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- Gundam SEED - LOVE ME DO [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This site probably won't be for everyone, it has a lot of Maryuu (I refuse to spell it "Murrue", it just... doesn't seem like the pronunciation.) in either skimpy clothing or quite topless and the illustrations are scattered all across the site. But that's not why I <3 this site. I <3 the site because it does a good job with the Mwu/Maryuu pairing--the illustrations all have that sort of sexy, flirtatious feel to them that the characters so often had, with occasional moments of seriousness, usually when he's leaning against her with a serious look on his face. But then it'll be right back to the fun, sexy flirting with Mwu pulling her close or kissing her or occasionally looking like he's about to slide his hand down her shirt. ^_~ But the art is actually pretty nice, there's a good amount of detail and the colored-pencil style colors aren't bad, especially with the doujinshi-style lines the artist uses. And there's a LOT of art tucked away in various corners, so you'll probably want to crawl all over the site. I liked it because... it really summed up the pairing's vibe well, I think. (Mwu/Maryuu, not entirely worksafe.)

- Gundam SEED - Piece of Peace [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - And then there's the other Mwu/Maryuu site I managed to hunt down (so far), that... it took me a little while to get used to the lack of defintion and heavy-ish lines of the art in places, but it did grow on me and I thought it was a style that wound up working well for the characters. It helped that the colors were these... golden or earth-ish tones that worked together with the more "mature" sense of the characters (versus the brighter colors of the younger characters) and gave the whole thing sort of a classic feel. Plus, you know, I always like the kissing. *grin* (Mwu/Maryuu.)

- Gundam SEED - stelldichein [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - annwyd pointed out a bunch of Gundam SEED fanart sites and I'm really glad she did because I've looked for Fraga/Maryuu fanart before, but I'd never seen this site before and it's gorgeous. It's got everything I want from fanart--beautiful colors and talent with drawing the characters, that sense of quiet intimacy that makes me sigh happily like the romantic fangirl I am, and a really nice selection of art. (The one where they're in uniform, sitting together, and holding hands? Omg, squee. So much better than I could even describe it here.) It's quite possibly the best site for them I've come across, certainly one of the best in the G-SEED fandom, and, man, that top page illustration of them in formal wear is hot/pretty. ♥ (Mwu/Maryuu.)

- Gundam SEED - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I wasn't originally going to rec this site, the art wasn't quite to my taste for the most part, even if the current top illustration was pretty. But then... I kept clicking through the gallery, thinking the artist might improve and the page of oekaki (I think? Maybe not.) art somehow got turned up a notch and I really liked the style the artist used. It's not quite cel-style, it's a little too soft and pretty for that, but there are several of them and... yeah, okay, sometimes quantity can win me over because you get accustomed to the artist's style. And, well, really, there's not enough Mwu/Maryuu art out there, now is there? ^_~ (Mwu/Maryuu.)

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