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- Gundam SEED - The Dare by konoe_kaoru - I clicked onto this story, hoping to find some cute Ashuran/Cagalli interaction, something that fit with their feel, and I'm so terribly delighted to have gotten just that. Cagalli is so... Cagalli and her relationship with Kira just sparkles here and, oh, the interaction with Ashuran is wonderful and just everything that made me fall for them in the first place and it just... it felt like what I remember of Gundam SEED. And, really, this story is an excellent example of why I ♥ Cagalli so much. Plus, kissing! Off-screen kissing, but kissing nonetheless. <3 (Ashuran/Cagalli.)

- Gundam SEED - Stay by Shikami Yamino - I had been desperately searching for Gundam SEED fic that didn't, you know, suck and I was having minimal luck until I managed to stumble over this story and was I just entranced. The writing is lovely, not just clean and clear, but also clever and sharp as hell. It... well, sparkled. The relationship between Ashuran and Cagalli was not only pitch-perfect, but it was the kind that had that same spark that they have, it was good. And, oh, the emotion of the piece, the lighter ending of the second chapter, the way the whole thing either touched my heart or made me smile... it's exactly, exactly what I was looking for., that's a crappy rec for possibly the best G-SEED fic I've read. (Ashuran/Cagalli.)

- Gundam SEED - Kisses by Lafine - Well, this story was just kinda cute and put a smile on my face. The author has a good grip of Cagalli and Ashuran's characters, the way they can fight one minute and be kissing each other fiercely the next minute, the way their relationship is very much a give and take sort of thing. I also really kinda liked the way Cagalli remembered their first few kisses, each of them signifigant and important, but it was mostly the way she stuck her tongue out at him after the tension in an argument was about to be broken (even if they were both still mad) and I just grinned over that because it seemed so very much like them. The writing is a touch stiff, but it gets across the feel of the characters, the style of G-SEED/AshuCaga so well that it was a delight to read. (Ashuran/Cagalli.)

- Gundam SEED - Ever Sweetly by Alassante - I totally steal this rec off tin, but since it's one of the few genuinely beautifully written G-SEED pieces, I had to. A beautiful, lovely little piece on Lux, that doesn't stray too far into over-angsting the character, but takes a gentle hand to her character to show just what kind of person Lux is, just what kind of person she was nearly made to be and it hits all the right notes, especially with the Lux we seen on the screen. (Vague hints of Ashuran/Lux, but.)

- Gundam SEED - Interlude by Alassante - Another fic I steal off tin, who manages to find some of the best stuff--and it's another absolutely lovely story that captures Ashuran and Cagalli's personalities so well, especially towards the end of the war, that sense of intensity and yet fragile at the same time, so much meaning and emotion behind the deceptively simple words. Lovely writing again. *flutters* (Ashuran/Cagalli.)

- Gundam SEED - Watercolor Memory by Hana - I admit, I probably wouldn't have given a fic labelled as an Ashuran/Lux fic a second look if it hadn't been written by my darling Hana. But I trusted her to write something that wouldn't jar against my AshuCaga and KiraLux fondnesses and she didn't disappoint. She wrote something that's lovely, that has this beautiful, soft, gentleness covering steel tone that is perfect for a Lux narrative piece. The way she thinks of Ashuran and his family, both his mother and father, the way she weaves details of what happened in the world around them (the Gundam SEED world confuses me terribly, anyone who can make sense of it like this, who can emulate the world so well, has my affection), the way war changes them both, all of it is something that vibes beautifully well with the SEED series itself, especially the way Ashuran and Lux's relationship is presented. This is them. And you can really feel the love she has for both characters and this entire world, which is something that makes me pine for more SEED fic like this. (References to Ashuran+Lux, AshuCaga and KiraLux implied.)

- Gundam SEED - A Meeting by ladycrysiana - Another fic that I suspect should probably be going onto the ficbits page, but I'm sticking here because eeeee! Good SEED fic! With Dearka/Millie! ♥ Not that it was really the point, it was more about Dearka and Yzak's friendship, which is just as much fun to read, because the whole thing was so... light-hearted and a treat to read. Dearka was great, Millie was lovely, and her Yzak is one of the most fun I've read, like, ever. XD (A hint of Dearka/Millie, but blink and you'll miss it.)

- Gundam SEED - Why I Fight / Best Friends by ladycrysiana - I have a growing weakness for fics that have half-and-half POVs, especially when they're used rather effectively like this. Ashuran and Kira, each before the war starts, each a short and reflective piece about their lives and their best friend, made all the sweeter and more poignant for that we know what's coming. It just has that SEED feel to it, which always sends me over the moon. <3 (No warnings/pairings.)

- Gundam SEED - Five Shades of White by anime_babble - This fic is one of the reasons I'm already onboard with 52_flavors, because if it'll give me fic like this... I'm all too happy to follow a comm. The Ashuran characterization in this story was really fabulous, the way he worries too much, the way he takes too much onto himself, the way there's so much hurt and anger still in him, all of that is beautifully represented without going over the top about it. And even in the flashes we get of her here, Cagalli is fantastic, the relationship between them perfect and exactly why I fell in love with this pairing in the first place. (Ashuran/Cagalli.)

