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- Fruits Basket - Workaholic 2nd [ Fruits Basket Fan Art Site ] - Wow, there might not be a ton of images in this gallery (go to the main page, then click Illustration; when you're done with that, there are three more in the "Get" section, one of which is gorgeous), but the ones that are are lovely. The colors are bright and fun and there's this one Akito image that's just cool. My favorites are the KyouxTohru ones, though, of course. ^_^ (There's a definite KyouxTohru slant to the site. ^_^)

- Fruits Basket - Happy*Frame [ Fruits Basket Fan Art Site ] - Jesus, another amazingly talented Furuba fanartist; the images in this artist's gallery are on the same level as the original art, some of them could almost be mistaken for official art. Especially ones like this one of Tohru and Kisa. I'm not sure what else to say, other than you need to go through the gallery and look at all the images, especially the KyouxTohru ones. So, so pretty, and the colors are just right, the characters look great, love the content, blah, blah, blah. *grin* (KyouxTohru-friendly, but with some YukixTohru and HatorixTohru as well.)

- Fruits Basket - Shinikro [ Fruits Basket Fan Art Site ] - Not all of the art on this site is my particular cup of tea, but there's a lot of it, and some of it is really gorgeous. (Check out both the Illustration and Gift galleries.) Like this one or this one--pretty! There seems to be a pro-Kyou slant to the site, but pretty much all characters (and most pairings) are represented. Not much else to say. Some of it's not noteworthy, and some of them are gorgeous. Just keep clicking till you find the stuff you like. ^_^;

- Fruits Basket - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Ooh, more pretty art! Hell, I love this site just for this Shigure/Hatori/Ayame illustration. *_* Some of the art is just okay (especially the sketchier ones) and some of it is gorgeous, like this Kisa illustration. I just really like the style and the use of shiney colors every so often. (And this one is hysterical.)

Plus, if you scour around the galleries a bit, you can also find Ranma 1/2 fanart! (Including this gorgeous one *_*) ^______^ *bouncebounce* And Harry Potter fan art! *drools on herself*

(Your usual pairings YukixTohru, KyouxTohru, YukixKyouxTohru, etc.)

- Fruits Basket - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Wow, Kyou looks absolutely gorgeous in some of these fanarts; he's drawn beautifully and the colors are perfect. The way this artist does his hair... just beautiful. I'm not as crazy about the way Tohru and Yuki look, but they're still very pretty. And there are a few stunning Hatsuharu images in the gallery. *_* Wow, so, so pretty. (No real pairings.)

- Fruits Basket/Yami no Matsuei - Destroy Soul [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Oh, my god, this one of the best fan art sites out there! The Furuba and YnM fan arts are fantastic (and so many of the YnM ones! *_*), just... stunning. There aren't a whole lot of Furuba ones, but I honestly couldn't pick a favorite. Kyou looks great, Hatori is hot, and Shigure is just... yum. Akito is still kinda freaky, though. As for YnM, you really just have to see the images to believe them. Though, I must pout muchly that I don't remember seeing any Hisoka images, that and I wasn't all that thrilled with the Tatsumi image. But the stuff with Touda is gorgeous. (No real Furuba pairings, but a lot of Touda/other-hint-y YnM stuff.)

- Yami no Matsuei/Fruits Basket - [ Japanese Fan Art Sites ] - Okay, I can be kind of picky sometimes and really easy to please other times. A lot of it all depends on the whims of my moods or the phase of the moon or what have you. This site... I am not sure about. Not all the art is to my particular cup of tea, but then some of them are just so adorable that I want to glomp them, if such a thing was possible. (The illustration of Kijin on the main page is gorgeous, too.) With the Furuba fan art, the same thing applies... their Yuki looks really off, but I love this one of Hatsuharu. *_* And Ayame! *drools* I also absolutely adore the way Tohru looks in this illustration, too. And be sure to check out the icons page for more cute little fan art. ^_^ (Some TatsumixTsuzuki.)

- Fruits Basket - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I had to rec this site just for this one adorable illustration of Tohru and Momiji! *hearts* So cute! XD Though, this one of Tohru and Kisa is adorable as well. Those two illustrations are good examples of what I like about the style... light and airy and very in the style of the light-hearted moments of Fruits Basket. (No pairings.)

