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- Gakuen Heaven - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Nakajima/Keita isn't my preferred pairing, but, man, this artist draws them as hot. But then she also drew a couple of Naruse/Keita images that were beautiful and totally appealed to my fondness for that pairing. And then and then and then. Omi/Keita pr0n comics. There's also Nakajima/Keita which was hotter than it should be. And Naruse/Keita multi-page comic! *swoons* I mean, yes, Kazuki/Keita should totally happen, but... I have a fondness for Naruse/Keita because it's really fun and sweet in its own way. This site really helps feed into that (not to mention her b&w comics let you see how disciplined/nicely detailed she can be at times) so that I was left feeling happy and fluffy by the end. ....also, there, um, may have been a block game. I kind of have an unholy love of block games. >_> ....and sprites. There were the cutest sprites on the main gallery page, so weak for those, I am. (Omi/Keita, Naruse/Keita, Kazuki/Keita, Nakajima/Keita.)

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