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- Gundam SEED - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Eeee! Kira and Lux! Much as I love Ashuran/Cagalli, sometimes it's nice to see some Kira/Lux, especially since they get so little fanart for them. And the second one on the site, where Kira's making the adorable O_O face when Lux kisses him, immediately convinced me that I loved this site, because it was wonderfully drawn--Lux's hair looks fantastic. Oh, and there's one of them in the grass that makes my little fangirl heart skip a beat because it's so softly, gently drawn and, you know, Kira's resting his head in Lux's lap while she runs her hand through his hair. I totally melt over stuff like that. Plus, there's a lot of pretty sketches on the site, some good use of color, and just... all in all, it felt like a style that worked well for the characters and I always like it when tone matches up with subject. <3 (Kira/Lux.)

- Gundam SEED - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Yay! Another Kira/Lux site! And I adored the first illustration on the site, with Kira facing forward and Lux standing behind him, facing the other way, especially the way her hair looked so beautiful. And, oh, the comics made me melt--they were done in this lovely purple-ish color and the way Kira would hold her hand or smile at her or lean in to kiss her... god, that's what I wanted from a Kira/Lux site. And the beautifully cel-style coloring of the one where he's putting his arms around her? Wonderful. It's really very nice art, but more than that... for me, it got the romantic fangirl in me up and squee'ing, which is something I look for in art sites. *happy sigh* Oh! And Cardcaptor!Cagalli is not to be missed. And the chibis? ADORABLE. (Kira/Lux.)

- Gundam SEED - kurobosi [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I knew right from the top illustration of this site, which is a beautiful illustration of Kira and Lux (who's wearing this beautiful light pink dress and Kira's outfit has all these neat straps/buckles on it that I totally go for) that I would probably love this site and I wasn't disappointed--the artist's basic lines are really strong, she has a good sense for softer details in her fine lines, so the characters' hair wind up looking just terrific and she does this great thing with their eyes that really makes them stand out. But it's more than just that and it's more than just that the artist does really well with their clothes, it's that... I get a sense of fangirlyness when I go to this site, because her characters are just so lovely. And it doesn't hurt that she seems slightly more fond of Kira/Lux, which makes me wibble with great joy. <3 (Kira/Lux, Ashuran/Kira.)

- Gundam SEED - [ English Fanart Site ] - I've rec'd this artist before for her OP and FMA art, but that was back before I went nuts with the Gundam SEED fanart, especially the Kira/Lux stuff, which this artist seems to favor. I really like the cute, CG style the artist uses, but even more than that, it's a sort of... it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy, whether I'm "Awww!"'ing over the cute Ashuran kitty illustration that blinks or cooing over the nicely done Kira/Lux in front of a full moon with Lux in a really pretty dress. Or even :D :D :D'ing over the adorable comics--the Ashuran fiance one is probably my favorite, but I also have strong love for the Kira/Lux who-sings-first one. Just... this scratches that itch for happy, fluffy, WAFFy G-SEED stuff, but without being too saccharine about it. (Kira/Lux, a little Ashuran/Cagalli as well.)

- Gundam SEED - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I originally got here for the FFVII fanart, but the G-SEED fanart is just so much prettier. I was kind of wibbling over the art, thinking I really did like it quite a lot, but it was when I hit the beautiful Kira/Lux illustration that I was just a complete goner. It was so elegant and lovely and beautifully done that I just fell in love all over again. Hell, I even sort of fell in love with the artist's Dearka/Yzak fanart, because both characters just look so good when she's drawing them. And then there's this utterly stunning, perfect one of Stellar and a couple that just nail the style of the series and there's a beautiful Frey one and a lovely Ashuran/Cagalli one with the prettiest sunset colors to it and I just started swooning a lot. ♥ (Some Dearka/Yzak, Ashuran/Cagalli, Kira/Lux, maybe a little other.)

- Gundam SEED/Harukanaru Toki no Nakade/Gintama - HoramakiNet [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I sat on the fence about this site for awhile, since I'm not as into the SEED Destiny side of things as much as I am with the original SEED pairings, but... I kept at the site because the CG-style art wasn't bad at all. And then when it got to the Ashuran/Cagalli fanart that I wanted to see? Yeah, that's when the site got kinda squeeful for me. But they're so cute together and Cagalli is so pretty in her green dress with her gold hair and Ashuran's eyes are so bright and green and everything is shiny! I totally fall for that kind of thing. And then there's also Kira/Lux and in some of them, they look older and, man, they're kinda hot together. They're much the same as what won me over with the Ashuran/Cagalli--so much shining hair and kickass clothes and beautiful eyes and they're always touching each other, which gets my romantic fangirl going. And also the same pretty much applies to the HaruToki3 and Gintama fanart, it has the same bright colors and loads of detail and shining CG style that's used pretty well. The kind of site that makes me feel all shoujo-y in the good way. Probably not going to appeal unless you like the pairings, but if you do... it's a really nice site. And maybe even if you don't--the Gintama ones weren't my pairings, but I found the art to be pretty enough? :D (Ashuran/Cagalli, Kira/Lux, a smidge of Dearka/Millie, Okita/Kagura and Hijikata/Gin, and HaruToki het pairings.)

- Gundam SEED - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Honestly, one of the last places I expected to find myself today was on a Gundam SEED site and yet... here I am. I was sucked in by the pretty Lux art, the artist does a really beautiful job with her. The colors are light and airy, which suit her character (and the Kira/Lux pairing) but it's really the lovely lineart that impressed me with this site. That and the SUPER ADORABLE poses she had for Kira and Lux, the kind that are totally fluffy and work with a pairing like them. They were one of those pairings I could hardly believe became canon because I liked them so much and this site kind of reminds me of that feeling I had when the series first turned in that direction--pure delight at an OTP of mine. ♥ (Kira/Lux, a smidge of Ashuran/Cagalli.)

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