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- Gakuen Heaven/Togainu no Chi - Alice+ [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - It's really difficult for me to do art recs right now as I'm without my regular computer (which means I can't really save anything), but measuringlife has been tossing a few Gakuen Heaven art links at me here and there. I itched to dig into a lot of them, there were some pretty images here and there. And then I hit this site. This site with it's gorgeous, professional-quality art and beautiful characters and I knew I couldn't not rec it immediately. I started to cave a little at the soft, lovely, gentle pastel one of Kaoru-chan, colors that really suit him. But then it was the really, really hot one of Nakajima with his shirt half undone and his tie about to slide off his fingers and a sly look on his face that just completely did me in. Also? There is Omi/Nakajima and asdflkjasdlfkjasldfj I kind of love that pairing a lot. It's only the one illustration but that is all I need. It's mostly a general sort of site, there are far more single-character illustrations (of almost all the characters) than there are any pairings (there are only one or two maybe?) so it's a good site to visit no matter what your pairings are, I think. As for the Togainu no Chi side of things... well, given that I'm only vaguely familiar with the game, I can't really say much other than that the art is really kinda gorgeous. (No real warnings/pairing themes.)

- Gakuen Heaven/Togainu no Chi - Antique Silver [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - The first image on this site made me think I would pass it by. But the subsequent images appealed to me a lot more, you could see that the artist really was talented and could do lovely images when applied in a certain style. What I mean is that when she uses too many colors it takes away from that her basic lines are really good, so her b&w stuff is almost better than her color art. But then she starts using a softener filter and, oooh, that's so pretty with her work. There's one of Keita that's lovely, and then one of Kazuki in the rain, and a seriously hot b&w sketch of Kazuki with his shirt half undone (Yum. :9) and more and more and more gorgeous Kazuki. The comics also illustrate this really well because you can see what beautiful lines and shading she does. Keita's eyes are just stunning in certain panels and Kazuki continues to be gorgeous and their hair is just so soft and pretty. I also find I really love the artist's take on Keita when she draws those multi-toned highlights in his hair and... okay, I admit. When Kazuki/Keita is done like this, I warm up to the pairing even more. As for the Togainu no Chi art... well, there are only seven images on the board, but they're pretty enough to warrant a link, in my opinion. The details on the images, in clothes and hair and faces, is tremendous and beautiful, you can really see how talented the artist is. But, okay, mostly it was because the first one is a super, super hot one of Shiki. I'm weak. ♥ (Kazuki/Keita, but worth visiting for the Kazuki gen. No Togainu no Chi pairings.)

- Gakuen Heaven - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I wasn't originally going to rec this site, the art was interesting, but I was trying to limit the amount of time I spent in the fandom tonight. But then... I dunno. I started softening up at the interesting style, especially the illustration of Kaoru-chan with his hair fanning off into a peach-colored background. And then... somewhere it was like the artist's style hit a level-up and her characters were now hot. The Halloween illustration, I think, was the turning point, where her art went from interesting/cute to WHOA THAT'S KINDA PRETTY THERE and I've liked everything she's done since. There's this utterly hot one of Kazuki that kind of made my mind threaten to blow and there's a really nice one of Nakajima so that he hits that tall, dark, glasses-wearing type of mine... also, there's a b&w sketch of him in the junk section and, holy crap, it's hot. And on it goes--if there's any pairing here, it's probably Kazuki/Keita, but it's actually focused more on a gen smatter. Well. I mean. It's still a BL series, but. A good site for anyone with a basic interest in the series, I'd say. (Mostly gen-ish, some Kazuki/Keita, maybe a little Other/Keita.)

- Gakuen Heaven - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - It seems like a lot of the sites I'm recommending lately are ones that I'm not completely over the moon for, ones that I waffle over until eventually the whole of the site wins me over more than any one particular image. This site is in that same vein, I waffled on it for awhile but eventually, there was enough art that was really quite decent and even really cute in places that I warmed up and thought it was definitely worth the visit. The b&w comics are especially fun, they show off the artist's ability to draw well and put in a lot of details, you can even see she's got an eye for layouts. She uses her CG-esque style to really good effect in them, too, you can see that she could be professional-quality if she keeps at it. The color art is adorable at times, the Kazuki/Keita fan in me happy to see such adorable art for them, really. And, actually, there's a series of single-character illustrations that's very nice, the Kazuki/Keita kiddie stuff is sweet, but... I enjoyed the images of Niwa and Kaoru-chan respectively a lot, they were preeeetty. (Kazuki/Keita, some gen.)

