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- Fruits Basket - Just Beceause by Meia - I'm with Tohru (as she said in one of the early episodes)--the idea of Yuki and Kyou being nice and sweet to each other is pretty scary. Thankfully, they aren't sweet or nice to each other here, even if they are attracted to each other. It's not a comedy fic, but there's just enough humor in the story to make you laugh a few times--especially in the second part; that was hysterical. They're perfectly in character, snarling at each other, the writing is lovely and very insightful to their characters, describing them nicely, and it's just so believable. I love it. (Yuki/Kyou.)

- Fruits Basket - Discovery by Night - This story was kinda cute and I had fun reading it. The interaction between Kyou and Yuki was fun and I liked the little touches with Shigure and Tohru. The thing that impressed me most was that this story is from Yuki's POV, and Yuki isn't really my favorite character, but I liked the story anyway. Plus, I thought the speech patterns for Yuki were done quite well--though, technically, it should be 'Honda-san' rather than 'Tooru' if it's Yuki's thoughts. But that's a very minor quibble. (Eventually YukixKyou and ShigurexHatori.)

- Fruits Basket - Overcome by Shataya Blake - *big, heart-shaped, shiney eyes* I love this fic! It's beautifully written, the style meshes with the lovely, soft, clever Fruits Basket feel. It's an insightful look at Yuki and Kyou and how they manage to repair their friendship, without being sappy, cliche, or OOC about it. I also love that the author doesn't ignore Tohru or their love for her, and that Yuki and Kyou's friendship isn't magically repaired overnight nor is it all sweetness and light. Easily one of my favorite Furuba fics ever. (YukixKyou.)

- Fruits Basket - Overcome (chapter 5) by Shataya Blake - Like good little YukixKyou fan I am, I *heart* this story to pieces. It's so, so good, wonderfully in character, it makes sense within the storyline of the original series and is just a really good read. Being a reader of as much yaoi fanfic as I am, I've gotten a little desensitized to descriptions of non-con/rape, but this one... god, ow. And it was just Yuki talking about it, not even the actual event. It hurt. Kyou continues to be wonderful, and I love him even more after the end of the story. Two of my favorite parts: Speechless, I only nodded against his back and held him tighter. He had finished unwrapping my foot and began to stroke the flesh upwards toward my knee. It hurt, but I knew he was trying to push the accumulated fluid away from the damaged joint. Eventually, it would feel better and heal faster for it. Had I felt less nauseated, I might have thought it was an interesting metaphor for our conversation. (Such good writing!)


I couldn't corrupt that trust by pushing him in a direction he couldn't possibly want to go.

If only I could get my libido under control... I had to become the one who loved him enough to not desire him. The one who loved him. (Kyou/Yuki.)

- Fruits Basket - Metamorphosis by Triste - I actually remember reading this fic a long time ago (before I started a recs list/page, I think...?) and I'm really glad to have found it again, because the entirety of chapter four of this fic is fucking hilarious. Just... I couldn't stop giggling. This was also one of those early ShigurexHatori fics I'd read that really helped cement my love of that pairing (Though, still, I can easily switch between it, HatorixAyame and ShigurexHatorixAyame) and even got me to rather like the YukixKyou parts (I tend to be more of a Kyouru fan *hearts*sparklies*). The writing is really good, very readable, the characterizations solid and believable, the humor wonderful, and just... heart-warming. It's the little moments (and chapter four) and the nice, slow progression of Yuki and Kyou's relationship that make me love this fic so much. (YukixKyou and ShigurexHatori.)

- Fruits Basket - Wishing Well by totoro - Okay, I realize that I'm not the greatest fan of Yuki, so I don't know his character all that well, but this seemed to be extra harsh with his attitude towards Kyou. No, he definitely doesn't like Kyou, definitely thinks he's not good enough for Tohru, but Yuki seemed to act much harsher than what I've come to expect from him. (Which kind of twigs me because, you know, Kyouru can stand on its own, dammit. XD) But, beyond that, this story is gorgeous (and the TooHarsh!Yuki only peeks through a little bit here and there), Tohru is sweet and loving and gentle and I want to hug her to little tiny pieces. She just has that way about her, of getting these two people to put aside their differences for her, while not even realizing that she's the one doing it. That's what I loved about her in the series and that's what I love about her in this fic. Plus, Kyou is wonderful and I just want to toss Tohru at him and let them get the hell away from the rest of the mean ol' Sohma family. ^_~ Bleah, crappy, fawning rec for a story that's really sweet and nice. Btw, don't mind my Kyouru biases. This story seems to be leaning in that direction, but only because it's largely from Kyou's POV. (Hints of Kyouru and Yukiru.)

- Fruits Basket - Discoveries by Merrow - Merrow is one of my favorite Furuba authors because she does such a lovely balance between Kyouru and Yukiru, really showing why it's such a balanced love triangle. (Even if I have my obvious biases. ^_~ I found I didn't mind the Yukiru scenes much here, they were... sweet, and for me to say that.... ^_~ I also absolutely *hanya~n*'d over the Kyouru.) The characters are really well-represented here, Tohru being her sweet, wonderful self, Kyou being his hot-tempered, gruffly sweet self, and Yuki being his distant, Princely, quietly sweet self.

