love with the characters all over again. Well, and it also makes me roll around on the floor in spastic laughter, but. I mean, Ed getting cranky because Roy's so goddamned good at everything and WELL FINE THEN. HE'LL FIND SOMETHING THAT BASTARD'S NOT GOOD AT! Each example of Ed's "tests" to find something Roy isn't good at resulted in brilliant, brilliant (not to mention honest-to-god fucking clever) characterization and hilarity. Each time Roy was smoothly smug about passing some test and Ed was either furious or frustrated or growly about it, evilly devising the next test to put Roy through, it was all so hysterical and adorable to read. The chemistry between the characters was fabulous, this is why I 'ship this pair so hard, because they play brilliantly off each other. I really wish I could have written a better and more coherent rec for this fic, because it really deserves an intelligent response. It's one of those stories that's not just passable or decent, it was a delight to read. (Roy/Ed.)

- Fullmetal Alchemist - Absently Present by Melfice - Oh, well, this was certainly a lovely treat to find that I wasn't expecting. Great writing, excellent flow/pacing, genuinely humorous, and a fantastic Ed narrative. I am quite smitten with the author's characterization of him, from his temper to the things you can admit and the things you just do not go around telling people to the screamingly hilarious bit with the alarm clock (or the pen! XD) to every little instance the author used as an example to illustrate Ed's thoughts. This is one of those stories that just nails the character so perfectly, the kind of story that makes my heart lighter and puts a smile on my face and makes me laugh in all the right places. And his feelings towards the relationship with Roy? Perfect. Denial that's not uncomfortable or overstretched for the reader, but still with genuine feeling underneath that. That is the balance I love with these two. Much love for this fic. (Roy/Ed.)

- Fullmetal Alchemist - If The Answer Is Yes and Omake by Granate - *shimmers* FMA Valentine's Day fic! Oh, sure, this rec is a little late, but I never care if the right holiday is at the right time, good fic is good fic. And this fic was so much fun, the way Ed reacts to Roy with flowers in his hand, the way Roy is just so... fun when he leans over to flirt with Ed and then the way Ed reacts.... (Ed was entirely prepared to be annoyed at these very personal questions, but when Roy Mustang was so close and looking at you like that, well sometimes thought just ceased completely. And sometimes your brain just melted. And all you could do was blink. Stupidly. Even though at any other given moment you're a competent, daring, genius alchemist who earned the title of State Alchemist at the age of twelve and is widely renown and beloved by the public. Yes, I did have to quote all that. XD) *waves hand* Okay, I officially give up on this rec, but you should go read anyway, because it's a great, really well-written, sparkly fic based on that White Day image of Roy and Ed with the presents. Loved. It. (Roy/Ed.)

- Fullmetal Alchemist - One-Eighty by Ju - How on earth did I miss that Ju had written FMA fic? I would have thought I'd notice that! And this fic is even one of her better ones, it just... the writing is beautifully smooth and fits the characters so perfectly, she nailed the characterization, even in just ~600 words, and then topped it off with some lime that bordered on lemon. The banter between the characters is just the right pitch and, man, is that imagery pretty. <3 (Roy/Ed, R to NC-17 content.)

- Fullmetal Alchemist - Thunder by Granate - I really liked this fic for all that it said (without saying) about Roy, Ed, and the relationship they have and some of the reasons its works. These aren't just happy, fluffy characters, they're much more complex and tragic (without being completely hopless) than that. And... well, really, I can't sum it up better than this: It was not thunderstorms that frightened the Flame Alchemist or gave him nightmares. There was so much that Roy did not tell Ed, even now, things he never talked about because he was too damned used to not talking about them. It was all the things that polite society tried to ameliorate with terms like war hero, State Alchemist, and officer. Ed would never push because he knew there were things he himself couldn’t hope to explain. A lovely little fic about Roy, Ed, and thunderstorms. <3 (Roy/Ed.)

- Fullmetal Alchemist - What Shouldn't Be by Shamera Tsukishirou - Part of me sort of feels guilty for liking this fic so much, as the dynamic almost makes me a little uncomfortable. But a lot of that is because it's believable and doesn't shy away from the power dynamics and Roy's pride and the way Roy and Ed interact. Plus, the writing is gorgeous, hitting all the right notes for a story like this that... it's not supremely dark by any means, but it's not fluff, either. (Roy/Ed.)

- Fullmetal Alchemist - A Toast by symphoniac - Uncoiling his tense muscles, he sat back down cautiously, eyeing the untouched opaque liquid in front of him with inherent distaste. "So," he began doubtfully, "what’s so good about this particular secreted cow juice anyway?" I hesitated to quote that line, because this isn't really as much of a humor story as it is a semi-serious-in-tone story with little bits of humor (being that it's Ed's POV and all), but, damn, that line cracked me right the hell up. XD I was really sort of pleasantly surprised by this story, as I haven't read FMA fic in awhile and I didn't know if it would be able to hold my attention, but the really sharp, right characterization of Ed here won me over along with all those little touches of Ed's sense of humor that were littered throughout the story. Plus, I really liked the RoyEd dynamic here and I barely even noticed it was AU. ♥ (Roy/Ed.)

