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- Fruits Basket - Jyuunishi no Enkei Monogatari by Ina-chan - Ina-chan writes some of the best Fruits Basket fanfic out there, and this is a really intriguing concept that's being carried out well. It's impressive because a lot of thought and time obviously went into researching/creating the background, plus it's well written. And I adored the scene between Hatori and Shigure at the beginning of the fic. (No pairings so far.)

- Fruits Basket - Spotted! by merrow - Like Gravitation and Yami no Matsuei, Furuba hasn't really been around long enough to gather a whole lot of authors, but occasionally there are some real gems among the fics. "Spotted!" is quite cute and I love all the various Souma family members' reactions and Tohru's character is spot on. It's another one of those stories that captures the feel of the original series, and is just fun to read. (No real pairings.)

- Fruits Basket - New Beginnings by Triste - *squeaks* This was so cute!! Triste has given me a real fondness for Momiji-and-Hatori stories, wonderfully capturing both of their personalities and the feel of Furuba with her writing. The sweet, light-hearted surface with the subtle, heart-breaking angst that comes up when you're not expecting it, but always lurking around the corner. She doesn't villainize any of the characters for cheap melodrama, either, Momiji's parents seem like nice people, his father being especially kind-hearted, but in a bad situation and that makes it all the more painful for it. If they'd been stock evil parents, Momiji's pain wouldn't have touched me like it did. And, in true Furuba style, the ending was nicely light-hearted and sweet without being schizophrenic about the switch in tone. I really loved this fic. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Fruits Basket - Motive by Lady Jaida - You know, lately FFNET has sucked for fic. Part of it is that I'm not really interested in a lot of the series I used to be interested in and part of it is that there has just been a real lack of good fic lately. So that's why I was thrilled to see Jaida had written a Furuba fic, because it'd been awhile since I'd seen something I liked here. And *sparkles* I loved the subtleness to this story, the way the characters interact, saying so much without having to say much at all. And! And! The conversation between Hatori and Shigure, why Shigure writes, what motivates him... I was just struck by the way Jaida wrote that part, her reasoning for it and just the way... Shigure lightly touched Hatori had me in full *___* mode. (Li'l tiny bit Hatori+Shigure, if you want to see it that way.)

- Fruits Basket - Discoveries by Merrow - Merrow is one of my favorite Furuba authors because she does such a lovely balance between Kyouru and Yukiru, really showing why it's such a balanced love triangle. (Even if I have my obvious biases. ^_~ I found I didn't mind the Yukiru scenes much here, they were... sweet, and for me to say that.... ^_~ I also absolutely *hanya~n*'d over the Kyouru.) The characters are really well-represented here, Tohru being her sweet, wonderful self, Kyou being his hot-tempered, gruffly sweet self, and Yuki being his distant, Princely, quietly sweet self.

I'm also really intrigued by the concept (Hana-chan and Uo-chan found out about the Sohmas, which meant the secret couldn't be contained, so Tohru was going to have to have her memory erased, and Yuki and Kyou decided that they would rather all three run away to Kyou's place in the mountains rather than let that happen) Merrow is writing about here, she's taking her time to make the story and characters progress naturally (if a little slow for my tastes--it's been 15 long chapters and Yuki and Kyou aren't that much closer than when they started *whines*) and really show what they're going through. I cannot wait to see where this story ends up--and especially to know how the rest of the family is reacting. (Kyouru, Yukiru, and hints of Kyou/Tohru/Yuki.)

- Fruits Basket - 999 Miles to Go by s1ncer1ty - Well. Here's something I never thought I would find... good Yuki - Ayame interaction fic. *sparkles* I find that Yuki is at his best for me when he's interacting with Ayame, slowly starting to forive his brother and learning to tolerate him. And Ayame! Beautiful, beautiful Ayame, both inside and out, even if I don't blame Yuki (and Kyou) for wanting to wring his neck. XD Anyway, this fic was absolutely wonderful, very soft and subtle and beautifully in character and funny. I giggled madly at the first few paragraphs, just picturing that, and the fic only got better as it went along. I cannot say enough nice things about this fic. *twirls happily* (No pairings/warnings.)

