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- Gundam SEED - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I think the thing I liked most about this artist was the detail and skilled shading that you can see her in lines, that in a lot of ways I think I like her b&w stuff better because you can see just how talented the artist really is. She's got this lovely one of Ashuran in b&w that has wonderful shading and there's a fantastic one of Dearka and Millie that reminds me of all the reasons I fell for that couple in the first place (the look on his face when he puts his jacket over a sleeping Millie's shoulders! *swoon*), when it seemed so random and WTF-ish at first. There's also a REALLY nice one of Kira and a REALLY nice one of Ashuran/Cagalli and just... yeah, I liked this site because the lines were really good (in the sense that the best, prettiest doujinshi are *happy sigh*), but also because it had most of my favorite couples on it. <3 (No single theme, but if it was in the series, it's got a chance at showing up here.)

- Gundam SEED - DASH [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This site isn't going to be for everyone, especially the girl!Dearka stuff (where he's dressed up as a cheerleader or in a skirt sometimes), but I had to recommend it for two reasons. One, the artist's Dearka looks really nice--she draws him looking gorgeous or as a kid who is utterly adorable and she often times has an awesome sense of color. Two, Dearka/Millie fanart sometimes! *shimmers* Walking on the beach and holding hands or similar things. While Yzak/Dearka is more common on the site, it's one of those that draws Dearka so well (god, his eyes and hair look fantastic sometimes) and in so many different poses/concepts that it's worth going if you like the character at all or if you like either pairing with him. I had much fun on the site. <3 (Some Yzak/Dearka, some Dearka/Millie.)

- Gundam SEED - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Eeeeeeee! Dearka/Millie! *squees happily* I knew about this pairing before I'd really seen where it came from in the series and it sort of seemed like it must have been one of those pairings that was thrown in to detract from the potential yaoi, but... I really vibed on it once they started interacting and it's so sweet and this site just utterly fed my desire for more. The art was a bit difficult to find, but it's very much worth it, I think, if only for the wedding illustration, which... okay, I'm a dippy fangirl and I kinda went nuts over it. But the artist draws these really intimate/romantic/fun illustrations that get at the romantic fangirl in me and make her sigh with happiness. Plus, they're pretty! and who can resist shirtless!Dearka and pantless!Millie lying curled up next to each other and looking intently at each other? *floats~* (Dearka/Millie.)

- Gundam SEED - Happy Water [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - So I found a bit of the Dearka/Millie corner of the G-SEED fanart sites and I immediately pounce on anything that had them and this is one of the sites that... occasionally, the art is slightly off, but the artist does some really great things with colors and when she's on, she's on. Her Christmas Dearka/Millie is utterly lovely and the one of them in kimonos with the little fans is even prettier and there's lots of hand-holding and hugging going on and even the occasional slight bit of ecchiness that totally made me happy, like the one of Millie in Dearka's lap wearing nothing but strategically placed ribbons. *__* I tore through her SEED section and really wanted more when I was done, so that's how I know it was a good site. *grin* (Dearka/Millie. None in the G-SEED section as of yet, but watch out for some nudity in the other catagories if you go exploring.)

- Gundam SEED - ASUKA-CLUB [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - ....I originally never planned a Dearka/Millie section on my archive site, because I assumed I wouldn't be able to find enough of them. Then I found this site. And I fell in love even more. Absolutely everything on this site made me just shimmer madly over the gorgeousness of the art, I couldn't even possibly pick out a few to detail a little because everything is just so... right for them. The colors, the lines, the proportions, the concepts/poses, the sense of fun and attraction between the characters, all of it. One of the best things about the site, though, is the extensive collection of really wonderful oekaki art that... okay, sometimes oekaki art can be a little disappointing when compared to regular art, but I found myself enjoying the hell out of her oekaki because it's almost on the same level as her regular stuff--the colors are gorgeous, the proportions great, just... this is what I wanted from a Dearka/Millie site. And that wedding one as the current top? Or the one of them in kimono and sharing sake on the top of the gallery page? Gorgeous. Everything is worth scouring over with this site, I think, so make sure to hit the artist's oekaki board, there's a lot more there, too. ♥ ♥ ♥ (Dearka/Millie.)

