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- Gundam SEED - Black Zone [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I admit, it took me a few clicks through this gallery to warm up to the artist's art, but as she goes along, she gets really good, the colors and lines start to get just lovely and the poses are wonderful. She covers a good selection of characters, but her Kira is just fabulous and her Ashuran is lovely--there's one of him in this dusky red-pink shirt that is just HOT. I think she must have used some sort of very light softener on the images, because they almost seem to glow and I totally go for an artist who can use that technique subtly; the shading is also wonderful and there's a nice selection of characters. All in all, the site is one of those that's just really solid and therefore makes it a wonderful treat to go through. ^________^ (No real pairings/warnings.)

- Prince of Tennis/Gundam SEED - Ultimate Powers [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I love it when a site can actually wow me with the shading, colors, and lines, to the point that the art looks professional and makes me mourn that there aren't more of my favorite series presented--I can only find the one FMA illustration as the current top illustration and it's gorgeous enough to make me pine for more. However! This is the artist that does those incredible Tenipuri doujinshi that look damn near like they could have been actual art from the series--her Kamio/Shinji one I see all the time, her Oshitari/Gakuto one I see all the time, her group illustrations are often on the covers of those Love Prince anthologies and I lust after them because they're so beautiful and then her Gundam SEED art is done with the same talent and they're just... damn, they're good. I wish, DEARLY wish, that she had more FMA and Death Note fanart because I'd drool all over myself some more. (Shounen-ai friendly, but no single theme.)

- Gundam SEED - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I don't know what it is about Fraga/Kira that makes artists draw so well, but there are a handful of them out there who are drawing some really, really nice stuff and this artist... her lines and colors and proportions are all just so solid and made the art so much fun for me to go through. The colors are those softer colors that I just go nuts over and the way they make certain details stand out (especially their eyes) always impresses me and... well, I guess I'm not sure what to say about the style of the art, because it's just simply good, the kind that you can tell there's a lot of talent and discipline there and... it's the kind of art that wins me over to pouring over the gallery because it's such pretty stuff. But I'm also recommending this site because, if you skip the K/F stuff and just go straight for the Mwu la Fraga section, there is some gorgeous Fraga art that is worth the site alone, it's really some of the artist's best stuff, I think. I swoon. (Fraga/Kira, worth going for the gen Fraga stuff, too.)

- Gundam SEED - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Aaaaaaand I think this may be, hands down, the prettiest Fraga/Kira site I've ever seen. The artist's work is just everything I look for--she does these beautiful colors and her lines are very fine and detailed yet clear, and she puts all these details into her illustrations that I nearly swoon over each and every one of them. They're just... it's not that I'm convinced of the pairing by them, but they make them so much fun to go through and so much fun to pour over the entire contents of the site. This is another one where I really do suggest going even if you're not a fan of the pairing but you like the individual characters because there's some gorgeous Fraga fanart on this site. Buried somewhere in one of the oekaki/rough galleries (make sure you hunt all over) there is this hot illustration of Fraga sliding a gun into/out of the back of his pants that I swear every G-SEED fangirl should see. *__* Just... man, this art is beautiful. (Fraga/Kira, worth going for the gen Fraga stuff, too.)

- Gundam SEED - 4th Not Found [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I... I... I... I tried not to like the idea of Fraga/Kruze, I did! But... the artist drew a couple of the illustrations to look so pretty that I was kinda won over. I mean, I like both characters a lot and something about the way this artist draws... she uses that softening filter really well, so everything looks really pretty and gentle and I totally go for that kind of stuff. And, yeah, the proportions are a little off sometimes, but I really will forgive a lot for pretty colors and an artist working with a lot of different characters, including some nice illustrations of the girls or some nicely done group shots. Plus, a lot of the Azrael fanart illustrations were well-done, fit well with the character or just looked really nice (like the one with the white wings *_*), and I mentioned that Fraga and Kruze (seperately and/or together) looked good? Yeah, that's all I need. ^_~ (A little Fraga/Kruze, a little Kruze/Azrael, some gen.)

- Gundam SEED - ARIEL GATE [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I REALLY wish this artist had more SEED fanart, because she does just an absolutely terrific job with it. Plus, the second illustration on the site is one of Haro lifting Lux's skirt up to flash everyone and the PRICELESS expression on Ashuran's face. It shouldn't be so funny, but it IS. I loved it. But the real highlight of the site is that awesome CGs the artist does of the G-SEED girls--there's one of Lux in traditional clothing that's hard to believe is fanart, the style is just so utterly nailed. The handful of illustrations of the girls in their bathing suits at the beach are totally fantastic--the smoothness of the lines, the smoothness of the colors, it all looks really, really professional. And there's this one of Kira and Lux in front of a gundam suit (that looks *amazing*), one arm around her, the other clasped to her hand, where they look just... fantastic. Loved this site. So much. (Not too many pairings, but could be considered canon-friendly.)

