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- Fruits Basket - Wishing Well by totoro - Okay, I realize that I'm not the greatest fan of Yuki, so I don't know his character all that well, but this seemed to be extra harsh with his attitude towards Kyou. No, he definitely doesn't like Kyou, definitely thinks he's not good enough for Tohru, but Yuki seemed to act much harsher than what I've come to expect from him. (Which kind of twigs me because, you know, Kyouru can stand on its own, dammit. XD) But, beyond that, this story is gorgeous (and the TooHarsh!Yuki only peeks through a little bit here and there), Tohru is sweet and loving and gentle and I want to hug her to little tiny pieces. She just has that way about her, of getting these two people to put aside their differences for her, while not even realizing that she's the one doing it. That's what I loved about her in the series and that's what I love about her in this fic. Plus, Kyou is wonderful and I just want to toss Tohru at him and let them get the hell away from the rest of the mean ol' Sohma family. ^_~ Bleah, crappy, fawning rec for a story that's really sweet and nice. Btw, don't mind my Kyouru biases. This story seems to be leaning in that direction, but only because it's largely from Kyou's POV. (Hints of Kyouru and Yukiru.)

- Fruits Basket - Discoveries by Merrow - Merrow is one of my favorite Furuba authors because she does such a lovely balance between Kyouru and Yukiru, really showing why it's such a balanced love triangle. (Even if I have my obvious biases. ^_~ I found I didn't mind the Yukiru scenes much here, they were... sweet, and for me to say that.... ^_~ I also absolutely *hanya~n*'d over the Kyouru.) The characters are really well-represented here, Tohru being her sweet, wonderful self, Kyou being his hot-tempered, gruffly sweet self, and Yuki being his distant, Princely, quietly sweet self.

I'm also really intrigued by the concept (Hana-chan and Uo-chan found out about the Sohmas, which meant the secret couldn't be contained, so Tohru was going to have to have her memory erased, and Yuki and Kyou decided that they would rather all three run away to Kyou's place in the mountains rather than let that happen) Merrow is writing about here, she's taking her time to make the story and characters progress naturally (if a little slow for my tastes--it's been 15 long chapters and Yuki and Kyou aren't that much closer than when they started *whines*) and really show what they're going through. I cannot wait to see where this story ends up--and especially to know how the rest of the family is reacting. (Kyouru, Yukiru, and hints of Kyou/Tohru/Yuki.)

- Fruits Basket - One Moment by B. Na - I admit, when I first started this fic, the words felt a little... too elegant and composed for Kyou, but then he started talking and it was the Kyou I knew and loved, so the dichotomy between the two smooths out very quickly. Then I hit this particular part: I feel bad for yelling at you like that. I'm not mad at you. I'm hardly ever mad at you. Of course, I get mad at you when you feel sorry or when you feel guilty or when you feel sad. You shouldn't feel these things. You should never be sorry or sad. Never feel sorry or sad for anyone, especially for me. I don't ever want you to feel these things. I want you to be happy. And I just fell in love. *_* The way the author writes the story... it achieves exactly what it sets out to do--makes me hurt for Kyou, yet I'm smiling because the moments he shares with Tohru are so touchingly sweet. This fic is just... beautiful. ;_; (Some very slight Kyou+Tohru.)

- Fruits Basket - Onsen Tricks & Treats by SailorPanda - There are few het lemon fics I genuinely like, which is probably for a lot of reasons--not a lot of fangirls write lemon fics (as compared to yaoi ones or fanboy lemons--at least as far as I've seen) and because there aren't a lot of words you can use that aren't either too crude or too romance-novel-esque. But this fic skirted that line very, very nicely, the words having a certain quality to them that made the picture they painted be very pretty and erotic at the same time. The characterizations were nice, too, I could see Kyou and Tohru in the story rather than just any two random characters. Plus, you know, it's nice to have het sex sometimes, too. *sparkles* (KyouxTohru, graphic content.)

- Fruits Basket - Little Morning Confession by Vikki - Ahhh, while I admittedly have my preferences with Furuba fic, sometimes those fics that capture the feeling of the series so much that they could slide right straight into the canon are just as wonderful. The author really captured the characters so damn well, just perfect in all their interaction. I, of course, flailed at the cute Kyou scenes, the way Tohru just understood him, the way the story ended. *sparkles* But, really, this is one of those stories that's almost more gen than anything, that anyone who liked the original series would like as well. ^_^v (Some Kyou+Tohru, some Yuki+Tohru.)

- Fruits Basket - Solace by GenX - I have found that... I am incredibly picky about Furuba fanfic for some reason, at least when it comes to Kyou/Tohru fic. It has to be just perfect, has to sparkle and be clever and intelligent and wonderful before it can hold my attention. But when it does... oh, then I am in utter love. And this fic so did that for me, even with only 408 words, it caught me up in my Kyouru love and made me just absolutely melt at how gorgeous and perfect it was. Just completely IC and a gorgeous moment. I fawn. (Kyou/Tohru.)