- Gundam SEED - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - *wibbles happily* Oh, I adore an artist who can do that cel-style coloring so damned well like this! Her lines are solid, quite decent, but its the lovely coloring that really just makes the fanart of the characters--especially when Dearka and Millie are touching foreheads, smiling, and hands each touching the other's face or when Millie looks lovely in that orange and yellow dress of hers or! Or! When they're in those adorable fur-trimmed outfits! Or a ton of other poses that just... the artist really captures that sense of sweetness and fun the couple has, really draws some awesome colors and a lot of different outfits/poses that you can just tell... how much they LIKE each other. For some reason, that makes me just flip right straight over the moon with these two. Adored this site. ♥ (Dearka/Millie.)

- Gundam SEED - C.D.S. on-line [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Oh, and then this artist just made me into even more fangirl goo, because... she starts out a little rough, but the further and further you get into her art, the more it tightens up and she gets really good with the coloring and the poses and the lines. ♥ Plus, I utterly love her comics, Dearka is so often coming up to hug Millie from behind or practically bouncing over to her or just generally showing how much he LIKES her (occasionally sprouting the most adorable puppy!ears that shouldn't work, but do) or they'll end up leaning against each other and it's just... it's all so CUTE! EEEEEEEEE! (Dearka/Millie.)

- Gundam SEED - cafe con leche [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - *shimmers* More Dearka/Millie fanart! ♥ It may be a little on the cutesy side for some, but I was won over when I hit the illustration of Millie spinning around while Dearka blew bubbles, like the one with Lux in the show itself. Plus, there were lots of different poses and outfits (like Dearka and Millie on the beach or in school uniforms or in other more modern clothes) and a ton of oekaki. While it's not the best art in the world, it's the kind that made me coo over it anyway because it had such love for the pairing. Plus, the artist's Dearka looks quite good--it's more of that CG style that really lends itself well to the character. <3 The kiriban illustrations are especially nice. :D (Dearka/Millie.)

- Gundam SEED/Harukanaru Toki no Nakade/Gintama - HoramakiNet [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I sat on the fence about this site for awhile, since I'm not as into the SEED Destiny side of things as much as I am with the original SEED pairings, but... I kept at the site because the CG-style art wasn't bad at all. And then when it got to the Ashuran/Cagalli fanart that I wanted to see? Yeah, that's when the site got kinda squeeful for me. But they're so cute together and Cagalli is so pretty in her green dress with her gold hair and Ashuran's eyes are so bright and green and everything is shiny! I totally fall for that kind of thing. And then there's also Kira/Lux and in some of them, they look older and, man, they're kinda hot together. They're much the same as what won me over with the Ashuran/Cagalli--so much shining hair and kickass clothes and beautiful eyes and they're always touching each other, which gets my romantic fangirl going. And also the same pretty much applies to the HaruToki3 and Gintama fanart, it has the same bright colors and loads of detail and shining CG style that's used pretty well. The kind of site that makes me feel all shoujo-y in the good way. Probably not going to appeal unless you like the pairings, but if you do... it's a really nice site. And maybe even if you don't--the Gintama ones weren't my pairings, but I found the art to be pretty enough? :D (Ashuran/Cagalli, Kira/Lux, a smidge of Dearka/Millie, Okita/Kagura and Hijikata/Gin, and HaruToki het pairings.)

- Gundam SEED - PANDA LAND [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - It's been so long since I've been to any Dearka/Millie sites, I'll probably have some crossover from what I've linked before. Eh, no matter, double recs happen sometimes. And, man, did I adore this site, the art was so cute and used those really warm colors I like for Dearka and Millie, frequently also drawing them in really cute poses (sharing ice cream or in kimono in a grassy field at night or asdl;fjkasldalsd as Jack and Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas or beautiful hugs and the gorgeous comic of them meeting up in that dust/debris cloud just about did me in ♥) or drawing these really lovely b&w sketches that show off the artist's talent even more. I wish I could squee more about the site, because it's one of the better Dearka/Millie sites out there and there are some absolutely gorgeous illustrations here, but it's just... it's good and shiny and made me squee and fall in love with the characters all over again and there are so maaaaany~! <3 Make sure to go through all of the galleries, there's more art tucked away in various corners. :D (Dearka/Millie, a lot of gen, maybe a little other het.)

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