- Fruits Basket - Side Effects by Geoduck - You know, usually I twitch a lot at fics that embarass/humiliate my favorite characters (even when the author says that they're only doing it because the character is their favorite), but this... this was just too funny, clever, and well-written for me to do anything but giggle terribly over it. It's not really Kyouru, but there was enough Kyou/Tohru interaction to entice me into reading and Kyou's hilarious reactions to everything kept me reading; it was just a fun read, accomplishing exactly what it set out to do--make the reader giggle happily. ^_^v (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Fruits Basket - Shigure’s Secret Homosexual Bondage Dungeon by Evil Asian Genius - Aaaaaand, I continue to rec every one of EAG's fics, because I'm in that happy, sparkly place where reading fic is just too much fun right now to pass up. (Which surprises me, as I haven't had much interest in fics lately. =_=) Anyway, so, this was hysterical. Absolutely hysterical. And I effing *heart* the characterizations and the little details put into the fic. (Like Hatori coming down to yell at them previously, Yuki and Kyou fighting over the milk, etc.) Kyou, Yuki, Shigure, and Tohru were just perfect in the fic (the only thing I really take issue with is something I'm freakishly over-sensitive about and know it--Ayame calls Hatori "Tori-san" not "Ha-chan" and Shigure calls him "Ha-san" not "Ha-chan" and Ayame calls Shigure "Gure-san" not "Shi-chan"... but I'm being way too picky, I admit ._.--from a fic with a title like this, you'd be expecting pure batshit, completely OOC parody, but it's not! It's humor that's wonderfully in character and just... hilarious. I giggled the whole way through the fic and sparkled at all the little bits of characterization. ^____^v (No real pairings/warnings.)

- Fruits Basket - Meet the Brother by Ilya - Interestingly enough, I find that my interest in pairing fics for Furuba has waned a bit while I gravitate more towards gen-ish stuff, because a good Furuba gen fic just makes me sparkle like crazy. What I really liked about this fic was Ayame, who I could just see, who was beautifully in character, the author managed to get his timing down perfectly. Plus, the last few lines of the fic just cracked me up. XD XD A nice, fun Furuba treat to read. (No warnings, other than the usual ones for Ayame. ^_~)

- Fruits Basket - Strange Medicine by Hyacynth - This was an odd little story, but it was written so cutely that I really quite liked it--but, then, I always like a well-written Kyou story. *snuggles the cranky little neko* And, I admit, I was quite fond of the quiet Kyouru vibes in the story (not that the story was trying to imply that, Tohru was just being Tohru, it's just that I like her best when she's being Tohru over Kyou ^____^) and I adored the ending with Hatori. *snuggles the cranky little dragon, too* So, very cute fic that put a smile on my face. ^_^ (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Fruits Basket - Emperor's New Clothes by trixie - This was... wow, it's been awhile since I've read Fruits Basket fic that genuinely and truly sparkled with the characterizations. Not only is the concept a clever one, what with the play on the "emperor", but Ayame's characterization is just flat-out fantastic. Akito's characterization is subtly chilling and somehow vaguely threatening and scary, despite him being practically frail. Trixie captures that essence he has that's so subtly... him, you can't really put your finger on why he's so scary, despite all the verbal abuse he dishes out, but it's THERE. The writing is gorgeous, the tone is gorgeous, the whole entire feel so much like Fruits Basket that I was left in one big KNOT by the end of the story. (A little shounen ai referenced, but it's not the point of the story.)

- Fruits Basket - Ayame's New Customer by Geoduck - EAG pointed this one out the other day and I read because it was short and I'd read Geoduck's other fics, which are always so incredibly wrong but so incredibly funny, and this one... was no different. I can't say anything about it because it has spoilers for Furuba manga chapter 97, but I will say that Ayame is the best character ever. And that literally nearly choked on my Jolly Rancher candy at a line about halfway through. This is the kind of funny ficlet I wanted after chapter 97, a perfect utilization of it. ♥ (No pairings, spoiler warning.)

