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- Gundam SEED/Inuyasha/Full Metal Alchemist - SEED [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Oddly enough, I stumbled over the Gundam SEED fanart on this site first and was just... impressed as all hell, because the art is fantastic. The artist's lines are incredibly professional looking, her shading fantastic and detail amazing; if the colors were a bit more CG-ish, I think I could almost have mistaken her lineart for official work, that's how good it is. I may not come across/seek out much G-SEED art, but this is one of the best ones I've seen, I think. There isn't much FMA art here just yet, but what there is is nice--I especially giggled over the Roy vs Ed!Snowman and cooed over Edward looking so very pretty in some of the other illustrations. The Inuyasha art is also gorgeous, there's an absolutely stunning one of Sesshoumaru that just looks damn near professional. I love. (Some shounen ai, some het.)

- Full Metal Alchemist/Spiral/Gundam SEED - Omega+Gimmick [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I admit, I was hesitant to rec this site at first, because I have a lot of negative associations with the pairing after the atrocious behavior of (several of--not all, mind) the fans on the English-speaking side of the ocean, but... well, to be honest, I was won over by the Roy/Ed art on the site, which was lovely. There was this one that just took my breath away because of the lines and the colors, not necessarily traditionally pretty, but if you're an art junkie like me, the feeling of it was grand. There were also some gorgeous Roy illustrations, some adorable Winry illustrations, some pretty Hawkeye illustrations, and a squee-worthy Winry/Al illustration that had me dancing a little jig. I like the watercolor-type style and, hell, I figured if the Japanese fen can be tolerant and like all things, I can, too. The Spiral art is just... cute, even if the pairing isn't my favorite. Ayu/Hiyono doesn't hit me quite the right way, but I HAD to rec this site because the art is just so PRETTY; it's more of the same watercolor-like style that give the illustrations these soft, gentle feel to them without being all sacchirine or shoujo-y. As for the Gundam SEED art, it continues in the same vein--very soft, pretty colors, watercolors-type style, a good selection of just about all the characters. I have a real fondness for sites that cover a wide range of stuff. ^_^ Plus, even more than her other art, the artist's lines look fine and detailed here, making it all just really PRETTY. Or, you know, I could just be squee'ing because the artist drew a Kira/Frey illustration and I still have massive Frey love. It was just the one, I think, but that was still enough to win me over. ♥ However, the Kagari 22 section is chock-full of BEAUTIFUL illustrations. *__* (Roy/Ed, Roy/Hawkeye, a little Ed/Winry, Ayu/Hiyono, all over the place with G-SEED, a slight nudity warning.)

- Gundam SEED - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I think the thing I liked most about this artist was the detail and skilled shading that you can see her in lines, that in a lot of ways I think I like her b&w stuff better because you can see just how talented the artist really is. She's got this lovely one of Ashuran in b&w that has wonderful shading and there's a fantastic one of Dearka and Millie that reminds me of all the reasons I fell for that couple in the first place (the look on his face when he puts his jacket over a sleeping Millie's shoulders! *swoon*), when it seemed so random and WTF-ish at first. There's also a REALLY nice one of Kira and a REALLY nice one of Ashuran/Cagalli and just... yeah, I liked this site because the lines were really good (in the sense that the best, prettiest doujinshi are *happy sigh*), but also because it had most of my favorite couples on it. <3 (No single theme, but if it was in the series, it's got a chance at showing up here.)

- Gundam SEED/Soukyuu no Fafner - kazika's scribble book [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I admit upfront that Ashuran/Lux isn't my favorite pairing, that I never sparked off it, that it wasn't until Ashuran and Cagalli interacted that I realized I really kinda liked this series, but I couldn't resist rec'ing this site because the art is amazing. The artist's sense for colors and lines and proportions is fantastic, some of these could pass for official art and they're just... they're gorgeous and terribly romantic and even I was a little hard-pressed not to swoon over the Ashuran/Lux illustrations. And it's not like I mind the occasional Kira/Frey illustration, either. But, really, even aside from the pairings, the single-character illustrations are worth visiting the site for, because the artist is just tremendously talented and nails the style of the series. It's all just so... impressive. (Ashuran/Lux, some Kira/Frey, maybe a little other hinted at, and some worthwhile gen, I think.)