- Gundam SEED - RIX [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I admit, Yzak/Frey definitely sort of feels like a leftover pairing, they really only had a moment or two of interaction, but... when an artist comes along that does a really pretty illustration of them with these beautiful shades of magenta... who am I to argue? It doesn't hurt that the artist also does a beautiful Dearka (the Dearka/Millie fanart made me happy to see) and there's an adorable chibi-esque Frey and her Yzak is very nice and just... there's not a ton of art here, but there's just enough that was just good enough that onto the list the site went. :D (Some het, but no single theme really.)

- Gundam SEED - Centurybeat [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I tend to alternate between gravitating towards and wandering away from the cutesier style art with j-fanart, sometimes it works for me, sometimes it doesn't, and maybe it all depends on my mood or how much I want a particular character/pairing. But somehow... this site worked for me. Maybe it's because I liked the Frey fanart and there were some adorable Kira/Frey illustrations and I still love that relationship in all its messed up glory. The art isn't perfect, but how can I resist when there's a fanart of Kira carrying her piggy-back style and she looks like she's asleep and I went "AWWW." over it? Or Lux and Frey dressed like witches for Halloween! CUTER THAN WORDS CAN DESCRIBE. There's also a really gorgeous one of Lux by herself, her long hair draping over her shoulders and simple dress and... yeah. That's what I loved about this site. It's not perfect all of the time, but when the artist is on her game? Fabulous artwork here. (No real warnings/pairings, maaaaybe a little Kira/Frey.)

- Gundam SEED - Serenity [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - It seems like I may have seen this site before, but... I couldn't find it with a cursory glance through my recs, so what the hell. I admit, I came here for the Frey and Kira/Frey artwork, but actually ended up staying because the artist does a really neat job of emulating the original SEED's style. She's got that CG quality and that style to their eyes just down. She also does a variety of different characters, so it's not just obvious favoritism towards the one pairing... though, she does seem to like Kira/Frey the best. And, okay, I admit... for all that I like Kira/Frey for the messed up temporary pairing it was (Kira/Lux is one of my two favorite SEED pairings), I also kinda wibbled over the wedding and baby pictures. They're so cute, though! And, wow, the one of Kira crying and lowering a dead Frey into a pool of water while she's wearing a lovely gown... it was just pretty. (Mostly varied het and yaoi and gen. Some Kira/Frey, though.)

- Gundam SEED - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I'm recommending this site because what it does... it does extremely well. The art is a little on the thin/cutesy side, but the artist has this doujinshi-like quality to her work (that would make me surprised if she didn't draw it), something about the surety of the lines even when the characters are a bit thin or the really pretty coloring, it just looks really talented and solidly good. Plus, I'm always a sucker for a really cutely drawn Lux, all pretty hair and soft dresses, yet still such a strong character. I love that the artist draws her in several different kinds of clothes and always puts these sharp lines on the end of it, it just... quietly won me over. ♥ (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Gundam SEED - PANDA LAND [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - It's been so long since I've been to any Dearka/Millie sites, I'll probably have some crossover from what I've linked before. Eh, no matter, double recs happen sometimes. And, man, did I adore this site, the art was so cute and used those really warm colors I like for Dearka and Millie, frequently also drawing them in really cute poses (sharing ice cream or in kimono in a grassy field at night or asdl;fjkasldalsd as Jack and Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas or beautiful hugs and the gorgeous comic of them meeting up in that dust/debris cloud just about did me in ♥) or drawing these really lovely b&w sketches that show off the artist's talent even more. I wish I could squee more about the site, because it's one of the better Dearka/Millie sites out there and there are some absolutely gorgeous illustrations here, but it's just... it's good and shiny and made me squee and fall in love with the characters all over again and there are so maaaaany~! <3 Make sure to go through all of the galleries, there's more art tucked away in various corners. :D (Dearka/Millie, a lot of gen, maybe a little other het.)

- Gundam SEED - misokaze [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This is one of those sites that I totally love for the colors and how freaking cute everything is. I mean, any site that gets me to smile at the image of Ashuran in a maid's uniform instead of hissing and spitting... well, the art is really just... happy and light-hearted and not mean at all, you know? The colors just about glow right off the screen, but it's not just crack art, there's Ashuran in his usual uniform, there's the Destiny characters being cute, there's a lovely, brightly colored on of Lux, there's another one of Lux just about falling out of her dress that should be kind of weird or hentai-ish, but it's not, it's still somehow sweet and pure even while she's being kinda sexy. The site is wonderful and just... put me in a good mood. (No real pairings unless you want to squint really, really hard.)

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