- Fullmetal Alchemist - untitled by konitsu - I sort of stared at this fic for awhile, not sure how I felt about it, given the whole pairings thing and how I'm an OTP girl, but... I was lured in by liking the author's writing, by liking the Roy/Ed pairing, and because the opening paragraph made me do multipled hearts in a really obnoxious way. But what really got me, aside from that the multiple Roy pairings here actually sort of work, rather than just entirely being crack thrown in for crack's sake, is that the ending totally made me laugh out loud and think, yeah, goddamit, I'm won over. Short, sparkly, clever, good Roy characterization, fun interaction between characters, and having just enough of a whiff of seriousness/bittersweetness. It was a good read. (Mostly Roy/Ed, hints of other slash/het pairings.)

- Fullmetal Alchemist/xxxHOLiC - Quid Pro Quo by Tammaiya - Two things come to mind for me when I heard the concept of this story. One, HOLiC can be crossed with anything. Two, ....wait, FMA? It's not a crossover that I would have thought of immediately, but xxxHOLiC is crossable with just about anything, so I was more than willing to give it a shot. (Especially considering the author.) And the two series came together beautifully, both in the sense of tone/concept and the use of equivalent trade as well as on a character level. Because Yuuko driving Ed nuts in that way she has? Brilliant. Ed's characterization is amazing, it's so spot-on in the way he's such a brilliant little hot-headed character, the way he's so smart, even while he's being so annoyed by everything around him. Yuuko is brilliantly in character as well, that slinky way she has at times, the way that can shift to evil amusement in the blink of an eye, the way she knows things, the way she forms her sentences, the way Ed plays off her so brilliantly well. And, oh, my god. The ending. The ending with the Mokona and Maru and Moro. It's... it's... I can see it so perfectly in my head and I just sit there and laugh and laugh and laugh every time. So, so much love for this. ♥ (This is gen. If you really squint, you might see a vague hint of RoyEd, but it's intended as gen.)

- Fullmetal Alchemist - Namedropper by mikkeneko - I was journalhopping and browsing through other people's memories and happened to stop on this fic. I was curious about the link the fic was based on (wondering if it was RoyEd fanart or a scan or something), read the translation notes linked, giggled to myself, then went back to read the fic. And promptly started giggling some more, because, yes, that is a great use for the random trivia in the series. It's just... amusing and fun and kinda beautiful. XD (Roy/Ed, graphic content.)

- Fullmetal Alchemist - Line Of Communication by Tammaiya - I am quite enamored with the characterization in this fic, the way Tammaiya writes both Roy and Ed as so sharp, the way they're both tempered with more maturity and intelligence (at least in Ed's case) as they grow older, but still so very, very much themselves. I love this fic because you see how the relationship between them changes, how Ed understands more about why Roy does things and Roy lets his motivations become a little clearer, but without taking away from the fundamental sparks-flying type of clash they have. The dialogue is so fantastic, because Ed grumps at him and you get what he really means and it's actually good dialogue and, eee, yes, okay, this is why I'll never quite entirely leave the Roy/Ed fandom. (Roy/Ed.)

- Fullmetal Alchemist - Charm by Tammaiya - [ part 01 - part 02 ] - Meg once said something in a surprising confessions meme, how she liked the idea of RoyEd better than RoyEd itself. The comment stuck with me because it was very similar to how I felt as well--despite that I've read/recommended a ton of it, I know. While reading this fic, the comment floated into my mind again because there are some exceptions to this rule for me. When Tammaiya writes them, I remember why I loved them, why all that potential that was between them sparked my interest in the first place. She writes them brilliantly, both of them brilliantly, the smirk-and-rage dynamic that I love so damn much. And, okay, sure, maybe she favors Roy a little, but it's hard not to when canon seemed to often do the same thing with them and I favor Roy, too. But I love that the writing doesn't make me feel badly for Ed, it makes me laugh and cheer his rages on, I love that he's not just reactive here, he does stuff, even if the non-alchemy stuff tends to blow up in his face.

She's also perfected the art of cracked out writing without it being OOC; I would nearly wheeze with laughter the entire way through the story, there were at least two points when I had to stop reading for a bit just to laugh. And with a story that's over 11,000 words long, it could have so easily started to drag, the jokes could have felt stretched thin or worn out or even like the author was trying to pack too many into one story, but instead the pacing of it is grand, the scenes are full without being dense, the pacing light and easy without being thin. It's the perfect kind of fic that makes me remember why I love reading fanfic so much. ....I may be a little high on Christmas fic at the moment, mind, as well as RoyEd that I love, so I may be prone to effusiveness. I'm sure you couldn't tell. ♥ (Roy/Ed.)

