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- Fruits Basket - Discovery by Night - This story was kinda cute and I had fun reading it. The interaction between Kyou and Yuki was fun and I liked the little touches with Shigure and Tohru. The thing that impressed me most was that this story is from Yuki's POV, and Yuki isn't really my favorite character, but I liked the story anyway. Plus, I thought the speech patterns for Yuki were done quite well--though, technically, it should be 'Honda-san' rather than 'Tooru' if it's Yuki's thoughts. But that's a very minor quibble. (Eventually YukixKyou and ShigurexHatori.)

- Fruits Basket - Being Nursed Back to Health by White Meteor - I'll be the first to admit that this story could use a little polishing, there are a few phrases that are awkward here and there. However, that so doesn't matter with this fic, because the author has gotten Ayame's nuttiness (especially towards Hatori) down beautifully. There were about four moments in this fic where I burst into giggles (for the right reasons) and considering it was under a thousand words (so far), that's pretty damn good. Basically, Hatori is kinda-sorta sick and Ayame dashes over to help take care of him! In the usual Aya-san fashion. ^_~ (Ayame/Hatori.)

- Fruits Basket - Spring by Nagi - *bouncebounce* HatorixAyame fic! I love HatorixAyame fic! One of the things I liked so much about this story is that it really captured Hatori well--he's not a cold-hearted bastard, he just doesn't wear his emotions on his sleeve. He's not a schmoopy idiot inside his own head, either, he's a little bit of a romantic, but in a very, very subtle way and this story shows that. He also hasn't brushed aside Kana and it's nice to see that, given how important she was to him. Lovely, lovely piece. (HatorixAyame.)

- Fruits Basket - Love in All Its Forms by Triste - Oh, how lovely. I think... I think Shigure/Hatori is becoming my favorite yaoi pairing in Furuba, and that's thanks to stories like this one. Okay, let me state that I found Momiji to be a little too young-acting and hyperactive, but I would hardly call it out of character. (And, to be fair, as I'm reading it for the second time, I find this to be less and less true. So just ignore me. ^_~) What's beautiful about this story is the way Triste tied everything together, with Hatori's relationship with Momiji and his relationship with Shigure and his relationships with people in general. She also does an excellent job of showing both the heart-tugging sadness of these characters and the hope and light that manage to peek through. I just... this story makes me want to hug all of them. Well. Or at least shove them towards each other to hug. ^_~ (Some Shigure/Hatori.)

- Fruits Basket - Gold Dust by Lishy the Po - *bounces* Mabudachi Trio threesome! *sparkles* To be honest, I've found that authors who write a lot of different pairings with the same characters or who don't have an OTP in the fandom don't usually produce the best fic, at least not by my standards. But I've resolved myself to read as much Mabudachi Trio yaoi as I can, and I am so glad I did in this case, because it's such... a wonderful little oneshot about Hatori, Ayame, and Shigure when they were back in high school and how they initially got together. Shigure's thought process was lovely and... I dunno, I just found it to be so fitting. His reaction to stumbling over Hatori and Ayame and their reaction to him spoke volumes about what kind of relationship they had with each other and really worked for me. (Shigure/Hatori/Ayame.)

- Fruits Basket - Another Girl's Paradise by Lishy the Po - You know what's one of my favorite things about so many Furuba yaoi fics? (At least the ones I've read so far, that is.) The author's don't seem to forget about the people the characters love in canon. The YukixKyou fics don't seem to forget about Tohru or brush her off as not really being love, or, like with this story, don't brush Hatori's feelings for Kana off as not being genuine love. This story... for such a short story accomplishes so much with Akito, showing his elegance and frailty and jealousy at the same time. Just... I'm no fan of Akito, but I found myself fascinated by him in this tiny little oneshot. *_* (Hatori+Kana/Akito+Hatori implied.)

- Fruits Basket - Metamorphosis by Triste - I actually remember reading this fic a long time ago (before I started a recs list/page, I think...?) and I'm really glad to have found it again, because the entirety of chapter four of this fic is fucking hilarious. Just... I couldn't stop giggling. This was also one of those early ShigurexHatori fics I'd read that really helped cement my love of that pairing (Though, still, I can easily switch between it, HatorixAyame and ShigurexHatorixAyame) and even got me to rather like the YukixKyou parts (I tend to be more of a Kyouru fan *hearts*sparklies*). The writing is really good, very readable, the characterizations solid and believable, the humor wonderful, and just... heart-warming. It's the little moments (and chapter four) and the nice, slow progression of Yuki and Kyou's relationship that make me love this fic so much. (YukixKyou and ShigurexHatori.)