- Gundam SEED - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Despite there not being a ton of art here, I just utterly fell in love with the artist's detailed CG style. The soft colors and terrific amount of detail and approach that's almost like shoujo but not... all of it worked wonderfully. It has a very... traditional feel to it, I guess. Which isn't something I normally associate with G-SEED, but when a site has a beautiful Kira/Lux over a small pond with a beautiful moon in the background illustration like this one does, I tend to forgive a lot. Also, the ZAFT boys in Christmas outfits all laying in a circle on the snowy ground... well, I forgive a lot for that, too. XD Plus, the Ashuran/Yzak illustrations were surprisingly pretty and I like sites that have a mixture of both het and yaoi. (Both het and shounen ai pairings, but no single theme.)

- Gundam SEED - 245 [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Oh, oh, I love this site! The artist occasionally does these illustrations where the colors are just so intense and really moving, with all these fantastic highlights in them. I wound up loving just about everything the artist did--there's this amazingly colored one of Ashuran and Cagalli leaning forward to touch each other's foreheads that seemed to use every color in existance blended beautifully together. Or the gorgeous one of Kira and Lux with their hands in each other's. But one of the special treats on this site was getting to see the truly beautiful Frey illustrations--I realize a lot of people don't like her, but I've always had such the soft spot for her, so to see truly beautiful Kira/Frey art is wonderful. Especially when it's the kind where you can just FEEL the emotion and intensity of it. Really beautiful stuff here, I adore this artist. (Lots of het--some Ashuran/Cagalli, Kira/Frey, and at least one Kira/Lux.)

- Gundam SEED - RIX [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I admit, Yzak/Frey definitely sort of feels like a leftover pairing, they really only had a moment or two of interaction, but... when an artist comes along that does a really pretty illustration of them with these beautiful shades of magenta... who am I to argue? It doesn't hurt that the artist also does a beautiful Dearka (the Dearka/Millie fanart made me happy to see) and there's an adorable chibi-esque Frey and her Yzak is very nice and just... there's not a ton of art here, but there's just enough that was just good enough that onto the list the site went. :D (Some het, but no single theme really.)

- Gundam SEED/Gundam Wing - green company [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Noriko Satou is one of my favorite doujinshika ever, I own some of her work and it's just... I drool on myself and gibber a lot over her GundamW girls. Especially Relena, the way she draws the characters in a shoujo-esque way, all lace and old world European clothing and ruffles and light colors and flowers. Easily my favorite GundamW doujinshika and I'd love to have more of her work. But she also does Gundam SEED, which makes me insanely happy because I love her delicate touch with the characters. She often puts them in formal clothing or draws the cute little twins as chibi witches or AU costumes, often with long, flowing hair and soft colors and, dude, there's an awesome one of "Destiny Note" with Kira dressed like, well, Kira and Cagalli as a sexy Ryuuku and, seriously, how is that not great? XD Beautiful, beautiful site. (Some Ashuran/Cagalli, some other het, a lot of gen. Largely gen-ish for GundamW.)

- Gundam SEED - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This is one of those sites where there's not really a lot of regular art, but there's quite a lot of oekaki on the log pages and I wasn't necessarily won over at first, but... after a few scroll throughs, I slowly started to come around. It's just. The artist's Frey is so pretty and there's Kira/Frey and maybe one or two Yzak/Frey and occasionally some Cagalli stuff and I just... so cute, man! The colors are light and cute, the artist just seems to be filled with love for the characters, so everything is sweet and makes me feel warm and happy, even when it's maybe a soft, sad expression. Sure, maybe I was a little easier on the site because I really wanted Frey art tonight, but I do think the artist is actually good and want to see more from her. (Kira/Frey, a little Yzak/Frey, a lot of gen.)

