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- Gundam SEED - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - The top illustration on this site sold me immediately, because it's detailed and the colors are so... warm and subtle. Plus, it doesn't hurt that I actually like Ashuran/Kagari. ^_~ The artist really puts a lot of work into her illustrations, the lines of the clothes and such falling beautifully, the amount of details wonderful, and the illustrations are just so sweet. There's the current top illustration of Ashuran and Kagari in the snow, their hands out to catch the flakes, happy expressions on their faces that just touches me. And all this is coming from someone who doesn't really even care for SEED that much. ^_~ (Ashuran/Kagari.)

- Gundam SEED - MUCHCHOP [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - After finding the last G-SEED fanart site, I was just... in the mood to go through a few links, especially to see if I could find some Ashuran/Kagari illustrations, which is one of the pairings in the series that actually intrigues me. And this site has some fantastic art--the details and backgrounds and colors are just really amazing in some of them and I love the artist for putting Kagari in that pretty dress of hers so often. The art in the banner for this site is one that I especially have in mind when I say this, because it just... embodies that sense of connection/attraction between the characters that makes me fangirl so hard. This rec is kind of sucking, so just go see the pretty Ashuran/Kagari fanart, y0. ^_~ (Ashuran/Kagari.)

- Gundam SEED - ACT [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This is yet another site where I sort of waffled on whether or not to rec it at first, since it wasn't blowing me away at first, but the further I got into the gallery, the more I found myself won over by the art. The artist has a sense for good colors and smooth lines, even if I'm not 100% wild about her proportions, but it was really the comics that won me over with this site. She's got quite a few of them and they're just... nice! Her lines tighten up a lot and she's got terrific shading on them and they especially look terrific when she's colored them. Plus, there's this one illustration of chibi-esque Kagari spazzing on Ashuran that just makes me go XDXDXD so I had to rec the site. ^_^v (Ashuran/Kagari.)

- Gundam SEED/Full Metal Alchemist - REON @ WEB [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I admit, I almost, almost didn't put this in the FMA section, because I tend to be cranky about the non-RoyEd sites, but I figure pretty art is pretty art and I was there for the Ashuran/Cagalli anyway, so... besides, the RoyAi art on the site is really well-drawn. >P (I tease, really. <3) But. Oh. Man. The Ashuran/Cagalli fanart is just... *swoon* so lovely. The colors are gorgeous and there are a couple of illustrations that are just the kind that were knocked out of the park--gorgeous pose/expression on their faces, great detail, beautiful colors, and a feel to them that puts me into orbit. Illustration #8, the one with Cagalli's shirt open as she presses against Ashuran is just... her face is beautiful and I'm a dippy fangirl over the romantic implications. #4 has gorgeous colors and lines and #6 is just... the cel-style coloring is great, the lines of their clothes look nearly official, and I just LOVE the expressions on their faces. ....this is really kind of a crappy rec, I know, but this site put me in a flustered fangirl mode and you can't expect coherency after that. ^_~ (Ashuran/Cagalli and Roy/Hawkeye.)

- Gundam SEED - harunoie [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - So, I've been finishing off SEED finally and that means I'm back to being wildly in love with Ashuran/Cagalli (as well as Kira/Lux, but they don't get nearly as much fanart, boo) and thus I have to seek out fanart. And this site is one of the ones that keeps me going, because the colors and illustrations are just so... light and lovely, the kind of thing that... oh, sure, it's not all intense action, instead it's sorta fluffy, romantic-ish art (at least my favorites here, there are some rather intense illustrations on the site, too), but I love that so much. Cagalli in her dress and Ashuran in formal wear or the group of the four main characters in white shirts as Cagalli and Kira drag their respected SOs along while they grin like crazy or Ashuran and Cagalli in their space suits and obviously devestated over something... I just totally love that kind of art. So very pretty~ <3 (Ashuran/Cagalli.)

- Gundam SEED - shake! [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - There's not a ton of art here, but what is here is pretty cute and I like their take on the characters, especially that she shows them in so many different aspects. There's diplomat!Cagalli and there's fighter!Cagalli and there's fighter!Ashuran and bodyguard!Ashuran and romantic!Ashuran/Cagalli and they're all nicely drawn. Plus, I can never resist a site that has at least one illustration of Cagalli in that pretty green and white dress. Or at least one of her holding a gun and fighting alongside Ashuran. XD (Ashuran/Cagalli.)

