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- Gundam SEED - Pt. Dia [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Ooh, I like this artist, there's something about the way she draws the characters that just appeals to me. Part of it is the wonderful colors she uses, part of it is the fun she clearly has with the characters (I especially liked Isaak's little number *ufufufu*), part of it is that she draws the most adorable Ashuran and Kira, and part of it is that sometimes the art is just really pretty. There's this one of Ashuran and Isaak that was just... lovely, really. The colors and details were beautiful. *_* I liked the site a lot. ^_^v (Mostly Ashuran/Kira, some other shounen ai.)

- Gundam SEED/Prince of Tennis - PINK CUBE [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I'm mostly recommending this site for the Gundam SEED art because it just completely and utterly NAILS the G-SEED style with the colors and the CG effect. It's most especially noticable with the eyes that looks SO REMINISCENT of the anime's style, but the artist is solid all around with her lines and coloring, too. I think my favorite illustration from the site is actually probably her Lux illustration, but it's mostly an Ashuran/Kira pairing, which I have a strong soft spot for. >__> The artist's style really was just a perfect FIT with the characters. I'm not as fond of her Prince of Tennis fanart, but that's mostly because it's not the same incredible fit. That said, it's actually still really pretty and I really like the way the artist draws their hair, Fuji and Ryoma especially. FujiRyo is such a rare pairing that finding an artist that's actually GOOD is an extra bonus. Plus, I fecking love her oekaki art for the Tenipuri characters and the more I went through the site, the more I started to kinda like the whole Gundam SEED-meets-Prince of Tennis style the Tenipuri art had. XD ....and the artist really makes me want to watch Sokyuu no Fafner now. >__> (AshuranxKira and FujiRyo.)

- Full Metal Alchemist/Gundam SEED - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I have this weakeness for the style that this artist uses. It's... I'm not really sure what to call it, but it's got these delicate lines, but not swirling likes like a lot of shoujo and these beautiful light colors that just make me swoon. These beautiful shades of blue and purple especially, combined with these fine, delicate lines for the faces and hair and hands that just... they totally do it for me. I was immediately entranced with the Roy/Ed stuff (god, her Roy is beautiful especially) and I was even won over by the Ashuran/Kira stuff because... how could I not be? Just... man, those soft, almost pastel colors just utterly do me in. (Roy/Ed, Ashuran/Kira, and maybe a little Dearka/Yzak.)

- Gundam SEED - kurobosi [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I knew right from the top illustration of this site, which is a beautiful illustration of Kira and Lux (who's wearing this beautiful light pink dress and Kira's outfit has all these neat straps/buckles on it that I totally go for) that I would probably love this site and I wasn't disappointed--the artist's basic lines are really strong, she has a good sense for softer details in her fine lines, so the characters' hair wind up looking just terrific and she does this great thing with their eyes that really makes them stand out. But it's more than just that and it's more than just that the artist does really well with their clothes, it's that... I get a sense of fangirlyness when I go to this site, because her characters are just so lovely. And it doesn't hurt that she seems slightly more fond of Kira/Lux, which makes me wibble with great joy. <3 (Kira/Lux, Ashuran/Kira.)

- Gundam SEED/Soukyuu no Fafner - MUSICA [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Oh. Well, hello to the beautiful Fafner art! This site does an absolutely stunning Soushi, the amount of detail and beautiful colors that go into it are just... I could stare at it for what feels like an hour, I sometimes think. And then there are also some beautiful, beautiful Kazuki illustrations that do an amazing job from the hair to the face to the eyes to the uniform he wears. And then there are the ones of them together that are just breath-taking, truly some of the most beautiful Fafner art I've seen. Originally, I was going to skip adding this to the G-SEED section because the first page of art was all of Shin (who I don't know very well at the time of this rec), but getting back further into the art reveals the stuff with Ashuran and Kira and the same beautiful detail that was applied to the Fafner art. Well, I do think the Fafner art was better done and the utter highlight of the site, but I certainly enjoyed the lovely SEED art that had all that pretty detail to it. *happy sigh* The art of the linking banner really, really doesn't disappoint with this one. (Soushi/Kazuki, a little Ashuran/Kira.)

- Gundam SEED - Ricomil [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - *fweeeee!* I have a great love of colors that are honestly impresive, that do something special with them, and the the jewel-tone CG style of this artist works well for her, because they really do look amazing, I think--especially the way they almost seem like they could start shifting and swirling together. There were a handful of illustrations in her gallery that just stopped and got me to stare; given, the art starts out a little simplistic, but by the time you get to her more recent stuff, you can see the amazing difference, how much the art has strengthened up. There's one of Kira in a white military uniform with a red cap draped across half of him that's just... it's stunning, really. For the amazing, amazing lines in it and the way the colors just make it so damned vibrant. Even if it admittedly took me a minute to get that it was Kira, it was still gorgeous. Also, the artist did have a tendency to make the boys nearly sticks, but if you hang with her long enough, she gets really good and I would LOVE to see more from her. (Ashuran/Kira.)

- Gundam SEED - roco [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Good lord, I am such the sucker for pretty coloring when combined well with that CG sort of style, which this site does quite well. The artist has a solid grip on the level of details and the ability to make the characters look really cute (the art is very CG-ish mixed with very doujinshi-ish, but I like that style and it fits the SEED characters really well, so...), but the further and further you get into her art... she does beautiful things with the colors and HOLY CRAP THE CHIBIS ARE SO CUTE. I especially love what she does with Kira's hair often times, though, I'm not sure I can articulate why, just... it's so pretty. The one of him upside down and surrounded by the white ribbons? I love what she did with that one to make it almost look 3D somehow and then she'll do a pretty Dearka or an lovely Ashuran or a pretty Lux or a surprisingly cute Yzak... and just... *flaps hands* go see the adorable art! (Some Ashuran/Kira hinted at, but a lot of gen, too.)

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