- Gundam SEED - Idyllic by Shikami Yamino - You know, there's not a ton of G-SEED fanfic out there that I really like, probably largely because I'm usually only interested in fic that absolutely sparkles. And this fic... oh, Cagalli sparkled here, exactly the character I fell in love with on the screen. It's a beautiful counterpoint to the previous fic that focused on Ashuran and his hurt and anger. This one is lighter, happier, but with Cagalli's temper and Ashuran's quiet joy at being near her just shining through with the writing. They're not just solidly in character, the writing actually sparkles in that way that has these neat little turns of phrase or describes something so well that I can just see it and it's all so crisp and clear. Each character is so fully realized here and you can just see how much they love each other, but how much they make each other squawk with indignation at times, yet how beautiful they are together. ....oh, god, what incoherence that all just was. Go read the fic instead, it's lovely. (Ashuran/Cagalli.)

- Gundam SEED - Glomp!, Hold Me Tight, and Worse Days by cuppa_calamity - You know, as difficult as it is to find G-SEED fic at all, it's even more difficult to find Kira/Lux fic that's well-written. I have such a soft spot for these two, just as much as I love Ashuran/Cagalli and Dearka/Millie, so imagine my glee when I stumbled over these lovely little drabbles that do the characters wonderful justice. Each one of them was perfect, Lux's character just shines and Kira is so Kira and there are all these little details in the way they react (the way Lux is such a strong person, the way she reacts to Meer, or the way she helps him with a nightmare) that shine and, oh, god, these were so wonderful. I suspect I will stalk now. (Kira/Lux.)

- Gundam SEED - Slow Recovery by cuppa_calamity - Another adorable, sweet, lovely Kira/Lux fic, one that uses the teddy bear theme wonderfully, without making it seem cliche or overly cutesy. It was still painful, but hopeful and better, and utterly perfect for these two. They're just so... sweet. ♥ (Kira/Lux.)

- Gundam SEED - A Little Time for Roses by noble_scarlet - This was just cute somehow--I think I was won over by the image of Cagalli being annoyed by the flowers, which seemed like such an Ashuran (and Cagalli) thing to do. Well, that and the cute flirting at the end, which kinda sparkled like these two do. Just... fun to read, since I haven't read any G-SEED fic in awhile. (Ashuran/Cagalli.)

- Gundam SEED - Smelling Like A Rose + omake by Hana - Hana doesn't write nearly enough fic, but I'm so glad to see her writing AshuCaga fic because she has this way to writing that just sort of... sparkles. Her interaction between Ashuran and Cagalli hits the notes I want from them, her prose is lovely, and, god, they're just so ADORABLE when they're being so... themselves. You can really feel the love for the characters she has and even more than that... it's the way they're actually clever here, right down to the way their body language speaks for them or Ashuran's thoughts wander or the adorable omake extra. This is what I like with AshuCaga, the kind that makes me feel happy and warm and fluffy over them all over again. (Ashuran/Cagalli.)

- Gundam SEED - untitled by Chevira Lowe - This fic was... well, the pairing isn't one I normally go for (I tend to stick with Mwu/Maryuu, despite my issues with them) but the way it was written here... there's such a bittersweet feeling to it, such a dull ache underneath Andy and Maryuu's interaction, even when it's not a sad piece. The emotion of it is beautifully done, subtle and not over-stated and just... almost breath-taking in a quiet sort of way. (Andy/Maryuu, implications of Mwu/Maryuu.)

- Gundam SEED - untitled by Chevira Lowe - You know, I read this fic expecting something cute and light and fun. For much of it, that's exactly what I got, with Dearka being such a boy and Miriallia being such a smart, capable, adorable girl, but then... it went and turned just a little serious and my fangirl heart thumped just a little bit painfully for both of them, even as it was warming because it's not a sad fic. And I like that there's Dearka/Miri fic that's clever and solid and good and has Dearka trying to be romantic by decorating the cockpit of his gundam with flowers, because that's what girls like, right? without forgetting the whole Naturals vs Coordinators and how things aren't ever quite simple in this series. This sates my need for Dearka/Miri fic in a way I wasn't sure the G-SEED fandom would ever give me. (Dearka/Miriallia.)

- Gundam SEED - untitled by joiedecombat - Okay, this was a really fun, cute Mwu/Murrue fic that just... captures that fun, flirtatious sort of feel they had. One of the neat things about the G-SEED pairings is that they all tended to have different dynamics and the author catches them neatly here. Even in such a short, silly (deliberately so) fic (that I could quite seen having happened in between the frames of the series itself) Mwu and Murrue come through wonderfully here. (Mwu/Murrue.)

- Gundam SEED - RTFM by tin - [Note: This fic is locked, but the author automatically friends back on the journal.] I do so adore the way tin writes, there's such a... layered feeling to her writing, the little details mean so much more than just simply filling space. Ashuran looks at his watch, Cagalli touches her shoe to his, they say volumes about the characters and what they're feeling, without having to speak a word of it to the audience. There's a gorgeous tension between the two characters, an elegance and certain something that is simply there between them. This is why tin's writing fills everyone with jealousy. ♥ (Ashuran/Cagalli.)

- Gundam SEED - Lady in Waiting by Aishuu - Oh, what a gorgeous Cagalli fic, one of the few that I've really been impressed with in this fandom. (Not that I look all that often, mind. I usually rely on recognizing authors from other fandoms.) It's jus so... it's a simple character piece, Cagalli reading the list of casualties and thinking about how she doesn't want to see her loved ones' names on the list, how she feels so far away from them now, but it's the little touches that create such a big impact. The detail with her ring, her ridiculous promises as long as they'll be okay, the way she still does her job, it's all fantastic. (Implications of Ashuran/Cagalli, but that's not the whole point.)

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