- Fruits Basket - Possession by Triste - I admit, I prefer seme-Hatori, but as long as Hatori and Shigure are together and screwing like bunnies, I'm happy. ^_~ What I really liked about this fic (other than the nice sex--though, it suffers from some of the same problems as "It's a Dog Eat Dragon World" did, namely some impossible mechanics of sex... but, again, like previous fics, I found myself not really caring that much, only even noticing 'cause I'm a freak about that kind of detail) was Shigure's posessive streak, the need to mark his territory like a dog would, combined with how he likes to have Hatori trust him and the way he likes to do what's good for Hatori (getting him to relax and let go of things for awhile). Plus. Y'know. Nice sex. ^_^v ....bah. That sounded less enthusiastic than I meant it to. I really do love Triste's writing when it comes to the Fruits Basket characters, she does them very well. My complaints are nitpicky--I wouldn't keep reading if she didn't capture that Furuba feel to the characters. (ShigurexHatori, graphic content.)

- Fruits Basket - It's a Dog eat Dragon World by Triste and Caer - You know, thank god for good Mabudachi Trio yaoi, because I think I would have gone crazy without it. Also, thank god for Mabudachi Trio yaoi smut, because that makes it just so much better. Let me get my reservations about the fic out of the way first--the sex is rather cliche-yaoi-sex (ie, people squeezing their muscles around their partner during anal sex, when other than that initial ring of muscle there aren't any back there, little things like that), but I found that while I normally twitch a lot with that kind of writing, with this story, I found it was so well-written that I didn't care. And that almost never happens.

Okay, on to the good stuff--of which there was a lot more of. I really liked the way Triste and Caer characterized Shigure and Hatori--Hatori still being reserved, but affectionate in his own Hatori-ish sort of way, Shigure being silly and frivolous, but a deeper intelligence behind his actions, their teasing, friendly antagonistic relationship mixed with the quieter moments when it's just the two of them... it was all balanced so well. Even the sex was balanced, one HatorixShigure and one ShigurexHatori, which really lent a... even playing field vibe to the relationship that I found myself quite fond of. Shigure, Hatori, a quiet cabin in the woods, and lots of sex... this is the fic that doesn't get written nearly enough. ^_~ (HatorixShigure/ShigurexHatori, graphic content.)

- Fruits Basket - Motive by Lady Jaida - You know, lately FFNET has sucked for fic. Part of it is that I'm not really interested in a lot of the series I used to be interested in and part of it is that there has just been a real lack of good fic lately. So that's why I was thrilled to see Jaida had written a Furuba fic, because it'd been awhile since I'd seen something I liked here. And *sparkles* I loved the subtleness to this story, the way the characters interact, saying so much without having to say much at all. And! And! The conversation between Hatori and Shigure, why Shigure writes, what motivates him... I was just struck by the way Jaida wrote that part, her reasoning for it and just the way... Shigure lightly touched Hatori had me in full *___* mode. (Li'l tiny bit Hatori+Shigure, if you want to see it that way.)

- Fruits Basket - Unexpected Outing by Rue - I... just had a lot of fun reading this story. The basic premise is that Shigure accidentally publishes a short story of his that makes it obvious he has feelings for Hatori. He attempts to reign the situation back in with some rather humorous results. XD One of the best things was the way the story started, with Kyou, Tohru, and Yuki all being very supportive of Shigure, saying that it doesn't matter to them. *giggling* And Kyou! I loved Kyou's comments in the first part, so, so much. And Shigure practically having fits trying to keep any potential copies of the magazine out of Hatori's hands! And then Ayame! I giggled so much at Ayame's bouncing around. Ahhhh~~ This is a horrible rec, but it's a really, really fun fic, one of those that's actually pretty long just for a first chapter, yet had me glued to it the whole way through, which is rare with my attention span these days. ^_~ I want the next chapter, too~~ (Shigure+Hatori.)

- Fruits Basket - Bittersweet by Talya Firedancer - Oh, good Mabudachi Trio yaoi is so very difficult to find (eventually, I shall hunt it all down, though) and... just... so little of it is subtle and touching like this. This is the kind of fic that reminds me just how much I love these characters, just how much I want them to be happy, and just how touching I find it when they can let themselves connect with others. What I loved about this fic? The way Shigure knew what Hatori needed, yet went about giving it to him in such a very Shigure-like way. The little hints of Ayame's role in their life were wonderful (if bittersweet, like the title says) and the hints of sex were fabulous. I am a very happy Hatori fangirl right now. (Hatori/Shigure.)

- Fruits Basket - The Scientific Method by Celeste - *sparkles* Good Hatori/Shigure fic! I only find it so very rarely! *pouts* Plus, this was just funny. The first time Hatori kissed Shigure, it was purely scientific. / His hands had both been full and the other man had been verbally assaulting him with a barrage of various inanities which he didnít especially want to hear about. / Kissing him just seemed like the most logical way to shut him up. So Hatori tried it, experimentally. I love the idea of Hatori conducting 'scientific research' on ways to shut Shigure the hell up so Hatori can have a little blessed silence for awhile and conducting a set of 'experiments' (in such a Hatori-like way, too XD) to see if he can refine the process. And Shigure catching on... and talking more and more to keep getting Hatori to kiss him again... and the comment about Pavlov's dogs... Shigure being awful to Mit-chan with his outline... just lots of Hatori/Shigure off-the-wall humor, y'know? This is a horrible rec, but the fic is good, so go read it. XD (Hatori/Shigure, with a very slight mention of Ayame/Hatori.)