- Fruits Basket/Inu-Yasha/Miscellaneous - Oasis Time [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Waiwai! Such cute art! There are so many from this gallery that I wanted to specifically point out, but I'd wind up with half of the gallery. However, just a few... a pretty trio illustration, lovely Shigure, gorgeous Kyou, and beautiful Ayame. The art is a little bit cutesy, but it actually adds to the style rather than detracting from it. And the Inu-Yasha stuff is freaking adorable! I love the illustration currently on the main page (also found here) and one of the kiriban illustrations with Kyou and Inu-Yash! *hearts* (A few HatorixTohru and ShigurexTohru and Inu-Yasha/Kagome illustrations.)

- Fruits Basket - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Okay, occasionally this artist has trouble drawing the characters just right, but they seem to be a big Kyou fan and I'll love just about any Kyou fan art. ^_~ And when they do do the characters well, the illustrations turn out rather nice. ^_^v I like the nice, solid, warm colors used and the drawings are very smooth. Also. Kisa-chan is so cute!! XD Ohh, and Ayame looks niiiiiice. (A bit KyouxTohru-friendly.)

- Fruits Basket/Inu-Yasha - Power Moon [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I recommend this site for two reasons only. One. This stunning illustration of Inu-Yasha. Holy shit that's fantastic! Two. This beautiful KyouxTohru illustration. *_* Preeeeetty. Well, okay, two and a half. There's some fairly cute art in the kiriban gallery. ^_^; (KyouxTohru-centric.)

- Fruits Basket - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Whoo! More lovely art with great coloring and nice solid lines. ^_^ Also, the illustration on the main page (not the splash/entry page) cracked me up, it was so cute and adorable and amusing! The art's not perfect and there's not a lot in the gallery, but the coloring and the style make up for it. The one of Mine is absolutely stunning and could almost pass for official art. (No pairings/warnings.)

- Fruits Basket - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Okay, not all the art in this site was to my taste, but there was some really nice stuff mixed in with the illustrations here. Like, this one of Shigure, this one of Kyou, and this one of Shigure and Kyou so long as I firmly deny that it might even possibly be romantic. ^_^ And *sigh* I admit this Hatori and Tohru one is really quite pretty. -_- And, dude. Shigure is hot. *_* *ahem* (No real pairing themes.)

- Nadesico/Fruits Basket - Honey [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Don't let the illustration on the front fool you, there really isn't much hentai at all here. However, there are some absolutely stunning Ruri-chan from Nadesico illustrations here. *_* I think the one of Ruri from Nadesico is my favorite. Just... wow. As for Fruits Basket, I did like the splash page illustration and the Kyou/Tohru one is adorable~ (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Fruits Basket - Super DokiDoki [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Wai! Kisa-chan fan art! XD She's so cute!! Though, my favorite is the one of Hatori *drools*, they all look great. Though, the one with Yohru, Kyou, and Yuki as kids is ADORABLE!! And chibi-Akito makes me giggle. A lot. And I adore the little Harry Potter fan art on the main page. ^_^ (No warnings.)

- Fruits Basket - Schooby Dooby [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Awww! Cute and kinda pretty Furuba fan art. ^_^v I like the style, it's kind of "warm" and just... nice. I think my favorite is this one of Tohru. She just looks so cute! (As do the Kisa illustrations.) No, no wait. This is my favorite. *hearts and waves her KyouxTohru flag* (Just the one KyouxTohru illustration.)

- Fruits Basket - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - As I said to Lisa-mouto-chan... well, squeaked was probably more like it... "I just have to get this out of my system... I love cute KyouxTohru fanart!!!!! XD If I could, I'd scoop it up and hug it to pieces and carry it around with me everwhere!!!!" That's pretty much my sum total of what to say about the site... cute KyouxTohru fan art that makes me happy. *hearts* (KyouxTohru.)

- Fruits Basket - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Okay, the first row and a half of this gallery weren't really to my liking, but the artist improves a lot as they go along, so that the current stuff is really quite, quite lovely. There are some nice Kyou images, and there's this sososososo adorable image of Kisa-chan and Hiro!!! XD SO CUTE! *ahem* ANyway, just keep clicking through the gallery and there should be something you'll like. (No real pairing themes.)

- Fruits Basket - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Okay, not a lot of art here, but there's some really freaking cool stuff here, like this gorgeous one of Yuki and Kyou and the supremely cool one of Uo-chan. *_* (No real pairings.)