- Gundam SEED - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - So this site probably isn't going to be for everyone, the art may be a little too "harsh" for some, in the sense that the lines and colors are less bright and a bit more... well, shounen-ish, is the best way I can think to describe it. But because this site started out with a really nice kiss where I love the slightly more realistic take on Cagalli's hair, where I love the sharp definition of their collarbones with their loose shirts on, I got off the right foot with this site. Cagalli seems to cry a lot on the site, but I'll forgive a lot for Ashuran sticking his hand up her shirt and the other down her pants while he's leaning over to kiss her ear. ....shut up, I don't care if it's OOC, it's hot, that's all I need. A lot of harsher takes on the characters here, but I found I kinda liked it. (Ashuran/Cagalli.)

- Gundam SEED - awaawa [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This site has Cagalli in her underwear. I really don't need much reason beyond that to like it. But it's also got some hugging illustrations, some really nice colors, a lot of cute oekaki, and even one or two kissing illustrations. So that's nice, too. Ooh, and Cagalli with her arms around Ashuran while having his ZAFT jacket over her shoulders. That was nice, too. But the Cagalli in her underwear still was my favorite, especially since it was nicely drawn and actually had some really good detail to it. This site made me feel better. <3 (Ashuran/Cagalli.)

- Gundam SEED - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I'm also not sure what to call this artist's style, either, but it's that sort of... style that reminds me of jewels. Which sould so easily have been pretentious, but I really, really liked it here for some reason. Maybe it was the chibis, including Cagalli in her diplomat outfit. Maybe it's the way it makes their eyes practically shine, even in a 2-D illustration. Maybe it was the beautiful red-dripped illustration with Ashuran in his ZAFT outfit and Cagalli in this pretty, slim red shirt with a red rose in her hair that just looked... the whole thing was pretty. Or. You know. The wedding illustration. I liked that a lot. <3 But there was just... a sense of pretty coming from the art, that jewel-tone style, half-CG-style working for it. ....yeah, I know that's a bad rec, I don't care. Just go look at the pretty art. ♥ (Ashuran/Cagalli.)

- Gundam SEED - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I think the thing I liked most about this artist was the detail and skilled shading that you can see her in lines, that in a lot of ways I think I like her b&w stuff better because you can see just how talented the artist really is. She's got this lovely one of Ashuran in b&w that has wonderful shading and there's a fantastic one of Dearka and Millie that reminds me of all the reasons I fell for that couple in the first place (the look on his face when he puts his jacket over a sleeping Millie's shoulders! *swoon*), when it seemed so random and WTF-ish at first. There's also a REALLY nice one of Kira and a REALLY nice one of Ashuran/Cagalli and just... yeah, I liked this site because the lines were really good (in the sense that the best, prettiest doujinshi are *happy sigh*), but also because it had most of my favorite couples on it. <3 (No single theme, but if it was in the series, it's got a chance at showing up here.)

- Gundam SEED - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - ....holy crap, this artist draws a fantastic Ashuran, to the point that it could almost be on par with official art at times. The basic lineart is really, really good (the top two b&w sketches in the rakugaki section really show it off well), but then you add in some really solid coloring and the art gets even better. The top illustration of Ashuran from Destiny, in his new outfit is just so pretty to look at and the more I went through the gallery, the more I noticed that her inking is really top-notch, it's what pulls the illustrations together, I think. Plus, Ashuran in his space suit pulling an unconscious (?) Cagalli in her own space suit closer, the way you can just feel his desperation from his body language was so good. This site made me sparkly. :D (Some Ashuran/Cagalli.)

- Gundam SEED - 245 [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Oh, oh, I love this site! The artist occasionally does these illustrations where the colors are just so intense and really moving, with all these fantastic highlights in them. I wound up loving just about everything the artist did--there's this amazingly colored one of Ashuran and Cagalli leaning forward to touch each other's foreheads that seemed to use every color in existance blended beautifully together. Or the gorgeous one of Kira and Lux with their hands in each other's. But one of the special treats on this site was getting to see the truly beautiful Frey illustrations--I realize a lot of people don't like her, but I've always had such the soft spot for her, so to see truly beautiful Kira/Frey art is wonderful. Especially when it's the kind where you can just FEEL the emotion and intensity of it. Really beautiful stuff here, I adore this artist. (Lots of het--some Ashuran/Cagalli, Kira/Frey, and at least one Kira/Lux.)

- Gundam SEED - [ English Fanart Site ] - I've rec'd this artist before for her OP and FMA art, but that was back before I went nuts with the Gundam SEED fanart, especially the Kira/Lux stuff, which this artist seems to favor. I really like the cute, CG style the artist uses, but even more than that, it's a sort of... it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy, whether I'm "Awww!"'ing over the cute Ashuran kitty illustration that blinks or cooing over the nicely done Kira/Lux in front of a full moon with Lux in a really pretty dress. Or even :D :D :D'ing over the adorable comics--the Ashuran fiance one is probably my favorite, but I also have strong love for the Kira/Lux who-sings-first one. Just... this scratches that itch for happy, fluffy, WAFFy G-SEED stuff, but without being too saccharine about it. (Kira/Lux, a little Ashuran/Cagalli as well.)