- Fruits Basket - Family Ties by Honooko - This was a sad, heart-aching little fic about the time Momiji came to live with Hatori and how his situation reflected Shigure's own childhood in a lot of ways. The writing was solid and the concept executed in such a way that it hurt because it... highlighted the pain almost all Sohmas seem to go through, but didn't carry it too far over the edge. Momiji's sadness and brave voice hurt, as does Shigure's reflection on his own past, that's never brought too far to the surface, much like in the series itself. Very bittersweet and heartaching. (Some very light Hatori/Shigure.)

- Fruits Basket - Sickness and Health by Celeste - Have I ever mentioned my love of Hatori/Shigure? I probably have, but that's never stopped me from going on about it before. ^_~ Especially when it's done with such a quiet touch, yet still has that punch of signifigance/poignancy behind it, when it touches my little fangirl heart that Shigure looks over at Hatori and is happy that Ha-san does care, when it's obvious that Hatori is concerned about Shigure, even when he knows the idiot is annoying most of the time. It's the way that Hatori is such a surprisingly gentle doctor and you get to see that so clearly here that makes me want to melt into a puddle. It's the way Shigure knows and cares about Hatori in return, but never has to say that I just... eeeee, gentle Hatori/Shigure fic! LUFF! (Light, could-almost-be-gen Hatori/Shigure.)

- Fruits Basket - You Only Need to Ask by Sage - So, browing 30_kisses is kinda bad for me, because I meant to get stuff done today, but then I'm constantly getting distracted by cute little stories for some of my favorite pairings and this fic was no exception--it's really as simple as Hatori and Ayame taking a walk together and yet... it's so like them, there are quiet little moments of insights for the characters, there's a touch of humor as Ayame goes on and on, there's just that sense of... Fruits Basket somehow, despite me being unable to put my finger on it. But, really, I think maybe I'm just a gooshy pile of sappy fangirl because of the kiss at the end--an ACTUAL kiss even! So surprisingly rare, but so very welcome and this one was nice. ♥ (Hatori/Ayame.)

- Fruits Basket - Cursed Birthdays by symphoniac - ....aha... ahahaha... ahahahahahahaHAHAHAHA. Oh, god. So funny. Flower Blossom Trio antics that are not only perfect, they're brilliantly perfect and Shigure is Shigure and Hatori is so put-upon and, god, Ayame is brilliant. The writing is fantastic, it's that kind of smooth, easy prose that I don't even realize I'm reading words, because it flows so well and I can picture everything in my mind's eye so easily, and it's just... everything is so tight, crisp, and clean that it's just... them. And I really can't give anything more than that away, just... I loved this fic. ♥ (No real warnings/pairings, but given Furuba canon....)

- Fruits Basket - Sacred Tools by Katharos - With a lot of authors, I don't know that I would have been laughing so much over this fic, especially given the topic of Ayame and Shigure's conversation, but... I dunno, somehow with this fic, I was smiling the entire time, right from when Hatori had a pillow over his head to try to block them out to the conversation they held without him to the way the fic ended. Just... it was silly and insane, but in that way that Ayame and Shigure can have, in that way that works for me only with certain authors and here... I dunno. I laughed. It was cute and silly. It was Mabudachi Trio yaoi. Really, how could I have asked for more than that? ^_~ (Hatori/Shigure/Ayame.)

- Fruits Basket - Conduct by Pru - I don't normally read fics that have this sort of... a sort of realism to them, not for animanga fandoms, because it often clashes and I wish to go back to the style the original text was presented in. But when an author promises me a pairing that I adore (Hatori/Shigure in this case) and is very talented, so that the narration and characterizations are so smooth and intense, that I don't look away for the entire fic... well, I find myself having liked it quite a lot. I don't normally read fics about Hatori and Shigure in a club together, but somehow this wasn't that weird sort of awkward that usually results from such a thing, it's not that thinly veiled excuse to get them to engage in clubbing behavior, instead they could have just as easily been anywhere else and it worked for that, in the way the author was trying to achieve. And I do like the subtle hints in the narration, the way so little is said, but you get the majority of the implications and the way things are so complicated between these characters and just... it was a good, solid read. (Hatori/Shigure.)

- Fruits Basket - Bubbling to the surface by luvinaoshi - I stopped by the author's journal for her Bleach fic, but paused long enough to read her Hatori/Shigure fic because I'm always interested in Mabudachi fic that doesn't suck. And there was something about this one, something about the way nothing really happened except Hatori cleaning out Shigure's cut and the light banter and they were both so very themselves and yet there was something under the surface, some sort of tension that you couldn't quite put your finger on... it reminded me so strongly of the original series somehow. Very nice little thing here, especially the characterization and subtle quality. (Hatori/Shigure, but could be entirely gen, too.)

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