- Fruits Basket - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Wow. *_* So many fantastic illustrations.... I wanted to highlight a few, but I couldn't do that without linking half the gallery. I think what I liked most about the illustrations in this gallery was that Hatori was HOT. The eyes are one of other favorite things about the style, they're just so pretty. *happy sigh* (A lot of HatorixTohru and ShigurexTohru, but there are other characters in there, too.)

- Fruits Basket - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - If my face actually bent that way, my expression would mirror the little Kagura icon's when I first loaded this page. XD I believe the little Furuba fangirl in my head was saying something like this, "*SHRIEK* OHMYGODTHAT'SSOFREAKINGCUTE!!!!!" *ahem* Going through the actual gallery itself... the first few images are a little off, but about halfway through (there are about ten Furuba images here, but the other series are SO worth looking through, too) are fucking amazing. As Lisa-mouto-chan's Ayame often says, "SHIGURE SEXY BITCH!" Yes. Yes, he is. *_* (No pairings.)

- Fruits Basket - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Awww, there's some absolutely adorable art on this site! My favorites are the Kisa-chan ones and the Kyou ones. I also like how there are a few different styles here (they might be from different people, but I got the impression they're all by the same artist, just trying different styles), it produces some interesting results. This one of Kisa is probably my favorite. *hearts!* (No real pairing themes.)

- Fruits Basket - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Another one of those sites that has art that's so good it could be mistaken for official art if you didn't know better. Just... gorgeous. The skill level is amazing, the colors beautiful, the characters gorgeous, and the clothes.... *_* And there's a lot of it if you poke around long enough. It's just... the level of detail on the hair and clothes, especially the traditional kimono, is amazing and her eyes are just so... they're so Fruits Basket-like. It's more than just that the art is pretty and well-drawn, it's that it evokes the beautiful, beautiful style of Fruits Basket, but without being too derivative. There are some illustrations on this site that I could stare for an hour at, I suspect. (No pairings.)

- Fruits Basket - Berry House [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Wowwww, more gorgeous Furuba fan art. *big, shiney eyes* There were several that I liked, including a lovely one of Hanajima and her brother, a pretty Yuki, one Kyou x Tohru, and one Hatori illustration that Lisa-chan describes thusly: *stares* Ha-san attends the Sakurazuka-Crawford Institute of How To Wear A Business Suit And Still Look Totally Badass. (Just the one KyouxTohru image.)

- Fruits Basket/Hunter x Hunter/Peace Maker - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - *squeaks happily* Fruits Basket, Hunter x Hunter, AND Peace Maker fan art! *hearts* The proportions can occasionally be a little bit off, but it's barely noticeable and the artist can do fabulous details! And frequently, they're spot on and it makes me squeak happily again... ....I'm such a dork. -_- (*coos* I love you Ayame....) Anyway, enough with the cooing, this entire site is very much worth going through for the pretty art. *fweeee* (And I believe I've rec'd this site for the Furuba stuff before, but not the Hunter x Hunter. So....) (No real warnings.)

- Fruits Basket/Hikaru no Go - Cherry Wood [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - First off, before I get to Furuba and Hikago... there is a GORGEOUS Sakura-chan (from CCS) fanart here. *_* Okay, that out of my system... the art here is lovely, very soft and pretty. There's not a whole lot, but it's some of my favorite type of art, and it's got two series I like (plus an illustration of Sesshou-maru in the misc section ^_^v), so it's a gooooo~d site. (No real pairings/warnings.)

- Fruits Basket - CLASSIC [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - While there's not a whole lot of art here, what is here kind of reminds me of... a softer, prettier shounen manga type of style. (Think a softer Hikago look.) The lines are very soft and lovely and the colors compliment them perfectly. So while I wasn't blown away, I was *hyuu*ing in happiness at the pretty KyouxTohru illustrations. ^_^v (KyouxTohru, a little YukixTohru.)

- Fruits Basket/Trigun - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I am in utter love with this site, and I just can't say enough good about it. What struck me right away is that the art is very much in the original style of Fruits Basket, that sharp, point look that's actually very pretty. The next thing to strike me was how lovely the colors are, they're very just beautiful. And, third, ShigurexHatori!!! *hearts* Oh, how I love you, Hatori. +_+ I'm a fan of pretty much any combination of the Mabudachi trio, but the ones with Hatori are my favorite. *happy, happy fangirl* Anyway. I think I could definitely put this up there with my favorite Furuba fanart sites. *coos* There are also somet lovely Trigun illustrations, though, this is primarely a Furuba site. Oh! And a kick-ass Scryed illustration in the "other" section as well. (ShigurexHatori... HatorixShigure...? Whichever. ^_^ Some WolfwoodxVash.)