- Fruits Basket - Warmth by dementedchris - You have no idea how my eyes lit up after reading this fic, because... well, I'm sure there are a lot of good Kyouru fics out there, but most days I don't have anything even CLOSE to enough energy to tear through FFNET to find them. So when I happen to stumble over one and it is so incredibly pitch-perfect with the characters, everything that's beautiful and tragic and hopeful and warm about them? I get so happy. And this was just perfect, right down to the warm, fluffy feeling that it left me with afterwards. Gorgeous writing and one of those simple moments in time that is SO like in the series itself--simple on the surface, but means so much more underneath that. Loved this story and the Kyou and Tohru interaction, the way Kyou cares so much, but can't quite say it in the right words, but you understand him anyway, and it's never over the line. LOVE. (Some light Kyou/Tohru.)

- Fruits Basket - The Deep Ocean by Istoria - Oh, this was lovely and heart-warming and the characterization/dynamic was really just spot-on. Kyou was so... Kyou here, there's so much pain and misery underneath the surface of so many of these characters and yet Tohru somehow manages to make it a little more bearable, manages to make things not seem so bad, especially for Kyou, who just... it's the little things, the way he doesn't want to upset her, the way she smiles at him anyway, the way he doesn't want to go into the water so she sits down next to him instead, and just... the lovely, heartwarming ending. <3 (Kyou/Tohru.)

- Fruits Basket - Jolie-laide by kittu9 - I nicked this rec from tin once again. *flutters* Oh, my beloved Kyouru, done so, so beautifully here. Even in such a simple thing, so simple as Kyou waiting outside for Tohru to get off work and the way he has such difficulty saying things, but his intions are clear, the way he's waiting even in the rain for her, slinking about the darkened streets like an alleycat, the way he twinges inside when she brightens at his presence. It was so very, very them and I wibble fangirlishly over here in the corner. (Kyou/Tohru.)

- Fruits Basket - Arrangements by zauberer_sirin - You know what's so impressive about this fic? It feels like the Furuba manga, there's this lovely, aching, beautiful and unhappy and hopeless feeling throughout the whole thing, they're all so wounded, but they never quite settle, and the writing here reflects that without ever having to actually say it. Hatori is just... I love Hatori so much here and he evokes the same reaction that he does for me in the manga, that my heart hurts so much for him and I want him to reach out to Kyou, I want to make Kyou's life better, I want to make Hatori's life better, all of the same things I feel when I read the manga. Even the words somehow evoked the same feeling from me, this beautiful, delicately drawn sense of long lines. Which is a terrible way to end a rec, so just go read it instead? (Hatori/Mayuko, implied Kyou/Tohru.)

- Fruits Basket - waiting for the rain by Zau - Something Zau said in the comments on this fic really helped bring into focus something I've been trying to put my finger on about her writing for quite some time--it has this delicate, fleeting quality that is so brilliantly, amazingly perfect for the Fruits Basket series. It feels as though I step into the manga every time I read one of her stories and her Kyouru is just... it's this amazing, subtle dynamic, all these beautiful details just while Kyou and Tohru (don't) watch TV late at night and they fall asleep. I just... this gets me on a visceral level every time I read it. (Kyou/Tohru.)

- Fruits Basket - the practice of farewell - a beginner's guide by Zau - I'm currently sitting here in my chair and staring at this fic and trying to figure out how the hell I'm going to talk about it, because there are only so many times that I can try to put into words the impact of what I feel when I read Zau's stories, especially when she writes a series like Fruits Basket, which her style is just brilliant with. Because if fic could make me cry, I think I would have been bawling buckets over this story, the tension and build-up as graduation nears for Kyou and just exactly what that means and how much he loves Tohru and how achingly, amazingly brilliant their relationship is here, how much it hurt to read this story, like someone was slowly pressing down on my chest until it started to bruise. His interaction with Hatori was perfectly done, the faint points in common they have beautifully played on, the scenes with Kazuma made me ache, the characterization of Kyou so bittersweetly perfect, that I flail and repeat myself because it can't be stressed enough. And if that weren't enough, the ending line is absolutely haunting. (Some Kyou/Tohru.)

- Fruits Basket - Furuba Fairy Tales by baka_neko - The concept of Fruits Basket mixed with fairy tales seems like such a simple one, like it would almost be ham-fisted or too cracked out to have much of a point beyond the crack. But these were delicate, subtle, and deft, so much like the series itself. The first one, the brilliant things it said about Kyou, just broke my heart. The second one charmed me and made my heart twinge just a little, so much like the series itself. It just. I can't quite get past that, how much I felt like I was reading the manga while reading these. Even amid the pain, there was a warmth and charm to it. Plus! Fairy tales with Furuba characters! So cute and fun!! ♥ (Maybe a little Kyou/Tohru in the first one, but it's mostly gen overall.)

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