- Gakuen Heaven - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Nakajima/Keita isn't my preferred pairing, but, man, this artist draws them as hot. But then she also drew a couple of Naruse/Keita images that were beautiful and totally appealed to my fondness for that pairing. And then and then and then. Omi/Keita pr0n comics. There's also Nakajima/Keita which was hotter than it should be. And Naruse/Keita multi-page comic! *swoons* I mean, yes, Kazuki/Keita should totally happen, but... I have a fondness for Naruse/Keita because it's really fun and sweet in its own way. This site really helps feed into that (not to mention her b&w comics let you see how disciplined/nicely detailed she can be at times) so that I was left feeling happy and fluffy by the end. ....also, there, um, may have been a block game. I kind of have an unholy love of block games. >_> ....and sprites. There were the cutest sprites on the main gallery page, so weak for those, I am. (Omi/Keita, Naruse/Keita, Kazuki/Keita, Nakajima/Keita.)

- Gakuen Heaven - Fly me to the heaven [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Okay. Okay. I know how this site is going to come across to most people. But you have to understand something. I've been looking for Niwa/Kaoru-chan fanart for about three days now and this site is the first I've come across with it. And, yes, Kaoru-chan is way too skinny and all of that, but... I didn't hate the art. I liked certain aspects of it, especially the colors and Kaoru-chan's hair. I'm very lenient on the art because of my fondness for the pairings on it (though, I actually thought the Omi/Kaoru was better done, the artist's work is kinda cute when she's drawing them as kids :D) but I still think it stands well enough for me to rec it. Also, it's got Kaoru-chan paired with pretty much everyone and I sort of have to love the artist for that alone. XD (And, actually, the one of Shinomiya/Kaoru-chan with them in formal uniforms was actually sort of pretty. <3) Also, um. The Snow White comic was kind of full of awesome, yes, it was. (Niwa/Kaoru-chan, Omi/Kaoru-chan, Shinomiya/Kaoru-chan, Keita/Kaoru-chan, Nakajima/Kaoru-chan, Iwai/Kaoru-chan, a little Kazuki/Keita, Nakajima/Shinomiya.)

- Gakuen Heaven/Togainu no Chi/Prince of Tennis - + robot heaven + [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This artist starts out a little rough. But I was willing to keep going because of a potential promise for Niwa/Kaoru-chan fanart eventually and the Niwa/Nakajima fanart was really kinda interesting in the meantime. The artist was shakey at first, but you can see her slowly tightening up the characters until they both start to look really kinda hot. She's especially good at drawing Nakajima in this way that totally hits his stereotype and why I love it--tall, hot, glasses, broad shoulders, looks good in and out of a suit. Yum. And then she draws Niwa with his shirt off a lot and tattoos on his arms or a necklace around his neck and, again, omg, hot. There's almost a raw sort of quality to the art that gets better and better as she goes along. *__* Even her Kazuki/Keita is really kinda hot in this style--while it's certainly better suited to characters like Niwa and Nakajima, I found I actually liked her KazuKei as some of the best art I've seen for that pairing. The Togainu no Chi fanart is pretty much the same way, it starts out rather rough, but gets better as the artist goes along, so that a few of the later images look really good/hot, especially with the way the artist sticks to b&w a lot, which she's really good at. As for the Tenipuri art... admittedly, it's a bit difficult to find and there's only about ten illustrations on the site, but... there were two or three of them that I found I really liked and thus wanted to list it. It might not be worth visiting for just that, but it rounds out the site nicely, especially when the artist does a really hot Atobe, a nice Oshitari/Gakuto, one of the prettiest Fujis I've seen in awhile, and some rather hot Tezuka/Fuji. ♥ (Niwa/Nakajima, Kazuki/Keita, some other. Several pairings with TnC, but no real themes. Tezuka/Fuji and mostly gen for Tenipuri.)

- Gakuen Heaven - Flower Crown [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This is one of those sites that I mentally refer to as a sort of 'sleeper hit', because it's not until I'm halfway through the site that seemed cute, worth continuing on, that I realize I really sort of like the art. It's warm, the colors are pretty, Keita is frequently adorable, it's quiet, and it's just somehow the kind of art that puts me in a good mood. Nothing really knocked me on my ass and stole the breath from my lungs, but there are some really sweet little pieces, some nice lines to Keita's eyes or hair, some cute poses with just about everyone in the main cast and before I knew it, I was already writing this rec. Sometimes that's all I ask for from a site. (Mostly Kazuki/Keita, a little Everyone/Keita.)

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