- Fruits Basket - villa aria [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Some of the illustrations here don't really work for me, they're a little too CG-y not done quite right, but then I'll come across an adorable Kyou image and I'll just fall in love. It might just be my Kyou-love, but his illustrations seem to be done better, the details are sharper, the colors more solid, the eyes prettier (the artist gives him such pretty eyes +_+), just overall better-done. The other characters are occasionally done really well, but Kyou seems to be the most consistently well-drawn one. (There's a love Hatori one in the gifts section and a Kyou with glasses illustration!! SO CUTE!) So... yeah. I liked this site a lot, it had some wonderful Kyou fanart. The rest of the art was far from bad, just... not as good as the Kyou stuff. ....I'll stop repeating myself now. -_- (Oh, and the Kisa-chan stuff is also pretty consistently adorable, there just aren't as many of her as of Kyou.) (A handful of KyouxTohru images.)

- Fruits Basket/Saiyuki - KIRSCHE [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I have no idea how I managed to miss this site until now; it's got some damn fine illustrations on it. It's not just any one thing, but the overall package that's incredibly solid art. The coloring, the original drawings, the details... etc. There's a chibi-neko-Kyou in the gallery that made me squeak happily and the chibi-Hatori is pretty (love his eyes +_+). I wasn't crazy about most of the Saiyuki art (the first one was cute) until the last one (it's down past the "other" section), a gorgeous Hakkai. +_+ (No real pairings warnings, though the artist seems to be a Kyou fan.)

- Weiss Kreuz/Hunter x Hunter/Fruits Basket - Fake Vision [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - *coos* Oh, you beautiful, beautiful site! Not only do you have Weiss Kreuz fanart, but you have a pretty Aya/Ken fanart! *hearts* And, wow, those Schwarz illustrations are some of the best I've ever seen! +_+ Okay, obviously, I'm in complete lust with this site, because the illustrations are just... cute! *happyhappyfangirl* For the other series... there're a couple of cute Gon (HxH) illustrations and while there's only the one Furuba illustration, Kyou is so pretty that I had to include it. ^_^; (Yaoi-friendly, but not exclusively.)

- Weiss Kreuz/Fruits Basket - Capricious Kitten [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I had to include this site because Japanese WK fanart is so rare and the artist seems to be a Sohma Kyou fan~! ^_^v The thing I liked about this artist is that they had some really cool concepts for their illustrations, and while they may not have as much skill as some others, I found myself really enjoying them, which is far more important. ^_~ The Kyou illustrations were adorable, I loved the one of the different views of Kyou, and the one with Kyou and Hatori, and, ooh!, the Mabudachi Trio one! Ooh! Train-san (from Black Cat) fanart! +_+ Plus, AyaxKen illustration~! Yay~! (Little bit yaoi-friendly.)

- Fruits Basket - Ringo Kanon [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - The art style is a little too much on the CG-style for my taste, not enough subtle shading and colors, but as they go along, they get better at it, and there are some really cute Furuba illustrations (and an adorable HxH one, too, ooh, and Houshin Engi). One of the nice things about the site is that just about whatever Tohru pairing you like, you'll probably find at least one illustration of it here. ^_^ (Main YukixTohru and KyouxTohru.)

- Fruits Basket/Hunter x Hunter/Naruto - NET de MOLE [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I was really surprised to see so many different series I liked here--I mainly came for the Furuba art, but I was more than happy to see Naruto and HxH here. I really liked the Naruto art, it had a very shounen manga-type feel to it, not necessarily the style that's my favorite (I'm still a shoujo fangirl, even if I adore these shounen series), but very, very professional looking in that illustration of Naruto and Iruka-sensei. The Hunter x Hunter stuff could use a little polishing, but I'm going to assume those were much older, so you can really see the progression of the art--not that that third illustration of Gon and the fishing rod isn't cool and very well-drawn.