- Gundam SEED - Aqua Residence [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This is a very small site, there's probably not more than ten or fifteen proper images on the site all together? I sat on the fence for awhile, but the deeper I got into the gallery, the more I quietly fell for the artist's style because she hit that Ashuran/Cagalli button that I have so much fondess for. The art is just soft enough to be sort of romantic, but without being too far over the line about it, so images of them at sunset in formal wear just sort of make me swoon a little. XD As do the back to back illustrations which are how I like my Ashuran/Cagalli. Not necessarily a site that'll leave you feeling satisfied, but a good one to hit up when you're in a fanart mood, I think. (Ashuran/Cagalli.)

- Gundam SEED - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I originally got here for the FFVII fanart, but the G-SEED fanart is just so much prettier. I was kind of wibbling over the art, thinking I really did like it quite a lot, but it was when I hit the beautiful Kira/Lux illustration that I was just a complete goner. It was so elegant and lovely and beautifully done that I just fell in love all over again. Hell, I even sort of fell in love with the artist's Dearka/Yzak fanart, because both characters just look so good when she's drawing them. And then there's this utterly stunning, perfect one of Stellar and a couple that just nail the style of the series and there's a beautiful Frey one and a lovely Ashuran/Cagalli one with the prettiest sunset colors to it and I just started swooning a lot. ♥ (Some Dearka/Yzak, Ashuran/Cagalli, Kira/Lux, maybe a little other.)

- Gundam SEED/Gundam Wing - green company [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Noriko Satou is one of my favorite doujinshika ever, I own some of her work and it's just... I drool on myself and gibber a lot over her GundamW girls. Especially Relena, the way she draws the characters in a shoujo-esque way, all lace and old world European clothing and ruffles and light colors and flowers. Easily my favorite GundamW doujinshika and I'd love to have more of her work. But she also does Gundam SEED, which makes me insanely happy because I love her delicate touch with the characters. She often puts them in formal clothing or draws the cute little twins as chibi witches or AU costumes, often with long, flowing hair and soft colors and, dude, there's an awesome one of "Destiny Note" with Kira dressed like, well, Kira and Cagalli as a sexy Ryuuku and, seriously, how is that not great? XD Beautiful, beautiful site. (Some Ashuran/Cagalli, some other het, a lot of gen. Largely gen-ish for GundamW.)

- Gundam SEED/Harukanaru Toki no Nakade/Gintama - HoramakiNet [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I sat on the fence about this site for awhile, since I'm not as into the SEED Destiny side of things as much as I am with the original SEED pairings, but... I kept at the site because the CG-style art wasn't bad at all. And then when it got to the Ashuran/Cagalli fanart that I wanted to see? Yeah, that's when the site got kinda squeeful for me. But they're so cute together and Cagalli is so pretty in her green dress with her gold hair and Ashuran's eyes are so bright and green and everything is shiny! I totally fall for that kind of thing. And then there's also Kira/Lux and in some of them, they look older and, man, they're kinda hot together. They're much the same as what won me over with the Ashuran/Cagalli--so much shining hair and kickass clothes and beautiful eyes and they're always touching each other, which gets my romantic fangirl going. And also the same pretty much applies to the HaruToki3 and Gintama fanart, it has the same bright colors and loads of detail and shining CG style that's used pretty well. The kind of site that makes me feel all shoujo-y in the good way. Probably not going to appeal unless you like the pairings, but if you do... it's a really nice site. And maybe even if you don't--the Gintama ones weren't my pairings, but I found the art to be pretty enough? :D (Ashuran/Cagalli, Kira/Lux, a smidge of Dearka/Millie, Okita/Kagura and Hijikata/Gin, and HaruToki het pairings.)

- Gundam SEED - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Honestly, one of the last places I expected to find myself today was on a Gundam SEED site and yet... here I am. I was sucked in by the pretty Lux art, the artist does a really beautiful job with her. The colors are light and airy, which suit her character (and the Kira/Lux pairing) but it's really the lovely lineart that impressed me with this site. That and the SUPER ADORABLE poses she had for Kira and Lux, the kind that are totally fluffy and work with a pairing like them. They were one of those pairings I could hardly believe became canon because I liked them so much and this site kind of reminds me of that feeling I had when the series first turned in that direction--pure delight at an OTP of mine. ♥ (Kira/Lux, a smidge of Ashuran/Cagalli.)

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