- Naruto/Fruits Basket - Iruka and Hatori by ChibiRisu-chan - I suspected that a Naruto/Furuba crossover would be fun coming from this author... but I certainly wasn't expecting something that has such a beautiful point of commonality to it (given that it's set in the author's "Side Effect" universe, it's probably best to be familiar with the premise of that fic first) or something that would utterly engross me and not let me so much as flicker my gaze away from the screen until I was done reading. The characterizations were just lovely--I was really impressed with the level of comfort with the medical details (though, not so much that they overwhelm the fic, just enough to give it a very comfortable feeling of being set from the POV of a doctor) which was helped by Hatori's noting of so many little details of his patient, but also that it felt so very... Hatori. The bittersweet feeling of checking on a pregnant woman, the faint aching of explaining about the differences in their 'curses', getting me to believe that Hatori would react the way he did and say the things he did. It's one of those fics that... I'm not describing this very well, but the brilliant thing is that there's actually a point to the story and real moments of connection between Hatori and Iruka. It's not just randomly tossing the characters together, somehow the crossover managed to work. And, oh, the ending was beautiful. So incredibly beautiful and what I wouldn't give for that scene, too. XDDDD (Some Kakashi/Iruka, but it's entirely not the point.)

- Fruits Basket - Furuba Fairy Tales by baka_neko - The concept of Fruits Basket mixed with fairy tales seems like such a simple one, like it would almost be ham-fisted or too cracked out to have much of a point beyond the crack. But these were delicate, subtle, and deft, so much like the series itself. The first one, the brilliant things it said about Kyou, just broke my heart. The second one charmed me and made my heart twinge just a little, so much like the series itself. It just. I can't quite get past that, how much I felt like I was reading the manga while reading these. Even amid the pain, there was a warmth and charm to it. Plus! Fairy tales with Furuba characters! So cute and fun!! ♥ (Maybe a little Kyou/Tohru in the first one, but it's mostly gen overall.)

- Fruits Basket/Ouran Koukou Host Club - Ouran Academy Guest Lecturers Series- Japanese Literature (Sohma Shigure) by Celeste - The entire time I was reading this fic, I was quietly marveling at how amazingly well the two series went together, how Shigure slid right into the Host Club series... until I realized just why that is. Because the Host Club manga is a series that gently mocks other shoujo series and Furuba is very, very shoujo, so Celeste was able to pull out these brilliant little parallels between the two series. She has dozens of little details crammed into the fic that just make the whole thing come alive, little bits of characterization that make the image of the crossover crystal-clear in my head. Shigure's characterization is also wonderful, the atmosphere of both series, that zany, off-the-wall feeling is present loud and clear. But mostly it's that the crossover works and it's not just a crossover, it's a crossover with a purpose. It excells at that. Plus, omg, funny and cute and clever and sparkling and it covers the whole entire club! Fantastic. (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Fruits Basket - Firstborn Son by Ysabet - Every so often in any given fandom, there comes along a story that's about an aspect of the series I've not given that much thought to or haven't seen explored much, and it's just... almost magical for how beautifully it echoes the series. This story about Momiji's mother, how she met her husband and came to Japan, the sense of love and romance and fairy tales layered over a lingering sadness beneath is just beautiful. There is something about the language of the story that lends itself to Furuba so very well, the little touches of language and foreshadowing are just... really, really beautiful. (Nothing I'd warn for/count.)

- xxxHOLiC/Fruits Basket - One Thing by Aishuu - I'm at the point where I'm practically leaping for HOLiC crossovers because Yuuko is such a brilliant way to show insights into characters and the things they wish they could change in their lives and what they would/wouldn't be willing to give up for that. I love the way this ficlet is designed to be vague, the way it can be taken more than one way, yet still hits hard when Kyou wanders into the shop and is uneasy and yet wants something so very badly. I love the little detail of the way Maru and Moro smell, too, such a clever little thing. (No real warnings/pairings.)

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