I'm also really intrigued by the concept (Hana-chan and Uo-chan found out about the Sohmas, which meant the secret couldn't be contained, so Tohru was going to have to have her memory erased, and Yuki and Kyou decided that they would rather all three run away to Kyou's place in the mountains rather than let that happen) Merrow is writing about here, she's taking her time to make the story and characters progress naturally (if a little slow for my tastes--it's been 15 long chapters and Yuki and Kyou aren't that much closer than when they started *whines*) and really show what they're going through. I cannot wait to see where this story ends up--and especially to know how the rest of the family is reacting. (Kyouru, Yukiru, and hints of Kyou/Tohru/Yuki.)

- Fruits Basket - Little Morning Confession by Vikki - Ahhh, while I admittedly have my preferences with Furuba fic, sometimes those fics that capture the feeling of the series so much that they could slide right straight into the canon are just as wonderful. The author really captured the characters so damn well, just perfect in all their interaction. I, of course, flailed at the cute Kyou scenes, the way Tohru just understood him, the way the story ended. *sparkles* But, really, this is one of those stories that's almost more gen than anything, that anyone who liked the original series would like as well. ^_^v (Some Kyou+Tohru, some Yuki+Tohru.)

- Fruits Basket - Emperor's New Clothes by trixie - This was... wow, it's been awhile since I've read Fruits Basket fic that genuinely and truly sparkled with the characterizations. Not only is the concept a clever one, what with the play on the "emperor", but Ayame's characterization is just flat-out fantastic. Akito's characterization is subtly chilling and somehow vaguely threatening and scary, despite him being practically frail. Trixie captures that essence he has that's so subtly... him, you can't really put your finger on why he's so scary, despite all the verbal abuse he dishes out, but it's THERE. The writing is gorgeous, the tone is gorgeous, the whole entire feel so much like Fruits Basket that I was left in one big KNOT by the end of the story. (A little shounen ai referenced, but it's not the point of the story.)

- Fruits Basket - Simple as Black and White by seshat - It hadn't even been about sex, as much as it had been about touch. About feeling the warmth and softness of another life up close, without having to worry about traumatising them for life. I don't normally read Haru/Yuki fics, but I was browsing the list of Yuletide stories and saw that this one wasn't too long and wanted to give it a shot. It's a nicely written fic, I thought it did well with the characters, the smut was lovely, and the sense of connection and intimacy between Hatsuharu and Yuki a nice balance between the usual Sohma disfunction and something actually rather nice. (Hatsuharu/Yuki, NC-17-ish content.)

- Fruits Basket - Arrangements by zauberer_sirin - You know what's so impressive about this fic? It feels like the Furuba manga, there's this lovely, aching, beautiful and unhappy and hopeless feeling throughout the whole thing, they're all so wounded, but they never quite settle, and the writing here reflects that without ever having to actually say it. Hatori is just... I love Hatori so much here and he evokes the same reaction that he does for me in the manga, that my heart hurts so much for him and I want him to reach out to Kyou, I want to make Kyou's life better, I want to make Hatori's life better, all of the same things I feel when I read the manga. Even the words somehow evoked the same feeling from me, this beautiful, delicately drawn sense of long lines. Which is a terrible way to end a rec, so just go read it instead? (Hatori/Mayuko, implied Kyou/Tohru.)

- Fruits Basket - In Love and War by Phoenikoi - I will state a few things upfront. One, I had trouble getting into this fic because it's very anime-based (but, then, it was written in 2004) and I've been slowly immersing myself into the manga characterizations. Two, the writing is a little stiff and stop-start-stop-start in places and would have benefitted greatly from some scene divisions, it felt very bumpy in narrative to have dialogue one minute then a super-fast-forward the next. But. For all my complaining, I have zero complaints about the actual characterization within the story, the author did a lovely job of the Yuki/Tohru/Kyou triangle, showing the tension between the two even as Tohru loves both of them. There are beautiful little moments from Shigure and Ayame popping up from time to time, the flow of the events themselves is very much in line with how I could have seen the anime going. It's a fic that... admittedly. I'm a Kyouru shipper first and foremost. But I still am honestly glad I read this fic and that says a lot for me, considering my preferences. :D (Yuki/Tohru/Kyou.)

Fruits Basket: Morning Person by shiegra - Awww, this was adorably warm and sweet. Generally, I'm not that much of an OT3 person when I have a hardcore OTP, but this was too sweet to pass up. It's gentle and soft, there's touching but it's still so new to all of them and they're all connected and it's a really nicely balanced true triangle here. It's not a long fic, not even 400 words, but it was so warm and happy that I had to rec it. <3 (Yuki/Tohru/Kyou.)

Fruits Basket: Contact by shiegra - This is a short ficlet, I know. But it's that time of year. And also Yuki/Tohru/Kyou fic is all too rare, especially fic that gets up into R-rated territory, yet still keeps that sense of... not precisely innocence, but that young quality they have, where they're just starting out and learning and growing into adults. I'm not sure I would have wanted more than this. But what was here was lovely and sweet and really kind of quietly hot. <3 (Yuki/Tohru/Kyou, not quite SFW.)

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