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- Gakuen Heaven - VOICE-MO [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - In my continuing quest to find more Kaoru-chan fanart, I stumbled over this site. It's probably not going to be for everyone, but I like that the artist actually manages to make the character look a lot more like himself. The colors are very bright, but that suits his character, he's very much pink and green and that really shows here... plus, the artist gets better as she goes along, so that I'm quite interested in how well she'll draw in the future. The site is mostly Keita/Kaoru-chan or Kaoru-chan by himself with occasional other pairings sprinkled in here and there, which is one of those pairings that still vaguely delights me, just 'cause it's great how Kaoru-chan both tops and bottoms to Keita in the game. A nice site for fans of Kaoru-chan, a good one to round out the collection/travels if you're going on a spree. (Keita/Kaoru-chan, a little other, some gen.)

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