As for the Furuba art... so cute. The very first one just kills my soul with its cuteness. I just can't get over it; every time I look at it, I'm sucked back into its hypnotic adorableness. Beyond that, the character sketches are nice and there's this series of illustrations of the majority of the cast that's just... gorgeous. Kyou and Yuki look amazing and Hatori... *swoons* Hatori is HOT. (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Fruits Basket - Mumei Koubou [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Oh, my goodness, the Furuba art here is just darling. *_* So warm and wonderful and sweet. The illustrations of the Sohma family members when they're younger are just... fantastic, very, very pretty and mood-inducing. I think the ones of Kyou and Kisa-chan are my favorites, just... I don't even know how to describe why they're so cool. Just... must go seeeeee! (No warnings/pairings.)

- Fruits Basket - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Ahhh! Such cute Fruits Basket fanart out there! I really like the way this site does Kyou, he's so cute and there are a couple of illustrations in the gallery that I just melt over. (Particularily the one of Kyou and Kazuya and the one of chibi-Kyou, chibi-Tohru, and chibi-Yuki.) The colors are a little on the bright side, but I find myself won over by the illustrations anyway... I mentioned the whole so cute thing, right? ^_~ (No warnings/pairings.)

- Fruits Basket/Hikaru no Go/Prince of Tennis - Cherry Wood [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] -, are those some gorgeous PoT illustrations. The Tezuka one is gorgeous and I love it to pieces. And the Fuji one. And the Ryoma one. *nodnod* *ahem* Anyway, there isn't a ton for any given series, but a handful for each and they were all very lovely; soft, almost glowing colors, good, clean lines without losing that delicate touch that I adore so much. The illustration of Hiro on the main Furuba page is just soul-meltingly cute and there's an absolutely gorgeous one of Tohru and a beautiful one of Sai in the galleries. I *heart*. (No real warnings/pairing themes.)

- Fruits Basket - Hazy Moon [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Goodness does this site do some absolutely beautiful fanart--the CG work is fantastic and the colors just leave me awed. The poses are warm and friendly and so very sparkly, combined with those beautiful, beautiful colors and glowing effect... eeeeee! I just want to glomp them all and carry them around forever! They're so cute and so pretty and I am reduced to incoherency by their beauty. *babbles* (Mostly Kyou/Tohru, but there's a good selection of all the characters.)

- Harukanaru Toki no Nakade/Fruits Basket - Cotton House [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - *_* This site has one of the most breathtaking TomomasaxTakimichi illustrations I've seen. Well, not that I've seen a lot, but I've seen a lot of fanart and it's gorgeous. *_* There are also adorable chibis, cutecuteCUTE sprites, and lovely, lovely art in the rest of the gallery, with a nice selection of the various characters. Just... wow, I'm so happy to find this site. *sparkles* Plus! Plus! I have to put this in the Furuba section, too, because there's a beautiful one of Hatsuharu and two of the most flat-out gorgeous Shigure illustrations I've ever seen. *_* ..............and the chibi-Tezuka and chibi-Fuji illustrations... oh, my GOD, those are both gorgeous and adorable. Just... wow (No real warnings/pairing themes.)

- Full Metal Alchemist/Fruits Basket - Hazy Moon [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This is going to be a re-rec for the Fruits Basket section (also a change of the URL), but I wanted to re-do it all the way around, so. The Kyou/Tohru illustrations on the site are some of my utter, utter favorites--Kyou is utterly gorgeous, Tohru is sweet and adorable, and the details and colors as the artist progresses... some of them are truly stunning. The one of Kyou and Tohru standing back to back while wearing winter clothes, snow falling around them, sharing the one big scarf is just beautiful, the one of Tohru with reindeer!kitty!Kyou and Santa-hat!mouse!Yuki is brilliant, the Halloween Kyouru one is fantastic, and school/graduating!Kyou and Yuki underneath the sakura trees is gorgeous, one of the most beautiful Furuba fanarts out there, I think. Kyou's face is just... wow. And then there's the Full Metal Alchemist section, which is much smaller, but contained just enough gorgeous work (and that I hope they'll do more) that I had to include it. Ed in glasses and surrounded by books at night is beautiful, the Ed and Al ones are cute, the Roy ones are pretty, but it's the illustration of Roy leaning over Ed, sliding his gloved hand down Ed's open shirt that's just... really quite amazing, the expressions on their faces are fantastic. The site is worth going for that one illustration alone, I think. Beautiful colors, beautiful poses, beautiful art all the way around, I adore this artist. (Some Kyou/Tohru, some Roy/Ed.)

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