- Gundam SEED/Harukanaru Toki no Nakade - Souju-Dou [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I was ready to skip over this site, the G-SEED art was solid, but it was more SEED Destiny than it was the the original SEED series and I'm not sure how I feel about Shinn/Stellar yet, despite that I think they're kinda cute. The colors were nice, the proportions were sometimes off, but you could tell the artist was getting better. Then I hit up the girl's side stuff and found HaruToki fanart... and, okay, yes, the proportions were still a little wonky at times, the chins too long or what have you, but the artist got everything else beautifully right. The details of the clothing, the beautiful coloring, the way everything seems to flutter or stream in the wind, the way there's so much beautiful hair all over the place and there's this gorgeous sense of... I don't know what to call it. Something like texture of the clothing, the way it looks not entirely 2D somehow. Something like that. Whatever it is, I wound up rather adoring this site and the way the artist drawns. There's a solid quality to the art that's really professional and she's gonna do some awesome work someday. (Shinn/Stellar, various HaruToki het pairings.)

- Gundam SEED - Serenity [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - It seems like I may have seen this site before, but... I couldn't find it with a cursory glance through my recs, so what the hell. I admit, I came here for the Frey and Kira/Frey artwork, but actually ended up staying because the artist does a really neat job of emulating the original SEED's style. She's got that CG quality and that style to their eyes just down. She also does a variety of different characters, so it's not just obvious favoritism towards the one pairing... though, she does seem to like Kira/Frey the best. And, okay, I admit... for all that I like Kira/Frey for the messed up temporary pairing it was (Kira/Lux is one of my two favorite SEED pairings), I also kinda wibbled over the wedding and baby pictures. They're so cute, though! And, wow, the one of Kira crying and lowering a dead Frey into a pool of water while she's wearing a lovely gown... it was just pretty. (Mostly varied het and yaoi and gen. Some Kira/Frey, though.)

- Gundam SEED/Uninhabited Planet SURVIVE - 1010 [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - If this had been just about any other pairing, I probably would have only skimmed and sat on the fence and eventually gone on my way. But it's Yzak/Frey and I have such fondness for the pairing and it's so very, very rare. And it's not just that I'd rec any old site, I actually do really like the site, the artist has thicker lines than I usually prefer to art, but the poses are absolutely adorable and she draws their uniforms wonderfully and the coloring is really nice. There's an occasional image that has a quality sort of in between something drawn with markers and a CG style and it just... hits the right button for me somehow. But also, as the artist goes along, she gets better and better, so her recent stuff? GOOD. There's one of Yzak holding Frey in his arms and holding a gun and it's so... it shouldn't work, protective!Yzak should make me snort or laugh, but... the way the artist draws it, I love it somehow. And the almost-kiss one is beautiful. *__* So, yeah, I'm influenced by liking the pairing, but I actually think the recent stuff is worth checking out for anyone. ♥ Also, holy crap, there's UPS fanart here and it's actually really kinda pretty! Man, I have such an odd affection for that show and this site totally captures that same feeling of why I like the show. (Yzak/Frey, Howard/Shera, a smidge of Kaoru/Luna, some other het maybe.)

- Gundam SEED - PANDA LAND [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - It's been so long since I've been to any Dearka/Millie sites, I'll probably have some crossover from what I've linked before. Eh, no matter, double recs happen sometimes. And, man, did I adore this site, the art was so cute and used those really warm colors I like for Dearka and Millie, frequently also drawing them in really cute poses (sharing ice cream or in kimono in a grassy field at night or asdl;fjkasldalsd as Jack and Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas or beautiful hugs and the gorgeous comic of them meeting up in that dust/debris cloud just about did me in ♥) or drawing these really lovely b&w sketches that show off the artist's talent even more. I wish I could squee more about the site, because it's one of the better Dearka/Millie sites out there and there are some absolutely gorgeous illustrations here, but it's just... it's good and shiny and made me squee and fall in love with the characters all over again and there are so maaaaany~! <3 Make sure to go through all of the galleries, there's more art tucked away in various corners. :D (Dearka/Millie, a lot of gen, maybe a little other het.)

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