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- Gakuen Heaven - MilkJamCafe [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I seem to have hit the circle of fandom that's mostly Omi/Keita, so this will be another site that has a strong focus on them. Not completely, there's a lot of really solid Keita fanart (which is what won me over in the first place because I really like the way the artist draws Keita, the way it's that sharp, clear sort of CG the anime uses that I originally fell for) and... okay, I admit, part of it was that I liked the site because it had a couple of Naruse/Keita illustrations and one of Nakajima/Niwa/Kaoru-chan where Niwa was patting Kaoru-chan's head who looked about two seconds away from punching him and asdlfkjasdlfkjasd KING/QUEEN OTP SRSLY. Ahem. But it's mostly about Keita, Omi/Keita, and Everyone/Keita, the art being pretty and worth taking a look at. Whatever Keita pairing you have, there's probably at least one or two images to be found here. (Omi/Keita, some Other/Keita, some gen in a BL-ish sort of way.)

- Gakuen Heaven - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I wasn't originally going to rec this site, the art was interesting, but I was trying to limit the amount of time I spent in the fandom tonight. But then... I dunno. I started softening up at the interesting style, especially the illustration of Kaoru-chan with his hair fanning off into a peach-colored background. And then... somewhere it was like the artist's style hit a level-up and her characters were now hot. The Halloween illustration, I think, was the turning point, where her art went from interesting/cute to WHOA THAT'S KINDA PRETTY THERE and I've liked everything she's done since. There's this utterly hot one of Kazuki that kind of made my mind threaten to blow and there's a really nice one of Nakajima so that he hits that tall, dark, glasses-wearing type of mine... also, there's a b&w sketch of him in the junk section and, holy crap, it's hot. And on it goes--if there's any pairing here, it's probably Kazuki/Keita, but it's actually focused more on a gen smatter. Well. I mean. It's still a BL series, but. A good site for anyone with a basic interest in the series, I'd say. (Mostly gen-ish, some Kazuki/Keita, maybe a little Other/Keita.)

- Gakuen Heaven - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Nakajima/Keita isn't my preferred pairing, but, man, this artist draws them as hot. But then she also drew a couple of Naruse/Keita images that were beautiful and totally appealed to my fondness for that pairing. And then and then and then. Omi/Keita pr0n comics. There's also Nakajima/Keita which was hotter than it should be. And Naruse/Keita multi-page comic! *swoons* I mean, yes, Kazuki/Keita should totally happen, but... I have a fondness for Naruse/Keita because it's really fun and sweet in its own way. This site really helps feed into that (not to mention her b&w comics let you see how disciplined/nicely detailed she can be at times) so that I was left feeling happy and fluffy by the end. ....also, there, um, may have been a block game. I kind of have an unholy love of block games. >_> ....and sprites. There were the cutest sprites on the main gallery page, so weak for those, I am. (Omi/Keita, Naruse/Keita, Kazuki/Keita, Nakajima/Keita.)

- Gakuen Heaven/Togainu no Chi - MXM SOUND [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - There's not a lot of art here, probably less than twenty images total, but I felt like I had to rec it anyway because it was a pretty site and worth a quick look around. The artist has a really nice style, something light and airy, except not, because it's Togainu no Chi and there are a lot of dark colors used. A bit like paintings, I suppose. But it's pretty and that's all that counts, really. XD I also liked that there was an illustration for just about every major Akira pairing in the artist's galleries and they were all really pretty, even the quick sketches in the rakugaki section. It was a nice way to start off my fanart hunt for the night. As for the Gakuen Heven art, it starts off a little shakey, but the artist quickly finds her feet and does some really nice, pretty stuff. She uses a lot of reds and oranges and other warm colors and I actually kinda like her style with it, it works well. Another site where she does pretty much Everyone/Keita, but since I don't mind that, it's a fun site for me. (Everyone/Akira, Everyone/Keita pretty much.)

- Gakuen Heaven - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Strangely, I didn't care for a lot of the early Kazuki/Keita on this site, I was more impressed by the artist's take on most of the others. Her Nakajima/Keita and Iwai/Keita were just beautiful and there was the cutest damn one of Omi, Kaoru-chan, and Keita that I loved. The artist does these light, airy colors that actually works for a series like this and her Keita is adorable--another necessity of an Everyone/Keita site. XD And asdljfalsdfjalksjdflaskjd HOLY CRAP the chibis were cute, I honestly can't decide which one of them I love the most--Shinomiya and Keita on a picnic? Kazuki and Keita building a snowman? Naruse playing tennis while Keita watches? EVERYTHING? ....ahem. Despite that the artist is occasionally off, this is actually a really good site, the art is bright and happy, the details of the CG style are really well done, and just about any Keita pairing you like will have a couple of really cute images here. (EVERYONE/Keita.)

- Gakuen Heaven - Flower Crown [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This is one of those sites that I mentally refer to as a sort of 'sleeper hit', because it's not until I'm halfway through the site that seemed cute, worth continuing on, that I realize I really sort of like the art. It's warm, the colors are pretty, Keita is frequently adorable, it's quiet, and it's just somehow the kind of art that puts me in a good mood. Nothing really knocked me on my ass and stole the breath from my lungs, but there are some really sweet little pieces, some nice lines to Keita's eyes or hair, some cute poses with just about everyone in the main cast and before I knew it, I was already writing this rec. Sometimes that's all I ask for from a site. (Mostly Kazuki/Keita, a little Everyone/Keita.)

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