Fullmetal Alchemist: Kindness by anoyo - I was actually looking for G00 fic to build up a pile of for when I'm done with the series and happened to stumble over FMA fic instead. Intrigued by the implied-Roy/Ed-but-not-slashy description of this, I thought, eh, what the hell, I'll give it a shot. I'm very glad I did because this is what I've been missing from the fandom! (Not that I look around very often anymore.) The author's characterization is really delightful, it's light-hearted and fun without being parody, it has that bantering edge, yet Roy and Ed are both really wonderfully in character. There's even a fantastic original character, the accountant for Roy's team and Roy's reaction to his lecture is spot on for him. Just. a sdf;lkaslkj I have missed you, FMA fandom! (Sort of implied Roy/Ed, but it could easily read as pure gen.)

Fullmetal Alchemist: You and Your Fuck Awful Timing by lightgetsin - So, I had read the author's White Collar fic. And then saw she'd written Roy/Ed fic. And I was, like, umm, hmm, ahmmm. I keep meaning to get back into FMA fic, but never quite find the right fic to do so. But the subtitle to this fic? Five Things Ed Learned from Roy but Would Never Admit to If You Asked Him Point Blank AND it was NC-17. Okay, I'll give it a shot! And a;lsdkfja;lskjaslkj YES PLZ DO WANT OMG. This is the kind of fic I've been waiting for! Roy is smooth and polished without being inhuman, he's still kind of an antagonizing jerk, but he's still very much a person. And Ed is all rough, sharp edges and harsh words and blunt observations and such a strong personality. The five scenes this fic contains are beautifully strung together, they contain just the right amount of heartache and hope, the way their lives move along. And they clash, but they both care about the other and somehow this all works and as;dlfkjaslkj god the dialogue was just fantastic and the author is my new best friend for sharing my preference for frantic sex. ♥ (Roy/Ed, NC-17.)

Fullmetal Alchemist: Playing to Win by lightgetsin - [ part 01 - part 02 ] - I guess this week is all about going back to older pairings for me, since they've had some time to build up more fic. And also I've just been in a reading mood lately! So, somehow, I wound up on this author's journal again and picked up this two-parter and pretty much instantly fell in love all over again. She writes this really fantastic version of Ed, where he's so brilliant and so sharp and he catches on to things, even when he's still hot-headed and has a tendency to run his mouth way too much. And I really love seeing the unfolding relationship between Roy and Ed from Roy's POV because you get to see all his flaws while the surface is as polished as ever. Watching Roy watching Ed discover the whole dating and sleeping with people thing, watching him be really kind of infatuated with Ed without even realizing it, because it's impossible not to be infatuated with him. It's such a satisfying fic and I love the note it ends on (because there's a sequel), where sex doesn't magically resolve all the issues in their relationship. No, it's a lot more complicated than that. And it's a decently long fic (for my standards lately anyway *wry*) making it all the more satisfying, especially in the super hot sex scene. Seeing Roy try to woo Ed and it just never goes the right way, all the more so because it's a delicious fight like everything else they do, is everything I want in RoyEd fic. ♥ (Roy/Ed, NC-17.)

Fullmetal Alchemist: A Game for Two Players by lightgetsin - [ part 01 - part 02 ] - [Note: This is a sequel to Playing to Win, which would greatly help to have read first.] Oh, god. There is so much I want to say about this fic, but I feel like I'm going to wind up just flapping my hands uselessly and making dolphin noises. I love this author and her Ed POV, how much of a science nerd he is all the time and how brilliant he is and how kind of dense he is with people and yet what an amazing force he is with people, it's all balanced beautifully. I love watching her Ed and Roy fall in love with each other, because it's a series of scenes of them in a relationship that is firmly not love, thank you very much, it's just convient sex and food, no really, never losing that sharp edge of the two of them driving each other crazy. This is seriously my favorite kind of Ed characterization--he knows what he wants and he goes after it and he's so brash and brilliant and I just want to adore him forever. And her Roy! So smooth and polished and such a bastard that drives Ed crazy and there's all these amazing little touches! Every time Ed would try to prove Roy wasn't in love with him (because they'd have to stop fucking if Roy were, obviously) was beautiful and there had to have been at least five seperate points where I practically shrieked with laughter. Al was amazing in this fic as well, the cameos by Havoc and Hawkeye and Hughes and the various military people were fantastic and just. Every inch of this fic was beautiful. This is they kind of fic that could win (nearly) anyone over, I suspect. ♥ IT IS MY FAVORITE KIND OF ROY/ED FOREVER AND EVER. I KIND OF WANT TO WRITE A LOVE LETTER TO THE AUTHOR, but that might be a bit creepy. :| (Roy/Ed, NC-17.)

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